Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I'm for the most part off the internet as I recover from being sick, try to get this apartment straightened up, and trying to get back on track with deadlines, but I wanted to post something today after Wave gave me a flyer with a bit of information.

The Negroni-Hendrick mobile library needs gasoline. I know gas prices are hard on all of us. It is hurting businesses, schools, and just about everyone in one way or another. Recent property tax cut plans though have seriously jeopardized the mobile library’s ability to continue making its appointed rounds to deliver library services to over six thousand disadvantaged children and 15,000 shut in elderly residents of Brevard County. You can help, I would if I had the money, but everyone can help if this issue is important to you, if only by letting others know about it. If that is all you can do then do it. Repost this on your blog if you live in the area. One way of helping is speaking out about how the government has manipulated the people of this state into thinking all tax cuts are good. Another way to help centered on the mobile library is by buying gas.

Keep in mind that those who stand to lose the most if the mobile library no longer exists, those who will miss how much of a gift the library system is in this country, but this point is to this county, are the elderly who are too frail or ill to drive to their local library, the children who simply do not have transportation because there is only one car and the parents work every day nor have the money have bus fare, and the county as a whole because the library system is a point of knowledge that needs to stand strong.

You can help by sponsorship opportunities. If you have the money to spare you could consider supplying the mobile library's fuel for all of 2008 which would be around $3,307.20. I know that is a lot of money in this economy but this would be a great thing also to do for a business. Think, you would have a traveling advertisement for your company showing how much you care about the community.

If you can not make that kind of commitment you could supply fuel for one month which would be $275.60. Man, these gas prices really make me feel old...and I'm not really, shows how fast they have risen in my time driving on the roads.

If the above is still too much, how about buying just one tank of fuel at $69.40. I just got through wasting some money this week and feel really bad. I wish I had some of it back to throw this way.

They would very much appreciate you allowing them to recognize your contributions if you choose to do so by placing posters in the mobile library with your name and the gasoline money you have supplied, whether it was for a week, month, or a year. Although you may not be interested in personal recognition (think business recognition, think a dedication to a relative who has passed) this reminds others that you support the mobile library and we hope it will encourage them to do the same.

To donate please mail your check made payable to:
COCOA, FL 32922
Indicate on your check that the donation is for fuel for the Negroni-Hendrick Mobile Library.

The library system down here over all is under attack with cuts. This is just one example. I am a prime example of how a library can actually save a life. There has to be more out there also.


Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I have a sore throat, a cold, and a fever and the world keeps sending things my way to make me thing I'm going insane. Wish to see some examples?

Miley Cyrus: Pretty Baby

Sex captor fathered daughter's children

I would go on but you know, already going insane. I'm going to ignore the world today and just crawl back into bed.


Saturday, April 26, 2008


I thought I would mention a few things I read recently in quick Opinion Reviews before moving into the meat of this entry. I will discuss Batman: Turning Points, Catwoman: It's Only A Movie; and Justice League Of America: The Lightning Saga.


Another in a long line of Batman collections which address the early days of the character. This time the focus is more on the friendship between Batman and James Gordon. Containing an all-star writing lineup and a equally talented group of artists in Paul Pope, Brent Anderson, and others to give the reads a well rounded look at a friendship through Batman's history. I do not remember hearing about this limited series when it was being released in single issues, Must have been back in my busier days being a cooperate slave? I really liked this collectin and if I had fundage it would be in my collection also but it is not and back to the library it goes.


I really like the writing and artwork in this book. The artwork got my attention right away. I have not been able to really keep up with everything going on in the Catwoman books the past few years but it seems they have built her a strong supporting cast that helps this book stand out and be its own outside the Batman family of books. I also like the fact that though this book is strong on its own, it also uses the shared universe in little bits to add flavor like a spice. That is how to use a shared universe without hinging your success on guest stars and crossovers. I recommend this book and was glade they had it at the library. Though I recently read online bad news, it seems DC is canceling the series. Just what we need one less book with a female lead. Hey, they will say but we are starting a Power Girl series. Taking away and then giving does not come out to being equal in my books. Though, my books are tattered with notes on Aztec paintings and such...never mind me...


It seems to me, at least at our local libraries, that DC has more of a presence than Marvel. Marvel's space on Graphic Novel shelfs is mostly Ultimate Spiderman and Ultimate X-Men for the most part. I don't know if this says DC is connecting with libraries more or if their product is just more popular and people are putting in more library requests for their books? A question. A question I just asked....Anyways, lets talk about J.L.A. The Lightning Saga. Though I was not the biggest fan of Brad Meltzer's work on Identity Crisis I have to say, I have enjoyed his Justice League work so far. The main issues of this collection are made up of the J.L.A., Justice Society, Legion Of Super-Heroes story which actually reminded me of older Justice League stories from the past but I say the highlight is the Red Arrow/Vixen single issue story. Plus I had to read this book based on the fact that it has Red Tornado, The Red Fucking Tornado. For some reason he has always been one of my favorite DC characters.

50 best cult books
Remember me mentioning how much I love lists. I enjoyed reading this. I have read some of these, want to read others, and have discovered a few that have my mind thinking.

This is a good idea whether you pray or not. We all struggle through our days and it is hard to fight the good fight all the time but how about on one day we all just stand up, put on our coolest sunglasses, put on our chucks(because the cool kids and Time Lords wear them), and go out and make a difference some how, for one day, touch the world in a way that says I'm not a piece of human waste on two legs. Wow, I got sort of negative there at the end didn't I?

John McCain supports wage discrimination You know a few years ago I really liked John McCain, what happen to him? I think he was replaced by a Skrull because only fiction could explain how this man became such a two faced whore to who ever he thinks could make him win.

Atheist soldier claims harassment This should raise the pissed off levels of more than a few of the people I know online and around my life in general.

Well, that is just about enough of me to spill onto the internet today. We are thinking a good funny movie, food, and maybe some just being around the people you love later. Those are the best sort of nights to plan out.


Friday, April 25, 2008


I'm searching around the net for nothing at all; which, is always fun for me because it is a random learning lesson but it also can be a time killer when I have other things to do and so right now as this sentence tries to reach a zone of possibly being the longest one in history, I'm also working on MEXICAN COFFEE(check here on May 20th for the link to download it for free), REFRESHING BORING DEADLY(check here on May 22nd to find out how to download this one for one dollar), working on the charity project I have mentioned but still can not reveal any details about, and trying to keep myself from driving a few hours from here to run over someone just because I feel like shit and running over this someone would make me feel so much better.

Since I'm here and a little hyper for some reason I will throw out some links I have bookmarked of late to talk about.

Video embarrassment for Wal-Mart Anytime Wal-Mart faces embarrassment I like it. I'm not one of those people who say Wal-Mart should be out of business or you should not shop there because they are immoral, I know this, and so in so many ways as a business they are but most of what they do is legal and as for saying people should not shop there I know areas where you either shop there or nowhere. I'm not in one of those areas and I shop there because everywhere else costs too much. I don't think we could afford our food intake if it wasn't for Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart is a fact of life in America and if we wish to change Wal-Mart as it is a symbol in ways of the current state of American, we must change America itself. The laws and the ways of distribution of product favor Wal-Mart and the only way you can change this is by changing the laws and supporting smaller businesses but please do not attack people for shopping there when in some cases they really have no choice and in my choice and in my case I do have a choice but I choose to shop there to make my life just a little bit more affordable. Just remember you may have an easy way of choice but others may not. This will probably not be my last self-righteous rant here.

Top 100 Comic Book Runs Lots of good comic book discussion fun. Need some fun today before my head explodes.

D.C. Madam gets more than just a trial I had a huge argument online with someone a few months ago about how the justice system attacks women with unfiltered anger. This person said they did not believe that is true. They believed yes the justice system shows racism but not sexism. It is sexist. I'm too tired to pull up or write about example after example but it is true. Women are put on trail when not on trail. They have a microscope of morality thrown into cases when it does not belong and women are lashed with details when the details are not relevant to their cases.

For Touch Showing the world can be fucked up in a fun way also.

Peter David on Stephen King, 'X-Factor' and 'Dark Tower' An interview with one of my favorite writers.

50 Greates Comedy Sketches The only thing my geek heart loves more than Doctor Who is Story Guides and the only thing I love more than story guides is lists and the technology of today makes lists taste that much better than before, that much that is good.

Food Rationing I love how Americans have this fiction of thought that we will never be in a situation of hunger when first, we already are when I can not go anywhere without seeing homeless individuals and families and when I can remember growing up and going to other peoples houses and even though we were poor, at least we never missed meals like some people I grew up with. If it was not for school meals I know a lot of people who would have missed meals on most days. The thoughts taking trips through my brain make me hearthis by Ani Difranco. The sounds, the beats, the notes, and the shouting of my soul wishes for me to go out into the street and scream.

Border Agents Can Search Laptops Without Cause I know I'm on some kind of search list because ever time I have ever crossed the border I have been searched and including my laptop several times. Matter of fact some dickhead guard dropped my laptop in Chicago and only gave me a, "I guess that wont work so great now."

Our cat Garfield is under the desk right now as I write this. He knows when I'm sick or pissed off and I'm both right now.

Israeli Ambassador to UN: Carter a “Bigot⼯font>?? I know Carter is not a perfect human being and he may have been the president who got the least out of his presidency, I will not discuss that because I do not know enough about the topic but Hell he has done more after he left office than any other. While most have only passed their time on highly paid book speech tours and patted their sons on the backs as they road into a war that is in performance rippling down hate and disaster across this world, Mr. Carter has been at least trying to address concerns in this country and abroad. This falsehood of politics that you either have to hate Israel or support them without a notion of concern on their actions is pure bullshit. Both sides of the issue are at fault and to not address the missteps Israel has also taken shows how much of a religious state we do live in because our politicians for the most part seem to follow them around like we are going to sneak into Heaven on the down low by supporting them blindly.

It's either because I'm sick or going deeper into insanity but my writing is turning into a distortion of human whispers. That isn't a clue and not a, an, maybe a attempt to deal with fighting against being some sort of pawn in this worlds masturbation play. That did not make sense for the most part but if you know me you will know that’s how I think.


Thursday, April 24, 2008


Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I really do not feel like writing today. I really do not have the fire from deep inside that forces me on even when all I wish to do is give up but I will not be giving up today because I have learned one of the biggest lessons you can learn as a writer and it has nothing to do with structure, grammar, spelling, or any other shit that happens to be a weakness of mine. The lesson is the one of when you have a notion to call yourself a writer then you must also see there will be many many days when all you want to be doing is nothing but what you have to do is write.

So to save a little bit of my soul I will write here and then go off to work on MEXICAN COFFEE which is a maddening story that is doing just what I want it to, but when you are as nuts as I am, sometimes that is not the best thing.

Here are a few Opinion Reviews of some materials I have checked out of the library recently. I'm sitting on half of a journal of these type of reviews that I have written but I will only start with a couple today though. I will write about reading Transformers: Generations Vol. 1 and Batman:Snow.

BY, Bob Budiansky

These are an IDW look back reprinting of classic Transformers comics. I have not checked out any of IDW's Transformer new line of stories but the thing I love about these older books is how much humanity plays into things through human politics, human greed, and human interactions with the robots in disguise.
I checked this collection out of the library. The only Transformers book I have in my personal collection is
Prime Targets: The Unauthorized Story Guide To Transformers. What can I say I'm a crack head for story guides. I still want the G.I. Joe guide.
To end before I start a ramble about my love for story guides I will further state that I enjoyed this collection and recommend it to Transformers fans. Maybe I should see if the library has any of IDW's new line of stories? Any Transformer fans out there wish to recommend any trades to me?

BY, Dan Curtis Johnson, J.H. Williams III; Seth Fisher

Mr. Freeze has always been one of my favorite of all of Batman's enemies since the first time I saw him on BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES. When I spotted Batman: Snow at the library I had to pick it up. The art by Seth Fisher was different and I quite enjoy different. I really took to the sharpness the art style gave to Gothem City especially.
The story by Johnson and Williams is of course a re-telling of the origin of Mr. Freeze but Snow also tackles angles I think Batman would have taken early in his vigilante carrer. I highly recommend this to true lovers of the Batman myths and stories about Bruce Wayne's early years as the Dark Knight.

Ok, now I'm off to tackle MEXICAN COFFEE. I wish I had some right now.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


I'm not going to write out a long post about the trip. You can follow some of my thoughts over at my Tumblr and I just deleted all the double posts its created so it will be easier to follow. But here I will give you more photos and a few thoughts from them. Basically it was a good get away for us for a few days in Jacksonville.

The first hotel I ever shared with a couch. I have been in much larger ones and more costly but never one with a couch. The thing was almost as big as my first apartment though.

All of my shit tends to take up table and floor space. The boots are mine also. Wave ends up with all of her stuff on her night table beside her side of the bed and in the floor. I'm such a pack rat even when traveling.

CABLE! Back when we had cable one of our favorite shows was Myth Busters and that is what is on in this picture.

One hotel bed, slightly used and abused.

On our way home and if you look closly you will see a Stewey without his head. I'm such a boy sometimes.

When we got into Melbourne we stopped for food and at the comic shop. Here the cats are after Wave's food. Her sister house sat and feed them while we where gone.

RedBull, Doctor Who#3, and food for my fat ass.

He loves me even if I'm fat.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


I will post a opinion review on the first episodes of Doctor Who and Sarah Jane Adventures when I get back home but I will say right now that I did enjoy both. I'm going to ask Wave's sister Trill if she will record these shows and Torchwood for me so I can keep up with them. We do not have cable at home but I got the chance to watch Doctor Who and Sarah Jane Adventures last night in our hotel room. At first I was full of geek boy anger when I got to the hotel and saw that they advertised that they had the Sci-Fi Channel but it was not showing on our TV but after some geek begging it was corrected for me and all is well in geek land with Wave shaking her head the whole time as I acted like they forgot to give us TP or sheets or electricity or something in our room.

While watching Doctor Who and Sarah Jane last night we played Scrablous(sp) and I got my ass handed to me twice. For someone who can not spell worth shit I think the outcome was pretty much in hand the whole time.

I'm still trying to get the whole blogging from the phone thing fixed up. For right now I'm only going to be doing that through my Tumblr until I have time to check into why it double posts when I do it on blogger and on Tumblr. I will not be making these little posts on Live Journal nor Blogger since they are my main web walkabouts and will be used for normal length blog entries and such. So if you can't get enough of my maddness on Blogger or Live Journal you can check out my stray thoughts of crazy on Tumblr. Though some thoughts might be repeated.....though I do tend to do that in my head sometimes anyways....though Wave settles that with a good slap in the back of the head....though that usually just....Ok, need to get some work done since that is what this trip is for.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tumb Tumb

A friend tricked me to edge by showing me something shiney and I'm jumping off the bridge because she did so and I got a Tumblr account here: ! TUMBLR ! I'm mainly going to use it for on the go posting by phone so I will not clog things up here with notes about how hot I think David Tennant is or how I'm watching M*A*S*H Season One for the 34th time. I also created a feed from this blogger account to it since it was mostly idiot proof and thus at my level. Though I think it does double posting when I post by phone sometimes the same as blogger does so I might have to try something else later?


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Watching GOOD NEIGHBORS Series 1-3 on loan from the library.

Monday, April 14, 2008

"Since when did dying make you something special?"
Watching THAT 7O'S SHOW with Wave while craving chicken nuggets.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


My head is killing me. No, it has nothing to do with the drinking I phone texted in about though. I took four sips of my drink and turned it over to Wave while I ordered a coke as my meal came in of pasta and shrimp. My head was killing me when we made a short stop at B@N but Wave bought me the new issue of Doctor Who Magazine and I spent the last hour distracting myself from the pain in my teeth and head by chewing through every bit of information the magazine had within it. Basically what I normally do when I get a new issue. What this will probably lead to is me staying up late watching some of my Who DVDs. Maybe Robot...wait, I only have that on VHS, ok, whatever. I always enjoy Tom Baker's performance in his first story and anyways that's why I have a dual DVD and VHS player.

Oh, and to prove my geekism spirit is beyond measure, Yes, I do have copies of some stories on VHS and also DVD. Some in different VHS versions, DVD, audio soundtrack, and paperback adaptions. Lets see Wil Wheaton top that?

Enought geek talk.

Good night,
Sometimes margaritas are a god send And I usually don't intake mix drinks.
Enjoying Outlaw Star and working on Tin Universe stuff.


I have a smoothie in one hand which ='s my morning meal and a coke in the other which ='s the first sip of addiction for the day. Had a really good night hanging out with one of our best friends The Queen last night. Wave made Reese's brownies, I made veggie nuggets, and we all watched, Sweeney Todd and Ed Wood. A good night over all and this was the Queen's first time to visit us since we added two more to our family.

Wave has a NOW meeting today so I will either clean up the place a little or work on Mexican Coffee, Refreshing Boring Deadly, or something else story wise that is pricking at my brain like a hungry vulture. Now I could end up sitting on the couch watching some DVDs I have viewed 800 times before like episodes of M*A*S*H while also working on notes for the next Tin Universe book...well, it is highly likly that maybe the case that may come to pass but either way I will be getting some writing work done that needs to be worked on.

Speaking of the lady I love again, she has a work trip coming up and I will be using the time to mock up a press kit for a project that I should be at least announcing some details about soon while she is off doing her thing.

Though things kind of suck for me personal right in in so many ways in other ways things are actually looking ok...knock on wood.....or if you are in arms length, my head....

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention. I'm going to try and get myself in the habit of cross posting these in Live Journal when I mention any projects I'm working on. I know I will not always do this and this is still the best place to hear all my ranting, rambling, and general personal B.S. but until I have time to set up a feed into that community I need to at least make my shadow fall more often upon those grounds....hey, I almost sounded like a writer there?

Saturday, April 12, 2008

I hate vet visits but i love Sonic!

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Threw about three thousand new words into Mexican Coffee this morning. By the evening I chipped that down to a cool thousand words of good writing on the project which to add a reminder is going to be free online as a PDF in May. Speaking of reminders below are some links if anyone wishs to buy or in the case of the free stuff just suffering through the reading without losing any cash.

STEREO, $4dollar PDF book.

Free PDF Brief Story.

Free Chapter Series

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I haven't cleaned out my links to read in a while so how about I share as I go through these.

Anti-emo pogroms rage throughout Mexico See American's don't have the copyright on stupid.

Girl Beaten To Death For Being A Goth And along the same disturbing lines.

Though I'm going to start back doing my little opinion review write up of books and such that have come into my life, if you want real well written book reviews you should go here. After a little break Katie is back reviewing books and is one of my favorite sites to visit with book reviews.

And back to the country I live in.

economic San Andreas fault
All the while the goverment says all we have to do is keep the people spending and everything will be ok.

Danica Patrick I say bullshit. It is so funny how all these boys can get so upset when a woman knows how to play with their toys as good if not better than them. Oh, and if you don't see this as a attack on her open your eyes...just a little......I promise it will not hurt.

3 female teachers arrested... Guess what for? Gotta love you some Florida.

Olympics 'worsening China rights' I just love how our goverment can ignore human rights issues when it comes to possiable future dollar signs.

War heroine 'not classed leader' Now there is a story for a movie. Just don't cast Ms. Jolie. I love Ms. Jolie but she doesn't need to be in everything.

Some thoughts from one of my favorite blogs.

Censorship Schmensorship This book was one of my favorite reads from last year.

More well thought out thinking from ldragoon.

All the smart people love Doctor Who.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Cats are a joy against lifes bullshit.
The weather is kiss my ass hot, i must still be in florida.

Monday, April 7, 2008

MY OPINION ON father ted the complete series 2

Came back from visits to the library yesterday and today with arms full of good stuff I now have a weeks worth of DVD viewing and graphic novel reading ahead of me. I will be discussing the materials I checked out in little opinion bits of writing over the next week or so here in the blog.

Excuses are laid here if there is a bigger mess to the maddness below than normal because four Nighttime PMs will do that to you. My teeth are just killing me and that seems to be the only thing OTC that helps.

While at the library I was looking for a bunch of DVDs to fill in the noises I need to get through life while writing or just rambling through the daily DIY life that I have made for myself. It was slim pickings yesterday and I almost came home with the first season of Lost but instead of giving in to overrated middle line quality I decided to give Father Ted: The Complete Series 2 a chance and grabbed it off the shelf.

As I stated before when I talked about Series One, I know this is a very popular and award winning series but I just do not get all of the humor and it is not a culture thing because I love a truck load of British shows, especially comdies. I see quality writing in the series but the overall package just does not work for me personally. Besides the enteractions between Father Ted and Dougal, which are spot on, the rest of the characters and their stories seem to just blend together from episode to episode and run on and on after just a few appearances.

Over all I will say Father Ted Series Two was worth checking out for the distraction factor but that is just about it. Now you may ask if I would give Series Three a try? Yea, why not?
"It's much better if they fall out by accident."

Sunday, April 6, 2008

.....I know shaun, sorry.
Watching, shawn of the dead, after a trip back from wal-mart.


It seems like when I post by phone it doubles up the entries sometimes, its enough I bother people with my little one line entries about not being able to sleep but to double the same ones up is just cruel on bloggers part. And just so people know, though Heaven and Hell only knows why anyone would wish to, I finally did get to bed around 6am and got up at around 11:30am to the sounds of Wave talking to her mom on her cell from Disney, which by the way is where I've been phone posting from, not Disney, Wave's phone, my little cheap phone does not even send emails now.

Today hopefully we will hit some libraries and bring home some goodies.

I wish to start back in writing more reviews of the books I have read and movies I watch and such in the future. I think I'm going to try and do at least one review a week. I liked doing those, though fate says once I start doing them again I will get too busy to be able to do them very long.....again.

Well, besides that there really is not much to talk about in Billy Land. Just working on writing projects and trying my honest best to rage against the world as sharply as I can.
4am leads me to be watching more, My name is earl. Sleep?

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Watching, doctor who:carnival of monsters, at almost 2am.
4th viewing of sweeney todd tonight.


Salem sat with me last night as I was reading and Wave was studying.

Friday, April 4, 2008


There needs to be an snowbird hunting season in Florida. If i have to deal with one more person today who thinks that being down here and driving on these roads is part of their personal vacation get away dream fantasy island factory I may send Salem to hunt them down and drag their white bread asses back here so I can run them over with my truck....ok, my trucks not running, I'm push the fucker over them.


Edited because I originally wrote it from my phone and only part of my anger went through. About a sentance. I need more than a sentance, work with me people!
I received two doctor who dvds in the mail today. That popping sound is my dt's subsiding. Posted from phone.

Thursday, April 3, 2008


From the library the other day I brought home the DVD sets of Michael Palins: Around The World In Eighty Days and The Office: The First Season(British original of course.) Both of these programs I had viewed before but a few years ago, 80 Days a long time ago, and enjoyed both then and now on a second watching. I love a good late night watching. Watchings include Pepsi or any soda, french fries preferred but you can also replace with chips or pizza on my birthday, some sort of dip for all the bits that fall off all the bits of the stuff above, and a Moleskine near by in case any sugar fits lead to any worthwhile ideas or not so worthwhile as some cases are judged.

After working on Mexican Coffee during the morning hours I came into the living room and hung out with the cats for a while watching My Name Is Earl, season one which is from Wave's collection. As soon as I run into some extra cash, if the concept still exists, I want to get her Season Two. Speaking of the lady I love, she came home for lunch and I made her two grilled cheeses and myself a feta cheese homemade hotpocket with mushrooms also and together we watched more Earl.

My days task was to watch the balcony in case it starts to rain because then I would have to race in our cloths from the line and the fold up couch. I failed in my days task. This case was judged- DUMBASS!

I packed Wave's dinner before she headed back to work and thus my day was Coffee, Earl, grilled cheese, and failure. See this is way I don't do these type of daily routine blogs. I get way too emo. Now I'm off the net to go do the dishs.



The cats got us up early this morning. This happening today was ok though since Wave had to get up early anyways but neither of us are morning people and if this starts to be a daily thing we might have to sit the boys down for a discussion. Still trying to get everything good for them here. We still need to buy another litter box and get the bedroom all cleaned up and cat friendly. They seem to be settled in much better now. Last night they ran around and played with each other for a long time as we were eating dinner. We still need to brake them of some bad habits they got before they came to us, like trying to eat human food, but other wise things should be ok once we get another litter box and get them back to the vet for check ups to make sure they are ok or heading in the right direction at least. I know Garfield really hates being in doors now and looks at the window almost all day long...well, when he isn't chasing Salem or me....

I tried to email a photo last night of the sushi I made but it didn't go through right for some reason? I'm still working on getting everything straight so I can post little bits from my phone from time to time when not at a computer.

Today I'm going to be working on a little brief PDF story which will be FREE for all to view later this month called MEXICAN COFFEE. After that and still during this month, I will also be releasing a small writing collection called REFRESHING BORING DEADLY which will be available for $1.00 as a PDF download as well.

But before I do any of that it is early morning food time and then garbage, then put up last nights dishes from the dish washer, and then....?

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


nothing like waking up in the morning and sitting on the couch and discovering that sometime during the night one of the cats did also.... I know that couch isn't much but even I didn't think it should be pissed on.