Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Where I talk about insults that warm my heart, sushi writing, and crowd sourced editing. Also I rant on Magic Mike.

      Someone tried to insult me yesterday within a very long email by saying, "You are a human art piece of content creation and failure" I like it. The person who sent me that message was doing so after I was talking online about maybe doing a podcast and also maybe a vlog.

     I really should make that into a t-shirt.
     The same person also wrote, "You only care about creating and nothing about perfecting." Ok, yeah, I've sort of made that well known. I'd rather get my stories out into the world than waiting for things to happen that are largely out of my control and a lot of the time have nothing to do with quality.
     I have never said the way I'm doing things is the right way. I've even gone out of my way to say if there is any other way you can do it that's different from me and how I'm doing it and that's ok with you go for it.
     Choices are that, a choice, a different road from another road. A different view from another view. It's not necessarily the right or wrong road. And to take those roads you don't really need to think they are right or wrong.
     The choices I've made with my writing and art{for lack of a better word} are mine and mine alone. Those choices are based on many factors and one of the major ones is health issues.
     "You are a human piece of content creation..."
     We all are. Not everyone creates art but everyone has it within them to do so and everyone doesn't have to do it at the same level or the same way.
     That's a matter of your opinion and I respect that opinion but I don't see failure and I'm not bullshitting here. I've had some pretty big and stupid screw ups but those weren't failures, those were stop signs, pauses. Stop signs aren't dead ends, remember that.
     I believe in the method of sushi writing and crowd sourced editing. I feel when I get to a stop point on a project that's its time to put my work and my neck out there for people to consume and let me know what they think. Like this person did and I thanked them for that.
     "You only care about creating and nothing about perfecting."
     Perfection within any art is a bullshit concept. If I only cared about throwing things out there into the world and nothing else I have four other books, thousands of poems, and hundreds of short stories added to my catalog but I haven't reached a stopping point with those yet so the sushi is still being prepared.
     The art is going home. The thing written on my hand in the pic that started this isn't really about what people think. Someone have suggested its about creators rights or about other things. It's about me once again finding the original feeling of joy that came the first time I told a story. That first feeling of love.

     And if I do end up doing a podcast or vlog it will be to help me get over some issues of people seeing and hearing me that I been battling with the last couple of years. Plus I love so many podcasts and vlogs I want to try it and there is nothing wrong with people just trying and having fund doing any form of art. Matter of fact I think that's probably the purest form of anything.

     Legend Of Neil episode 4
     This is such a awesome fucking short animated film. The Gloaming
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      I have many friends who are looking forward to seeing Magic Mike and nothing wrong with that. I wonder though about the story. Will it be revealed that he was sexually abused as a child and that led him to this type of life? Will there be a scene were he's almost raped by a costumer in the parking lot after hours? With the nightclub be dirty or will it be all nice and shinny? What will the patrons look like who pay to see the shows? I know this is just suppose to be a fun, enjoyable movie but why can't you have that with these types of films with female strippers. The story tropes for female characters almost always start and swim through fields of negative to even get to a hint of positive. Again, not attacking the film, just thinking out loud.

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