Saturday, November 27, 2010



Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I attended ALAN with Mar yesterday. She had went the previous day with one of her sisters but I had writing that really needed to get cracked out and couldn't go with them. All of us would have liked to have attended the whole event but had to pick and choose days that fit into our lives. Though we were both there Mar went to the talks and got the autographs while I tried to get more writing done just outside the doors sitting on park benches.

Speaking of the park benches. I was sitting on the hard benches inside the convention hall, turned sideways with my legs crossed, writing and to one side of me was a lady typing on her laptop. I thought she looked familiar. I had a feeling it was Ellen Hopkins, writer of books such as CRANK, but wasn't sure. I also was too deep into a chapter to distract myself. I asked Mar later when we meet up for lunch but she didn't know for sure by my description but I just checked her website and it was her. I've never read any of her books but Mar has and I have heard of her a lot from other friends. Oh, and at the same time standing on the other side of me beside my bench was Tom Angleberger and I love his book THE STRANGE CASE OF ORIGAMI YODA. Funny how things like that happen. Mar had gotten an ARC of  his new book HORTON HALFPOTT signed for me earlier in the day so things started out good for me in the day.

It may have been because of the distraction of so many writers around me but I didn't notice until I opened files to start writing today but I finished my NANOWRIMO project yesterday. That was a nice check off of the book in a very busy writing month for me.

They were giving out boxes of books and Mar and her sister got tons signed. I got books signed by Tom Angleberger as I said above and also THE EARTH, MY BUTT, AND OTHER BIG ROUND THINGS by Carolyn Mackler but I also picked up books to read such as CRUEL SUMMER by Alyson Noel, HEREVILLE by Barry Deutsch, and THE LOOKING GLASS WARS(which people have been telling me to read for a long time) by Frank Beddor.

Wish to write more but need to get back to writing.


Thursday, November 11, 2010


Below you will find the ad blurb and cover for my second book THE PAST FORWARD. This book will be released for download on LuLu Dec. 30th. I really think I learned so much writing this book and as I do think it is better than my last book I'm happy with how it turned out. 
I had all of these big ideas for the cover but in the end as I did with STEREO I went with a simple idea and here because if I can not hire someone to do a nice piece of artwork for the cover I'm going to go simple when it comes to using photos.
Stop by here Monday because I will be posting the book trailer for THE PAST FORWARD. It will be my first book trailer, fingers crossed.

Gail Busiek was once a cheerleader then she fell out of a tree. It knocked the cheerleader right out of her. After falling out of the tree she staggered around before falling down a set of concrete steps. 
She once loved gymnastics but those steps knocked that out of her too. 
All combined she ended up in a coma and when she woke she not only hated cheerleading and thought gymnastics was a waste of time but she now was a sci-fi geek and had a brain similar to a computer.
Pretty simple, this is a soap opera as you watch Gail deal with being moved up to high school but also deal with now attending school with her sister, her sisters best friend, a former friend of her sisters, and a group of people who are stalking her life, and the fact that this book will focus more on her sister and an old childhood friend reentering her life than it will Coma Girl (that’s what the newspapers call Gail)
Sucks to be the lead character when the writer gets affection for another member of the cast.

You might notice the "TIN UNIVERSE STORY #6" note on the cover. Even though this is the 6th installment in my Tin Universe line of stories you don't need to read stories #1-5 to enjoy THE PAST FORWARD. But if you want to have all the little and big details of the Tin Universe before reading THE PAST FORWARD click on this link: