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I actually got the chance to read a few things this week and watched a couple of DVDs also. I'll start with some graphic novels and then go into a few DVDs. All of these materials came from the library. Remember to support your local library even if you do not use it at all or not often. Never know, one day you might find yourself in need of a great place like a free public library but if we don't support them they will go away.
Tom Strong: Book 1 was part of Alan Moore's Americas Best Comics line of books. Not my favorite books of the line, that would be Top-Ten, but I still have enjoyed the Tom Strong stories when I've gotten the chance to read them. They remind me very much of reading old Superman stories, though with a high sci-fi bend to them and more modern storytelling strengths.
Fantastic Four Visionaries John Byrne collects the first issues in John Byrne's great run on the first family of comics. My favorite comic run ever was Byrne's run on Uncanny X-Men for those were the books that gave me my love for the art form in the first place. I know these days a lot of people only think things of John Byrne for stuff he has said online and he is not looked at as much for the talent he has always hand in his hands but for him personally. Not the artist and writer but the man. From Next Men to Superman but not in that order historically, I have enjoyed the works of John Byrne. In my eyes his run on Fantastic Four was the best ever on that series and yes I'm going to go as far to say even better than Lee and Kirby.
Uncanny X-Men: Sisterhood was a nice way to end my weeks graphic novel reading in that I was getting to know again what has been happening latly with my all time favorite comic. I have enjoyed a lot of what they have done with the X book line since House Of M. You can say what you will but what they have done is inject much needed life into a line of books that almost drove away, and in some cases did drive away, a lot of long time readers.
Away We Go was one of those simple little films that breathed along at a nice run and at the end it left me saying, "That was pretty cool." And sometimes that is actually what I want from a movie.
Paper Heart was a film I had wanted to see since it was in theatres. It is funny, sad, real, maneuvered, and then sad and funny again.
Waiting For God: Series 2 A little British Tv for background viewing for a night of writing. I really enjoy this series that when I come to think about it looks like me and Wave in the future. One crazy mean bitch and one crazy nutter old fart raging against the world. It is one of the most rebelish television shows ever produced if you ask me.

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I fell asleep in the living room watching Big Bang Theory but was shocked awake by a cat going nuts in the kitchen. I just thought it was Salem going nuts playing as he does sometimes but I got up to tell him to, "Stop It!" and found him standing over what looked liked in the bad lighting of our apartment to be a cricket, do they even have crickets in Florida? but instead I found it to be a huge spider, a spider the size of a silver dollar. I hate spiders, Wave doesn't care for them much either, but the spider motif pops up over and over again in my writing, which people will see as soon as I get more fiction out into the world. Here is hoping 2010 is better than 2009 was. Though 2009 was not that bad with all the poetry collections I released but I'm moving on to the links portion of this blog entry. As I always do when I do long entries I apologize to those on my Live Journal feed because of the length of this entry but I post in several places at once and thus the "live journal cut" is not used by this hack. Sorry for violating protocol.

I should tell my own border stories at some point as I always get stopped crossing the border between the U.S. and Canada but for now because those stories are really long here are some links to recent stoppages that have crossed my view of knowing. Amy Goodman of Democracy Now was stopped and mostly questioned about what she was planning to say about the upcoming Vancouver Olympics. When I read about this I first thought, if you were going to stop Amy Goodman and question her about her activities, her talking about the Olympics wouldn't be my first thought to ask her about? That part of the story just seemed strange to me. More on the story with a little from Keith Olbermann. Though to be honest he gets on my nerves the same way Glenn Beck does but from the liberal side of things. I didn't care for him when he was on ESPN either, all look at me I'm a sportscaster...made my ears hurt at times.
Then you have writerPeter Watts. Here are more links here and here on what happen to him while trying to go home to Canada.
I will finish the border talk to tell you being stopped, singled out, is frightening and nerve wrecking. My experiences with border officers are that they are pushing for you to push back and it takes a lot to keep from either mouthing off or just asking why, both will be considered aggressive by them by the way. I don't know all the details of what happen to Amy Goodman or Peter Watts, my experiences were my own as is both of theirs, but this is not new. The actions of border agents is almost without approach as to their actions unless you are a "name." Lets hope these two cases shine some light on how a lot of people are treated by border officials from both countries.

Is it difficult to write well about sex?
I really don't have problems writing sex scenes but when I make revisions and cuts I tend to cut those. I don't think I'm censoring myself as much as I want the scenes to be titillating to the reader but find my writing of sex boring and only good in a way because I go places I think some writers wouldn't go outside of erotica. And no I don't think wishing to make sex scenes titillating means I'm trying to write porn. Nothing wrong with porn in idea though but that is a large topic in and of itself.

A few links on online privacy:
My view has been. I'm for the most part public online but even if you have private things online you should go in thinking they may become public at any time because thinking any other way is stupid.
EFF Sues DOJ For Sleuthing Practices on Facebook, Twitter
Facebook's New Privacy Changes: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
Google CEO Eric Schmidt Dismisses the Importance of Privacy
Surveillance Shocker: Sprint Received 8 MILLION Law Enforcement Requests for GPS Location Data in the Past Year Remember it is not paranoia if people are watching you.

Here are some links to some stuff I don't have much to say about at the moment but found interesting:
Polish zoo lets visitors meet the Flintstones
Things I Do Not Want For Xmas
College's too-fat-to-graduate rule under fire
Top 100 Comic Book Storylines
Cannibals nabbed selling corpse to kebab house
Dear God, please confirm what I already believe

Books and DVDs I'm taken in of late:
Half Minute Horrors
Thor:Volume Two
Bones:Seasons 1-3
Star Trek: The Animated Series

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Books to read

I want to make a must read list for 2010, Does anyone have a book or two they wish to point out to me?

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LuLu Raises Prices

LuLu raised their prices on materials so now I have to raise mine. I wouldn't do this if sales were blowing off my doors but they are not. If sales go up on materials I might lower some prices in the future but right now I can't afford to do that and no way I can sale anything for $1.50 again because doing that has only LuLu making a dime and me not even a dime.
My poetry collections will go to $2.00, Books to $3 to $6, and comics to $3.00. Yea, that's going to help my sales. They always got their cut, which was fine, because of hosting and such but now they are also charging for extras. Out of a $2.00 sale I get 32cents. For an ebook? 32cents. This ends any plans when it comes to releasing lots of free stuff in 2010. I think I could afford to release one more poetry collection next year and that's it. I don't see were they should be charging $1.49 for hosting and such and also another 19cents? It's a free service I know but for an ebook? The only thing they are doing is credit card and hosting? And I really don't think a big company like LuLu get charged per order by credit card companies and I don't even use their sites, all I need is a download link from them. I just don't like it because it really puts the punch to creators who need every sale they can get. I'm just a little frustrated by this because I didn't see it coming. I didn't get an email saying this was happening. I hope they sent one out??? Did anyone else out there who uses them get an email?

They are also encourging DRM usage which I have never used on any of my stuff. Some might call that stupid but I encourge people to use my stuff as long as they don't make money from it and let me know.

I hope all of this doesn't signal bad things for LuLu in the future. I have enjoyed using them so far.

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Hey, I wins at something


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PHONE POETRY...need a better boat I think

As I mentioned yesterday I wrote a small collection of poems on Sunday on the way to Miami on my small older style flip phone. You can download the collection for free here. I love my flip phone, and have no plans (unless a rich relative dies) to buy a iPhone or anything of the such (mostly because I have no hopes of spontanously producing a rich relative to die for my benifit) so I thought it would be an intersting experiment to try and do it on an older model phone. I really don't want to do it again, my thumb is killing me and it gave me a splitting headache.

And if anyone does take the leap and download the free collection you may notice there are two different covers to the collection. One I created which I use for advertisting and the one on the collections LuLu page.

The first one I created using photos taken on the trip and playing around in GIMP2.

The second I used a LuLu image which I thought looked Miami and brochure like which I also thought fit the theme.

I say theme even though the poems aren't really about the trip but just things on my mind during the trip. On the covers front I do the first better but also know the second is easier on the eyes and more of the mainstream.....Mainstream...such a dirty word.

Enough of me being me here, I need to do some dishes.

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This collection is my first PDF poetry collection released free to the public. Since I missed the deadline on FLIGHT OF THE COMING STORM I thought I owed something to those people who have been buying my monthly PDF releases. This collection consists of a few poems I wrote on a trip down to Miami to a Scott Westerfeld signing. We all enjoyed the trip and signing but this trip as well as quite a few lazy days put me behind just enough to knock me off my deadline. I could have made the deadline but didn't not have enough time for proper edits. I hope you enjoy the collection and if you did there are links in the collection to other materials for sale. All of these poems were written on my phone during the drive and that's something considering I only have a cheap little flipphone, though I love my cheap little flipphone, but it did not make writing very easy, even writing short poems.

Just a update on some other places to find me online:


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from the college years

Something I did in college Generation Of A God #1


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New Tin Universe Story Oct. 30th



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Saturday night we attended a Zombie Double feature of SHAUN OF THE DEAD and ZOMBIELAND:

And the event was so popular there will be an encore event:

I would show you photos I took while there but my phone has a crappy camera but they did zombie makeup, workers were zombiefied, they did a raffle with zombie prizes, and had a costume contest. Also $4 from every ticket sold went to the Redcross. Wave won a copy of THE WALKING DEAD: VOLUME ONE signed by the artist.

Later in the night I was attacked by a librarian zombie.

A link to the encore event can be found here if you live locally and wish to attend. Also if you are local how about checking out Famous Faces And Funnies which is my local comic books store and from what I saw, the supplier of most of the prizes for the raffles. The event was sponsored by them, B&N, and others.

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Just uploaded the new PDF poetry collection KILL MACHINE to LuLu. If anyone has any problems downloading or otherwise just let me know. Another long night of battling upload problems. Thanks to LuLu on Twitter for giving me a simple answer that I should have thought of to solve the problem. That is only the second time Twitter has been a "hard" tool for me to use. The other was with Kodak Connect when I was having printer problems.

Click here to download KILL MACHINE.

Click here for my complete LuLu storefront.

And Click here to order a few KILL MACHINE merch items as well as other project items. I know the price is high on these but it keeps me from having to purchase and store items until they sale. If anyone knows a better way than cafepress? then I'd be glade to listen.

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Just uploaded the new PDF poetry collection NEW EPISODE to LuLu. If anyone has any problems downloading or otherwise just let me know. A long night of battling upload problems because of so many storms here in Florida has me in a state of relief.

Click here to download NEW EPISODE.

Click here for my complete LuLu storefront.

And Click here to order a few NEW EPISODE merch items as well as other project items. I know the price is high on these but it keeps me from having to purchase and store items until they sale. If anyone knows a better way than cafepress then I'm glade to listen.

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The past few weeks have been an emotional stranglehold on me. From good moments, to heart punching ones, to just pain in the ass ones. I will not go into details because the bad things would be put into a spotlight and those bad moments do not need a spotlight. Today lets throw out some photos from some good moments.

Wave and I saw Green Day in Tampa with LittleLow along for the ride. The highlight was getting to see Tre Cool while he was riding around on one of those mini-bikes. He's my fav. That and a giant spider in the car that freaked more than one of us out was another moment.

If you have ever seen Green Day live then you know what this image is.
Billy singing. When Wave and I first meet she gave me the nickname Billy because she thought I had crazy hair and looked a little like him.
This last image is from after the Tampa Concert. The middle two photos here were from a Orlando concert that Wave, Trill, and LittleLow attended. I stayed home. We didn't have a good enough camera to take to the Tampa concert and even if I did have one I'm not one of the stupid people who take high dollar cameras into the pit.
I'll end this with some books I read recently:
World War Hulk,
Green Lantern: Secret Origin,
Hulk: Red & Green,
Tangent: Superman's Reign Vol.1,
X-Men-The New Age: The Crulest Cut,
The Flash: The Secret Of Barry Allen,
Batman: The Resurrection Of Ras Al Ghul,
Green Lantern: Emerald Twilight/New Dawn,
Green Lantern: Baptism Of Fire,
Green Lantern: Brother's Keeper,
Superman And The Legion Of Super-Heroes,
and Doctor Who: Rooom With A Deja View.
(If any of these sound interesting to you visit your local comic book store or library to see if they have them in stock. The Doctor Who one-shot stands out in my mind for trying something different; which a lot of writers seem to be really afraid to do in mainstream comics.)


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I haven't written a blog entry for quite a while. During most of that stretch I was writing at a nice happy pitch but the last half of not writing a blog entry comes with the words "computer kill" labeled high and painful. About a month ago my backup drive crashed leaving me with years of writing only in one place, the laptop Wave and I share. Take a wild guess about what happen just a few days later. Yep, yes, your right...still stings, LAPTOP CRASH! Still hope maybe alive, it could be, Please don't destroy my hope and take me back to panic state, that I can save the date stored on the hardrive, but right now I have lost about four years worth of writing; which equals: novels, poems, short stories, song lyrics, film scripts, comic scripts, and a buchy bunch of rants and rambles. Not to mention a lifetime of notes and story beginings that I just recently put into the digital form from literally tons of notebooks some of which have traveled from all places United States to Canada to my current breathing area, Florida. Right now I sit here typing this in Google Docs on Wave's laptop having in my hands(key hands) only a couple things I have written. Two things is stored in LuLu's system. Those two being my first book STEREO and my first official poetry collection GODS LEFT IN THE TRASH. The only other thing is the YA book I was writing which was with a editor when the crash happen. So I have not lost everything I've written, that's something but I did have two more poetry collections finished ready for release and the finished first draft of the next Tin Universe book which followed on from STEREO. Now book two in the Tin Universe will be different in case I can recover the book I worked months almost a year on but plans have to be changed for now and moving on needs to happen.

Worst blog entry ever? Maybe, I'm off to give one of the cats eye drops.
Any issues with this entry blame Google docs, we're still not friends yet.

Save some of my sanity and buy something from the links below. If you are a writer, reading my writing will make you think your doing great :)

The begining of my superhero novel series. My take on the superhero theme came from a lifetime love of comics and my late night wonderings of, what if a comic book line started with a huge confusing crossover event? I learned so much from writing this book. Big lesson #1, writing from inspiration is cool but a little planning doesn't hurt and certainly cuts down on rewriting headaches.


You know, bad poetry. I really do not enjoy writing poetry but have ended up doing it a lot in my life so I've started creating these collections to get them off my mind, out of my life, and digging into your brains.


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I got up this morning to an email from someone wishing to buy Gods Left In The Trash from my Lulu store but only got error messages in return. Thanks Oracle, I was blind to the issue without your email. I thought maybe it was just a temporary type problem but went into my site to discover due to their system somehow making two copies of my files it canceled out the project but you only knew this if you tried to purchase a item. I have to wonder how many readers(sales)I lost due to this? I had to delete everything, upload new files, and then go to all of sites and promo means to change the links. The item numbers changed so I had to change all my links for not only Gods Left In The Trash but also Stereo. This was a really big pain in the ass and I once again I prove in all situations I can look stupid but I have to say Lulu has always been great to deal with and I will continue to do so. No I need a fucking soda bad.......Like bad....

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Today I am releasing a PDF poetry collection: Gods Left In The Trash.

This is a collection of poems and song lyrics which have sat for a while after originally having been written for a couple of charity projects which I submitted materials to but which never formed into completed projects. I like all of the poems/song lyrics contained in this collection because they very much capture my state of emotional frenzy at the time I wrote them. You can download the collection here for $1.50. Gods Left In The Trash merch. can be found here.
I hope to start adding more collections such as this one every couple months because I have a backlog of thousands, really, thousands of poems/song lyrics that I wish to release into the world. I just need to edit them, place them in good groupings, and create nice cover images.
Though I am not musical in any sort of way, can’t play any instrument, I see these collections as my albums. I have not decided yet but each one may have some sort of theme to them. The next album maybe made up of materials written during my first LiveJournal life.
Oh, and since I have you here, don’t forget you can still purchase my first PDF book Stereo for the low price of $2.00, for under five dollars you can have a book and a poetry collection by ME! :)

And yea, the Tin Universe merchandise page is here.
Thanks for anyone who have purchased my stuff in the past and who may do so in the future,

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It’s my first blog of the new year and I promise no talk about gifts, trees, a fat man hanging around little people that seems a little pedophilish to me, just saying? Nor will there be any mentions of things I hate about the holiday season or it being so close to my birthday and how much that just sucks and always has and always will no matter how happy my life may or may not be. Not a word about elections :) or New Year resolutions. My first blog after the Holidays was going to be about my back that’s been killing me for a few months but it has been better the last few weeks so no whining for you to enjoy, so there.

I actually hurt my back, though I have always had back pains, on one of my daily small walks. When I got home that day my back started killing me and I was in so much pain I was hardly able to move. Even the miracles of modern pill popping did not help and thus a sad waste of good chemical science. I soaked in a Lush enhanced bath of Epsom Salt and that at least made me feel a little better….I just asked Wave to make sure I spelt “Epsom” correctly, “It’s E. Ep. …..” was her answer before I started laughing. I think I’m rubbing off on her………O, get your minds out from the gutter, Jesus is still watching, his vacation doesn’t start until the March, then the robes come off and the Hawaiian shirt goes on, poor Hanukah Zombie has to have an off season job. Jesus gets all the press and thus all the cash and I think I’m rambling…

We spent the holidays mostly watching anime movies and reading manga. I’m really hooked on the NARUTO series for some reason and I’m up to 20 on the collections. I have not updated my LibraryThing with all the things I’ve read of late and will try to do so tonight, though any reviews will be really short….

Hey, my New Year has started off right, I just went to the complex’s soda machine to buy a Coke and the machine gave me two for free. Nice machine, I should visit it more often.

6:22pm, 1/9/09