Monday, July 2, 2012

Where I talk about a past project that got me some good hate mail, a Culture Parlour, and healthcare.

No game update this Monday because I didn't get the chance over the weekend to play any games.

Today though is a good day to di.... promote myself.

     Paychance Opening Sunday Thoughts was a vignette story that I released a few months ago. It got me a lot of hate mail but also some really good emails of support and so I'm giving it a shout out again. It's free so give it a read and let me know how much you extremely hate me or like me or don't care.

     A new episode from one of my favorite podcasts Stacey's Pop Culture Parlour episode 5. I was listening to tons of podcasts for a while but when I stopped going to the gym I lost those moments of doing it. I need to get back to listening to a lot of them because they are so cool and also because I need to hit the gym more. Too bad I live in a shit hole that calls itself luxury apartments but they can't add straight or get anything fixed. I might not be too bright but I don't think they have ever looked up the word luxury. Putting aside my living space and lazy ass you should check out Stacey's Pop Culture Parlour, its really cool.
    SciShow brings the science because that's what it does. Electromagnetism - Electrostatic Force: The Four Fundamental Forces of P...
     Here's a couple of SMoring Show And Tell episodes: SMorning Show and Tell #2: Clerks Program and Black Pearl Ring and SMorning Show and Tell #3: Ex-Girlfriend's Mom's Note and Some Awards. Then try some SModCo Cartoon Show: SModCo Cartoon Show #6: PFK and SModCo Cartoon Show #7: The Bryning.
     Check Hank Green rehearsing his Vidcon show: VidCon Set
     Legend Of Neil Episode 3
     I love Are You Serious? and if you are a big wrestling fan from the past and present you should watch it too. RoboCop to the rescue! - "Are You Serious?" - Episode 21
     Hey The Celtic Warrior is a Liverpool fan. The Celtic Warrior Lives for Liverpool - "Outside the Ring" - Episode 7
     Good news for one of my favorite writers on a book I loved a lot, THIS IS NOT A TEST by Courtney Summers is optioned for a TV movie. Options are options but this is really cool news. And if you haven't, do yourself a favor, read the book.
     I love xkcd and this Moon Landing comic had me laughing.
     Electromagnetism - Magnetic Force: The Four Fundamental Forces of Physic...
     My all time favorite Valiant book was Archer & Armstrong and its coming back. As with all of these new Valiant books I'm going to watch for the trades but I will probably pick up the first trade volume of all of them.
     I had a lot of fun watching Euro 2012. Spain was the best team once again and are now in the discussion of best teams ever.

     You know why the Supreme Court ruling on healthcare means nothing to me. I still can't go to the doctor, still can't go to the dentist, still can't get much needed help with health issues. Until there is universal healthcare for all, people will keep dying in pain with the way to save their lives within reach. And this is not a day for people to be telling me "You run on about dental care. No one has ever died from not going to the dentist." Now that sort of stupidity is what people should die from. Obama Care is a step forward but only a step. One little and hardly noticeable step.
     A true healthcare system should be preventive. Our systems have always treated diseases and illness{and not very well}. A universal health preventive system would save money by keeping people healthy but healthy people doesn't make big companies money and dying poor people don't matter.
     I give the United States ten years before we are split into allied country states. I don't think its going to be as glory filled as a civil war but a matter of paper work. The frame works of that are being laid now and future riots and deaths to come with be the signatures on the paper. In a few months I will be taking a week off from the internet, the world. Put it on my calendar two seconds ago because I'm really disgusted and ashamed to be a part of the human race right now. Our cats show more of a sense of reasoned thought, joy, and love than a lot of this country. Former GOP Spokesman: 'Is Armed Rebellion Now Justified?'
   When a business is so incompetent that they can't add one and two together with a calculator then its not someone you want to deal with in the future. How do these people keep getting jobs and I can't find one? I might be a ugly lunch box cud but I can at least add with a calculator.


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