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Where I Talk About The Digital Divide, media, Bill O'Reilly's Sentinel Program, and Porn



     There are two ways media is used to control and attack people. The ownership of the media and the destruction of media.
     The ownership of the media comes in big money companies, censorship, and government attacks on free speech{which is sorta the only true censorship but I'm tired of fighting that battle trying to get people to understand the difference} But with the blend of big companies and government basically being bed partners of the nasty sex kind they are basically one and the same and that's really fucking dangerous.
     One of the most important things about the internet and projects like Amanda Palmer's Kickstarter is the power it gives us to be the media. It's the people having tools to wrestle that ownership from hands covered in the blood, sacrifices, and hard work from a lot of people. That's why big corporations and the government are in constant attack mode when it comes to the net. No matter how anonymous and vase the internet maybe its a hell of a lot more of a personal conduct than any corporate owned media outlet.
     The destruction of the media comes through attempts to windle down or destory the internet. Joy found in the wipping out of newspapers. Technology lovers, and I do this myself do, make jokes about newspapers and them going out of business and the big corporations might hate this hurt on their pocketbooks but those are big fucking pocketbooks and their government connected arms and legs cheer the dying paper industry because still in so much of the word newspapers are the only source of news for a great deal of people. Anyone who says otherwise doesn't know how the world works but companies like costumers and governments like citizens to be as stupid and uninformed as possible.
     I really hate that the digital divide isn't addressed and talked about more. It especially bothers me when I you don't see great websites such as Boing Boing addressing this issue more. I'm not singling out Boing Boing to go after them and if anyone can show me where they have addressed it I would love to read that because I love that site but I expect a lot from them also. They address so many issues from so many angles that aren't talked about anywhere else but this issue isn't addressed much across the board, across the net. I know CNN, MSNBC, FOX NEWS, or any corporate outlet are just going to ignore the issue so it falls to others to take it on.
     It bothers me when well spoken people using technology such as podcasters, web video series creators, independent bloggers, and such make jokes about Libraries Being Useless or Newspapers Being Worthless because they are doing the propaganda work for these big corporations.
     Just taking America, there are so many places in this country without cell towers, without modern computers in schools. Without internet access. The whole bullshit of a computer in every home, every home has a computer or a ipod or a ereader or whatever, that's all marketing and complete bullshit.
     The digital divide is real and its size is growing, not shrinking. The sad news is a lot of talents using technology creativity and doing ground breaking work are way too blind to this. I'm not saying everyone should be outspoken about everything but its a shame how little attention this issue gets from the very people who are building new roads in some areas with technology without also seeing bypasses and highways are nothing if the destroy all the towns they are bypassing.

Cool links to check out:
     This is a great Kickstarter projects. Go check it out. THE GARLICKS: Pandora Orange, Fail Vampire by Lea Hernandez — Kickstarter
     How about some FIFA game fun with John Green. Henry and Willie: The Miracle of Swindon Town #118 My Role as a Role Model: The Miracle of Swindon Town #119 How To Ask Someone on a Date: The Miracle of Swindon Town #120
     I'm putting this here for all those people who seem to think any mention of sex is wrong. So if you were a hater of me bringing up fisting, here's squirting. Having Sex: Quickies #2 - Squirting!
     My favorite comic book video review show. "Right now Bill O'Reilly is building Sentinels." Video Comic Book Reviews - FFFIC Episode #46.mp4
     I want this game. Lollipop Chainsaw Announcement Trailer
     Back up your stuff people. Toy Story 2 Almost Lost Due To A Bad Back-Up
     4 Points is a pretty cool show and I always find things to talk about from watching it.

Rants and screams:
     I think someone hacked my email and tried to watch porn through my YouTube account? Silly person, you don't go to YouTube for porn. *takes out scissors and cuts up your internet card* Shame, shame. Porn is everywhere else on the internet except for YouTube.
     Another thing that's weird. Looking at the Search Keywords that people used to find my site. If you have a website you really shouldn't look at this. Weird. "Brian Williams hot ass" Really? I really hope you not talking about Brian Williams the propaganda corporate news anchor puppet because that's sick dude. Just....dude.


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Where I Promote Myself and also talk about how politicians are pushing us towards a bloody revolution

 Every so often I just want to say look at what I did and tell me how shitty it is. Today is such a day.

   If you want to read a full YA ebook for free check out my book The Past Forward. It's a great jumping on point for my Tin Universe stories and you don't have to read or have read any of the previous Tin Universe stories to dive into it.
     Though if you do like The Past Forward check out the Tin Universe ongoing story series that goes forward with the characters first seen in The Past Forward and expanding the greater Tin Universe as it goes.
   The first story of the series is free also and stories after that being only $0.99usd.

   While I have you here, there are more places to find me online:

Check out these links:
     I love that Amanda Palmer's kickstarter success is shinning a light on what the future of talent to fan needs to be. Also its great having someone so smart and talented to be there as lights are shinning on this type of project: WHERE ALL THE KICKSTARTER MONEY IS GOING BY AMANDA PALMER
     Also read this blog entry by Amanda Palmer as she answers questions about her Kickstarter. One of the best things she talked about here was how crowd funding only works if you have a crowd. If you have built a following. I also liked her answer when talking about people saying shouldn't she spend her own money, like working for a record company or publisher is?: KICKSTARTER Q&A AND SMURF TITS
     Some really beautiful photos by Ellen Rogers
     I love lists. That might say something about my intelligence level but its true. The Body is one of the best episodes of television ever. Period. Just shook me to the core the first time I watched it. Daily 10: 10 TV Episodes that Changed Television - @io9

   Do you smell that? That deep in your nose smell of bullshit. That's Florida trying to fix another election.
ThinkProgress @thinkprogress "Number of stories about Florida's voter purge: USA Today (0), WashPost (0), WSJ (0), NYT (1) #blackout"
     The Ultraverse had some really cool books. And the fact that they are never hitting the light of day again it seems has allowed a lot of other books to seem original while ripping off Ultraverse ideas. It's a shame that people now wont get the chance to read Prime or see the great artwork George Perez did on Ultraforce. I didn't know why Marvel wasn't publishing the books or using the characters so I found this bit of information interesting. The Ultraverse
     The future could be awesome. Body Area Networking
     Another way companies are using people's need for even the smallest amounts of money to push their agenda. Coal Industry Pays Fake Activists $50 To Wear Pro-Coal Shirts At Public Hearing
     There are going to be places in the U.S. soon where people should and will stop paying any taxes or any attention to the law because why do so if the state, the government isn't supporting you.
     Every time someone waves a flag whenever a time on the calendar tells them to do so or shouts SUPPORT THE TROOPS at protesters I think of stories like these. I support the troops by talking about getting them and their families fair treatment while in uniform and in retirement. A flag on your car does the troops nothing when people have to raise money to get them basic care packages, don't talk to me about defense spending when hardly any of that goes to the troops and their families. Respect is a real thing, not a catch phrase hot word for a ad agency to use. Meet Bill: The 91-Year-Old Decorated WWII Veteran Targeted By Florida Governor Rick Scott’s Voter Purge
     From the poverty line shall come the revolution crying for blood from those who put them there. Report: US Has One Of The Highest Child Poverty Rates In The Developed World
     The lack of rage at this story and stories like it across the country might be a sign that this country has lost its skills for reasoning, maybe America no longer has the spirit for freedom. I think for too long the politicians of this country have felt safe and protected by their rich money friends and propaganda machines. It's time to revolt. It's time to declare a media, creativity, and philosophical war. @thinkprogress: In Florida, Scott administration ignores systemic errors, vows to ACCELERATE voter purge

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Where I talk about the Bulldawgs first game of the season and the last Sat. of Free Comic Book May

Madden 11, Franchise Season 1: Bulldawgs Vs. Cowboys:
     Bulldawgs-29 Vs. Cowboys-73: Well, that was a beat down the like I haven't had in a long time playing Madden. I knew coming in with a from scratch team this would be heard but this season might be a really really long one. We were moving the ball pretty good early in the game but only coming up with field goals. I had to take Tebow out late in the second half because he was taking a beating. I was using the Dolphins Wildcard offense but it really isn't fitting what I need to do. I need to make sure Tebow becomes a passing QB. His stats in this game shows he can run but he will be on the injured list quick if this keeps up because defenses never have to play pass against him right now. It's just stack the line and unload. So with that said I have changed my offense to a New England offense to get more pure pass plays in.
     Our defense isn't helping either. Ok against the pass but a ghost team against the run. One player in this game ran for 200 plus yards. I've adjusted to defend the run more so maybe we will have better luck against the Texans.
Next Game Bulldawgs Vs. Texans

Free Comic Book May:
     My local comic shop Famous Faces And Funnies have been celebrating Free Comic Book day every Saturday in May. This is something they do every year and if you spent $4 a trip on each Saturday on the final Saturday you got a free graphic novel from a list of very good first volumes of series. I picked up DMZ Vol.1; which I have wanted to read for a long time.
     People had been telling me for a while now that I needed to pick up DMZ so I'm ready it people so stop ragging on me for reading nothing but superhero comics{which isn't true to begin with}
     Besides getting the first volume of DMZ for free I also picked up the first volume of the New DC 52 Stormwatch. I was buying the series monthly until I found out Paul Cornell was leaving the series but I was enjoying it so I picked up the trade.
     Now to just find the time to read these. I have so many books from the library I need to finish first to get them back for others to enjoy too.

Check out these links:
     More John Green FIFA game and with this one he talks about what he wrote in college: What I Wrote in College: The Miracle of Swindon Town #116 Then he discusses his's after college writing and the return of a fan favorite player: Writing After College: The Miracle of Swindon Town #117
     Enter you email here and you can get the first single from Amanda Palmer's new album for free.

Rants on stuff:
     FUCK YOU Rick Scott: How Governor Rick Scott Is Preventing Eligible U.S. Citizens From Voting In Florida
     Trolls and assholes are everyone. Ever been to a bar or Walmart. Plus this speaks of someone saying "The Internets are mean." I allow anonymous comments on my blog but I also allow myself the ability to delete them for whatever reason I choose: New York Lawmakers Encounter Comments Sections, Freak Out
     Hey, look Rick Scott, you ant the only Florida asswipe trying to strip voting because you scared. Yes, you scared: Allen West Objects To Early Voting Because ‘People See It As An Entitlement’, Suggests It May Be Unconstitutional

   The next group the government decides to monitor for their beliefs might just be your own. As New Jersey OKs NYPD Surveillance, Muslim Groups Continue Challenge to "Unconstitutional" Program
     It's turning into a Robocop nation. Drones Over U.s. Get Weaponized Advances Expanded, "Orwellian" Gov't Surveillance with FISA Amendments, CISPA
     You ARE The Product? yes, we all are.

     Also we're doing a summer garden again.


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Where I talk about freedom for some and Handmaid Geeks

   *note to start things. Because of the holiday I'm moving my Madden game update to tomorrow; so today I give you this and I'm off to write a number of reviews.

     I get a  lot of screams from people I know and strangers alike about how America is a country of free men and I should be proud of where I was born, raised, and live and I should just "Shut up" about this and this and that thing I said six years ago but nothing goes away on the internet and that's fine with me.
     One to start, how about free men and WOMEN you sexist dickweeds.
     Two, I am lucky I was born where I was born because there are a lot of shitty places I could have been born into in this world that are a lot worse but that's such a dumptruck dumbshit way of addressing gaining freedom for all.
     Lets discuss the Country Of Free thing. America has always had this great "idea" of freedom for all behind it's core but in fact that idea has never been applied. NEVER. In no time in the history of this country has this country been a country of freedom for all. It has a foundation built on slavery, attempted genocide, and sexism. Every inch gained for freedom, human rights, and the ability to live a life better than what you might find in some other countries has been a battle and not even one of those battles has ever ended.
     We have never moved from the attempted genocide of Native Americans. Hell, we still barely acknowledge or address this rather large part of the story of America.
     Never have we moved from the slavery, we just moved it to to a socioeconomic structure and not one of ownership of another human being. Slavery is a bad PR move but social structure chains those can be explained away as hard businese practices.
     And lets just forget about whats been accomplished with the womens rights movement because as a country, right now, at this very moment of my life, as I type this, there are people working so very hard to take away those rights fought for by women.
     People have said it before and I'll say it here for all you flag wavers who have told me in the past that they would enjoy shoving that flags up my ass. I'll tell you this, America is one the greatest ideas but you have to put a BUT in that and say that no idea is anything without it being applied to full force. I can say I have some of the best ideas as a writer ever, that I'm more creative in thought that just about any writer, but until I apply that to my stories there is nothing there but bullshit. This is cold and this is just the truth but the ideas of America will be bullshit until applied to everyone within its borders.
     Some might think it's in bad taste to post something like this on Memorial Day. I would counter that today is the best time ever to post it. All the men and women who have died in wars defending the ideas of America, all of those brave people who followed orders on thoughts that they were protecting of of us- We dishonor them by not following through in turn with our voting, our civil disobedience, and political actions.

Check out these links:
     More games as John Green's FIFA team plays for glory and goals: Fight!: The Miracle of Swindon Town #114 A injury update: My Earliest Writings: The Miracle of Swindon Town #115
     This teaser for a Batgirl fan film is pretty cool. Batgirl: Spoiled (Teaser)
     That underground Lego black market needs to be addressed. Romney, Obama where do you fall on this issue? SAP exec arrested for stealing $1K worth of LEGO with DIY bar code scam - Boing Boing
     Donate to this really cool Kickstarter project by a bad ass talented artist. THE GARLICKS: Pandora Orange, Fail Vampire by Lea Hernandez — Kickstarter
     Still time to donate to Amanda Palmer's kickstarter project. $1 Pledge will get you a digital download of the album. Amanda Palmer: The new RECORD, ART BOOK, and TOUR by Amanda Palmer — Kickstarter

Short Rants:
     That or call them Handmaid Geeks because they are people who cheer every sentence of The Handmaids Tale. Laurie Penny ‏@PennyRed "'Forced-birthers', btw, is what I'm calling soi-disant 'pro-life' people from now on. Might as well call a spade a fucking shovel. #FEMINISM"
     People set back and allow the government to help companies strip away all the safety laws that apply to jobs. Once again this is another way companies are taking adavange of a lot of peoples desperation to find work. It's a sick sick practice along with things like fracking. To me it's bumfighting, it's playing russian roulette to entertain the rich. More Americans Die In Their Workplaces Each Year Than Died During 10 Years Of War In Iraq

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Where I talk about The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter but mainly in photos because photo heavy blog entries are a pain and I mention Tonks tits

Mar ready to head to Hogwarts, but she wasn't happy to find that there weren't any Head Girl pins in sight. She's going to give her teachers headaches.

The other Wizard stupider than Ron Weasley and Harry Potter would be me.

Mar and her sister walking because the only picture I took of her I was told I'm dead if I post it.

The first question is- Where to first? Fuck it, lets cut classes on the first day. The two nerds I had with me protested but I dragged them with me.

The Entrance To The World
      I just had to play act a little up there commenting on the first few photos because the place creates that sort of fun within you.
     We had planned to go to The Wizarding World Of Harry ever since it opened but keep putting it off because we didn't want to go without any money to spend.
     We decided Wednesday was a good time because we could also celebrate by taking Mar's sister along because she just graduated from high school and college at the same time.

First stop, Butter beer. I downed mine quick. No matter how much you may think its just cream soda, it isn't. IT'S FUCKING BUTTER BEER, GEORGE WASHINGTON.

Ollivander's was pretty cool. This is worth waiting in whatever line there is if you love the books or have kids with you. Or if you HAVE A HEART. It's pretty cool.

Zonko's Joke Shop

Honey Dukes

Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry

Good view from here, though the screaming Mandrake roots are loud. You have to go through here before facing dragons and spiders. WHY DID THERE HAVE TO BE SPIDERS! SPIDERS! shouldn't wizards have wicked high kind of Raid?

Owl Post

Gringotts. You know if you are running low on galleons.

Hagrid's house. Probably needs fire insurance.

Islands Of Adventure had a lot of other stuff to offer after we explored the locales of Mr. Potter.

Seuss Landing was really cool. We ended up eating at Circus Murkburgerkus Cafe. That's what I keep calling it. Good burgers and chicken with little birdies flying around freely.

The Lost Continent was pretty cool. I loved the look of the outside and the show was funny. The effects and atmosphere was a nice change of pace and it was indoors which you need sometimes at a park.

Super Hero Island was cool. I loved all the little Marvel references. I geeked out to this one.  I found it funny that the bathrooms were labelled as Sub Mariner.

Jurassic Park was where we all got wet and our last stop. On a really hot day it was needed.


     This for those who think my blog is always too "harsh" "rash" "stupid" "blasphemous" "rude" While I was typing this I was also masturbating to thoughts of Tonks tits. Go with God and peace. I'm going with thoughts of colored hair.
     Though to be honest the person who said me talking about masturbation in a older post was "blasphemous" I don't really think you know the meaning of that word. Now if I talked about Jesus masturbating, that might could be seen by some as blasphemous. Just doing my part to educate. If you are going to yell nonsense at me, do so with some education.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Where I actually post a few reviews and the WPS


*I wont be writing up reviews of everything I read but I will post the reviews here when I have something to say about something I've read.

Currently Reading:
     As I'm always reading several things at once so when I do a reviews posts I'll also discuss books I'm reading.
     My reading patterns are always all over the place because there isn't really one type of book I like to read. For some reason that seems to drive other people crazy, you'd be surprised how many people who tell they find it strange finding out the varied lists of books I read.
     I get into moods of reading nothing but graphic novels because I can read a lot during a very short period of time. When reading prose I like to sit down a little, settle in to read a number of chapters at once so if I'm busy writing or for whatever reason I usually go into graphic novel reading mode.
     Plus I'm so fucking slow when reading prose. Really slow.
     Right now I'm in one of those moods but I'm also reading two prose books, one non-fiction{which is way not my norm} and the other is the first book of a series. {Just what I needed, another series to swim into.}

Drift by Rachel Maddow
*Rachel Maddow is one of the few political commentators on TV that I can listen to. I think it has a lot do with her out front intelligence and sly humor. But I think the main reason behind my love for Rachel Maddow is how she has this true love of American politics. It helps her dance through things that are probably making most of us want to Road Warrior people in traffic or take a Punisher approach to political masturbations in Washington. If you are interested in modern American politics and U.S. military history in general you really should read this book.

The Tomb by F. Paul Wilson
*I had never even heard of this series or this book or the writer until a friend pointed me in its direction. I just started reading it so I don't have much to say about it so far but give me time, anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis knows I tend to talk for ages about just about anything. Ages, ages, and ages. I can go on and on and on.

I'm going to try to write at least a paragraph or two about books I read from now on.
     Wonder Woman: Odyssey Volume 2
     I came into reading this, the second part of J. Michael Straczynski's run on Wonder Woman, trying to have an open mind despite all the negative things I had heard about it when the monthly issues were coming out.
     What I found more than anything else from reading it was a feeling of bla. Bla. Bla. It's just ok. I love Wonder Woman and it had some nice action but...bla. Even all the things people got so upset about I was saying bla to.
     When they released the costume design I didn't like it much, way too late 80's early 90's comics for me, but costume changes never bug me that much. Hell with a character that's been around as long as Wonder Woman has she's had more costume changes than a model. The story just fell flat and seemed more than anything else a long way to go to get to a costume change and origin fuckery.
     I like J. Michael Straczynski. I love Babylon 5 and think his run on Spider-Man is one of the best ever for that character. Well, those last couple volumes sucked but I try to forget them but Wonder Woman Odyssey was so much talk with nothing happening and I don't really mean dialogue. The nothing of the changes and the nothing of the controversies. In story. In changes. In what a creative talented writer had to offer to a legendary character I came away just bla.
     Superman: Grounded Volume 1
     I really liked the idea behind this story and it has some good moments but I think if it had been fine tuned into a two issue story it might have been one of the best Superman stories ever. You could have handled Batman's involvement in that early scene on the JL satellite but no you had to have a "Batman" issue.
     This had too much filler and reminded me a lot of a old Doctor Who episode that had a great idea but they had to fill 5 episodes with a 2 or 3 episode story.
     And another thing that bothered me. J. Micael Straczynski didn't write this alone. If you're are going to put a writer's name above the title they should have written the whole book. I understand marketing but that pisses me off as a writer but comics have always played fuckballs when it comes to credits.
   *I already had someone on Goodreads ask me why I gave these Wonder Woman and Superman stories 3 stories when it seems like I didn't like them much. Well, I love the characters, the attempted ideas, and some moments of the stories and that's worth 3 stars to me. And if you're interested there is a link to my Goodreads page here on the right and down a bit, though the reviews are longer here.
     Ultimate Comics Captain America
     I have always liked the idea of there having been other Captain America's while Steve Rogers was frozen. I just think its a logical process a government in the Marvel Universe would take during different times of war in American history.
     Now this concept is hitting head the Ultimate Universe. This story hits as doing just what it was trying to do. It advances the character building of Captain America and puts big highlights on one of the better characters of the Ultimate Universe.
     Ron Garney has always been one of the best Cap artists in my opinion. I really should talk more artists when I do comic reviews because they can be make or brake for me when picking up a book.
     Captain America is my favorite Marvel character and has been for years. Back when I bought monthly issues I probably had more Marvel Cap issues than any other non-team book. I had everything from 100 to issues around 2004. All of those were donated to charity a while back though as I trimmed a ton of my individual comics. Small apartment living does that to comic collections.
     Star Wars Jedi Council: Acts Of War
     Worth a read if you are already a big fan of the franchise but it might not have much appeal to someone who isn't deep into the universe.

     I also read Y The Last Man: Vo.7 4 out of 5 stars {one of the best comic book series ever} and also Saga #3. Both of these I picked up at the 3rd Saturday of my local comic book shops Free Comic Book May celebration. Famous Faces And Funnies is a great store and if you are local to here in Melbourne Florida, check it out.

Here's some cool links:
     John Green talks about lockeroom issues with his team: Trouble in Paradise: The Miracle of Swindon Town #113
     My favorite comics reviews show: FFFIC Episode #45 
     I think anyone can enjoy a show that talks about being frozen Solos style, fake asses for spanking fun, and teaching geography through a zombie outbreak. 4 Points - Joel David Moore joins Alex Albrecht and Alison Haislip: Ep 3
     One of my favorite podcasts Geektress 145. And I tried to feed them my hatred of hardcovers. And no I'm not going to rant more on that here. That can wait until next week when DC releases another book I want first in HC. I still cry BULLSHIT but I might be the only person :(
     Can Mythbusters Destroy Pins? - All Star Bowling. We really need to go bowling soon.
     There are just so many really good webseries and Crash Course is one of my favorite educational series because you get the knowledge and you get the funny. Wait For It...The Mongols!: Crash Course World History #17
     This is cool.

Rants and screams:
     Sad news. I really enjoyed watching the WPS. I wish their had been some way they could have partnered with MLS the way the NBA does with the WNBA. I've watched more WPS than MLS and that's says a lot about what I think about the MLS and I might be wrong but I think the WPS closing down not only signals bad things for the WNBA but also the MLS. WPS closes it's doors
     Two Florida cities are on this? Probably because the place is so ass cracking hot and most of the people are asswhipes and that make it that you just would rather stay inside and read or if you go somewhere take a book so you don't have to ineract with other humans. America's Most Well Read Cities

    But what about the children's and their fragile little minds? Free Speech Advocates Score Victory in Utah

     Our government as a whole are condoning this type of hate speech from churches by allowing churches bigot celebrations to be tax free operations. This needs to end. These churches do nothing for the community and the country as a whole.  And I know a lot of churches are not saying things like this but are they coming out against this type of hate? Are they showing love to their fellow man and woman? Then you are justifying this speech by your silence.

     Need to start ending blog entries with things I know some people reading this will get their old panties up in a twist about and since I'm having lunch with a friend later here's something for you Tankgirl if you're reading this. And if you are wondering I found that video here on Jimmy Palmiotti's blogger.


Monday, May 21, 2012

Where I talk about M11,F1 Bulldawgs Pre-Season Game 4 and the 3rd Sat. of Free Comic Book May

         Madden 11, Franchise Season 1

Pre-Season Game 4
 Individual Stats:
T. Tebow/131yds/2td/1int/10comp/16att/
J. Mccown/7yds/2comp/15att/
D. Dodge/35yds/2int/3comp/8att/
T. Tebow/166yds/2td/19att/
M. Bundy/70yds/14att/
R. Cooper/24yds/5att/
J. Mccown/20yds/2att/
M. Bundy/6rec/76yds/1td/
Don't get me started on my defense because in two games on All-Madden Level suck is so beyond the words that are needed to describe my defensive play. I need to create turnovers with my defense plans and that's just not happening at all so far.
     *So that ends the Pre-Season with the Colts winning The All-Players Cup for having the best pre-season record. They were the only team to go undefeated. The Bulldawgs finish with a pre-season record of 2-2.
     *I let the players play on the field decided who will get the starting positions to begin the season so here's my starting lineup- QB: Tebow (though I will have Mccown and Dodge come in from time to time to give him a rest since he has to run so much. Though he did throw the ball ok in that last game against the Cardinals.) RB: Bundy (but he will be sharing the touches with Cooper and Westbrook) FB: Grifith. WR: Urban. TE: Olsen. LT: Hall. LG: Snider. C: Mawae. RG: Goff. RT: Jefferson. LE: Ogunleye. RE: Brock. DT: Henderson. LOLB: Cauidle. MLB: Smith. ROLB: Bulluck. CB: Christman. FS: Carson. SS: Chandler. K: Williams. P: Holt. KR: Westbrook. PR: Westbrook.
Richmond Bulldawgs Regular Season Schedule:

Free Comic Book May, Week Three:
     On Saturday number 3 of my local comic book stores celebration of Free Comic Book May. I went into another week wanting to buy New DC 52 books but again, bitten by the HC bullshit as I like to call it so I picked up?...
     Brain, stop trying to get me to rant about DC hardcovers again. I refuse to be your preforming monkey.
     But fucks sake, I would have bought Green Lantern Vol.1. I can't be the only person this is keeping from picking up a lot of New 52 DC trades? And people tell me they will be coming out in SC in time but will people have the same urge to buy them then? I don't think I will. There will be more books out and maybe not DC books that catch my eye. I just don't see myself in six months or a year when Justice League Vol. 1 comes out in SC having the same desire to pick it up. They missed their chance to grabs comic books fans and new to comics random browsers.
     I ended up buying Y The Last Man Vol.7 and Saga #3. Loved them both. I might drop Saga before the first story arc ends and start buying all the trades as they come out. I really like it but as I've stated before I buy monthlies as a test to see if I will want to buy the trades.
     Y The Last Man as always is such a great story. That's why I use it as the series I buy whenever I go in for one thing and can't find anything else I want to pick up. Y The Last Man never lets me down.

Cool things to check out:
     The ARROW or Green Arrow teaser trailer for the upcoming CW series. I really hope this show is good. I really want it to be but I also really wanted Birds Of Prey and Smallville to be really good. Though to be honest I own the complete series of Birds Of Prey and liked several things about it. It needed a little more fine tuning.
     Watch John Green's fantasy soccer team play two games. I love this series because John always talks about pretty interesting things while playing. What's the Point of Being Alive?: The Miracle of Swindon Town #111 Why I Love Liverpool: The Miracle of Swindon Town #112
     If you likes the learnings check out the Crash Course series.
     Some really cool body art.
     Some more really cool art from Sticky Comics.

Rants and Rambles:
     I would have more empathy for N.F.L. players when it comes to dealing with the league, management, if they had shown any backbone at all and showed support for unions at the Superbowl. They could have done a fist salute or the like the same as they did to start the first game of the season before the strike. And before anyone brings up how much money they made, that has nothing to do with this issue. This is just matter of don't come complaining to me when you have shown how much you really care about unions outside your own.

This is a really good story about a N.F.L. player. A write up by Bears WR Brandon Marshall that addresses how dangerous it is to everyone that males are taught from a young age to run from their emotions.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Where I talk about how censoring Fifty Shades Of Grey was a action of a very stupid person

   The whole Fifty Shades Of Grey censorship mess is taking place in my backyard so to speak. The libraries that are the focal point of this screw up are libraries I walk into on a monthly basis. I gets holds from these libraries on a daily schedule. Great books and some very great people. But not so much sunshine on one particular person.
    Earlier this month the head of library services in Brevard County, Cathy Schweinsberg, made the decision to pull all copies of the Fifty Shades series from library shelves. Now, to clarify, Schweinsberg is not a librarian.  She is the library services department head and the director of the Central Brevard Library (basically, an administrator) (basically a paper pusher).
    Librarians did not make the decision to pull the book.  Individual libraries directors made the purchases (by the extended permission afforded them through the library's collection development policy).  According to her, the books did not fit the selection criteria for the library system.  The decision to pull the books was made quickly by Schweinsberg.  By herself.  With no review. A one woman moral compass.
    So what you might say? Well, first of all the books were selected and already made available to patrons.  And despite being on the top of every bestseller list and requested by 200 + library users, the series was deemed to be outside the scope of the library's collection criteria (or in Schweinsberg's words "mommy porn" which the library doesn't collect).  Plus, there's this little thing called the ALA Library Bill of Rights.
     Despite her statements and email stating this isn't censorship, it is.  This book was provided to customers and then taken away because of one person's point of view.
    That's censorship.
    And it's a problem because 1) even by the library's own collection development policy the selection of the books was acceptable due to public demand, 2) the books were made available AND then pulled off the shelves (instead of simply not being ordered), and 3) the decision to pull the items was made unilaterally (while the collection development policy states clearly that challenges to materials must be presented to the library board for a decision).
    (At this point I want to point out that other libraries who have chosen not to purchase the book are not censoring it.  Brevard County Libraries did; Cathy Schweinsberg did.  The book was provided and then removed without a review process).  The fact that Schweinsberg made the decision based on her personal reading of the title and the totally non-professional label of "mommy porn") shows that the decision was a biased one.
    To review the library's policy and decide for yourself take a look at LibraryJournal's coverage.
     One of the biggest problems here is that there was a complete lack of transparency in the decision making process.  The decision to censor was made by one person alone.  It was actually a violation of the library's own collection development policy.  And it was a capricious one at that.  As others have pointed out the library's collection has many other erotic titles.  So...which book will be the next to go?
     Even while facing international backlash (including statements from the National Coalition Against Censorship and Random House), Schweinsberg and the County are standing by the decision.  A library board meeting is taking please tonight so we'll have to see what happens.
   Take a look at the ALA Office for Intellectual Freedom Statement on the banning.
   An area library user has started a petition on to tell Schweinsberg to restore the book to library shelves.
   And on a final personal note. I was at a local Target the other day and flipped through the book. I read a little bit and you know what, its really not that dirty from what I read. A little talk about anal fisting but I say whats so wrong with that word? Fisting, fisting. Has a nice ring to it. I need a parrot so I can teach it to say Fisting. I might end up having to buy this book to read it. It had me at "I want to conquer your ass." Sold me. It was my hello.

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   A Surreal Descent into Madness: Reviewing Children's TV
   Twice as Weiss: The Miracle of Swindon Town #110
   Girls With Slingshots is one of my favorite webcomics. Like this new one.
   Order a cool print or two from a cool artist.
"If you use the code SKETCHYSKETCH at checkout, you get stuff for 50% off today, because I'm testing the coupons function at Etsy. My curiosity is your gain."

Rants and rambles:
   Big publishers, entertainment companies aren't afraid of the internet and digital publishing because people are stealing their stuff, that scares creators, but big companies are afraid because people are making some really fucking cool stuff without having to go through them to do it.

   I really really really hate the bullshit of saying there is a certain way to use Twitter, Facebook, Blogger or anything else on the internet. Do your thing, have fun. People who push this BS are just trying to say look I'm a "real" Twitter user. If you want to post nothing but photos of food on Twitter, pics of cats on Facebook, or pics of guys without shirts on Tumbur, go for it.

   Wait, what? I thought this was legal now? Why are the going after him? 
   Too much?
   I think its fucking too much how our government is actually having debate whether women are targeted for violence and which women its ok to help or not. That is too much to me. That fucking pisses me. All of these people in our government doing this should have to travel to murder scenes like this and take in the atmosphere of the degree of hatred that is aimed at women every day.

   A conversation between me and friend after she read this story.
   My friend, "See there isn't a war on women. Just that bit between our legs. And the middle part and our brain for voting stupid. We're just silly females."
   Me, "Did you hear, Kentucky thinks women s toes are sinful and shouldn't be painted. It mentions it in Bible, somewhere in the back." 


Where I talk about stories growing or splitting into a different story? and the stories that change and how it can be a good thing.


   I've said for a long time that I think it's bullshit that painters, artists, singers, song writers, dancers, and most other talents in the arts can have works in progress, works that change but a writer of prose has to have one story finished complete for a forever watch when its sent out into the word.
   Musicians can play songs that are barley finished in concerts when the song will not go out in mass for years. They can change songs at will and nothing is said but George Lucas makes changes in his film or a comic creator makes changes and people scream like they own the story.
   No Star Wars films and comics aren't prose but I gave those as examples to show how one art form is allowed to grow a story while when another does the same its seen a roasting a baby on stick.
   For the most part prose stories aren't allowed growth, change, and without growth they are also maybe missing out on a chance of finding great discovers that can come from change, from being allowed to grow.
   I've gotten into some good discussions with friends in publishing over my view that the biggest thing digital publishing offers for writers beyond controlling your work, and this is part of controlling your work, is also letting the work evolve. I say stop playing creationist storytelling, let that story walk onto land if it can.
   In the case of Nova Ren Suma's Dani Noir, which I loved, my review, being moved from a Middle Grade book to a YA book with changes within and a change of name and title, I find it is a very interesting thing and would like to see how Fade Out differs from Dani Noir.
   My only big issue with this might be that now a lot of younger readers may not get a chance to read Dani Noir as I did. It's such a great book I hope they keep both versions in print. I'm hoping success for both versions.
   Throw in note: if you not reading books by Nova Ren Suma you are missing out on stories by one of the best writers writing today.
   This isn't the first time this happened in big time publishing. It actually happens a lot more than people think. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes its just a move from Adult to YA without any changes except maybe a different cover. Sometimes its a move from one genre to the next.
   Now comparing this instance with Dani Noir/Fade Out to what I'm talking about when it comes to the Evolving Story isn't apt. I'll admit that right now but I just wanted to use it to show changes in story aren't really unusual in prose, it just seen that way, and it gives me a chance to bridge into that subject I've wanted to discuss for a while here in greater depth.
   People tell me releasing a work before its "pefect" is a big mistake. But why? First is a story ever truly perfect? No bodies stories out there walk on water. Though Neil Gaiman's lips are dreamy......anyway, What one editor considers ready to release another looks at as being in need of a lot of work.
   People tell me self publishing is a terrible thing because most of the time, unless you have the money to hire a professional editor, it's a work that goes out that isn't ready for publication.
   I read a lot, my friends read a lot more, Mar reads as much as anyone I've ever meet and anyone who reads a lot will tell you there are tons of books published through "big publishers" which could use a couple more edit passes. Need another set of eyes or have their editor "fired" That was actually said to me by a editor who works for a big company.
   But not everyone has the money to hire an editor, or has friends and loved ones who will read over their stories, or even has access to find things like writing groups. I've tried working with several writing groups but they more often than not writers groups confused with being a book reading slash book shitting on group. Now stand out and don't be confused by your group identity, I'll love you either way, but the point is everyone doesn't have access to support systems like everyone else. Nor should the "normal" support and learning systems be the only ones recognized.
   One of the reasons I like the idea of the evolving sushi story is how it puts your neck out there. It throws you into the pool to learn to swim.  It creates a very thick skin. It teaches. And it allows for change. You know change, that thing humanity has enslaved, killed, and destroyed to try to hold back?
   Change and control should be in the hands of the writer. I hate some of the changes George Lucas has made to Star Wars but they are his stories. His right to control them. I hate DRM on efiles but its up to the artist to decide if they want to use it, not you. I think as long as the changes are made by the creator or approved by them then its a good thing.
   I have friends in big time publishing. People who are writers, editors, in marketing, and work at the printers. I have no problem with anyone going the route of traditional publishing to make their mark but the one of the things you do lose is how much control you have over change. I wont be like some self publishers who say its a price to be paid. Lets not get over dramatic, its a choice. Oh, and lets make this clear every self publisher would "sell out" in second if the offer was put on the table.
   What people like Amanda Palmer are doing should be applauded because its not only creating a direct line from the fan to the creator but its putting the changes and control further in the choice of the creator if that want they want.
   What podcasters, webcomic makers, webseries creators, webfilm makers, ebook writers, are doing should be applauded because they are not only producing some really good works of art, they are fighting for our rights by the mere attempt to change the system.
   Within this mess of writing I guess what I need to say is what I want more than anything else for creators is a right to change.
   Dani Noir becoming Fade Out isn't a bad thing. I don't know what changes will be made to translate it to a YA book besides the cover and title change. I loved Dani Noir. I think Nova Ren Suma is one of the best writers today. My only wish was that these changes were totally in the writers hands and that all writers "published" and "self-published" were allowed to change their work, to evolve their work if that's the road they want to walk.
   There was a time that every book was truly unique because they were hand written. The original sushi books. And there is nothing wrong with experimenting with a story until it finds it footing and finds its audience. And taking a reader along for that journey could be a very cool thing. It's not for everyone, I get that. Not for every reader and not for every writer but the changes should be choice and not ripped like you are throwing fire into church. I'm just throwing my story into the wild.
   I'm just looking for a better model for the writer and believe that sometimes a little raw or not quite ready doesn't hurt whether its in your food choices or publishing choices.

After long winded mess.

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   Someone pointed me toward this series. I can't remember who. I watched the first two episodes and thought they were ok. I don't know if you could take this concept long term but then again a lot of people said that about The Guild. I'll check out more of The Unwritten Rules.
The Unwritten Rules: Ep. 1

Rants and rambles:
A look at a man who has become a icon to many and to some a symbol, cooperate symbol of how creators have been ripped off in the comic book industry. I see it this way. The guy saw the writing on the wall and took care of his house so to speak. Maybe he has never fought hard for creators rights but he did what was best for himself and his family. And after that being Stan Lee more and more is really coming off like a cooperate asshole.
The Inquisition Of Mr. Marvel

I want to ask conservatives this. What stops drugs next from being denied to people with the wrong political views, the wrong faith, or the wrong race in the eyes of the pharmacist? Or is this really the world you want to live in?
Thanks to GOP, new Kansas law lets a pharmacist size you up to decide whether or not you deserve your Rx

Religion and Gay Marriage

Warren Ellis blog just blinded me. The image just wont go away.................just die brain and let me drift away in peace.....................................
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