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Where I talk about MLB 10 The Show Season 1 Game 1, some good links to check out, and RANTS!

MLB 10 The Show Season 1, Opening Day 
Braves Vs. Cubs
     I picked up this game at Target at the end of last year. I think it was the last of their PS2 games because it was tucked into a corner on a discount shelf. I'm going to play with my favorite team the Braves. I skipped spring training and will be starting with the team I have without making any trades off the bat as I usually do. I played a few games with it when I first got it but that was months ago. I haven't played any games for about a month.
   The season started with a single game with the Cubs and then a gap until the first series of the season also against the Cubs. Weird but whatever, I'm going to try and play a series when I play the game. I'm starting out on Veteran Level which is the second level. I did that because I almost always suck at pitching on baseball games until I get to play them for a season or two.

Braves-3 Vs. Cubs-12
at Turner Field
     Topps Player Of The Game: Aramis Ramirez{Cubs} 2 for 4, HR, and 3 RBI
     Winning Pitcher: C. Zambrano
     Losing Pitcher: D. Lowe

     *We started the game off pretty good but had two really bad innings of pitching and even when I had the bases loaded a couple times I hit into two triple plays because I'm still trying to get use to base running on the game. Our time needs to improve the basics or its going to be a very long season.
     *After the game against the Cubs I signed John Smoltz as a free agent and added him to my starting rotation. Now I have six starting pitchers which I think I'll need if my pitching play doesn't improve.

     Speaking of sports game .... gaming? ... here's some John Green FIFA play. Time Travel: The Miracle of Swindon Town #150 and Likable Characters: The Miracle of Swindon Town #151
     My Tumblr is lost out there on the internet somewhere. I forgot which password and email I used to set it up but I never really got into it much. I didn't really see the benefits that separate it from blogging such as on Blogger. Though this reminds me I need to get cracking on a project involving Tumblr that a friend asked for me to help her with. Tumblr: The Musical
     I know I wasn't the only person live tweeting the Olympic opening cermonies but in the end I think Warren Ellis gets the gold ... or maybe something more like a crown of thornes would be more suitable to him?
     One of my favorite podcasts has a new episode up. Stacey's Pop Culture Parlour Episode 6.

     Come on. People running their mouths again. All this lady needs to do is prove she's alive. My state is fast becoming a wet dream out of the mind of Warren Ellis evil twin Wart. Voter Not Dead Again
     To be honest I think it isn't facts Bachmann has problems with but more so reality. She's a little on the nutty side of things. Former Bachmann Campaign Chief: ‘I Am Fully Aware That She Sometimes Has Difficulty With Her Facts’
     The place I was planning to go to so I can get the last of the teeth pulled that a former dentist screwed in and fucked up closed. Thank you Florida for over and over again turning down federal money while closing and cutting government operations one after the other people needs. Fuck you Rich Scott. Oh, and anyone who wants to take the Mitt line about people wanting something for free. Fuck you too. I guess I wont be asking for handouts when I'm dead.
     I love when I see people talking about hating Westboro Baptist Church but then they have things on their Facebook, Twitter feeds, or websites about being against equal marriage or gay rights. You know what the difference is between them and you? They're more honest.
      If you're at work or school or church or surfing the net at your moms house click here. As I have to say from time to time I don't give a fuck if someone gets pissed that I post something here or on one of my sites that someone whines, "That's NSFW."
     Don't you feel great having a Supreme Court Justice who said "There is no right to privacy." Tell me how that makes you feel in your gut? But so many people cheer Scalia. Scalia rejects privacy rights
     I feel a rage blackout coming on today. I taste colors, I see Ragdoll winning a gold metal, I can feel my breakfast. It's a egg.
     Coward. I actually feel a lot of the same feelings about Laura Bush's views before her husband came into office compared to when he was in office. Some of our bravest moments must come when faced with the opposing views of our friends and loved ones. Those are the strongest stances we have to take. I have friends with views all over the place but none of us holds back, speak with respect, and that makes our friendships stronger and that would have made our nation stronger.{me saying this on my Facebook started a good discussion there} Cheney Supported Marriage Equality In 2000, Kept Silent To Help Bush


Friday, July 27, 2012

Where I talk about Where to buy Chaos, Jesus Chicken, Shades of grey, and there be Rants.

     First a reminder that I uploaded Chaos Read #5 to my Smashwords store yesterday if anyone is interested. As always with the series it's You Pick The Price! For all things Chaos Read related you can also visit the series blog. I plan to do more with these series blogs in the coming months so if you are following the series you might want to book mark the blogs for updates. Let me know what you think about #5 in the comments for that release post.
     Next months release will be a story that exists in The Collected Universe of stories. You might remember that from the weekly blog story series Clean Cue City I was doing for a while but got sidetracked off from when I started doing the Tin Universe and Chaos Read series. The Clean Cue City will be returning next year by the way but not weekly. I'll release news on that at the beginning of 2013. The story coming out in August will not require you to read any other past Collected stories because it's set so far in the future nothing hardly remains of the past.
      That new story for August is called Quoit and will be my first full fledged attempt at a fantasy story. It will be released towards the end of the months under the You Pick The Price! purchasing model. I'll be releasing just about everything under, You Pick The Price, and most defiantly all stories that are introductory stories to future releases or standalone tales. The main things I will be setting a price on will be Tin Universe stories and collections.

     Now that that's out of the way I wanted to talk about "bad" writing. Well, from my bad writing to what others call "bad" writing. I think I mentioned it before but I will do so again, as part of a project with a friend we are going to be reading books we think are over hyped bad and over hyped good and look at how that may skewer our views either way. The first book we are reading is Fifty Shades Of Grey by E L James. We are going to be commenting one chapter at a time as a short of book club so people can also read alone and leave their comments also. That project will go live next week.
     But what I'm going to talk about instead is Jesus Chicken. I'll have enough time to talk about that project next week when it launches.
     Oh, yes, I eat at Jesus Chicken. That's Chick-Fil-A for those who don't follow my ramblings on Twitter. It's what my friends and I have always called it. You know the place that has always been extremely Christian, the place that has always donated to anti-gay groups... but now people are blowing up about this. 
     Yes they are bastards for working with these anti-gay groups but you know like Target has done that also but then again I guess Target is all gay and out from the closet like a GOP homophob now.
     Love that timing Target.
     Spot on marketing.
     But now people are all in the rage eyes for Chick-Fil-A? I want to state one thing right off. If you go to a Jesus Chicken and act like an ass to the employees there or try to shut down and hurt the business of a individual restaurant you the fucking ass now. You ant doing shit to the company as a whole. You're just fucking with people trying to make a living.
     If you don't want to eat at a restaurant or shop at a store because of where the money goes from your purchases then that's your choice but this pick and choose and meme like activism is sort of bullshit.
     And if my comments didn't piss you off enough I also love Wagner, shop at Wal-Mart, masturbate daily, think Christopher Nolan is over rated, and read  Machiavelli .
     Meme activism can be a part of activism but without anything else like field work, staying informed, and putting your money where you photoshoped shared photo is, it's just a game of pass the hot issue around until everyone gets tired of it.
     From what I've read about this reboot of The Munsters it sounds interesting. I'd rather see them do this with that show than try to recreate the feel of the original. They've tried that and failed.
     This is pretty cool and has a cameo from one of my favorite online content creators: Higgs Boson Part III: How to Discover a Particle

     Look  here where I'm from made the Globe And Mail. If you find it interesting that a country like the United States has to do something like that to treat its sick, then think about that back home, where finding cell service is a give up prospect, there are more ways to find treatment than they are here in Florida. Florida you are more backwards than where I'm from.
     My question is. Who are these stupid investors? Did you research what kind of business Facebook is? How it makes profit?....well, you know supposed profit. Breaking News ‏@BreakingNews Facebook's stock hits a new low after 2nd-quarter results disappoint investors - @AP
     You have to love a good white washing of history. The NCAA sure does. Then again so does our government, our history books, the WWE, and just about everyone. And people wonder why intelligence is seen as threatening in this country. We don't learn from anything. George Orwell and the N.C.A.A.
     I have a feeling that a lot of people who are so up in their shorts and angry trying to deny anyone who is gay basic human rights, if they are of the age, are probably happy recalling the good old days of white only bathrooms and lynchings. And if you don't like what I said FUCK YOU because its the truth.
     If you seriously believe that getting rid of government regulations when it comes to running a business, doing away with the EPA and OSHA for examples, is the way to strengthen business- Then you would be right. You would also be very stupid. The bottom line for a company would improve because the more any company can treat its employees like cows in a field and screws in a tool book, the more money they will make. So if that's what you want America, give in to your masters wishes. For another view on this subject check out this video by John Green where he talks about it while playing FIFA.
     And to drop the mic Nom Nom Nom

Thursday, July 26, 2012

NEW Chaos Read #5

In Part Four of IN THE PAST the Clark family's normal continues and something is found. Part Four of IN THE PAST, the real insanity is starting. 


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I Love To Discuss But Circles Gives Me Headaches

     People keep wishing to talk to me about gun control but it quickly ends because its another issue that just gives people a chance to shout or ALL CAPS at someone so I'll try to make this basic. Whenever anyone mentions gun control people auto scream "YOU'RE PLANNING TO TAKE OUR GUNS!" being puppets of some very powerful rich people. That's not even possible in a country like ours and wouldn't in any fashion be the best way of tackling gun vieolence issues. I'm all for people owning a gun or two for home defense and hunting. It just shouldn't be that easy to own a gun or a hundred guns or tons of ammo or body armor but I'm being logical and that's not a path people want to walk. They jump from gun control to "TAKING MY GUNS!" Oh, and anyone I know who wants to talk hunting. If you need a auto or semi automatic gun to hunt YOU SUCK and anyone who goes with you might end up Cheneyed.

Monday, July 23, 2012


     Normally on a day like today I would be writing a blog where I'd say to the NCAA but "football first" culture is a culture you helped empower in many many more universities than just Penn St. Normally I'd be ranting about people who think everyone has a God given right to own a gun but getting needed surgery or the like, those people are just being lazy, but to be honest I'm not in the mood, too much angry within me directed at many direction including myself, not in the mood to do anything but clean the apartment and work on the story I started a few days ago.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

This Has To Stop, please.

     Here's where I just talk for a little bit of time until I'm done, short or long, and when its time to stop I'll stop to then go back to the story I started writing yesterday. That or clean up the apartment. I've been too lazy in that regard of late. This isn't for anyone else, this isn't to change minds or show how smart I am or how stupid others are. A lot of the time on the internet people mistake sharing with telling or seeking. This is just sharing.
     I grew up with guns. They were in our home most of my life. I was taught to respect their bloody nature. Told to never point unless you mean to kill and what killing was. That wasn't a glossed over thing in our lives even at a young age. But there are so many people who can't grasp these things and that's why we need to stop this obsession we have with guns. We will fight for a right to arms ourselves with so much destruction but it's a foreign concept to us that everyone should have the right to good healthcare? That's a little twisted to me.
     When people describe Americans two things that usually come up are our obsessions with cars and guns.
     That and how we call a sport football where the players only use their feet a few times a game.
     Cars might choke the planet a bit, and we all know my view on that subject, but this obsession with guns has to stop. I'm all for people being able to protect their homes but you should have to take classes on using a gun before buying one. You shouldn't be able to own fifty guns and more ammo than the local police department and more military gear than soldiers in Afghanistan. Want to say you're a collecting then fill in the barrels. Fuck this bullshit. These types of mass shootings draw a lot of attention like gun deaths are rare in this country but its just not true. Mass shootings aren't really that rare. We don't worship money, we court money and worship death.
     I know as a country we have this built in mistrust of our government and that feeds in our so called tradition of gun ownership. And that flys against how much bullshit we believe from politicians Mistrust but blindly trust? Those things don't weigh out.
     I know government mistrust is so real in the southern portions of the country and poorer areas and there are real true reasons for this but what we are being sold isn't tradition but a bill of sale for the deaths of our loved ones.
     Almost every other month we have a gun show just down the street from where we live and that's always been mind numbing to me to have them that often. Gun manufactures push people to arms themselves whenever their is a politician in office to built hate against. "He's coming after your guns, stock up." They buy politicians, change laws, and talk freedom interrupting the tears from those we love before the steam has even stop rising off the newly dead.
     Is this what we are as a country? One that can't learn? One that keeps allowing people to force feed things into our heads that strip away our flesh and destroy lives? Aren't we stronger than this? ? ?

     When you spend a lot of your early life in hospital beds you become a writer. That or a constant masturbator. I'm an overachiever and became both so this is how I talk about things. I write them down.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Where I talk about Just some cool links and rants.

     This week has been shit for blogging from me. Between bad weather taking me off the computer and being sick I'm about to call it for the week. Next week we return to the regular blogging schedule. Until then check out some of these cool link I briefly talk about below.
     I can't wait for the new Sandman story. I constantly reread those books all the time. CCI VIDEO: Gaiman, Vertigo Announce New "Sandman" Miniseries - Comic Book Resources and CCI: Neil Gaiman Returns to "The Sandman" - Comic Book Resources
     And another of my favorite books series will have new stories coming out. CCI: Terry Moore Announces New "SiP" Story and All-Ages Comic Project - Comic Book Resources
     InterestingThe Facebook Cortex
     John Green plays FIFA and speaks wisdom: Our Economic Futures:The Miracle of Swindon Town #142 and How to Do Difficult Things: The Miracle of Swindon #143 and Google Autofill - Is It OK To...?: The Miracle of Swindon Town #144
     SciShow looks at being outside the bounds of normal weather and there's mentions of bog mummies that's pretty messed up.This Is What Climate Change Feels Like and tackles a controversial subject that really shouldn't be but we are getting stupider as a nation A Brief History of Birth Control and Even though the only thing I'm worse at than spelling is math I can admire genius Alan Turing: Great Minds
     A new episode of my favorite comic book review series. Comic Book Reviews - FFFIC #53
     Felicia Day does The Flog from Comic Con. The Flog @ Comic Con 2012!
     How about some Animal Behavior - CrashCourse Biology #25
     Every artist of any form should watch this. They Became What They Beheld: Medium, Message, Youtubery
     More John Green and this time he talks about Hitler and Sex!
     Kevin Smith is my hero. SMarchive #12: Criticism vs. Creation

     Cam Newton charging for autographs at signing sessions? Good to see he is using some of that Florida training he got. This guy is a super athlete but another case of a great athlete getting bad advice on what he's doing. I mean, he should have gotten his father to sale the autographs. I understand people out of the sport or in need of money doing this but come on Cam.
     When people ask me if the criticism that comes from self-publishing is worth it to me. My answer is this. When I was younger it probably wouldn't have been so but now, I'm older, closer to death and when you are closer to your death than your birth you really develope an attutuide of fuck you if someone has a problem that goes beyond just look at the art and commenting.
     I love how as a nation we are following along blindly as people within and outside our government push and get away with taking us back decades when it comes to food safety and work place safety all in the sheep gaze of being told that this helps companies. Help business? Yeah it helps business. So does owning slaves but we so far aren't asking if that should return. Yet. Give some of these people time. These government suits and wealthy asswipes are taking advantage of people in despite situations and they pull away mining safety regulations, push forward short sighted work place laws, and we are just following their words like a Teddy Speak And Spell. How The House Farm Bill Guts Important Food Safety Protections
     Yeah, all that stuff about government spending. Yeah. Yeah. **cough**  Seven Tea Party Freshmen Spent More Than $100,000 In Taxpayer Money On Personal Cars
     I like how the religious guys have to go to insults instead of intelligent discussion. Furious religious establishment figures decry Life of Brian and John Cleese, who parries them masterfully - Boing Boing and more here.
     The Youth Nazi's march on. Boy Scouts Of America Doubles Down On Discrimination

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Where I talk about How writers are masters of avoidance, Mitt Romney, Daniel Tosh, and Joe Paterno.

What should I talk about today....

     Well, one that I didn't update a blog entry yesterday but to be honest my brain was just blank all day for some reason. I also know I haven't updated with a game play entry in a while either. That comes down to two thing. 1, I'm looking into how to capture the video from play to maybe start doing a web series of my game play and 2, I just haven't had time to play anything. I'll try my best to do a update on Monday; which would be the first game of my first season playing MLB 10 The Show.
     But I was productive writing wise yesterday as I started planning out my next full length book. I'm approaching this book in ways that I've never done any story before. I'm laying out and planning the book on note cards to try to correct issues I have had in the past with the flow of a book, with making each character unique, and taking readers in interesting directions that aren't compromises on my part.
     What I meant by that last one is that I'm also going to be approaching this book with a firm plan to go head on with my weaknesses as a writer and not go away, or around, or substitute something else to get keep from facing them.
     I think one thing a writer can do after they start to see their weaknesses is find ways of not addressing them. Knowing  is half the battle but it's not all G.I. Joe. I've had times were I would run into a issue I know I have problems with but I would go another route to take it easy on myself. Don't learn a damn thing taking it easy on yourself.
     Maters of avoidance writers so are.

     I watched the first episode of this new web series by Sandeep Parikh and plan to watch more. Issue #1: The Super Force Versus The Bottom Line
     New episode of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. This show grew on me to now I look forward to new episodes. Meeting Bing Lee - Ep: 28
     A blast from the past. I always liked the idea of the Jim Crockett Cup because it paused feuds and stories for a while to just have a tournament of wrestling. The 'American Dream' Dusty Rhodes teams with the 'Russian Nightmare' Nikita Koloff to take on Rick Rude and Manny Fernandez in the Jim Crockett Cup. From 4/11/87
     Courtney Summers guests on the SF Signal Podcast and talks about her new book THIS IS NOT A TEST as well as other subjects. Give it a listen. 

   No Mr. Romney, no one wants free stuff. Nothing is free. You are right there. It's not free because people pay taxes on income, purchases, cars, houses, land, and 800 other things. And there is the biggest not free in all of this and that all of us having loved ones sacrificing their lives to prop up this government. Most people are fine with doing that thinking then the government will be there for them when they need it. What you want is for citizens to dish out their money with no return when they find a need for help in their live. Not how that's going to work. That leads to a charging of the gates in time; which frankly maybe what this country might need. I have a question for everyone- why follow rules of law of a government, why pay taxes, why be non-violent when your government isn't asking for citizens to be part of a two way participation in government but instead asking for serfdom? Romney: NAACP members want ’free stuff’
     People have asked me what I think about the Daniel Tosh issue that's come up. I've always said there isn't a word or a subject that you can't use in any form of art and comedy is art. But I've also always said unless you are a complete dumb fuck idiot then you have to know that using certain subject matter in your art will get you a very certain kind of response. So thinking Daniel Tosh has a brain he had to know going in what would come of this but it wasn't even his talk about rape jokes being funny that was the issues here. By the way he wasn't telling a joke but that's neither here or there, some comedians are conversation comedians. The real issue comes when he was heckled by someone who didn't like what he was saying and his response was,  “Wouldn’t it be funny if that girl got raped by like, 5 guys right now? Like right now? What if a bunch of guys just raped her…” That's not a joke. That's creating a hostile dangerous environment for this person and that makes him a coward in a high level of cowardice. Everyone talks about the whole "yelling fire in a theater" thing when it comes to censorship. That's what he did right there. He put that person in danger. People claiming any outcry against it is censorship, look up the word. Everyone else has the same right to criticize speech as the person who originally said something they didn't agree with.
Daniel Tosh Jokes About Seeing a Heckler Get Gang Raped
     Another thing people have asked me about today is the report that just came out today about the Penn State/Jerry Sandusky investigation. First don't even bring up football to me. That's bullshit. Talking about wins or loses and legacies of coaches is a insult to the victims in this case. But whenever this comes up people have always brought up Joe Paterno so I'll say something about him. No matter what today's report says what really made me lose respect for him was when asked if he ever talked to Jerry Sandusky about the things that were being said about him Paterno said no, he never brought it up. Never even mention it to someone he considered a friend. To me even if this was going on about my best friend, even if I never for a second thought the things being said could possibly be true, I as a human being talking to another one would ask- why are people saying this? What could be the reasoning them saying these things? Paterno didn't even bring it up to Sandusky. That's so telling to me.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Where I talk about Marvel Now, Smashwords, a Kickstarter project, and lots and lots of cool links and one rant.

     So I was going to write about Marvels new NEWS OF THE DECADE! Marvel's doing a relaunch/reboot/rethink but are they making the same mistakes DC made? In a word. Yes. But this one incoherent grouping of words pretty much says all I have to say on the subject. Though I'll probably rant on it later when a lot of the trades start coming out in hardcovers.

      Also my mind changed to me wishing to write about something that came up yesterday in a conversation with a reader of my stuffs. That person of conversation wasn't the first one to bring this subject up, I get a lot of emails from people when I release a free project to my Smashwords store saying they do't like that they have to create a account with Smashwords, which is free, to download said free projects.
     Let me talk for a bit  here and hopefully I can address this subject.
     The whole having to create an account thing happens because I'm not releasing as free per say but as a You Set The Price! method of payment; which can be free or however much you wish to pay. You can always read the thing for free first and then if you liked and want to pay something by download again and this time pay. A lot of people choice to do it this way and many for the second download were they pay they choose to send that copy as a gift to a friend which you can do now on Smaswords.
     The reason this whole thing is better for a writer to do is it gives the creator information on downloads/sales. I need this to know what people like and might like more of from me or others I work with. Raw numbers are still a very valuable tool because so many people don't comment or send emails or anything outside of the download/purchase.
     This is especially important when doing ongoing series. Lets say I'm writing two series, which I've been doing, with one I get a lot of responses from readers and the other nothing. You would think the one I get responses for would be the most popular? Not always the case. Take for example Chaos Read and Tin Universe, my two ongoing story series. Tin Universe gets way more emails than Chaos Read which gets hardly any but Chaos Read is downloaded three times more. Now you also have to factor in that one is You Set The Price! and the other is $0.99usd but you get the point in that example which I admit isn't very adapt at all.
     Moving on.
     The point I'm trying to make is that I factor in all of these things when deciding if people would like to see more of one character or groups of characters or types of stories over another. The best thing to happen would be for every reader to email or leave a comment or post a review but that's not going to happen. Some people might hate it so much they don't even want to talk about it but there are also others who just don't do the whole comment or email thing. I view tons of web shows daily but have only commented twice but I make sure to Like, Tweet, Share, or Dislike things.... though to be honest I never dislike something. If I don't like it I just don't hit Like or anything after viewing.
     I know signing up for yet another site sucks. I know if you're purchasing something that means giving another site your credit card information and that sucks, but all of these things help the artists. The process and information gathered through the process is something all independent artist need to learn and use.
     With that said I also know this can drive away readers. I know this was a big issue when I left LuLu and I'm still trying to built back that readership.
     Things like Smashwords, Kickstarter, LuLu and such are attempts to put more control and money in the hands of the artists who do the work. These systems are nowhere near perfect but they are building to something truly special if we all keep working hard to get it there.
     I thought I should mention this since it's come up quite a bit lately. I know when I left LuLu I lost readers but that was a choice because Smashwords offered more to creators in many ways. It's my home right now and I'm working to build that catalog into something that is worth setting up a new account there for.

Check Out my Smashwords store here.

     Found this the other day on the sidebar watching John Green videos. "I Just Need A Mate" a Ballad to Doctor Who The artist had other songs I liked also. Hope to see more from her in the future. I love the internet. Put your work out there. The internet is a reason why we should never forget to be awesome. DFTBA
     Speaking of someone who never forgets to be awesome. Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra - Want It Back (Uncensored)
     Ivy's Journal has been one of my favorite blogs to follow for years. Check it out.
     Check out the below Kickstarter. I'm a big fan of Moon Freight 3. One of my favorite webcomics.
     This Maureen Johnson shirt needs to be in my closet. This is like her official logo in my brain and you would know what I mean if you have meet her in person. That lady looks like she has so much energy inside her it might explode from her eyes at any moment.
     Today is Nikola Tesla's 156th Birthday. Celebrate by sharing this song for him by 8in8 (Ben Folds, Neil Gaiman, Damian Kulash, and Amanda Palmer)
     Probably the worst thing that could happen for one team and totally be awesome to the other. Google Autofill - Can I...?: The Miracle of Swindon Town #139
     Who are you sir or madam? Chordates - CrashCourse Biology #24

     Florida ignores reality and reasoning when it comes to most things. Reasoning, intelligence, and independent thought are sure to be illegal here soon. They are already hardly used in the state so people probably wont miss them much. Florida Ignores FBI Database When Granting Gun Carry Permits
     Only one rant today but if you check out my Facebook there might be more but I need to get off the computer now. I hear the thunders outside.


Monday, July 9, 2012

Where I talk about Why I don't recycle, the holy grail of ebook promoting, and religious freedom.

     Global Warming.
     It's simple. It's like me cleaning this apartment. Could I die if I don't clean this place? Medically is the dust in the carpet, the crumbs in between cracks, and the trash in the can harmful to my health unless something is done RIGHT NOW?
     Doesn't matter.
     I know if as soon as I post this blog entry I vacuum, clean, take out the trash, it will probably make things a lot easier for me and everyone living here health wise.
     Anyway, I'm just being lazy if I don't clean up.
     It's the same thing with the planet. Is Global Warming real? Not really the issue, here it is. If it's not, if the projections and the data are wrong then you get a cleaner planet. The air, the roads, the oceans, the rivers, the products we handle every day will be cleaner and better for our lives.
     Stop being stupid and lazy humans.
     If the data on Global Warming is as bad as so many very smart people think it is then we are wising up so to do something.
     It really is win/win in all ways but one, and there is always one, because I don't believe in win/win situations. The one way is that it goes down hill against the uphill cannibalistic nature of human greed and the current state of human thinking which is that thinking.... is some how a bad thing.
     What do I know? I'm just this buy on the internet, talking to the internet, as a guy on the internet.
     Well, that track to the next thought sucked?
     But me? Personally. You may ask how is my impact and footprint on the planet going? I don't care. I don't recycle. All trash goes in the trash. The one big green nasty smelling thing two feet from our apartment building. If we had recycling bins where I live I'd use them but I'm not going out of my way to do it.
     I also don't throw trash everywhere and make Native Americans on the side of the road cry or anything because that's just stupid and its kind of like shitting in your own living room.
     Unless you install a toilet in the living room and then it's on Simpsons style, "Out of my way, got to poop."
     What I have is a thinking of the thoughts that goes like this. When it comes to recycling. Stop the save the Earth talk. The Earth is going to be fine. The planet is going to be fine. She's tough. You're stupidity can't kill her. This old lady wont go down that easy. It's going to kill your offspring and their offspring and future generations but she'll home state it all and make it through. She might get really hot or really cold for a while but she's been there and done that before and as soon as humanity is off her back riding along without any thoughts of care for her beast of burden love she'll be smiling.
     “I have heard the languages of apocalypse, and now I shall embrace the silence.” ― Neil GaimanThe Sandman: Endless Nights
     So keep saying Global Warming is a fraud, keep saying it's the End Of Days. When all the flesh wanks are gone, Mother Earth she'll heal, she'll be good.
     The day humanity is totally wiped out will be the true Earth Day.
     Earth will be all permanent vacationing it.
     Well, at least until the Sun explodes....

     “As many know, the Chinese expression for "crisis" consists of two characters side by side. The first is the symbol for "danger," the second the symbol for "opportunity."― Al Gore
     You really should listen to him.

Cool links to check out:
     A pretty cool travel blog. There and Back Again: A Tale of Mishaps in Europe
     Video Q&A for 2012 Denver Comicon with Wil Wheaton and from Mr. Wheaton Where's Carl?
     The one year anniversary episode of the show. Video Comic Book Reviews - FFFIC Episode #52
     Time for some learning: The Atlantic Slave Trade: Crash Course World History #24 and The Higgs Boson.
     A blast from the past for old NWA wrestling fans. Nikita Koloff vs. Magnum TA - September 13, 1986. I wish the WWE would just do web series for NWA, ECW, AWA, in order. It's not like they are doing a huge amount with those catalogs anyways. They are starting to do more but I think this would be a great thing for their YouTube channels.

Rants and screams:
     People are always pointing me to websites or articles that say they know how to promote ebooks. When I visit these sites I for the most part find nothing but bullshit. The thing about the internet is there are so many roads you can take to find both success and failure. No one person has the "ANSWER" "!" As a old t-shirt of mine says, "Beware those who say they have found answers, seek those who are still on the journey."
    'We want religious freedom. Well, not your religion. Or you, I mean really? You people can't even tip up to the offering plate, out you go. Some people. Ok, now you are just being stupid, no sons of Cain allowed, Herman or otherwise. Stop going after my religion, it really takes away from my time from which I can go after your religion. The Bible says what? Love? *fingers in the ears, fingers in the ears* STOP TELLING ME WHAT MY RELIGION IS ! and please for Gods sake stop using reasoning skills when talking to me. It just ant fair.'  Louisiana Republican Supports State Funds For Religious Schools, As Long As They’re Not Islamic


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Where I talk about my current favorite comic, TV, and web series.

I wonder what I'm going to write about today....?

          How about a little cheat entry made up of two top-ten lists.

     Current Top-Ten Comic Books{these are for the most part books I'm following in trades}:
1- Y The Last Man
* I'm on volume 8. I pick up one or two volumes of this series a year and it never disappoints. One of my favorite comics of all time. Great writer, great interior art, and some of the best covers I've ever seen.
2- Buffy The Vampire Slayer (the season series)
* Loved season eight and looking forward to getting the first volume of season nine. I saw it the other day at the comic book store but I was already planning to pick up the new Guild trade so maybe next time.
3- Naruto
* The void in me from no more Harry Potter was filled by Naruto and it continues to be one of the best, most creative, and heart pounding stories in manga or any other comic book storytelling form. The last few volumes were a  little too Naruto less for me but right now I have Volume 57 sitting in front of me ready to go.
4- X-Factor
* Peter David writing X-Factor means I'm buying X-Factor. Probably my favorite Marvel book over the past five or so years. The only mainstream superhero books I was buying for a long time were Secret Six and X-Factor.
5- Batwoman
* Some of the best art in any comic going whether its mainstream superhero stuff or not. One of my favorite DC characters right now.
6- Animal Man
* I have always loved Animal Man. I have all the old trades and love his appearances in the old Justice League Europe series, which I'd love to have in trade also; so I had to pick up the first volume of the reboot and I wasn't disapointed. Can't wait until Volume 2 and this will also lead me to reading Swamp Thing in the New 52 DC Universe.
7- Saga
* I bought the first four issues of Saga and now will be going only trades with it but not because I don't like it, the complete other way is true, I will be buying these trades for a long time into the future.
8- Wonder Woman
* Was looking forward to volume one of the reboot of Wonder Woman so much that I even bought this in hardcover and as anyone who reads my blog, or my Twitter, or my Facebook, or is near me at the right rant moments knows I had hardcover comic books.
9- Stormwatch
* I enjoyed the first volume and though I'm disappointed Paul Cornell left the series I really like the whole concept of how it was relaunched and how its meant to fit into the overall DC Universe.
10- DMZ
* I got volume one of DMZ for free at my local comic book store Famous Faces And Funnies as part of their Free Comic Book May promotion. Volume 2 is on my list as I think I've found another series to add to my trade buying.
     {Remember check out your local comic book shop for all of these great series}

     Current Top-Ten TV or Web Series:
1- Doctor Who
* THE BEST TELEVISION SERIES OF ALL TIME! A lot of the modern Doctor Who is on Netflix and a few classic stories. More classic stories Netflix, please. NOW!!!
2- Bob's Burgers
* "I think I have a yest infection. Would you smell my fingers?" and so this show had me with those lines. Bob's Burgers is currently on Netflix and has passed both The Simpsons and South Park in my viewing love for animated comedies.
3- The Big Bang Theory
* Smart, creative, well acted, well written, and a great sitcom that plays with modern view points in a classic sense of what a sitcom is. In so many ways BBT is a throw back to old sitcoms.
4- Young Justice
* The best superhero animated series on television. Though the current Invasion story makes you wonder if the series has a goal point, it still is sharply written during these overall story arcing movements with individual  character high points and fan wank moments that never feel like wank.
5- The Guild
* Felicia Day did not only create my favorite web series ever. I truly think she energized the whole creative heart of the internet whether asswipes who go after her want to admit it or not. The lady is a creative force that makes me excited for each and every thing she takes part in. One of my inspirations to keep at my projects. You can find The Guild currently on Netflix or on Felicia Day's YouTube channel Geekandsundry. The DVD sets are really cheap on Amazon also.
6- Archer
* "Dangerzooone."
7- Crash Course
* The educational videos of Hank and John Green get me interested in so many things that, I, in the past, had not one bit of interest in because I didn't think I was smart enough.
8- Game Of Thrones
* Not a huge fantasy fan but a friend told me I should check this series out when it started and it's a stop point at our apartment whenever new episodes come out.
9- Vlogbrothers
* The series that started it all for the Green brothers is still one of my favorite shows.
10- Hank Games
* Well, I have to admit I'm more of a Hank Games without Hank fan when his brother John plays FIFA Football.

     *how come whenever I try to do a cheat fast entry it ends up drowned in links and ramble? Maybe I should just post pictures with text everyone is putting onto every picture online and call it a day?

     John Green gives a Vidcon recap of thoughts. The Physics of Book Clubs and Vidcon
     This Indoor Kids ends up mainly being about everyone's masturbation habits. LOLLIPOP CHAINSAW - James Gunn slashes zombies with The Indoor Kids
     If you like bugs and the like check out this Crash Course. Annelids & Arthropods Biology #23
     A few Crash Course history lessons on religions. Christianity from Judaism to the Constantine: Crash Course World History... and Islam, the Quran, and the Five Pillars All Without a Flamewar: Crash Cou...
     SciShow dives into Altruism
     Video Game High School episode 2

     This is fucking bullshit. And its always Florida. Living in Florida is like living on the surface area of a anus.
     Florida might be the wang of America but Rich Scott is leftover foreskin someone voodooed into life. Has this mother fucker done anything remotely worse shit beside cutting spending. Just cutting spending does nothing because that like amputating an arm for finger cuts.
     When the same telemarketers keep calling me I like to pull up a porn clip on the internet and hold my phone up to the speakers.
     Ok, Scott has problem with doctors asking if you own a gun but its ok for doctors to not treat women on moral grounds? Ok not to give out medicine based on religious views? When the fuck did our country become a scifi novel? It's a hard life for a writer out there trying to create crazier shit that's really happening, right now, in America. Federal Judge Permanently Blocks Florida Law Banning Doctors From Asking About Guns
     When I was a kid I didnt really care for fireworks. As an adult nothing has changed but for more blood lust. Am I the only sick shit who goes on YouTube the day after the 4th of July looking for disaster videos?
     I love how the GOP is always "We'll allowing killings for not having a little american flag on your jacket." but its ok to boo gay soldiers, to talk shit about female soldiers. People like Joe Walsh are wastes of flesh. Rep. Joe Walsh Blasts Double Amputee’s Military Service, Says She’s Not 
     Every citizen needs something along these lines because of stuff like this among many things in NY.
     Gov websites still look like they were made in 1995 by a 80 yrd grandma who wanted to know what the internets were about and was taking a weekend class. I'M LOOKING AT YOU DMV!


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Where I rerere-release a old poetry collection KILL MACHINE

To celebrate the 4th of July I just uploaded a old poetry collection {KILL MACHINE} I released to my Smashwords store today. It's You Pick The Price! You can download for free and then pay if you liked after.

For more poetry visit the Bloodwaste Books blogger page. I plan to update poetry there on a monthly basis.


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Where I talk about insults that warm my heart, sushi writing, and crowd sourced editing. Also I rant on Magic Mike.

      Someone tried to insult me yesterday within a very long email by saying, "You are a human art piece of content creation and failure" I like it. The person who sent me that message was doing so after I was talking online about maybe doing a podcast and also maybe a vlog.

     I really should make that into a t-shirt.
     The same person also wrote, "You only care about creating and nothing about perfecting." Ok, yeah, I've sort of made that well known. I'd rather get my stories out into the world than waiting for things to happen that are largely out of my control and a lot of the time have nothing to do with quality.
     I have never said the way I'm doing things is the right way. I've even gone out of my way to say if there is any other way you can do it that's different from me and how I'm doing it and that's ok with you go for it.
     Choices are that, a choice, a different road from another road. A different view from another view. It's not necessarily the right or wrong road. And to take those roads you don't really need to think they are right or wrong.
     The choices I've made with my writing and art{for lack of a better word} are mine and mine alone. Those choices are based on many factors and one of the major ones is health issues.
     "You are a human piece of content creation..."
     We all are. Not everyone creates art but everyone has it within them to do so and everyone doesn't have to do it at the same level or the same way.
     That's a matter of your opinion and I respect that opinion but I don't see failure and I'm not bullshitting here. I've had some pretty big and stupid screw ups but those weren't failures, those were stop signs, pauses. Stop signs aren't dead ends, remember that.
     I believe in the method of sushi writing and crowd sourced editing. I feel when I get to a stop point on a project that's its time to put my work and my neck out there for people to consume and let me know what they think. Like this person did and I thanked them for that.
     "You only care about creating and nothing about perfecting."
     Perfection within any art is a bullshit concept. If I only cared about throwing things out there into the world and nothing else I have four other books, thousands of poems, and hundreds of short stories added to my catalog but I haven't reached a stopping point with those yet so the sushi is still being prepared.
     The art is going home. The thing written on my hand in the pic that started this isn't really about what people think. Someone have suggested its about creators rights or about other things. It's about me once again finding the original feeling of joy that came the first time I told a story. That first feeling of love.

     And if I do end up doing a podcast or vlog it will be to help me get over some issues of people seeing and hearing me that I been battling with the last couple of years. Plus I love so many podcasts and vlogs I want to try it and there is nothing wrong with people just trying and having fund doing any form of art. Matter of fact I think that's probably the purest form of anything.

     Legend Of Neil episode 4
     This is such a awesome fucking short animated film. The Gloaming
     All politicians should be forced to watch this episode of SciShow so they will see how stupid they are even to themselves. The Science of Lying
     The last FFFIC before my local comic book shop Famous Faces And Funnies changes locations to a larger place. Comic Book Reviews - FFFIC Episode #51
     Hank Green discusses Online Videos. Online Video about Online Video
     Table Top fun with Wil Wheaton and one of my favorite actresses Amber Benson also. I leave each episode of Table Top wishing to play the games but I really really really want to play Gloom. Gloom: Amber Benson, Michele Boyd, and Meghan Camarena (Strawburry17) jo...
     You should watch this at work with the volume on. NYC Squirrel Songs : Foamy the Squirrel
     The Columbian Exchange: Crash Course World History #23
     Video Game High School is a web series I found by following Felicia Day's Twitter. I'm liking what I've seen so far after watching the first episode. Video Game High School (VGHS) - Ep. 1

      I have many friends who are looking forward to seeing Magic Mike and nothing wrong with that. I wonder though about the story. Will it be revealed that he was sexually abused as a child and that led him to this type of life? Will there be a scene were he's almost raped by a costumer in the parking lot after hours? With the nightclub be dirty or will it be all nice and shinny? What will the patrons look like who pay to see the shows? I know this is just suppose to be a fun, enjoyable movie but why can't you have that with these types of films with female strippers. The story tropes for female characters almost always start and swim through fields of negative to even get to a hint of positive. Again, not attacking the film, just thinking out loud.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Where I talk about a past project that got me some good hate mail, a Culture Parlour, and healthcare.

No game update this Monday because I didn't get the chance over the weekend to play any games.

Today though is a good day to di.... promote myself.

     Paychance Opening Sunday Thoughts was a vignette story that I released a few months ago. It got me a lot of hate mail but also some really good emails of support and so I'm giving it a shout out again. It's free so give it a read and let me know how much you extremely hate me or like me or don't care.

     A new episode from one of my favorite podcasts Stacey's Pop Culture Parlour episode 5. I was listening to tons of podcasts for a while but when I stopped going to the gym I lost those moments of doing it. I need to get back to listening to a lot of them because they are so cool and also because I need to hit the gym more. Too bad I live in a shit hole that calls itself luxury apartments but they can't add straight or get anything fixed. I might not be too bright but I don't think they have ever looked up the word luxury. Putting aside my living space and lazy ass you should check out Stacey's Pop Culture Parlour, its really cool.
    SciShow brings the science because that's what it does. Electromagnetism - Electrostatic Force: The Four Fundamental Forces of P...
     Here's a couple of SMoring Show And Tell episodes: SMorning Show and Tell #2: Clerks Program and Black Pearl Ring and SMorning Show and Tell #3: Ex-Girlfriend's Mom's Note and Some Awards. Then try some SModCo Cartoon Show: SModCo Cartoon Show #6: PFK and SModCo Cartoon Show #7: The Bryning.
     Check Hank Green rehearsing his Vidcon show: VidCon Set
     Legend Of Neil Episode 3
     I love Are You Serious? and if you are a big wrestling fan from the past and present you should watch it too. RoboCop to the rescue! - "Are You Serious?" - Episode 21
     Hey The Celtic Warrior is a Liverpool fan. The Celtic Warrior Lives for Liverpool - "Outside the Ring" - Episode 7
     Good news for one of my favorite writers on a book I loved a lot, THIS IS NOT A TEST by Courtney Summers is optioned for a TV movie. Options are options but this is really cool news. And if you haven't, do yourself a favor, read the book.
     I love xkcd and this Moon Landing comic had me laughing.
     Electromagnetism - Magnetic Force: The Four Fundamental Forces of Physic...
     My all time favorite Valiant book was Archer & Armstrong and its coming back. As with all of these new Valiant books I'm going to watch for the trades but I will probably pick up the first trade volume of all of them.
     I had a lot of fun watching Euro 2012. Spain was the best team once again and are now in the discussion of best teams ever.

     You know why the Supreme Court ruling on healthcare means nothing to me. I still can't go to the doctor, still can't go to the dentist, still can't get much needed help with health issues. Until there is universal healthcare for all, people will keep dying in pain with the way to save their lives within reach. And this is not a day for people to be telling me "You run on about dental care. No one has ever died from not going to the dentist." Now that sort of stupidity is what people should die from. Obama Care is a step forward but only a step. One little and hardly noticeable step.
     A true healthcare system should be preventive. Our systems have always treated diseases and illness{and not very well}. A universal health preventive system would save money by keeping people healthy but healthy people doesn't make big companies money and dying poor people don't matter.
     I give the United States ten years before we are split into allied country states. I don't think its going to be as glory filled as a civil war but a matter of paper work. The frame works of that are being laid now and future riots and deaths to come with be the signatures on the paper. In a few months I will be taking a week off from the internet, the world. Put it on my calendar two seconds ago because I'm really disgusted and ashamed to be a part of the human race right now. Our cats show more of a sense of reasoned thought, joy, and love than a lot of this country. Former GOP Spokesman: 'Is Armed Rebellion Now Justified?'
   When a business is so incompetent that they can't add one and two together with a calculator then its not someone you want to deal with in the future. How do these people keep getting jobs and I can't find one? I might be a ugly lunch box cud but I can at least add with a calculator.