Friday, May 30, 2008

We should all be born from test tubes. It would make life a hella'lot easier. FAMILY


I'm sorry for the delay in releasing REFRESHING BORING DEADLY but personal issues have keep me off the computer and mostly in a daze of feeling like shit and thinking like shit internally, if that makes any sense to anyone but me? The little story thing in the last post is the type of fiction I write when working through feelings in my brain. For the most part those end up in the trash or just in paper journals but I thought I would share a little of my madness, you can thank me later.

I guess every since I left my last job, through struggles and failures in trying to help friends, being betrayed by friends, being salad sided with the constant pain of my teeth, being hospitalized, being shown that no matter how bad my health is- money changes everything, feeling like crap in the job search...I guess with all of those things and others like having to sale my truck, I'm digging myself out of a grave of deep depression that is one hand full of dirt at a time. Wave has been a saint for putting up with me.

From now on I think I will concentrate on the projects I have to work on, the big ones, and not bring in too many little things like REFRESHING BORING DEADLY. I will finish R.B.D. and other small projects; which will be sometimes free and sometimes for a small charge but I think I will do them simply as side projects, at my own pace, and only announce when finished. I also need to keep up on outside my writing life things that keep me sane like going to the gym, keeping up with our new little garden area, cleaning the apartment and keeping it clean, cooking, and enjoying having someone in my life who I love more than anything else in the world....Yes Wave, more than my Doctor Who stuff :)

Currently I'm working on a YA book, I have a idea for another YA book which I want to write with a friend, I have the next book in the Tin Universe series in progress, and a charity project. Not to say I will not be doing anything outside of these things if lets say a paying project or an interesting non-paying project comes along, I'm there, but I need focus. My body and mind right now does not have focus and I need to take charge of the whole mess and make something of it no matter how I feel.


Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Remembering a poem she once wrote.

There are ghosts in the sunshine beading down upon her face,
Whispering spirits brushing against her lips trying to get her to sing,
Her eyes are open to her own death,
Laying in the grass tasting her own breath,
Nothing tastes as fine as saying just what you mean,

The building houses The Teriyaki Club publishing company. The first floor is the P.R. offices, up one and you find the management cubes, up two and there is the art department slaving away, the fourth floor is overloaded with lawyers, and on the top floor are the in-house writers...ok, they have two in house writers and the rest of the space on the fifth floor is crowded with storage boxes but really, what need does a publisher have with writers?
The roof of the building is flat with pebbles all over its surface of tar and metal, two inches thick with pebbles like the bottom of a goldfish's world.
Her boots make the pebbles almost crackle against each other as she walks from end to end, corner to corner, trying to cover the pebbles with the last drops of gas from her truck.
Standing on the edge of the roof she sets off two Zippos. As she steps forward she tosses both of them over her shoulders and as she drifts down onto the fifth floor fire escape the gasoline screams out into the night.
During the trip down the fire escapes which safe haven each floor she knows she now is the storyteller she always wanted to be.
And to the images of the frightened fleeing the building walked out of an alleyway the image of his dream dying. She walked across the street and leaned against the outside of an Army recruitment center.
A character description from the top down as she watches the fire explode in anger as it hits each floor is ear length pink and white hair, skin as white as light, dollar store sunglasses, a black short sleeved shirt covered by a dark brown vest, tattoos of prayers that do down each arm, long nails painted dark blue, black jeans, and black used combat boots.
Here comes the storyteller, the firestarter, the reaper of words. For those with dreams she is the unwanted faith. For those of despair she will turn her head because no martyr will she be to your causes. In time you will call hatred in her face, call hack with shards of glass, and get confused by her rejection of the station. No poet or folksinger, no rock star opera singer, no breast feeding mouth horse will be safe from an interrupted badge. Through extreme teens and devil pockets the fires and stories will burn on.
She leans herself off of the death dealer's wall and turns and walks down the street remembering a poem she wrote.

She rises from the grassy moisture,
She stands on her feet,
She looks into the sky and sees the smokes blackness taking over,
She slowly weeps,
Turning down her eyes she see a pawn walking in opposite of being told,
She is inspired now to be bold,

(C)brian c. williams

Friday, May 23, 2008


REFRESHING BORING DEADLY will be delayed until Friday night due to my health and generally feeling like shit mentally and physically. Apologizes to all were planning on downloading it.

Projects, dreams,trucks,family, thoughts of dying, bills, and thoughts of fading out of existence. There you have a look into the state of mind of this writer.
This may double post but just wanted to say SO SICK !

Thursday, May 22, 2008


I will be putting my truck up for sale, actually someone has already told me they will buy it in the middle of next month. The truck has mostly just sat in the parking lot since I left my last job because Wave's car is better on gas, drive, and everything else. I really don't wont to do this but for many reasons it is the best course of action for me to take right now. I walked in Florida for a few years before I purchased my truck and it looks like I'll be doing so again. One it needs work done to it that I can't afford to have done, two it burns gas, three when I finally find a job it would have to be within walking distance anyways because of gas prices so I might as well get rid of it, and three I need the money. I need the money to buy my love a birthday gift, I need money to pay bills, and I need money so I will not feel like a total worthless piece of shit sitting around being shit and playing writer boy.

Speaking of writer boy. The PDF for the dollar download collection REFRESHING BORING DEADLY will be linked up from here tonight as I'm currently working on last minute, "THIS IS TOTAL SHIT! THIS IS TOTAL SHIT!" edits.


Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I was sitting in the living room floor last night watching Doctor Who and Garfield as usual was asleep beside me when Salem walked up to him and started licking his head to wake him up. After Garfield woke Salem continued licking his head and then Garfield leaned back and started licking Salem's neck and Salem returned the favor on Garfield's neck. Then Garfield put his head down and snuggled up to Salem's belly as Salem licked his stomach.

I love our gay boys.

Kidding aside, Garfield and Salem really do love each other and they are always laying right beside each other or playing or putting some loves on us. Our little family.

Wave just gave me a kiss and read this over my shoulder and said, "Don't tell everyone about my gay cats, you have no right to out someone else."


Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Mexican Coffee is ready for anyone to download if you wish to read this free little brief story about the chaos of what happens when an Angel is stripped and denied the right to dream and what happens when a writer write just how he thinks.

The next thing I have coming out will be REFRESHING BORING DEADLY; which will be a PDF writing collection which you can download for $1.00. This will be avaliable on Thursday night.


Monday, May 19, 2008


I mentioned that on the way back from Tampa on Monday Wave had to rush me to the emergency room when we got back into Melbourne. On the way back we were stuck in bumper to bumper traffic and I seriously, though I did not say this to keep from worrying Wave, thought I was going to die in the middle of traffic, in a car, and my most overwhelming thoughts were about how terrifying this would be for her to experience. I actually prayed that if I was going to die let me at least make it to the hospital. We got back to Melbourne around 12am. I was having really bad chest pains from when we left Tampa until we got into Melbourne. Over the past few weeks I have been having on and off again left arm and chest pains but these pains that happen on the way home in the car, these were continued and extreme.

We got to the E.R. and rushed in and was passed from one person to the other talking about how bad I was feeling and how much insurance I did not have. Wait, check and arm pains, doesn’t this usually signal emergency! We sat for about twenty minutes watching the news on the local fires and I tried to act like I was ok, I wasn’t, I was feeling terrible. When I was finally taken in they asked me to undress myself, took my blood, hooked me up to some monitoring machines, and grilled my scared ass about the scales of pain I was feeling (well, I would say a scale of being IN PAIN!) and they got angry whenever I wasn’t precise or didn’t answer quickly or gave one person a different level of pain than another. Sorry, I apologize, but I THOUGHT I WAS HAVING A HEART ATTACK!

This entry will be long and it may get ranty just to let you know. I would have written this the night I got out of the hospital but if I had it would have mostly contained a lot of FUCK YOU! And EAT MY HAIRY ASS comments and we just don’t need that do we.

After seeing nurse after nurse and doctor after doctor asking me the same questions over and over again (do these people talk to each other?) and all this time my blood pressure was sky high, this taking place for about two hours before they told me they would be keeping me for observation and admitting me. But every time I thought insurance will not matter and that they are taking this as serious as with anyone and considering my family history I do not know how they could not, they would show me by me over hearing or by actions that even though there were others there in the same state, for the same reason I was, I was different, I did not have a little card in my wallet that said I mattered, that I existed. Though I do have a Friends Of Doctor Who membership card from the 80’s in my wallet. Dam, I should have shown that.

Wave did not want to but I finally convinced her to go home and try and get some rest since they were admitting me. She left, I worried about her getting home having had no sleep, drove all the way home from Tampa, and with all the fires raging around the county. After Wave left they told me they would be getting me a room as soon as one was available and then I would be doing a day of stress tests to see how I would react to my body being stressed, they didn’t mention how my mind was being stressed being incased in this treatment of being ignored at a price cut attention scale. The ER was empty for the most part and quite expect for a few people with the same problems as myself.

An hour or so later they moved me not to a room, even though someone with a mild stomach ach and insurance I heard was moved to a room, someone who came in after me, I was moved to another room in the back of the E.R. where they took my blood again and did not look my way for hours. Though I was asked if I wanted something to eat and I told them I was hungry and thirsty having not eaten all the previous day because I did not feel well, even though I keep telling them I was having arm and chest pains still, I sat and listened to nurses take some kind of test on their computers, go get snacks, talk about how they did not understand why the doctors signed off on keeping me, go get breakfast, and all while I sat in my room terrified, thirsty, and hungry.

I told them I was hungry again but no breakfast ever came. They said sometimes they forget people being keep in the E.R. Ok, I understand, how ingracious of me to ask.

I heard them say I was going to do my first stress test at 3pm and then my last at 10pm and if it showed no heart damaged I was being, “D.C.’d out.” I tried to text Wave but could not get a hold of her because my phone did not get much of any sort of signal within the hospital. Again I mis-thought that they would do everything they could not make sure I was ok because I keep telling them, though it was not the same continued pain that I was having in the car on the ride home, I was still hurting.

At 11am they took me to the nuclear place where they injected me and took pictures. They keep me there I heard before leaving the E.R. so they didn’t have to get me a room, could inject me again soon, stress me, and then take more pictures, and get me, “D.C.’d.” out of their hair. Luckily for me their procedure after the treadmill run was to give you a small snack and drink. So for the first time since arriving at the hospital at midnight, even though I was told I could have food and drink if I wanted and I said I did, several times, I got half a cup of apple juice, and a small sandwich.

After all that they sent me back to the E.R. around 3 pm where Wave was waiting. We keep hearing over and over that they wanted to get me D.C.’d quick. I sat in the room unplugged still having pains in my chest from time to time until near 5pm with only having drank a half of cup of apple juice since getting into the hospital and a small turkey sandwich. I wanted to get out of there quick to get something to eat. They finally let me go after the bill person came by.

Here is the kicker folks. As the nurse was taking out my I.V. tube, which they never gave me an I.V. with, though the E.R. doctor did originally ask for one, the nurse did not inform me of a great reason the doctors did not think it was not a heart attack besides the fact that I wasn’t having one currently and they did not see any severe damage, she told me in her medical opinion that all of this was caused because I did not shit enough. Did I state that clearly enough? Based on nothing except for the fact that my stomach was rumbling, I wonder why, and that my stomach was tight, I wonder why, I was rushed to the E.R., I had chest and arm pains, I had been having these symptoms for a few days, and she thinks it is just BECAUSE I NEED TO SHIT MORE!

My chest still hurts sometimes, my arms hurts but have no fear, I just need to shit…..which by the way, I do plenty.

Did I leave anything out? Oh, just the fact that unless I’m actually on the floor somewhere dying I’m going to tell everyone there is no point taking me to the doctors, I have no insurance, just point me to the nearest W.C.


Sunday, May 18, 2008


We do not live in a land of equal rights. We live in a land of equal rights for some. Our government, our current president, the laws of American separate on the basis of hate and each and every one of us who does not speak up on issues of sexism, homophobia, and racism are cowards. When I was a teenager I watched films and television programs on the civil rights movement, slavery, and segregation and wondered how anyone could sit and watch these things happen and believe it is ok? We still live in a land of segregation. Some of the targets and styles of hate have changed but it is still the good old fashion U.S.A. brand of “The powerful rule and make the rules of right and wrong.” Do America’s hands feel dirty?

We do not live in a promised land where we will help those who need help. Instead we short test those without insurance at hospitals and try to shuffle the hungry from one area to another to get them out of sight.

We can’t even fucking admit that we committed acts of genocide against the natives of the lands we live on. America’s hands are not dirty, they are covered in blood.

We do not live in a land of freedom for all nor a place where you can be free to worship or not worship in the fashion your heart chooses. You look at people like Bush and you look at a man who would stamp Jesus Fucking Christ, or J.F.C. for short, on every official document and seal if he could but still those who are of different religions vote for him and his like based on common biased hatreds. I think the only reason there has never been in my lifetime a large attempted political push to take over sectors of our government and hand them cleanly over to Christian doctrine is that no body can decide what form of Christianity is the right one? In America there are more forms of Christianity than there are spices in a grocery store. Some of them are great with meals but some of these taste like dust when they hit your tongue. Ok, if anything please not Southern Baptists, I don’t want to have to pay for using the shitter if I’m gun marched to church on a Sunday morning sometime in the future. If that made anyone angry, well, so am I.

When are American’s going to take off their childhood blinders and see how many scars we really have? This country is young but it is not a child and it is time it starts acting like an adult or it will crumble under the weight of its own ego like so many empires before it have done.

I will return tomorrow with a long write up on my hospital visit…well, if I’m still alive. The one thing I can afford to do and I’m free to do without government inference is di….shit, never mind………….


Wednesday, May 14, 2008


We traveled to Tampa on Monday because Wave had to attend a class there but something sort of got us side tracked on the way back home.

OH, OH, hey, something interesting to write about that happen on the way down to Tampa took place at a road rest area stop. Many the stories that could come out of those places could fill a library by themselves. I went into the mensroom sharply dressed in black chucks, green jeans, a pink SAVE ROE shirt, and a black shirt over that. I was standing up doing the pee deed when some old fucker who was one over from me looked over to me in my area not to look while someone is busy and gave me a face. My first thoughts were to myself and they were, ‘Dude, Am I going to get molested by a grandpa at a rest stop?’ Then while I’m still doing my business he spoke, ‘I have to say something to you.’ Thoughts flashed through my mind, ‘Ok, I know, It’s small but it works.’ Don’t ask, even my quick thoughts are self-defecating….wait, is that the right word? My head is still scrambled from what I will talk about next paragraph. Then he continued, ‘What would have happen if you had been aborted son?’ At this moment I remembered that someone once said around the same thing to Wave while she was tabling somewhere and she told me about it and I thought of that as I answered, ‘I wouldn’t be here?’ Then he just stumbled within some words and as he did so I looked down at his feet and had to hold myself back from spinning around to face him and clean off his gnarly toed old fucker sandals because while all of these was still going on, I was still getting rid of a Pepsi that my body had recycled. After staying for two long he left, I finished, and I walked out to meet Wave at the snack machines and I was almost at a lost for words to tell her what happen. She said I should blog about it so blame her if thinking about old men staring at my pissing stance is something I should not have put into your head on this day.

But what happen on the way home is that my left arm and chest started hurting really bad, which they had been doing on and off for a few weeks, and I had Wave take me to the emergency room when we got back in Melbourne. I will write a longer entry about what happen while in the hospital later, which deals with them basically saying they don’t know what was wrong with, them not feeding me, and basically seeing how they treat you second hand when you do not have insurance. Right now I’m back at home resting still feeling like shit. At least to cheer me up a little the lady I love took me to the comic bookshop and picked me up the Doctor Who #4, Secret Invasion #2, and a Cyberman figure.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


If you liked the old Speed Racer show go see the movie, if you love visuals go see the movie, if you dream of races out of control and completely unbelievably dangerous, go see the movie. I enjoyed it.

Friday, May 9, 2008

THE TITLE IS: ANGELIC JONES....Wait, sounds like a porno name...

Last night Wave brought home Kevin Smith: My Boring-Ass Life which I had been waiting for from the library for a long time. It has been on hold for me for about six months now. I started reading some of it last night and this morning. Since she did not have to work today we make a couple of library trips and I picked up Neon Genesis Evangelion: Angelic Days-Vol.1(which seems to be a slightly more tame and YA version of the story from what I've read so far) Catch-22, the movie(I spotted a poster for this while watching The L-Word the other night and told myself, you know you have never actually watched that movie, so I checked it out today)Catch And Release(we went to the theater for this when it first came out because Kevin Smith is in it and I thought I would check it out for a review) and to round out my library take aways I picked up Volume 1, discs 3-6 of The Adventures Of Young Indiana Jones. I should go through all of that tonight.

Writing wise I'm finishing up the final touches on Mexican Coffee and Refreshing Boring Deadly which will be available at LuLu to download at the end of this month. The first for free and the second for a small small fee.


Thursday, May 8, 2008


A lot of my writing right now is about me writing to see where I am succeeding and where I am failing at telling the stories I have to tell. I'm putting my steps out there for anyone to see. I am putting PDF's out for free, PDF's with a charge tagged on, submitting to a publisher or website. Be it a story as prose, poetry, novel, short story, or song. Be it a film script or comic script I am writing to be a better writer.

As sitting in our bedroom office area; while also watching Arrested Development:Season One. If you are thinking about or have been thinking about buying any of the seasons of this show on DVD go here to follow a link where you can buy all three seasons of this very well written series for only $45.60. That's a pretty good deal for three seasons of a series. This for me is my first viewing of the series and after having many people recommend the series to me I decided after spotting it at the library to pick up the first disc for season one.

Today finds me doing laundry by first soaking and washing my clothes in the bathtub and then hanging them out on the balcony to dry. Our balcony is a balcony, slash garden, slash recycle area, slash laundry area. How come I have the urge to change my last name to Good? "Bar..." Wave will get that joke. Don't you love inside humor on a blog? Yea, me neither.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Worked about 800 words into a story last night. Not a great night of writing but productive anyways. I need to put in a lot more writing hours in the next few days to meet two deadlines I have for myself at the end of the month.

You know how every paper has letters to the editor and quite a few of those letters end up being written by illinformed people and with the internet you get that even more so? I have a new rule for my own sanity. No looking at the letters to the editor. As my dad use to say, "It's hard to agrue with an idiot but it's not hard for an idiot to agrue with you."

On a happier note I have to say you can really meet some really nice people online. Just wanted to say that because in my life the internet has introduced me to life long friends, great online friends, creative people I have enjoyed working with, and once even a girlfriend, though not Wave, I meet her at a feminist meeting. We feel in lust talking about The Doors, Douglas Adams, and Harry Potter.

Newsarama Commenter: "Stop Putting Spanish in My DC Comics!" I love the fact that they have a Spanish issue of Blue Beetle and this is from someone who barly speaks English and only speaks a sort of Hillbilly geek. I have always hated when you have a character in a comic, movie, tv show, or book who is bi-lingual but you hardly ever have him speak anything but English except when using profanity? I say good to DC for doing this. Maybe it is one step ahead to better things. Oh, and as I said earlier to not reading letters to the editor. I have stopped also reading comments on Newsarama becasue all it did was make me want to bang my head against the keyboard and Wave would kick my ass if I busted her laptop.

Here, clear your mind of bullshit.

I'm going to go have lunch with the lady I love. Yep, I'm that sappy and I don't care. I say "lady I love" it's sad if you can't say things like that. And no I did not spell check anything, I have someone to hug at the door.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Wave woke up sick early this morning and I told her to get back into bed so she wouldn't have to drive me to the Walk-In clinic feeling like shit. We can go the next day she has off. If its something serious I will not have the money anyways.

After I got off the net yesterday and took the laptop into the livingroom where we have no internet connection to work on some writing I ended up getting only around 500words done which is really depressing to me but I have to keep telling myself progress is a move forward and stop beating myself up for not being able to do 1000words every time I dive into a story especially with how bad I'm feeling right now.

Byzarium. This is a webzine dedicated to fantasy, sci-fi and horror fiction. Go give a look around.

NIN free download. I'm not a huge fan but I know some of my friends are.

I can hear Wave listening to Foo Fighters in the living room while working on her puzzle. The little feets in the top left corner are her lovely toes and feets.

Marketing women athletes and cringe-inducing headlines I love the WNBA and have from the begining but I just don't think this is the way to go. And if anyone was going to ask my all time favorite WNBA player is I would have to sayKatie Smith. I have been following her game since college.

American Life League launches anti-birth control campaign My God we human beings are the most..?..I can't even think well enough to say what I want to say.

Free Little Brother for librarians, teachers, etc -- a tipjar alternative for people who loved the free ebook Wave you might want to take a look at this.

Nelson Mandela and the ANC are on the US terrorist watchlist and need waivers to enter the country I have to shake my head so much from shit that happens from within my country that I'm starting to get whiplash.

Wave needs the computer so I will go take out the garbage after posting this.


Monday, May 5, 2008




We had planned to go the Walk-In clinic today so I could have blood work done and a check up, but they stop doing blood work at 12pm so we just left. Wave will be taking me back tomorrow. I'm been feeling really down, tired, with stomach pains, and my arms hurts a lot. Yea, I know, I know, Those thoughts are why I'm worried also. I will be going back tomorrow. I would just go to the ER but since I have no insurance or money to speak off that would be just adding another huge doctor bill to my already sucky credit rating; which I would rather not do that if I can and so I'm going to give the Walk-In clinic a try and if he thinks I should then go to the ER I will go to the ER. I hate going to the hospital ER's around here because they are famously rude, and I know this personally, to those without insurance.

On a balcony garden related note the winds must have kicked up last night a little because our gardens dirt was kicked up and off the balcony a bit.

Though in good news my green onions are growing. I would show you a pictures but the computer isn't being my friend right now.

And on another good note Wave is kicking ass on the Simpsons puzzle.

This is what I was telling you about the other day Wave.

Clickhere people. Just do it. Just imagine you are being as trigger happy as you are when you go to porn sites.

Those of us who sale things online meet wish to pay attention to this.

This is cool.

This one Wave and the Queen should watch.


Sunday, May 4, 2008


I have a little cushion livingroom writing area when I'm writing 1st drafts of things on paper. Yes, I still do that for the most part, when I get a laptop of my own laptop one of these days I will probably move all the way over to computer writing for all drafts. The self-editing process for me on my writing is too long for me to be slowing things down by working on paper for 1st Drafts.

I'm currently working on the next TIN UNIVERSE book which will be a short story collection. Notice my brain saver in the Pepsi. What you don't see in any of these pictures are the cats are usually sitting behind my head on the cushions or beside me while I'm writing.

I can not think in quite so I need distractions when writing, thus in my livingroom writing area I'm right in front of the TV. On this night a HOUSE dvd is playing. Wave loves House and I like it also.

Here is Wave's progress so far on the Simpons puzzle she got yesterday.

I'm off now to get by to writing.


We went to see Iron Man yesterday; which I really ejoyed. The movie had a lot more humor to it than I was expecting. And yes the after credits part was really cool also. We went with Wave's sisters Trill and M-Low. After the movie we went to the Ben & Jerry's that's right beside the movie theater. I had the ONE Cheesecake Brownie which is Cheesecake Ice Cream with Cheesecake Brownie Chunks. Yea, that's going to help my failing health. I got a white ONE braclet for purchasing it...though Wave snagged it right away. After ice cream we headed out for the local comic shop and FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!

My local comic book shop is Famous Faces And Funnies. That link will take you to their MySpace site. They can also be found here. At one time, when I had money, before I had a girlfriend and a life I put a lot of money each month into that store like a true lonely geek book. We just made a quick stop in yesterday though because I do not really like crowds in tight spaces and any crowd in a store, even a good size store bothers me a little, especially when filled with brats with parents who think parenting is yelling across the store to behave. I picked up from the free table BONGO COMICS FREE-FOR-ALL, DAN DARE, HELLBOY, TINY TITANS, AVENGERS INVADERS SKETCHBOOK, X-MEN, and also DC UNIVERSE 0 which they were giving away free. I like my local comic book store because they also work with local libraries.

I won a copy of theSpiderwoman: Origin hardback after just walking into the door and putting my ticket into the bucket. Wave picked up a Simpson's puzzle that she has been eyeballing for a while and below are pictures of it and her working on it after clearing off the livingroom table.

I love the episode this comes from.

Wave perched on the table thinking.


Friday, May 2, 2008


After I took out the garbage, checked the mail, and watered our balcony garden, I sat down with the newest Previews catalog and thought I would list and write about, though briefly, about the things I would purchase if I had the money to do so. It will be a sad little entry in a way, sad in a geek boy sort of fashion. I usually get Previews every month and even though it is a seldom case were I actually order anything, I am an expert window shopper.

The first thing that grabbed my attention was BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER #16. For the most part I only buy trades these days but if I had the money I would buy Buffy as a monthly pick and this issue has Buffy traveling to the future where she meets future slayer Fray. This will either have fans cheering or screaming for blood. More Fray is something many fans have been demanding for a long time and a lot have thought about the situation where you might have Buffy and her gang meet up with Fray. Whether or not this will turn out to be a great story meeting fans demands or a story that may have listened to the fans hearts too much is yet to be seen. In a related Buffy topic I went to Best Buy the other day and saw all of the Buffy DVD sets on sale for $19dollars. I PAID 30 PLUS FOR ALL OF THOSE!!! SHITT!!!!

Ok, I need a soda, be right back….

First soda of the day down and we have another DARK HORSE mention in BARBWIRE OMNIBUS….yea, ok? ….ok? X was my favorite when Dark Horse did their original superhero universe. I have to say on the subject that when the Barbwire movie came out I was surprised the movie did not make more money than it did. Not that I think it is a great work of fiction or anything, just because look at the character, look at Ms. Anderson, and look at typical American male movie viewer tastes in boobs, guns, and violence. I thought they had a money maker there. And to be fair, Barbwire was not that bad of a book. Matter of fact I thought most of that universes books were of quality. Better than a lot of shit being published during those days. Maybe it was just bad timing that keep them from success? Or maybe I don’t have a clue to what I’m speaking of?

JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA ANNUAL #1 brings me into DC COMICS land. The cover sales itself to me with a lot of emotion shown there but then again it is by Alex Ross.

WONDER WOMAN: THE CIRCLE HC with Gail Simone writing Wonder Woman it equals out to a factor of me really wanting to read Wonder Woman now.

They are making a G’NORT figure? Dude, I love that. I would love to have a collection of all of the different Green Lantern figures. Though in another in the many ways that I am weird I only buy figures that will match up in height with my Doctor Who ones. Told you I am the weirdest geek in the west.

Entering IMAGE territory I see SAVAGE DRAGON #138. I use to get this series each and every month and I really need to start buying the trades because I only have the first one right now in my collection. Savage Dragon I think always entertains. Show me any other books that entertained for that long of a stretch with superhero type stories? Savage Dragon has never been perfect but at least for me what it has always been is enjoyable.

The WINGS OF REDEMPTION SPAWN figure has a cool design.

WITCHBLADE VOLUME ONE for $4.99, nice price. I think most companies should keep prices down on the first volume of a series to get people hooked. I’m not going to randomly pick up a series trade if it 19 or 20 plus for the first volume. You gotta sale that shit in as many ways as you can.

ECHO #5, because it is by Terry Moore and STRANGERS IN PARADISE along side Jeff Smith’s BONE saved my love for comics years ago when I had given up on them. I ordered the first issue directly from the Moore’s company and now have the signed issue framed.

THE LONG RANGER VOLUME TWO: LINES NOT CROSSED reminds me of my dad. My dad always loved The Long Ranger shows. I like things that remind me of my dad right now.

G.I. JOE: AMERICA’S ELITE VOL. 5- WWIII OMNIBUS. What can I say? After school it was G.I. Joe and Transformers, then over to P.B.S. for DOCTOR WHO.

HACK/SLASH ANNUAL: SUICIDE GIRLS. Ok, am I the only person who has a uneasy feeling with Suicide Girls stuff? … Maybe?

NEIL GAIMAN’S CORALINE in graphic novel form. I loved the book and, well, Neil Gaiman, all of his stuff ME want. Wave says if I ever get to meet him she is going to tell him I have a crush on him. I don’t. He does have nice lips though.

COMIC BOOK TATTOO, I really really really and another really and one thrown in with capital letters REALLY want this.

ZOT! VOLUME ONE: THE COMPLETE BLACK AND WHITE STORIES 1987-1991 TP. This is so on my want list. Page 306, go buy. My computer says there is verb confusion in that bit of writing. No shit lappy, My Brain Is Full Of Confusion!

I will be buying DOCTOR WHO CLASSICS #8 and DOCTOR WHO CLASSICS VOLUME ONE on page 318, I write here to remember. DOCTOR WHO MAGAZINE I will snag at B&N. I would buy everything DOCTOR WHO fundage willing, which it is not at the moment.

CAPTAIN AMERICA #40. This is the best series MARVEL is producing and I buy all the trades. A lot of people praise this series and I will do so also. That sounded like bad grammar even to me?

SECRET INVASION #4. This mini series has my attention and interest, though I will not get suckered into buying all the trades like I did with CIVIL WAR.

CAPTAIN BRITAIN AND MI 13 #3. I love Paul Cornell’s writing and I just ordered the WISDOM trade from my local comic book store. I have been a fan of his since the New Adventure Doctor Who novel days.

SHE-HULK and X-FACTOR by Peter David. If I only had the money because I’m really growing into a Peter David fan and in the past I did not buy that much of his work.

And there goes my window shopping and money whining. I might do this with each Previews I get. Fills so space in my blog and in my day.


Thursday, May 1, 2008

THE TITLE IS: "Look me I'm wearing a veg."

I woke up, had some fun, and thought I was going to feel better today but after a conversation with my mom I have a splintering headache and the world at large with all of its news doesn't keep me chipper either.

US casualties have also reached their highest point in seven months. At least six US troops were killed in the past two days, bringing the April toll to forty-eight, the highest one-month toll since September.
President Bush, speaking May 1, 2003: “Major combat operations in Iraq have ended. In the battle of Iraq, the United States and our allies have prevailed.”

5 Years Since “Mission Accomplished”

The global protests against rising food prices spread on Wednesday to Peru, where more than 2,000 women demonstrated in the capital Lima. Women from soup kitchens, aid groups and low-income families carried signs and beat on empty pots in a demonstration in front of the Peruvian congress.
Peruvian Women Rally Against Rising Food Prices

I Was There: Stories from the Feminist Front



Lesbos islanders dispute gay name



'Provocative' Clinton angers Iran

Protest shuts down US ports

This looks cool.

This also.

Alan Moore - Monsters, Maniacs and Moore I found this online. It's a little old but still worth the watch if you enjoy Alan Moore's writing.

And lets end with some Doctor Who fun.

Oh, and I think I'm going mad.