Monday, May 7, 2012

Where I talk about Free Comic Book Day, the FA Cup, and some crazy shit

   I waited until Mar got home from work so we could go to Free Comic Book Day together. My local comic shop is Famous Faces And Funnies. A great store. She was very tired from a Jedi Younglings riot at her library. I told her Anakin would have taken care of that problem; so with her being tired and me being anti-social we just went in real quick and grabbed some things and back out.
   The owner told us they were having their best FCBD ever so that was great to hear. Loved seeing a big crowd still there late in the day and just now enjoyed looking through tons of photos on their Facebook page.
   Most of the free comics were gone by the time I got there but I don't go for the free books anyways. I go to support the store and buy some stuff. I did pick up a couple free books but also emptied my folder and grabbed the first trade of the relaunch of Animal Man from DC. When I asked people online which trade of the New DC 52 I should buy this one got more votes than any other.
   I've always liked the Animal Man character. I have all the previous trades. Love the Grant Morrison run and also when he was in Justice League Europe. I'll be picking up volume two when it comes out and I guess also Swamp Thing Volume One by how this trade ended.
   From my folder was the latest Doctor Who and Saga. Doctor Who #16. I would give it 4 out of 5 stars. Good ending to a nice story. Matthew Dow Smith's art perfect fit for this story. Over time I really started to love his art on Doctor Who stories but I think I heard he would be leaving those books so I'm a little sad to hear that but will take a lot at any future projects they have coming out.
   I gave 4 out of 5 stars for Saga #2. I'm loving this story but I might wait to read the rest in trades. What I do a lot of the time is I will test a books for a few issues to see if I might want to pick up future trades. I just don't have the room for tons of comics issues anymore. Most of the time I either donate to libraries, trade with someone, or giveaway the single issues I get.
   I have every comic from the old Valiant days. Actually I'm missing maybe five but I'm close to have a complete set. I still need to pick up some of the recent released hardback trades which were released. Reading the FCBD special has my eyes open. I'll try at least the #1 for each series.
   I liked the art of the FCBD The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo preview. I might pick up the graphic novel. I liked all the movies and the first book. This seems to be a adaption of the books. Has a very Vertigo feel to it just by the layout and art along. I know several people that didn't like that cover design, I thought it was cool.
   The main free comic I wanted on FCBD was the Guild/Buffy flip book since I love both of those properties. I really liked both stories and pick up anything Buffy or Guild related. Can't wait for the next collection of Guild comics to come out.

   Onto something else from the weekend, my team Liverpool played Chelsea in the FA Cup on Saturday and went down 2-1. It was a exciting FA Cup Final but I can't bring myself to talk about it anymore than this short little ramble.

Before the rants how about some cool stuff you might want to check out:

   If you love bunnies and you're a little weird you should buy a few of these cool art prints. Art by a great artist Lea Hernandez

 "Teachers: All my writing secrets & tips in a free, 16-page writing program you can use with your students- at 

Rants and thoughts:

   In future news Mitt Romney says its ok for states to ban interracial marriage, and states can allow dueling- that's ok with Mitt in the future. Mr. Romney will be so happy with states keeping "certain" people to "their" side of the street, that's what state rights are about by Mitt Romney. Mitt supports states rights to take the responsibility of responsibility out of the federal governments hands and put unchecked oppression in the hands of the states.
   ThinkProgress ‏ @thinkprogress  Mitt Romney: Let states decide if it’s OK to fire people for being gay

   Someone just busted into the room yelling, "James Van Der Beek is rapeing people on Law & Order."

   This is nothing more than GOP politicians trying to get victims killed. It's not my opinion, it's the truth, right there on the table, clear as rain.

   "What a surprise, a trustfund hipster talking out of his ass." Lewis Black

   The homeland speaks of our sins. Well, some peoples homeland because there were already people here before the invasion and attempted genocide but that's neither here nor about this subject. "MOMMY PORN" BESTSELLER FIFTY SHADES OF GREY BANNED IN FLORIDA COUNTY'S LIBRARIES
   And and for the people who have said "But this book sucks...bla bla bla" the last few days. Sorry but if your argument for banning a book is based on quality, you are as lost in cloudy thoughts as those wanting to ban it based on content.
   Another thing, people need to understand it wasn't a librarian who banned this book. It was a paper pusher, a Library Administrator with no sense of cause and effect. Or sense at all from comments which were made. Again no peer review, no decision with the individual library branches. And now guess who has to clean up this mess, the librarians out front.
   Librarians and libraries have had a more positive effect on my life than any school or teacher- church or preacher. They introduced me to the world. The didn't cut off my destinations or block my dreams. 
Another more recent link.

   ‎"Kids will be kids." Ok, any principal, teacher, or other person or animal who says "Kids will be kids." should be slapped on the spot. The single biggest cause of bullying getting out of hand at schools is teachers and faculty. "Kids will be kids." "Boys will be boys."

   And in other news we got to see Tonks boobs on Game Of Thrones.

   Read How Amanda Palmer Built An Army Of Supporters: Connecting Each And Every Day, Person By Person 

   Colleen Doran  @ColleenDoran "Publishers don’t have any rights you don’t give them. You don’t have any rights you can’t enforce."

   Companies taking advantage of peoples desperation for work and money for their families by pushing things like this on communities is right there with overfeeding a starving person to me.
   @kpereira: "Companies won't be forced to disclose chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing until work is completed": 


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