Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Those Damn Book Bloggers Always Walking On My Lawn


     Have you seen this? Yea, this dip shit is in charge of a major award. No wonder most award lists suck. Stuff like this is why when people tell me "Self-publishing and book blogs are destroying publishing" I say let it crack. Let it crack, let it crumble, let it all fall down so it can be rebuilt for modern times with modern minds.
     Oh, and lets not even get into why some called literary critics write some of the things they write. Grease. Palm. HATE IT! BEST THING EVER! It's a old con game and they don't like that people are changing the rules on them.
     Also I think this guy doesn't understand. People read tons of book blogs to find books they like, not to read about books someone thinks they are failing society if they don't read or books so called literary critics hate.
     And as a friend just said to me, "His opinion is also fairly offensive because basically he's saying that people online aren't as smart as he is."
     Maybe he has never been online to an actual book blog because he acts like book bloggers don't dig deep into books. Really? Now that I think about it maybe he hasn't visited any BOOK BLOGS: The New Evil.
     And people once you use phrasing about missing "old fashion" this or that you are basically saying, "But in my day." I'm not going to dive into this much more. Read the article, he digs himself into holes with just about everything he says.


Monday, September 24, 2012

Whys you writes on the papers

I've been wanting to write about a number of writing and the arts related topics of late but not having the time while working on stories has delayed that desire but when a friend on Twitter asked me why I write and I had to make it short so I wrote this: I write for the same person and same reasons as when I was a child writing on any piece of paper I could find. I can talk for days about all the grand strings of reasoning for my fever but when it comes down to it, in the end, it is that simple for me.

Monday, September 17, 2012

!!!NEW!!! Tin Universe #11

Part Four of Hillbilly Jungle brings to a conclusion the story of regular people caught up in the battle between a Godling and a very powerful angry vengeance seeking spirit of Mother Nature.

If you need to catch up on all things Tin Universe check out the Tin Universe blog. Also let me know what you think of any Tin Universe story there or here or by email.

Now I'm off to work on a re-edit of the first Tin Universe story, Stereo. Stereo 2.0 will be released on the 30th of this month, September.


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Malls, Manatees, And Chilly Spoons

We stopped first today at the Merritt Island Mall since we hadn't been over there in a long time. Most everything was closed but this was hanging on the windows of Spencer's. I saw it and thought of CareyTwoMonkeys and her husband. I need to come up with nicknames for them since that's what I do for blog entries.

From the mall we went to Lori Wilson Park to do some Geocaching and check out the beach there.

It has a really nice park and picnic area. This is the walkway to the beach. I love the natural archway.

I think this is the first beach I have ever been to in Florida that had a lifeguard.

If you ever spot someone on the beach wearing boots its probably me.

Then we checked out Banana River Park for another bit of Geocaching. It's sandwiched in a very rich snob area but has a really nice soccer park and kayak launch area.

This is the kayak launch area.

Then we spotted Ulaway(sp) Park Wildlife Sanctuary on the way back. We stopped there to eat our packed lunches. There was a bunch of people there net fishing. They gave us weird looks so I think they have the place to themselves most of the time.

We stopped at a Goodwill in Rockledge because I was looking for a used World Atlas to make sure I keep Tin Universe stuff straight. Don't wont to say something in one story and contradict it in another. That's lazy universe building. I would be Meyering it. Don't want that. Mar found her a bow and was channeling Katniss for a bit. My camera hand got all shaky.

After the Goodwill were I found something that might work but might not we stopped at Riverwalk Park. The community center was closed but its worth a visit anytime. A really nice trail to a fishing spot. Several people were there taking pictures.

See even pretty with my crappy phone camera.

Our last stop today was Wal Mart for a gas card. I spotted these superhero Wal Mart pizzas. Funny that Thor's is Ultimate Meat. You make you own joke there.


Saturday, September 15, 2012

To The Beach With Wintergirls And Someone Named Alaska

"Dad, please don't go to the beach. The beach isn't our thing. It's one big litter box. Who plays in a litter box?  Well, besides Salem. We- you and me are couch people. Sitting and watching Doctor Who is our thing. Plus I never have anyone to sit on when you go places."

This is the man Mar goes out into public with.

On the way to the beach we stopped off at the library and I let Mar pick out two books for me to start at the beach.

Beautiful view from Barrier Island Center. If you have never been there you need to go. It's a great place to enter the beach from. Visit there for a picnic on their balcony.

They've added some whale skulls. Fucking whale skulls people.

Mar went directly to the water while I read the first few pages from each of the books to choose which one I wanted to fully dive into.

The winner was Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson.

A little bird came by to remind me I still have a deadline this weekend.

The beach won and Mar fell into her chair after a lot of play.

While I was fully into my book.

We left the beach and went home to clean the apartment and ourselves because one of Mar's friends was coming over to watch Hunger Games over pizza.
I'd pay for the pizza all through the night.

All photos copyright (c)Brian C. Williams/System*Productions


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

On This Date We Should Also Remember Before

     After the September 11th terrorist attacks the Twin Towers were removed from books, video games, movies in some of the single most unAmerican acts of censorship I've ever seen and ever since people have been hesitant to mention or show the Towers in fiction and art without a references or sub-textual nods to the attacks.
     I believed at the time it was stupid what they did when it came to the Towers being shown and mentioned and the course since I also believe isn't very creative and lacking in courage. Something artists and those in the arts owed those who died on that day and still should keep in mind today it nothing is defined by one moment in history.
     Remembering tragic events can be therapeutic but I think what many did right after 9/11 was help those terrorist accomplish their goals. We basically white washed the Towers from culture and only a few years later started showing them but then when its only to do with the attacks in a A Reel roll of terror terror terror.
     And we have continued to help sale the terror in political maneuvering and in the arts. And I'm talking about the arts here, politics to the side.
     And I believe there should be stories told about that day from all angles but that can't be the only focus point. Those Towers and those people who died contain stories about human creative vision, human courage, and human reach before the Twin Towers started to smoke.


Monday, September 10, 2012

To Jupiter For A Lighthouse And Some Blowing Rocks

This entry will be mainly just photos. And I'm not going to put a million on here but if you follow me on Facebook, and my Facebook is public, you might see more as the week goes on as I look through all 380 that I took on Sunday and pick out some I like.

If you have any questions let me know. I would recommend anyone visiting both the Jupiter Lighthouse and the Blowing Rock Reserve.

Though I had a sad because the Burt Reynolds Museum was closed down to relocate

The lighthouse, museum, gift shop, and lighthouse grounds were very cool. They are right next to a very nice park also and share space with Navy grounds some of which are off limits so watch where you wonder.
The lighthouse was really cool looking from this angle because of its surroundings.
On the bottom of the lighthouse grounds is a beautiful tree growth. Also a area where you can rent it for weddings. I look like a vacationing hobo in this picture. I bet my friend Tankgirl would get some beautiful pictures around there.
Mar ready to go up. She has no fear of heights. I'm not scared but when you are as fat as me you know you will fall faster than others. Something about that bothers me in a truly illogical way.
Of all of the pictures when we got up top I liked this one the most. I'm strange that way.
Look Mar finds a library everywhere.
Eating our packed lunch on the shore area outside of the lighthouse  museum .
The Hawley Education Center is across the road from the Blowing Rocks Preserve and only about 15 minutes from the lighthouse.
It costs $2 dollars to get into the preserve. Well worth it. Some rich old fuckers threw a fit about the $2 charge. It's not much for what you get to enjoy and the money goes back to the preserve. Remember whenever you visit a park or preserve any charge for entry or gift shop items goes back to keeping things up.
The walkway down to the preserve.
I wish I had a better camera. If you read this Tankgirl you really have to go here. You will get some really nice pictures.
I don't know if it was just hot out or the fact of the rocks and shell beach sand but it was really hot. Nice views though as you can see from this.
She claims in the name of Dewey.
Told you it was hot.


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Check Out This Gallery

     A friend has opened a Instacanvas Gallery. Check it out and if you find something you like buy it. She will be adding images as time goes so check in often. She's one of my favorite photographers and I've had one of her photos hanging on my wall for years. The authors photo I use on my blogger and in most of my writing releases is also by her. And we have talked about her taking some photos for the covers for some of my future releases. I love her work and hope to work with her soon on a project.
     I love her period because she is like family to me but her talent goes beyond that.
     See what she had to say about her gallery below.

      "My Instacanvas Gallery is now Open, so my Photography is now available for purchase! You can buy my images on Canvas, as Framed Art, on Prism Glass, or on Greeting Cards...I will be adding new art every day, so please keep checking out my Gallery for something that might catch your eye. Your support is very much appreciated :)
     This won't be the typical introduction, I'm sure, but I would prefer that you learn about me through my art...through my eyes."