Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Looks like their maybe another Doctor Who marathon on 4/17/07


See I did mess up the links to the Doctor Who stuff I wanted. Blogging on the fly while doing 800 other things at work does that to you. I am working on three different computers at once. Our database computer, my bosses laptop, and when she is being nice which is most of the time Wave's laptop.


I have a 2:30 weekly meeting at the day job today and so I had to come in around 11 to make sure I got everything ready for it. Now lets just see if 1- they actually have the meeting and 2- if they even look at the reports I prepared for the meeting. I think in so many businesses they have too many meaningless meetings and factory work seems to really be into those sort of meetings big time.
Oh, and my boss is not here yet so who knows what is going on about the meeting as well as other things.

From work whining to responses to comments left:

I agree. I swear more times of late I have come across something said by our so called leaders and have wondered if they could have actually said that. I have been misquoted myself so you have to wonder. I think she has caught dumb ass syndrome from him. But you know what it is not a matter of being stupid the same as with Mr. President. These people simply think thinks go their way or nothing. Hey, I live in my own reality but at least I admit parts of it have nothing to do with truth.
And then I see things like the rape kit story and I’m just wondering if these type of stories are fake and nine times out of time they are real.

Geek Speak:

This week is pay week so I plan to order a couple of Doctor Who items. Right now I thinking this or this or thisor this….The this’s could go on forever because I want all WHO! Actually, not true. I’m not into the clocks and such merchandise. Though I would like to have a t-shirt. I have never had a Doctor Who t-shirt. But mainly I just buy the books, DVDs, audio dramas, comics, magazines, and other ways of story telling. Do a search on EBay or Amazon and you will get a small, small taste of how much stuff is out there. Which is a lot of shit. Believe me it’s a lot of crap, I have this huge canon guide I created to keep track of everything I have and do not have. I only have three bookshelves full of stuff right now. Maybe my badge should read-SUPER GEEK?

Back To Reality:

For someone reason this laptop will not let me open other programs while being on the net so I will have to send this to the other computer at the day job so I can add links and do a little web suffering to see if I find anything that peeks my interest. So just warning if I put something it seems like I stupidly forgot a link where there should be one, I probably did stupidly forget a link where there should have been one.

And In The News:

Climate Scientists Urge UN Action on Global Warming
At the United Nations, a group of leading scientists made a new appeal Tuesday for immediate action on global warming.
Democracy NOW!
Man if Florida gets any hotter I’m going to personally go and kick in some Hummer head lights.

Guantanamo trials on track for summer
The Bush administration argues the camp is needed to hold dangerous people who cannot be released even if they have not been convicted of any offense.
If there is a chance you will commit the crime, you must do the time? Who the fuck are these people Magneto? The Master? Doctor Doom? They have some special powers that have to be contained. I mean we let rapist and murders out of jail every day????

'lesbian' koala’s come out
Isn’t love great! J Here is hope that one scratches out Pat Robertson’s eyes if he visit’s a zoo. Though he would probably call for a boycott of all good Christians to not visit such dens of sin. Hey, if Koala’s can do it I’m ready. Come to me Orlando Bloom…..

Written at the pay the rent job,

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

BONES AND THE FEMALE BUSH…and they missed Dick!

Laura Bush Downplays Level of Violence in Iraq
First Lady Laura Bush is also being accused of downplaying the level of violence in iraq. During an interview on Larry King, Laura Bush said, “Many parts of Iraq are stable now. But, of course, what we see on television is the one bombing a day that discourages everybody.” The Brookings Institute recently estimated there are approximately185 insurgent and militia attacks every day.
Democracy NOW!
One bombing a day is rather discouraging you dumb ass.

Bipartisan Bill Introduced to Lift Cuba Travel Ban
And in news from Capitol Hill, support is growing for a bipartisan bill to lift all restrictions on travel by Americans to Cuba. The bill was written by Democratic Charles Rangel and Republican Jeff Flake. So far it has 68 official co-sponsors.
Democracy NOW!
Man this country sure can hold some grudges. Hell, Mexico has attacked the U.S. more times than Cuba has and we still deal with the…wait, strike that. I hope no one in the White House was listening…But wait, again. No, we will never fully cut off Mexico because all of the big companies who own the U.S. government need the cheap labor.

Rape victims in Missouri are billed for their rape kits
God, She will slip when she reads this
This is right up there with sending bills to the relatives of dead soldiers for body armor. This country does not think with its brain, its dick, but all together completely with its wallet.

Jesus: Tales from the Crypt
I Have a Bone To Pick
Ok. Mr. Titanic guy. Were is your career now? Bones of Jesus, no big deal. Now go find me the bones that are in Mr. Presidents closet. Now that would be find of huge quantity.

My God my head is spinning from all that shit and I did not even say anything about the cyborg pigeons.….And yes she is my God and not yours, so there.

The novella is moving alone smoothly. Working on it during breaks at the day job. Really hitting some nice moments with Chapter Three, though word count wise I went backwards. I deleted two Chapter which I loved when I first wrote them but got over it really quick.

Written at the pay the rent job,

Monday, February 26, 2007


If I had the net at home I would probably be updating here 4 or 5 times a day. I’m debating on a DVD to watch, its either The Prestige that Wave’s mom rented, Big Trouble In Little China, (one of my all time favorite movies) a Doctor Who DVD, and I still have not gotten the chance to watch my Dungeons & Dragons Animated Series DVD set….I say Doctor WHO. I’m a proud smiling geek.
Now the question lays with which Doctor Who DVD to watch? I think I will go with some 10th Doctor New Earth and through the season.

My boss just called. I already did a text to let him know I was coming in late and he was already asking about things that are going wrong. I mean…Whatever, I like my boss but sometimes this job really gets on my nerves. Its like dealing with children who have other peoples lively hoods in their hands. But as long as I need this type of work to pay the rent it will do. I know what is going to happen in time though. One day I’m going to get shit for something I do not get done and I’m going to go off on someone. I have a very controlled professional temper but the one thing that can set up off is stupidity. My dedication towards getting the work done is my working seven days a week. My commitment to the company is my agreeing to become salaried thus saving the company days of pay to keep the payroll down.

Written Monday evening while watching Doctor Who DVDs,


I hate dreams. And would not do the sleeping thing unless I have to. Did I ever mention that here? Wonder if I have actually told anyone. The only reason I sleep more now than I ever have in my life is because I have someone who calms my soul while I sleep.
I really do not like going to sleep alone because it seems like my subconscious, my inner Brian and I’m not talking about my liver, has it out for me and has always tortured me when I drift off into that land that should by law forever be called Gaiman Land.
Take last night or early this morning for example. Wave was not going to be able to take me to work at my regular time so I had plenty of time for rest and sleep as she had to work later than normal. It did not go the restful way. I keep having this dream were my love was leaving my life. Every time I woke up and went back to sleep the dream started back right were it left off. Now I feel like shit. I just want to crawl back into bad but this time with my love laying next to me so I can hold her for eternity.

Written Monday around 1pm while watching The Daily Show,


Writing this just as I came back from seeing Ghost Rider. I enjoyed the movie. The special effects were cool and I liked the humor of the film and the touches of Western elements. It was worth seeing on the big screen alone for the scene of the two Ghost Riders racing across the desert. I think this film very much like the Ghost Rider comics is about visuals. Cage did a great job with the character of Johnny Blaze and I do hope they do a sequel because of the same reasons I wanted Fantastic Four to get another second movie in that with the origin story out of the way they might just have the chance of doing something interesting. And from what I have seen of Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer they just may pull off a very good sequel.
I wanted to see Pan’s Labyrinth but it is already out of the small theater near by which carries smaller films so I will have to buy that when it comes out. Still lots of movies I want to see this year, the list containing-300, Transformers, Spiderman 3, Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer, Harry Potter: The Order Of The Phoenix, and probably some I’m forgetting.

I was visiting one of my churches the other day. The one who will drive me broke one of these days, Best Buy. Nothing new Doctor Who DVD wise but March sees the release of The Sontaran Experiment and The Invasion on DVD. Really looking forward to The Invasion. Also coming out in March is the 10th Doctor novel Made Of Steel. Probably order that through the local B&N.
Also coming out in Doctor Who merchandise that month from Big Finish Audio are Renaissance Of The Daleks, Horror Of Glam Rock. And from Big Finish Books Short Trips: Destination Prague. I wonder if I could order those through B&N? Anyways, I need to start keeping up with new releases because I’m already way behind in Doctor Who books and have a couple of already released DVDs to pick up for my collection.
Enough about one of my addictions.

Hit 1000 + words into the novella Sunday night. I added to chapters from writing I did while at work.

On our way home from the movies we almost got into a car wreck when a SUV driver decided he wanted to be in a lane which Heaven forbid had another vehicle there. Then on the drive back also we found out one of Wave’s neighbors died in her sleep. Sad, Wave said she was really nice. Interesting this is that Wave’s families dog daily went over there every day to visit them and now the little dog is very sad.

Written Sunday night while Wave watched SVU,

Sunday, February 25, 2007


I have taken it easy at the pay the rent job over the weekend. The past couple of weeks I have worn myself out working the 6th and 7th day of my work week but I’m feeling much better this Sunday. I’m still tired but that’s ok. Before I was feeling really sick by Sunday. And the good news is I have next weekend off. We are making plans now on what to do with the two days like Pinky And The Brain late at night in lab. Wave’s The Brain and I’m proudly Pinky.

Now responses to Comments:

I have always wondered why it never came up before. I guess only in sci-fi did you ever see the possibility of astronauts cracking up. I think I would though. I would be seeing space out there, looking out into nothing, and then start thinking about what if this bolt comes lose or that bit does not work right? To be honest though I am the person who when they sit him by the emergency door on a airplane my first thoughts are, ‘Pull it. Open the door Brian…DO IT! DO IT!’
As to the anti-Copernican thing. I was sitting reading it thinking there is no way this is real but we both know how crazy some people are in this world. My whole thing with saying I do not believe in black holes is just my way of saying I think most of science and history are based off faith and facts and thus are theories and not proof of anything. In my eyes science and history are just as much of a religion as any other. But that’s just me. I do not even believe we all exist in the same reality. That a very long conversation though if you get me started.

Hey, the Oscars are tonight. FUCK THE OSCARS! I’m going to see Ghost Rider. Don’t care about the reviews. If I’m entertained than plot be dammed. Superman Returns had lots of plot, so much they should have thrown some to the side. I liked the movie but did we really need a mini-superman and what is the next movie going to be about, more Superman stalking that family? Who else felt a little creepy about that? I did.
Oh, yea, FUCK THE OSCARS! I mean how can you have any respect for a awards show that basically ignores large groups of movies. One and only one example. Three animated movies and all three are American productions? Fuck that. I guess they gave the award to one Anime film a few years ago and now do not ever have to do that again or even nominate one. And don’t get me started on how they ignore comedies and action films for the most part for the big awards.

Any interesting news today?

Philip J. Fry
I want one of these. We have a lot in common. Though he looks more like Conan than I do.

The novella is going well. Finally got a good sit down writing session last night. Mostly been writing on the fly over the past couple of weeks. I finished of the Preface, a little Moment section, and Chapter One. Hopefully tonight I can get in at least 1000 words into Chapter Two. I have already written bits of all of the Chapters up to Chapter 10 but now I am really diving into them. I can not wait until I get to 10 and find out then where the story will take me for the next couple of Chapters if not until the end of the story.

Written at the pay the rent job,

Saturday, February 24, 2007


Just a short little entry from the pay the rent job. Couple responses to comments. before heading back to work to hopefully get out of here early before someone else finds something to yell about that will keep me here any longer than I need to be.

yea, We are both junkies. But at least I'm not drinking cold coffee. That's just unnatural.
And yes the pictures did not. Didn’t you notice when I got home?

I know you have to be tired of this sort of work you have been doing it way longer than I have.

Most of the sites I normally visit do not seem to update early on weekends so not much news wise but I did not this interesting and Wave pointed me to it.

Texas families seek to block gov's order
A group of families has filed a lawsuit seeking to block Gov. Rick Perry's executive order requiring schoolgirls to be vaccinated against the virus that causes cervical cancer.
Kenneth Chaiken, the attorney representing the families, said his clients do not believe Perry had the legal authority to issue the order.
The lawsuit was filed in Travis County on Thursday.
Perry wants to require the vaccine for girls entering sixth grade. It protects against strands of human papapillomavirus, or HPV, that cause most cases of cervical cancer and genital warts.
Perry, a Republican, has defended the order as critical to saving lives. But it has inflamed conservatives who say it contradicts Texas' abstinence-only sexual education policies and intrudes into family lives.
The governor's order also upset many state lawmakers in his own party, and a bill to override the measure is moving through the state House.
Perry spokeswoman Krista Moody said the governor is confident he had the authority to issue the order.
"He sees this vaccine as not only a fiscally responsible order but also one that has the potential to save the lives of thousands of women in Texas," Moody said.
Associated Press
People coming from the angle that it contradicts Texas abstinence only sex ed policies are not only taking a stupid argument on but as the abstinence only line of thinking itself is, this is a deadly argument. Anyone who says abstinence only as the only way are killing people. Take truth, logic, and go with it or more young people die. This conservative line of thinking is another example of my views at any cost. At that is what it is. I believe most conservatives would watch a child burn to death if it was found somewhere in the Bible or some preacher somewhere brainwashed them into thinking the flames were a gift from God. Religion can be such a up lifting source of power in peoples lives and strong personal views can change the world but without logic, without reasoning, without fucking common sense it is nothing but a crotch for communities of weak willed people to march over all who disagree with them and push their beliefs with a damm the costs attitude to what price others may pay.

Friday, February 23, 2007


How do you know you are addicted to something? Lets think about this. If you don’t get your fix you get- headaches, Check. Stomach sickness, Check. Easily lured into bad moods, Oh, Hot Damm Yes! Check! Check! Check! Hi, My name is Brian and if I do not get a Pepsi soon someone on this planet…more than likely in this state will feel my pain.

And in the news!

A hot young lady just brought me a burger, fries, and Pepsi. The planet is saved. Tell Al Gore he can go home now. The Queen will probably be there stalking him in his closet.

Warren "Anti-CopernicaChisum"
Still, it's enough to set the world a-spinning that the chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, the most powerful committee in the House, distributed to legislators a memo pitching crazed wingers who believe the earth stands still -- doesn't spin on its axis or revolve around the Sun -- that Copernicus was part of a Jewish conspiracy to undermine the Old Testament. That would be the same Old Testament that was written by the folks Chisum's friends say are conspiring to undermine it.
Found here.
God?…Fonzie?… Someone up there please tell me this is a joke? My head is already killing me. People in this country making Brian’s head almost explode.

NASA's plan for unstable astronauts: Duct tape, tranquilizers
Those silly NASA people
Robin Bird might like this one also. This being about her believing in black hole type persons. Hey, I duck taped my brother to the bed once while he was sleeping. It works to subdue the insane and stupid. And in his case…MOVING ON! Damm, I could feel my mom slapping me in the back of the head from Virginia to here in Florida.

BREASTS!!! Oops, Sorry. That’s the power of the internet. Never know what you will see and when. Now where was I? And to point I was looking for information on how to make my Scandisk MP3 Player delete and right there they where….I hate the internet, “Wave can we get the net at home now?”

So heading into the weekend I have these things to look forward to: Saturday work, try to find some time for writing, Try to find some time for snuggling, Try to find some time for reading, Sunday work, and try to find some time for sleeping…Fucker Bush better not start another war over the weekend

Maybe that should be my new sign off catch phrase?
Maybe not…

Written at the pay the rent job,


I am really getting tired of my job. Do not get me wrong. It is not a hard job and I have been treated right but still along the lines of yesterdays blog this factory, coperate, treating people like tools atmosphere is just weighing me down. Maybe I just can not take what it seems you have to take and give out to be a high up when it comes to working for and dealing with these types of companies. I can not just sit and see people and be told to treat people like they are just points on a budget or lines in a contract. I am so tired that if I could, if there was any way possiable, I would put in my notice today. I hate myself for not being better with money in the past were I could be sucure enough to walk away from something that I feel is currupting my soul.
Written from the libary,

Thursday, February 22, 2007


Being part of the machine that cranks out the modern philosphy of product over anything else is begining to weigh on me of late. The biggist reason being that I am caught up in my willingness to do whatever it takes effort wise to get a job done and also not being willing to also say no when others would probably say it very loud. To me getting a job done and doing it will all your effort is important. I learned that from my dad. I also learned how that can slowly grind a person down. Does not really look like I learned that though.

The attuide is what really bothers me. You have people running around screaming about this and that like a natural disaster just hit the town. Now I'm not stupid and know the line of thoughts, its about money, about jobs, about lives but I have worked other jobs in my ever growing aged existance of moving forward a crawl at a time and nothing is like factory work. It is paid slave labor. It is a mental abuse of power and power structure. It for the most part one big ego trip for the greater good of the holy dollar.
Written from Wave's laptop at the pay the rent job,

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Have not been doing much reading news wise of late with just about every minute awake whether home or here at the day job doing pay the rent work. But a couple of things the past few days I just have to comment on.

Bush Given Power to Deploy US Troops Domestically & Declare Martial Law
In news from Capitol Hill, Congress is coming under criticism for approving a little noticed provision last year that makes it easier for President Bush to declare martial law and to send US troops into American cities. At the administration's request, Congress approved the changes to a law known as the Insurrection Act without ever holding a public hearing. Under the new law, the president now has the authority to use both active-duty armed forces and the National Guard on American soil -- not just during a rebellion -- but also a natural disaster, terrorist attack, pandemic or other chaotic situation. All 50 of the nation's governors have opposed the rule changes. Earlier this month Senators Patrick Leahy, the chair of the Judiciary Committee, and Republican Christopher Bond introduced legislation to repeal the changes Congress approved last year.
Democracy NOW!
Some times you have to wonder if Congress even pays attention. I love how rebellion is used in what could give them to power to do these things. Wonder if people in high places are hearing home grown war drums beating.

Court Upholds Denying Court-Access to Gitmo Prisoners
Back in the United States, a federal appeals court has sided with the Bush administration’s policy Guantanamo prisoners cannot challenge their indefinite detention in US courts. The two to one decision upholds the Military Commission Act passed last year. Lawyers for Guantanamo prisoners are promising to take the case before the Supreme Court which has twice now ruled in their favor.
Democracy NOW!
Everyone I talk to seems to say, well this decision is based on the fact that they are only holding prisoners from combat there. Well, that has already been proven wrong and how many unheard voices are still there. How many totured souls who are citizens of this country or others sit in places like Gitmo and others around the world without anyone to speak for them? I don't even care if they were captured off the battlefield everyone deserves a chance to defend themselves in combat and court.

65th Anniversary of Japanese Internment Camps Marked
And Monday marked the 65th anniversary of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's signing of Executive Order 9066. The order forced 120,000 Japanese American citizens and legal residents into internment camps during World War II solely because they were of Japanese descent.
Democracy NOW!
Look at the person behind you as you work. Look at the lady waiting on you while you buy the new CD of your favorite musical group. Now look at your family. Your friends. Your loved ones. Look in the mirror and ask yourself, ask yourself an honest question deep down for who is next? The air is alive with destiny coming. This will happen again as long as so many people in this country are blind to wasteful chants of freedom and democracy. Wasn't that long ago. Not that many years ago.


Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Was out at the pay the rent job on Monday because frankly I was just beat. Working 7 days a week is very draining so it just hit me all at once I think. My asthma was bothering me really bad after carrying over all of my laundry and getting that done. The place is a mess and I'm pretty pissed off at myself for letting it get that way as well as letting other things in my life get that way.

Progress coutinues on the novella and things are working their ways into a story about something. I'll let you know as soon as I find out. Though it also in a way sets up what could be a series of stories if popular at the same time.

Off now to get the impossiable done before I go home. My boss was like, "I need you to get all of these things done tonight but don't work too hard." Just get 800 things done with some of them being near impossiable but don't work too hard...Ok...were is my ax?

Sunday, February 18, 2007


At Work.
On Sunday.
Very tired.
In a bad mood sort of tired.
A short and sweat little whine today.

I was in a off the cuff, off my rocker sort of mood yesterday and then Wave got pissed and next thing you know I was telling mean jokes about old people and she was ready to burn down a bookstore. I think we both were looking for targets because neither of us were in a putting up with people sort of mood. More having a hooked on wanting to play bumper cars with people walking through parking lots sort of feeling.

But I get some of the feelings from moods and such out in stories. One of the stories which I have spoken of which went from a short story to being a novella and growing. Remember that one. Well, now that story has went from a from YA story, to a slice of life story, to a sort of mild religious horror action story to what now is sitting around thinking about becoming some sort of horror, superhero, pointer at humanity story. Were is this going? Have not a clue. Man, I'm having fun writing it because it is running me all over the place. And just when I think I have everything settled. A fallen Angel appears in a well custom tailed suit. Where the fuck did he come from?
Honestly when I think all is said it done I think this in a way maybe my comment on not only religious stories that try to attract in a audiance from the mainstream. You know the ones made into movies starrying Baldwins and Mr. T about the world ending? It also maybe my comment on superheros when people try to place them too much into the real world and how if you go too far it falls flat. Well, at least that is my opinion.
All of this may also just turn into nothing and just be a hack job at trying to translate the choas of my thoughts onto paper.

Written from my lovely pay the rent job,

Saturday, February 17, 2007


Weekend? What is a weekend? I thought weeks were seven days of work? Well, it is for me. Hi! Welcome to the whinny weekend area of this blog. This is the wholesale jungle of whine unlike anything you will find anywhere else or your money back. We have white whine, red whine-The sort of Whine that makes Trill seem like a calm young lady of joy. Yes Wave I am picking on your sister. There is a reason why they call things easy targets. Like pushing somone in a wheelchair into trafic to hit on their boyfriend, like talking dirty in the ear of a old lady in line to get to the Sunday breakfest area at Sunday School faster, like pointing out the stupidity of those who belive we live in a democarcy, aiming for the easy targets works. Ok, having a bad morning. Anyone notice?

From that fucking pay the rent job,

Friday, February 16, 2007


From The Warren Ellis blog I find this little entry. Some days I just hate the religious right and their pandering snug-hugging political allies. Other days I really hate those fuckers but love that someone like Warren Ellis gets my hairs up further in my hatred. It’s like being pissed and having something to drink and enjoying being pissed. And speaking of him as he is one of my favorite writers start with this collection of Transmetropolitan and go from there. I have them all and enjoy read them over and over again. This site seems to be pretty good with information on the series. Says its official but who cares, seems to be a good site either way.

NYPD Ordered to Stop Videotaping Protesters
Here in New York, a federal judge has ordered the New York Police Department to stop videotaping innocent protesters at political demonstrations. The judge ruled the police have repeatedly violated what is known as the Handschu guidelines that dictate how the police carries out political investigations. The city's police department had attempted to abolish the guidelines after the Sept.11th attacks.
Democracy NOW!
It is truly sad for lack of a better word that I can pull right now that people can see police video taping protestors, mind you mostly anti-war or anti-government protestors and not see it as a warning sign. This has happen all over the country sometimes with no one knowing about it because police have dressed in civilian cloths to do it. I have had friends video taped while protesting. Think about that. Just for protesting for peace? And this is not new. This is our government. If that does not send a chill down your spine then you are pretty much a fucking idiot.

Moving on since I’m in a bad enough mood from the work load at the day job.

Go here if you are a fan of Buffy The Vampire Slayer as I am for interview with the creator on the subject of the new Buffy comic book series which is a official continuation of the series.

There are parts of this site I really like. Warning if you are viewing from work there are places of nudity on here.

And visit here if you have time.

Enough pimping. Off to piss some people off.

Written at the pay the rent job,

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Bush Rejects Iran Talks
President Bush rejected speculation the new accusations are part of an effort to lay a pre-text for war. But he said the White House rejection of unconditional talks with Iran has not changed.
President Bush: "If I thought we could achieve success, I would sit down. But I don't think we can achieve success right now, and, therefore, we'll want to work with other nations. I think we're more likely to achieve our goals when others are involved as well."
Democracy NOW!\
Don’t you just love politics? “No, Not going to talk to them because they don’t really mean it.” Like a bunch of fucking kids. But instead of a battle for who hit who first with mom there and a snow cone at stake. Our lives and our children’s lives and those of everyone who we love and care about is at stake.

Franken to Run for US Senate
In election news, the radio host and comic Al Franken has announced plans to run for the Senate in 2008. Franken will challenge Republican incumbent Norm Coleman for the Minnesota seat once held by the late Democratic Senator Paul Wellstone. Franken made the announcement on his last day at Air America Radio.
Democracy NOW!\
See propaganda and bullshit on one side is the same as propaganda and bullshit on the other. Same pile to me.

US Ranks Second-Last in UN Child Welfare Survey
The United States has finished next to last in a UN survey of child welfare in the world’s wealthiest countries. The US is ranked at number twenty, behind only Britain.
Democracy NOW!\
Ok. All together now with me. UNFUCKING BELIEVABLE.

Ok, that’s just about enough news for me for tonight. I can hardly get through one news website without having the urge to march on Washington…carrying a bat!

Written at the pay the rent job,


Finished up the report for the boss at the day job. My other boss? She should be getting off soon and then we will head for some food. I'm starving and I know she probably is also. Between us both we worry and fuss enough to raise up the appetiate of a hurd of raging tigers. But only if one of the tigers was currently wearing punk shorts and a lucky charms shirt while the other wore a AFI shirt and some, "You look hot in those jeans." jeans.
Well, You do.
Trust me folks. She does.

I was reading in the paper a few minutes ago. You know the paper type which does not exist within the little porn and myspace box you find yourself connected to for most of your days. Well, I was reading one of those anceint things and saw that our good friend up in Canada had protesting going after celebrations about the big sporting games coming up there in the near future. I only say up there because well, to me and most of American it is up there. To me its up there in quiality also but that is neither here nor there and probably spelt wrong. Seem some protestors are upset about them spending all of this money to promote and that they will spend to hold the games when the community is having housing and other problems. Reminds of me of how I felt when the games came to Atlanta and it seemed like to me and some of my friends in the good state of Georgia thought goverment spending could and should have been sent elsewhere. While events like these do bring in money to the community from what I have seen and read most of the times the community as a whole does not get to share in this income of spending. Not like anyone from France is going to be directed to the small shop down the street for dinner. No, they will have pamplets showing off the best of the high priced resturants and busineses.

Well that was a unexpected rant on a unexpected subject. Takes breath. Sorry for so many spelling, grammer, and just unreadable errors but I have to shut down. Food is calling me to make me fatter than I already am.


Writing this from the libary as I am suppose to be getting some pay the rent job stuff done but before I dive into that I wanted to make my rounds online so I commented on a few journals and blogs of friends, surfed over the waves updated on a few websites I enjoy and now I'm back here.

I wanted to get a study room at the libary this morning but I'm stuck in a bathroom stall like desk trying to put everything around me for the work I need to get done before actually going to work. You know I have never been the pain for pleasure sort of fellow but I do think when I over think and I usually do that I maybe a pain for pain sort of dumb ass because I always seem to get myself swamped with stuff no matter what I do. Yes I do take on too much but I think that comes from something deep down within me that tells my innner FREAK OUT that if I do not try to do everything for everyone people will find out that I'm actually not very smart.

Man that sounded a little too college class therapy for me.

And moving on from the couch.

While sitting here at the libary delaying doing anything I really need to be doing because I'm pretty fucking tired from stress more than anything else I find myself just being amazed as I always am at the freeness of the libary. Every since I was little I was just over joyed that there was this place I could go to where I could take books, newspapers, or some cases Comics! home and I would not have to pay for them, just bring them back when finished.

For a kid growing in a family with not many dollars to rub together changing a old saying a little I never had the chance to just go into places and buy. Usually the only new things we ever got was at Christmas time and that was after my father saved all year and did without to get us things we wanted but really did not need.

I love libaries. Like bookstores they are churchs to me. I guess to compare things. Small bookstores are like city churches, libaries are like small town churches, and the chain bookstores are like Southern Baptists money makers.

Written from Church(though to be truthful chruches I grew up in were never this cold)


Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Will I ever have the chance or money for that matter to once again add to my addiction?

On the plate right now with my new responsibilities at work and our big pressures growing here, to my truck, to trying to get enough money together to get insurance on it in my name totally, to trying to find somewhere better and move, to me trying to get that writing project going, to me trying to get writing submissions out, to keeping up with my blog which does mean a lot to me.... And somewhere in there I'm suppose to eat, do laundry, not be a slob around the apartment because I know I am, spend time with the lady I love who I love so much she will never know how much, shower, shit, and maybe even shave. Oh, forgot to piss and piss off people. The last being my favorite pastime.
Maybe I should rename the opening section of the blog to become The Whinny Room. Though technically I did not open with it today.

I need to drink but only have one Guinness in the frig. How sad is that. Just saying. One Guinness. Robin Bird I was tempted by the rotgut stuff you brought over but only tempted. I’m a light weight compared to others. At least when I drink I don’t drink watery Budweiser. I compare American beers to American sitcoms. They make you giggle but never pee yourself in fun.

What’s going on in the world? Not much but the same old, same old today. Check here and here and here and you will probably find something interesting.

I like Ms.Magazine because I always find something interesting to read whether on their online site or the magazine itself. I recommend it for anyone with a open mind. Oh, and those of you who think it is just women’s issues do not truly understand how no issue can be one sided. The above link goes to a article I found interesting and I hope Wave gets the magazine with the full one in it so I can read it.

Going to be taking a lot of work home with me tonight and working into the am and then getting up with Wave so I can head to the library to continue working on stuff for big day job meeting taking place tomorrow. If it was not for this blog I think my Muses just might kick my ass for not writing more. Grouchy ladies all of them.

Written at the pay the rent job,

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

SHAKES FIST AT talks back :(

Just a quick entry today. The day job has been Hell since getting here and I was left a huge job that has to get done before the night is over and I have barly started it and that is not counting the paperwork, reports, and general other work I have to work on as the night moves along. Well! That's just about the amount of whinning I wanted to leave here for today.

Onto other things.

Have another model on board for the story project I'm currently working on. Got the very person I wanted for the lead character. Will give more details as I fine tone everything and see were I want this to end up and in what form. But expect a little bitty teaser type image here soon for it. I have some really interesting and thought provoking ideas in my head for this and if I can get them out in a way others can understand I think people will actually enjoy it.

Oh, and I almost forgot. My truck is dead again. Went to CoinStar some pennies this morning before work and my truck would not even start. So either the garage really fucked up what they were doing when they worked on it or my battery is dead. What ever the worst case will probably be what it is. Brian's Laws Of Living In Gods World. So I once got into a fist fight in church(with the preachers son), told a priest to fuck off once at a church pinic, and there is that little moment were I sort a way...painted something dirty on the side of a church BUT You know he should not still be pissed about those things!

Written from the pay the rent job,

Monday, February 12, 2007

Go buy. NOW!!!

Go buy here. You say you support artists. You say you are for new beaten paths off from the same old shit you see all the time. You say you are for strong women who do things their way. So go, hit the fucking link and buy. I will as soon as I get paid because this talented lady is not only one of the most talented people I have ever meet but she is also very nice. She has encouraged me through my battles being a hack writer and taught me a lot about the craft of writing just reading some of the things she has written.

And on to my writing fronts. I continue further working on the short story/novella. Coming along very fast and very easily which scares me because I know I’m going to hit a road block somewhere were I will get frustrated trying to say something in a way that just is not hitting the page the way I wish it to. But right now everything is smooth. 4000 words and climbing. I’m going to settle out the models for the advertisements and book cover this week and hopefully get the first little ad way ahead of time teaser up here really soon. Now I just need to try and talk my boss into buying Photoshop so I can have fun playing. Hey, I could use it on work stuff also. Don’t look at me that way.

Written from the pay the rent job,

Sunday, February 11, 2007


Now when it comes to me having no clue on something or being just a little brain dead on particular subject matter I am the person you laugh at as you drive by as he sits in the middle of the road trying to get his truck started with emergency flashers flashing. Now pointing fingers is just rude when it comes to most situations but with mine it fits but the reason…well the reason is I think I spent a good deal of the trip into work this morning starting and restarting my truck because I maybe out of gas. I’m turning into my mom for Gods sake.
Now I know nothing about vehicles. Ask someone who knows me and they will tell you this. Garages get all happy in the pants as someone people I know like to say when they see me pulling in or my truck being towed in. I know more about thermo physics than I do about my own truck. Though if vehicle science to make it sound sassier was featured in more science fiction then I may have learned more about it. Geek to the core is where I‘m at.
But where I was this morning was more in a state of banging my head against the steering wheel thinking, “What now.” What I was actually screaming was, “FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! DOUBLE FUCK!!” Just for those who need all the facts that moment in time.
So is my truck now sitting in my day jobs parking lot out of gas? Have no idea. That or my battery is shot. Hard to tell really with my truck because it never runs that good to begin with. But if its more than me just being a dumb ass which I am comfortable and use to that skin, after I just put 578dollars into getting my truck fixed and it has to go right back into the shop? Then I’m going to grab a bullhorn and start shouting in a crowded room myself.

Speaking of people with bullhorns….No, I had enough of conspiracy people when I use to visit relatives in Texas….Not really in mood so disregard this little bit here.

And on a finishing note that should shine like the sun. An end note that should begin every thought I have. Marlena I love you. I am not always sure of my sanity. I’m certainly not always sure my brain still functions. But I am sure of how much joy and warmth you have brought into my life. I am sure of the love I feel for you and that I will stand by you as long as you wish for me to be there.

Written from the pay the rent job,


Saturday, February 10, 2007



I say I'm a dreaming and he said I'm not the only one,
I'm locked into a dream that seems to do nothing but burn,
I once said I will be the man I am until the day I die,
Until the day I die I continue to fail to learn,
But I swim around inside of my skin screaming a lie,
Pieces of me are bubbling from my veins,
Parts of me lost to the north winds,
Caught up with the shifting grains falling from my hands,
Who wins,
Who wins,

I know the mistakes I make every day and you are first up to push me in that special way,
Again and again when I laugh you frown,
I live in space and you walk down the streets of this town,
Again and again when I win its measured up to your pain,
Who wins,

I know how tight I hold your heart to my soul,
I know nothing about that hole that grows within your head,
My touches of ripped away nights hurt,
I will be here for you forever but it burns,
It burns,
It burns,
Who wins a war already burning high,

Nothing worth fighting for even appears to be easy,
Who wins,
Your sins,
Who wins,
Nothing worth fighting for even appears to be easy,
Who wins these battles anyway,
No one,
No one,

©Brian c. Williams


Friday, February 9, 2007


There should be a crime about putting someone’s high school picture online. See if you can spot me. I hated high school and very few of the people from that time do I think about. Unless it is thoughts worth pounds of hate.
Funny though. Can’t find anything about my college years…did I imagine those years? No wonder I don’t know shit.

Not in a news sort of mood today. Basically ignoring the rest of the world. I tend to do that sometimes when the pay the rent job is being really frustrating. It’s not being frustrating in the someone is doing something or being mistreated sort of way but just a in general sort of I would rather be at home watching X DVDs sort of way.

Still working on the novella or is it a short story? Can a short story have chapters? I thought about asking that over at Neil Gaiman’s website but for a writer you look up to in a lot of ways that would be sort of a strange question to ask since I have never sent a question to his site before. Well, Hell, I’m going to do it anyways. He’ll probably be reading it somewhere in some hotel or meeting for some film project and say to himself, “Chapters? In a short story?”

Wait, I can’t find a e-mail address on his site. Off exploring Neil I go. This should be fun. I will keep you updated.

Now they have a site comments e-mail address but it does not say anything about questions for Neil. I could probably just go to the FAQ section of the site and find what I need but where is the fun in that.

The front page. I’m still awaiting the paperback of Fragile Things before I pick it up. I just have a love for paperbacks except for when it comes to graphic novels. I like hardbacks for those because they help protect the artwork. So that is that. This might take a while. I want to listen to some of these audio interviews and such from the book tour.

This audio I think was the best though it is actually video but audio to me since I was working while listening to it.

I went through everything and finally came to find the place to send questions to Neil in the FAQ.

That was fun and good to know someone else does not like outlines.

Written at the pay the rent job,

Thursday, February 8, 2007


I almost forgot about this. Go here A peice I wrote for the Brevard NOW website a while back.


A I‘m guilty pleasure is coming back for another season. The show is has better writing than most other shows on television. The character designs, color palette, and quick story pace make it one of the best animated shows on U.S. Television.

Nope. Not going to comment but to say. Someone died. That’s always sad but not anymore than any other person in the obits.

I think my short story is heading into some strange YA, metaphysical, small town acid trip and it has me wondering about it and what may happen at the end. The fact that for some reason I can not get out of writing it in first person, I usually start a story in first person but then change it after the first chapter…I just don’t know. This may just turn out interesting. Oh, and it is no longer a short story. Looks to be dancing around novella territory right now.

See next stage we get Beam Me Up Scotty! I read this with Robin Bird in mind. She could probably tell me if I’m off base or not. Am I?

I tend to get very angry when seeing or hearing of babies being sick. Very angry at God.

I am glade they are doing this. I was so pissed that the only ways to get the special features was by getting the mega set after I had already bought almost all of the plain just episode season sets. MASH has always been one of my favorite television shows and one of the best in history.

Written at the pay the rent job,

Wednesday, February 7, 2007


Started a new short story tonight. Have no clue where it is going but so far I am enjoying the dance.
Written from the pay the rent job,


Repeats of Doctor Who return to Sci-Fi Channel starting with a marathon on March 27th beginning with The Empty Child at 8:30am. It will last until 3:00pm and contain episodes featuring the 9th and 10th Doctors played by Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant. The episodes are the following: THE EMPTY CHILD, THE DOCTOR DANCES, BOOM TOWN, BAD WOLF, THE PARTING OF THE WAYS, CHRISTMAS INVASION, and NEW EARTH. That’s for any fellow Doctor Who fans who may stop by. Maybe I should put in for a coming in late day so I can catch the episodes?

Wal-Mart Loses Bid to Dismiss Sex-Discrimination Case
The retail giant Wal-Mart has lost an effort to dismiss the largest class-action employment discrimination case in US history. On Tuesday, a federal appeals court upheld a ruling that Wal-Mart face a lawsuit alleging discrimination against female employees. Taking the case to trial could expose Wal-Mart to paying billions in damages. Wal-Mart is lobbying against a class-action suit and wants each case tried individually.
Democracy NOW!
Now there is a enemy even The Doctor might have a problem with. I compare fights against Wal-Mart like the fights coal mine workers had trying to get justice with the mine owners. If suits are not brought against them as groups or bundles then Wal-Mart will brazenly roll over anyone who gets in their way individually.

If you are as big of a Neil Gaiman fan as I am you may wish to check this out.

This goes right up there with stories of Poe sleeping on his loves grave as being one of the most romantic things I have seen or read about in my life. Also make me think of Spike's many lines about love on Buffy, "I maybe loves bitch but at least I admitt it." being my favorite.

You know what sort of gets under my skin? People all the time get all up in arms about how much celebrities or professional sports athletes make but when do we stop getting up into their skins for just making money spurred on by our demands for their brands and get into how much politicians and political parties spend on things like just getting a job! I mean come one. Does this system make sense to anyone? Lets say I want a job at McDonalds. {nothing wrong with it, I worked there. It‘s hard work.} If I’m trying to get hired on at McDonalds do I go out and raise money to help promote myself and sale myself to the bosses? No. Politicians will never have the trust of the American people again and it is leveling down more and more every day until they start treating voters more like their bosses and less like customers. There is a difference. Think about it. I know you can do it little fella.

Written at the pay the rent job,

Tuesday, February 6, 2007


10 Arrested in Peace Protest At Sen. McCain's Office
On Capitol Hill, ten peace activists were arrested on Monday after occupying the offices of Senator John McCain of Arizona. The activists tried to meet with one of McCain's aides but were denied. The activists sang the names of seventy-five service members from Arizona who have died in Iraq. The action was part of the newly launched Occupation Project. Activists plan to occupy the offices of lawmakers who refuse to pledge to vote against additional war funding.
Democracy NOW!
Sounds like good old fashion shouting to me. I like. What we should do is kick some of them out of those offices and claim what is rightfully ours. Sound racial? Think about the true state of this country.

Dalai Lama To Become Professor at Emory
In education news, Emory University in Georgia has announced that the Dalai Lama will be become a distinguished professor at the school. Over the weekend the Tibetan spiritual leader spoke at a three-day international symposium on Buddhism in India.
Democracy NOW!
Want to put money down on how long it will take some group to try and stop him from teaching? Wonder also if he will turn into a Braves fan. Anyone with sense should be.

Masturbation only? Yea, that may work but how much more money has to be spent before stupid people see how thick their logic really is?

Astronaut's star
The very first thought that came into my head was imagining some bad B-Movie with this very plot line. Someone please write it, that would be cool.

Lately I have not had much of a chance to work on any writing with the day job poking me in the eyes just about 24/7 {and no I did not do it on purpose… Honest }
I got the idea last week for a PDF project to re-launch my mailing list and lined up one talent for it but now I need to work on getting other friends to come on board for something that will pay nothing and only probably do me any good.

A friend here and fellow slave to the Muses has talked to me about writing in a blog and having something to say and you know the melodramic ways writers sometimes talk about writing when they should just be writing. As I should follow that course and so should anyone else but what Touch was talking about in writer’s block got me thinking.
See I never get writer’s block. What I get attack by is more of a sense of drowning in ideas but never blocked away from them. As for writing in a blog or journal or the like? I could write daily or several times several times a day because I’m just a opinioned son of a bitch who could rambling on for hours and say nothing. Must be those years of studying Philosophy?

I do this blog for a few reasons as I have spoke in the past about. I do it mostly to keep myself writing during the times when I can not find time to do proper sit down and think writing. Though I am constantly working on stories in my head or writing down little bits on little pieces of paper. Ask Wave. Mounds of it fill the apartment’s bedroom. This blog helps feed The Muses. Hungry winches they are.
I also do this blog to keep in touch with friends who either do not live anywhere near me or maybe also do not fully know me that well and I wish to give a little more into our friendships. This is to friends I know and also to those I have not meet yet.
But the ultimate reason I do this blog and the reason I can write daily in it and attract the hordes of people who visit {Hey, I got a huge European following. And for some strange reason people from locations I have never heard of keep visiting. That’s just cool I think }I write this in the vain, egotistical way most writers professional or just hacking away write anything. With a hope that someone reads something they wrote, typed, spoke out loud and it means something to someone besides themselves.

Written at the pay the rent job,

John McCain, Dalai Lama, Buddhism, Masturbation, Abstinence Only, The Middle East, Wave, Touch, Philosophy, Muses, Writing

Monday, February 5, 2007





Sitting early at work listening to Our Lady Peace sing Everyone's A Junkie thinking slightly about writing reviews and rants and more or less something more than me just sitting here typing about something, nothing, or more...Much much more... When I get dazed within my own mind I sometimes go on this ramble that is like a fist fight of a three way dance of my brain, my spirit, and my soul. They do not get along like three brothers of the same age looking for the total attention of their father.
When I get into this state of mind which maybe sadly but truthfully the place I am ever truly at home I am liable to say anything or more to the fact type anything. How about a little hack poetry slash song lyrics to calm the brothers? Bring in the Muses to stroke their egos.

Dig the template in the mud,
Touch their little hands with love and plant them in the sand,
The snow falls on the ground,
The water washes away the thoughts created by man,
The Earth did not sign up to die for these people,
The plan for a nation leading Heaven into a hatred of women,
And what for?

Turn through that gate,
Pull down the crosses hanging from the backs of Angels,
See the crosses painted across the faces of the non-beliving,
Seeing what is constructed from the hands of those who are seeing,

Uncovering truths hidden within death,
Can you be saved by those without your God?
Taste the eyes of the innocent and lick away their last breath,
Can you be saved by those walking among us all?
Can your Jesus love you after this?
Will your Mary bleed within us during the fall?
Nothing like you,
Nothing like your killing ways,
Pray for days of choas and give the death you crave a rest,
I will not be your slave,
This is not just any other day in the nest,
(c)brian c. williams


The weekend was great and draining. The first weekend were I was actually able to spend a good amount of time with Wave. Usually on weekends it is me working and on the rare accusation I am not she has to work but neither of us had to work this one.

WARNING: Writing without using Word so there be lots of them there chances of spelling errors within this here thingee!

I will probably write a more detailed blog tonight and a review of the concert but right now here is my weekend in a nut shell.

-Great sex Friday night,
-Ran around 6 hours looking for someone to cash my check because I am between banks at the moment. Very long story, may become a rant later tonight,
-Waited in line with hundreds of Goths and punks for the concert in a area full of rejects from boy bands videos,
-Waited through two alright opening bands and a lot of local jerkoffs who did not know how to have a good time at a concert without getting all upset about getting bumped into a little bit,
-Enjoyed AFI and their encore of covering Ziggy Stardust as the rain came down,
-Drove home to spend a very tired night snuggled up to Wave in bed,
-Woke up too tired for more sex,
-Went to Best Buy to visit The Queen,
-Ate at Friday's,
-Went to see Catch & Release at the movies. We had not gone to the movies in a long time. May write a review about this later also. The best part of the movie though was Kevin Smith. If you like the Night With Kevin Smith DVD you will get enjoyment out of this movie,
-Then home worn out but not too tired for more great sex,
-Sleepless night on both of our parts to Wave having to wake extra early to take me to work because the garage never picked up on my truck on Friday. May see a rant about this later too if they do not have a good reason for this.

So from the east you may see a storm front of rants coming in later with mild falls of reviews and a long shot of anything but me talking about work really happening.


Friday, February 2, 2007


Dems to Investigate Bush Signing Statements
In other Congressional news, Democratic House Judiciary Committee chair John Conyers has announced plans to investigate President Bush’s use of signing statements -- through which he claims a right to ignore or not enforce sections of bills that he signs into law. Conyers says the investigation will focus on around 150 of the signing statements Bush has signed into law. Since taking office the president has issued over 800 signing statements – more than all other presidents combined.
Democracy NOW!
I see the signing statements as acts of aggression against the American people and while others have yelled from hemp built towers about other reasons why Mr. President could find himself in a few little legal pickles after he gets out of office. I think this one maybe what gets him. If they approach going after him like he has broken a legal contract putting him in the shoes of lets say a head of company which by the way government offices are held to that sort of standard by law, just hardly ever taken down that road. They could go after him stating he knowingly 1-signed documents and acts of action which he had no intention of following and 2- that he mislead voters (would be investors or stock holders in a company) by doing these things so under the radar knowing the national news almost never explores these actions on his part. Now me? I say don’t put him in jail. I say just line him up on along a road somewhere in Philadelphia and who ever gets there within lets say a hours time get one chance to get him a good kick in the ass. That’s justice.

South Dakota Lawmakers Re-introduce Abortion Ban
Lawmakers in South Dakota have introduced a new attempt to ban abortion. The “Women’s Health and Human Life Protection Act” would permit abortion only to prevent the death of a woman. Victims of rape or incest would be allowed abortion under several restrictions. They would have to report the rape within fifty days, submit blood samples to law enforcement, obtain records for physicians, and provide the name and address of the alleged rapist. The new measure comes three months after South Dakota voters rejected an abortion ban on the mid-term ballot.
Democracy NOW!
Don’t you love our form of democracy? People stand up, cast their vote, and the political Jesus’ will help us find the error of our ways in letting us know we made the wrong decision. But we still get to vote…for now, and at least until they decide we just can not be trusted to make the right decisions for God, Country, and Good Old American Values.

Early this morning and later in the day from what I have read we got hammered by stormshere in Florida. One of the reasons why I want to get out of this state because some times you just feel like Mother Natures venting area.

And to end with. Insert what ever thoughts make you happy or angry. I just thought it was beautiful in the way most things involving modern technology is not. Found through this daily visit.

Written at the pay the rent job,

Thursday, February 1, 2007


Will be pulling a all nighter at the pay the rent job tonight. Have to get the place all nice for a big wig coming in and I want to knock out a bunch of materials also for one of our best customers. Probably work until around 5am, then nap in the back room and then be ready to work again after a while to make sure everthing get done.
I hate doing this because I miss Wave a lot because of all the hours I work now. Well, at least I don't work this weekend as we will be spending it with each other. And if you read this. I love you Marlena.