Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Where I Promote Myself and also talk about how politicians are pushing us towards a bloody revolution

 Every so often I just want to say look at what I did and tell me how shitty it is. Today is such a day.

   If you want to read a full YA ebook for free check out my book The Past Forward. It's a great jumping on point for my Tin Universe stories and you don't have to read or have read any of the previous Tin Universe stories to dive into it.
     Though if you do like The Past Forward check out the Tin Universe ongoing story series that goes forward with the characters first seen in The Past Forward and expanding the greater Tin Universe as it goes.
   The first story of the series is free also and stories after that being only $0.99usd.

   While I have you here, there are more places to find me online:

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     I love that Amanda Palmer's kickstarter success is shinning a light on what the future of talent to fan needs to be. Also its great having someone so smart and talented to be there as lights are shinning on this type of project: WHERE ALL THE KICKSTARTER MONEY IS GOING BY AMANDA PALMER
     Also read this blog entry by Amanda Palmer as she answers questions about her Kickstarter. One of the best things she talked about here was how crowd funding only works if you have a crowd. If you have built a following. I also liked her answer when talking about people saying shouldn't she spend her own money, like working for a record company or publisher is?: KICKSTARTER Q&A AND SMURF TITS
     Some really beautiful photos by Ellen Rogers
     I love lists. That might say something about my intelligence level but its true. The Body is one of the best episodes of television ever. Period. Just shook me to the core the first time I watched it. Daily 10: 10 TV Episodes that Changed Television - @io9

   Do you smell that? That deep in your nose smell of bullshit. That's Florida trying to fix another election.
ThinkProgress @thinkprogress "Number of stories about Florida's voter purge: USA Today (0), WashPost (0), WSJ (0), NYT (1) #blackout"
     The Ultraverse had some really cool books. And the fact that they are never hitting the light of day again it seems has allowed a lot of other books to seem original while ripping off Ultraverse ideas. It's a shame that people now wont get the chance to read Prime or see the great artwork George Perez did on Ultraforce. I didn't know why Marvel wasn't publishing the books or using the characters so I found this bit of information interesting. The Ultraverse
     The future could be awesome. Body Area Networking
     Another way companies are using people's need for even the smallest amounts of money to push their agenda. Coal Industry Pays Fake Activists $50 To Wear Pro-Coal Shirts At Public Hearing
     There are going to be places in the U.S. soon where people should and will stop paying any taxes or any attention to the law because why do so if the state, the government isn't supporting you.
     Every time someone waves a flag whenever a time on the calendar tells them to do so or shouts SUPPORT THE TROOPS at protesters I think of stories like these. I support the troops by talking about getting them and their families fair treatment while in uniform and in retirement. A flag on your car does the troops nothing when people have to raise money to get them basic care packages, don't talk to me about defense spending when hardly any of that goes to the troops and their families. Respect is a real thing, not a catch phrase hot word for a ad agency to use. Meet Bill: The 91-Year-Old Decorated WWII Veteran Targeted By Florida Governor Rick Scott’s Voter Purge
     From the poverty line shall come the revolution crying for blood from those who put them there. Report: US Has One Of The Highest Child Poverty Rates In The Developed World
     The lack of rage at this story and stories like it across the country might be a sign that this country has lost its skills for reasoning, maybe America no longer has the spirit for freedom. I think for too long the politicians of this country have felt safe and protected by their rich money friends and propaganda machines. It's time to revolt. It's time to declare a media, creativity, and philosophical war. @thinkprogress: In Florida, Scott administration ignores systemic errors, vows to ACCELERATE voter purge

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