Wednesday, July 18, 2012

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     This week has been shit for blogging from me. Between bad weather taking me off the computer and being sick I'm about to call it for the week. Next week we return to the regular blogging schedule. Until then check out some of these cool link I briefly talk about below.
     I can't wait for the new Sandman story. I constantly reread those books all the time. CCI VIDEO: Gaiman, Vertigo Announce New "Sandman" Miniseries - Comic Book Resources and CCI: Neil Gaiman Returns to "The Sandman" - Comic Book Resources
     And another of my favorite books series will have new stories coming out. CCI: Terry Moore Announces New "SiP" Story and All-Ages Comic Project - Comic Book Resources
     InterestingThe Facebook Cortex
     John Green plays FIFA and speaks wisdom: Our Economic Futures:The Miracle of Swindon Town #142 and How to Do Difficult Things: The Miracle of Swindon #143 and Google Autofill - Is It OK To...?: The Miracle of Swindon Town #144
     SciShow looks at being outside the bounds of normal weather and there's mentions of bog mummies that's pretty messed up.This Is What Climate Change Feels Like and tackles a controversial subject that really shouldn't be but we are getting stupider as a nation A Brief History of Birth Control and Even though the only thing I'm worse at than spelling is math I can admire genius Alan Turing: Great Minds
     A new episode of my favorite comic book review series. Comic Book Reviews - FFFIC #53
     Felicia Day does The Flog from Comic Con. The Flog @ Comic Con 2012!
     How about some Animal Behavior - CrashCourse Biology #25
     Every artist of any form should watch this. They Became What They Beheld: Medium, Message, Youtubery
     More John Green and this time he talks about Hitler and Sex!
     Kevin Smith is my hero. SMarchive #12: Criticism vs. Creation

     Cam Newton charging for autographs at signing sessions? Good to see he is using some of that Florida training he got. This guy is a super athlete but another case of a great athlete getting bad advice on what he's doing. I mean, he should have gotten his father to sale the autographs. I understand people out of the sport or in need of money doing this but come on Cam.
     When people ask me if the criticism that comes from self-publishing is worth it to me. My answer is this. When I was younger it probably wouldn't have been so but now, I'm older, closer to death and when you are closer to your death than your birth you really develope an attutuide of fuck you if someone has a problem that goes beyond just look at the art and commenting.
     I love how as a nation we are following along blindly as people within and outside our government push and get away with taking us back decades when it comes to food safety and work place safety all in the sheep gaze of being told that this helps companies. Help business? Yeah it helps business. So does owning slaves but we so far aren't asking if that should return. Yet. Give some of these people time. These government suits and wealthy asswipes are taking advantage of people in despite situations and they pull away mining safety regulations, push forward short sighted work place laws, and we are just following their words like a Teddy Speak And Spell. How The House Farm Bill Guts Important Food Safety Protections
     Yeah, all that stuff about government spending. Yeah. Yeah. **cough**  Seven Tea Party Freshmen Spent More Than $100,000 In Taxpayer Money On Personal Cars
     I like how the religious guys have to go to insults instead of intelligent discussion. Furious religious establishment figures decry Life of Brian and John Cleese, who parries them masterfully - Boing Boing and more here.
     The Youth Nazi's march on. Boy Scouts Of America Doubles Down On Discrimination

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