Thursday, May 10, 2012

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What will I talk about today:
Since it's Thursday it's music video time. These are the songs I'm listening to while writing to begin my day. I don't list every song I've listened to during the morning part of the day, just the ones I don't think I've mentioned here before.

Lets start the music morning with some Green Day: Sex And Booze.

In a little bit of a old school mood today so lets start that feeling with some Jerry Reed. Jerry Reed: Amos Moses

This was my push out my chest song in high school. Now it didn't fit my life but that's what a push out your chest song is for, has nothing to do with reality. Waylon Jennings: Honkey Tonk Heroes

A song that always hits me emotionally when I listen to it. Arrested Development: Mr Wendal

Like most of Ani's songs you have to hear them live to truly feel the emotions she puts into each word. Ani Difranco: Every State Line. I couldn't find a good live version online.

Love my anime soundtracks. The Seatbelta: Ask DNA

My favorite songs are those that tell a story and though I like The Gambler, this is my favorite Kenny Rogers song. Kenny Rogers: Coward Of The County

A true classic. Loretta Lynn: The Pill

I think they should remake the movie but have John Barrowman play the lead part. Jeannie C. Riley: Harper Valley PTA

I posted the parody Dalek version of this the other day but will always love the original. Roger Miller was just a song writing genius. Roger Miller: King Of The Road

A story of how America treats its heroes. Kris Kristofferson: The Ballad Of Ira Hayes

and lets end with some more Cash. It's been a very song writer focused song list on this Thursday.

Cool things you should check out:
I haven't even played the Portal game, but a lot of people know do, though I have seen some really creative fan creations based on the game. Portal Cake

Wil Wheaton on Star Trek

Did Farting Kill The Dinos? I don't know if it did but it did kill the radio star......what.....ok, I am old.

Since mothers day is coming up how about mom talk fiction wise. I don't know if my mom reads this but if she does Happy Mothers Day.

Rants and anger:
I live in a place where down the road they have a gun show every other week. Not joking. It's like GUN SHOW cat show GUN SHOW cat show GUN SHOW.....
ThinkProgressJustice  @TPJustice

Art can put the powerful right in front of you simple and with a hold on the truth.

Yes, because you can't find anything more offensive and callous than making a statement about human rights. Oh, and people who want to bring up Dick Cheney for a Gay Flag for the GOP to fly let me ask you this. Where was he when he was working at the White House? Where was his defense of the rights of all people being able to get married then? When he had a personal, family, blood stake in the issue Cheney he was a coward. And also for those saying this move by Obama has political thoughts within. Yep. What? So.

Interesting news on a possibly huge copyright decision.

Now I feel so much safer to fly.

 Also if I delete you off something like my Facebook or Twitter then you must really be an ass because I can talk to anyone...just about. But also don't expect me to tell you how or to whom you are being a ass to. I'm not your fucking therapist, use a mirror.


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