Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I Love To Discuss But Circles Gives Me Headaches

     People keep wishing to talk to me about gun control but it quickly ends because its another issue that just gives people a chance to shout or ALL CAPS at someone so I'll try to make this basic. Whenever anyone mentions gun control people auto scream "YOU'RE PLANNING TO TAKE OUR GUNS!" being puppets of some very powerful rich people. That's not even possible in a country like ours and wouldn't in any fashion be the best way of tackling gun vieolence issues. I'm all for people owning a gun or two for home defense and hunting. It just shouldn't be that easy to own a gun or a hundred guns or tons of ammo or body armor but I'm being logical and that's not a path people want to walk. They jump from gun control to "TAKING MY GUNS!" Oh, and anyone I know who wants to talk hunting. If you need a auto or semi automatic gun to hunt YOU SUCK and anyone who goes with you might end up Cheneyed.

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