Saturday, June 30, 2007


Just a quick jump in to say hi and hope everyone has a good weekend. I may post something more long winded tonight so be warned. Also remember that tomorrow will be Sunday review day so stop by to read about the lastest thing I spent too much money on or barrowed from the libuary. I will just hit some quick links before I head out and back to the pay the rent job.

For the aspiring comic books writers/artists out there you should give a visithere and here and here.

Mar this and this are for you.

A good intro piece for those new to the whole digital disc format wars. I'm such a huge movie geek and I'm showing my age but I was around for all the stuff with BETA and VHS so I think I will wait until there is a clear winner before buying one or the other. Well, unless something really cool Doctor Who wise hits one of the formats. I know, geek. What can I say?

Put a link here so I will remember to visit later.

And that's about it for now.


Friday, June 29, 2007


Nothing going on today. Really behind in paper work at the pay the rent job so I will be coming in tomorrow for sure to work on my end of the month reports. While the 2nd Draft of my book is being edited I'm thinking about what my next book will be. Though I will be working on mini-comics, webcomics, short stories, and such to tie-in with and promote the book, I have to keep my mind moving forward also. So with that being said my next book will either be a Sc-Fi Adventure in space set in the same universe as the current book I'm writing or a YA book about insanity. I think the latter would be the easist for me to write and you can put your own reasons down for why I would think that but I hardly every choose easy. Besides this little ramble not much of a entry tonight.

Everyone be safe.


Thursday, June 28, 2007


Planned to spend the morning hitting stores for Harry Potter stuff and cleaning up the apartment more. Ended up spending most of the day snuggled up beside the women I love before going out for a quick lunch and trip to the bank before we both had to head into work. "Had to head" That even sounded grammically incorrect to me. And yes, I know, sue me. It was a great morning as was last night when we just laughed, joked, and touched each other in totally naughty fashions.

I'm having a very distracted night so I'm going to hit you with some things I found interesting to and then go do some writing or something. I'm either hungry, sick, or dying. Can't figure out which one it is though.

"Bond Denied for Black Teen Jailed for Consensual Sex In Georgia, a judge has denied bond for a young African-American man who has been serving a 10-year prison sentence for having consensual oral sex with another teenager. The ruling could keep Genarlow Wilson behind bars for several more months. Genarlow Wilson was 17 years old and the girl was 15 years old when the sexual encounter took place. Wilson was convicted of felony aggravated child molestation. He has already spent two years behind bars. Since Wilson was convicted Georgia changed its law on teenage sex. Wilson was initially ordered released earlier this month but the ruling was overturned after a surprising appeal from the state attorney general. Several civil rights groups have rallied behind the case. Dr. Francys Johnson of the NAACP said: “[We are] convinced that justice has taken a summer vacation in Georgia.”"
Democracy NOW!
Though since when has the South been known as the bastion of justice at any time?

Free Online Comics
I'm such a dumb ass because I just found this and I tend to avoid official sites because, well, they usually suck but all you need to do is register and you can read a bunch of cool comics online.

Below are come things I found interesting online today:
New Cold War
Brown v. Board of Education
Contempt of Congress
domestic cat

Remember, No knowing who you are is not excuse for not being who you are,

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I can hate. So can you. Hate can be very healthy. A good boiling hate with your arms folded and glaring a hole through someone is a good thing. Much better than smiling while it builds from within to the point were your hate becomes action. I think sometimes the biggest motivation in with me in my writing is hate. Don't ask me to explain because it would probably end up turning into some sort of philosophical and phytological study of my thinking process. I have always believed that one of the biggest problems in this world is our blindness to our base levels. Hate, greed, fear, lust, love, anger, and more....all things which help create us, mold us, feed us. When human beings hide from these things they are cutting off roots of growth and everything from within begins to rotten like a trash bag full of last months sausage links. Just thought I would share those thoughts.

Moving on.

I wish to give a shout out to someone I have called Brave Summers. A old internet friend from back in my on the net 24/7 days. Don't know if you ever visit here Courtney but you are one of the most talented writers I have ever encountered. Your abilities to tell a story have did nothing but grow in what I have read of your work and in that it has been a long time since I have read anything I would say you are probably Ms.Writer Goddess these days. Any success you achieve you deserve. I know one of these days I will be standing in a bookstore pointing to the back of a book saying, "I know her." And people will walk away saying, "Yea, right Brian. Whatever."You are a story teller who I have always thought runs circles around most of the other modern wishing on a star I'm a writer, I'm on the internet writers including myself. I told you a long time ago and you probably do not remember this but I said, "I think when I read something you write the only thing I can say is that young lady writes. Period. Cold, in your face, there is the subject, point, and fact. She can write." Best of luck in this next step in your life.

How about the news?

If only I had of the monies, in my worst impression of Joss Whedon dialogue.

I found this way cooler and funnier than I probably should have but I'm a little nuts these days anyways.

Look McD's and and others show you how much of a pig stuffer you are. Talking to myself there. The diet isn't going so well as you may have guessed.

I want this, this,this, and this. But not right now. I have my eye on something big for my birthday. It is hard, big, and has the word Absolute on it. No Robbin it is not vodka either. People, please, focus. December will be here soon enough and you need to organize to plan my birthday celebrations.

I love to read anything Peter David writes about writing.

Johnmight like this to see a different approaches and what works and does not work for covers. Robbin, We need a nickname for the boy. Though I think stud is taken.

This sounds really cool. Robb speak in geek to me so I can understand.

I want to trythis.

$54 mln lawsuit over trousers
Stunned by stupidity.

Putting a link here so I will remember to read later.

Attempt to Cut Off Funding to Former School of the Americas Fails
In other news from Capitol Hill, an attempt in the House to close the U.S. military training center once known as the School of the Americas has failed. 42 Democrats joined with Republicans to continue funding the Defense Institute for Hemispheric Security Cooperation. Human rights groups have urged Congress to close the school which has long been linked to human rights atrocities committed in Latin America.
Democracy NOW!
Not having the courage to reverse your own actions is one of the grade A signs of being a coward.

Court Rules Against Student in Free Speech Case
The high court ruled on Monday that public schools can prohibit student expression that can be interpreted as advocating drug use. The case centered on a high school student in Alaska who was suspended for holding a sign that read Bong Hits 4 Jesus at a parade during a school trip. In his dissent, John Paul Stevens criticized the majority of the court for inventing out of whole cloth a special First Amendment rule permitting the censorship of any student speech that mentions drugs.
Democracy NOW!
Yea. Seem pretty vague to me. And vague in First Amendment cases is really dangerous.

Court Backs Bush's Faith-Based Initiatives Program
In another five to four ruling, the Roberts court handed a victory to President Bush's faith-based initiatives program. The court ruled that ordinary taxpayers cannot challenge the constitutionality of White House efforts to help religious groups obtain government funding for their social programs. In another case that was closely watched by environmental groups, the court ruled that the federal government can avoid its responsibility to protect species under the Endangered Species Act by handing off authority to the states.
Democracy NOW!
How do you type a loud gurgling screaming sound because that is what is currently coming from my mouth.

Opium Production Soars in Afghanistan
A new United Nations report has found opium production in Afghanistan has jumped by nearly 50 percent over the past year. Afghanistan now accounts for 92 percent of the world's illicit opium production. Much of the opium is converted into heroin and morphine and distributed around the world.
Democracy NOW!
Why do we have to go to other countries for drugs? Buy American!

Insurance Industry Prepares Counteroffensive Against Moore's Sicko
Meanwhile the New York Sun is reporting the insurance and pharmaceutical industries are readying a multifaceted counteroffensive against Michael Moore's new film Sicko. Several think tanks and front groups are being bankrolled to attack Moore's critique of the health care industry. According to the Sun, the groups involved in the campaign include the CATO Institute; the Manhattan Institute; the Galen Institute, Pacific Research Institute; the Heritage Foundation and FreedomWorks, which is run by Former House Republican Majority Leader Dick Armey.
Democracy NOW!
Just what Michael Moore. Hate him or like him but he knows how to play the game of media.

Students Criticize Torture in White House Meeting With Bush
Meanwhile protests are continuing over the Bush administration's support for torture. On Monday the president was personally presented a letter signed by 50 high school seniors in the Presidential Scholars program. The letter said: "We do not want America to represent torture. We urge you to do all in your power to stop violations of the human rights of detainees, to cease illegal renditions, and to apply the Geneva Convention to all detainees, including those designated enemy combatants." White House Press Secretary Dana Perino said the president was not expecting the students" letter but read it and then told the students that that United States does not torture and that the country values human rights. Meanwhile protests are taking place today across the country to mark the UN's International Day to Remember the Victims of Torture. In Washington the American Civil Liberties Union is organizing a Day of Action to Restore Law and Justice.
Democracy NOW!
I would have liked to have seen that. When you take away justice for any, you take it away from all. I don't know who said that but it just slipped into my mind.

CIA Releases Docs on Spying, Assassination Plots
The CIA has declassified nearly seven hundred pages of documents detailing scores of operations from the 1950s to 1970s. They include the illegal wiretapping of American journalists, extensive surveillance of civil rights and anti-war groups, bugging of political conventions, performing drug tests on US citizens without consent, and plotting to assassinate world leaders. In 1960, the CIA enlisted two mobsters on the FBI’s most-wanted list in an attempt to assassinate Fidel Castro.
Democracy NOW!
See. George Bush and his Our Gang are innocent. Our government have always been a bunch of rat bastards.

And if that isn't enough to get you pissed or depressed I don't know what will.

Moving on.

I will be posting a advanced advanced teaser image for the novella on Monday. The completed project will not be out until 08 but we are heading down the stretch with it right now editing and rewriting on the book as well as tie-in projects to it. I have so many cool ideas to add to it that will be appearing here and on other sites so I will keep everyone informed.

Thanks to Robin Bird, Wave, and Touch for comments. My friends. They comment when no one else cares. Though I am starting to get spam on here so the spam loves me. I just DON'T LIKE SPAM Sorry, had to do it. Love the subtitles for some reason also.

Remember, Not know how you are is no excuse for not being who you are,

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Children have no rights. Yes we draft up laws to try and protect them but when it comes to the real issues of them being treated as more than something of their parents they are property. The major issues facing this planets survival are not issues that can be addressed by faith, laws, or force. They are issues of logical clear thinking. With children...well, they are amusing little Lego Lands for us to put forward our own immortality upon. We treat them like property for the most part. As in the case recently that is being bantered all over the news we find ourselves in a situation were everyone is asking once again why would a parent kill their spouse and then their children? Why did he kill the child? Why would a mother kill her children? Why would a parent abuse their children? My thoughts, and yes this will become a rant, my answer to that is because we have children in todays society for all the wrong reasons. We do it because it is for a family, we do it for so called faith, we do it in hopes they can accomplish in their lives the things our own cowardliness keep us from accomplishing, we do it because we are greedy fucking animals. Thoughat least animals eat their young for survival. Our society, the society of fucking humanity chews children up and spits them out. Time and time again you see cases where the mother or the father are having what ever their problems are and they attack each other and who gets caught up in the end. The children. And so many times when murder suicides happen the children are killed as if the parents think if our world are ending they are nothing, they are not life, they are nothing without us.

Children are used in devoices, children are used to push political agendas, children are held up as the sunshine to save marriages and as the darkness that sends them sliding down slopes to the end. But when all is said and done our government, our faith leaders, all want to say God and the government cares about children. How do they do this? By putting bumper stickers on their Hummers and SUV's that say CHOOSE LIFE or PROTECTING YOUR CHILDREN FROM TERRORISTS. How do they do this, by supporting governments that treat women and children like animals in the garden, by fighting wars based upon other governments saying they wanted to bitch slap your daddy when he was president, by telling people they have to push Abstinence Only Sex Education to third world nations before you will fucking give them medicine to treat disease, by taking away a womens right of choice to have a child but abandon her the second she does have the child? How do you protect our children? You want to stand on your hight horse and say PUT THEM UP FOR ADAPTION. Why? So you can abandon them in a system that treats them less than kennel dogs. Ok, the next person who goes off about abortion, grow a spine then if that if your view and adapt a kid. If the upper class of the government and our society want to spout off about making abortion illegal then how come they also do not preach about their fucking people popping out kids like popping the top off their next beer. How is that being responsible? You say the government gives assistance to parents. Fuck you! Fuck you, fuck you FUCK YOU! I know personally how much the government helps out families. Oh, you help out just enough to keep people alive but beyond that. Fuck You! Don't tell me you will be there when you know you will not. Where were you when my father who worked hard all his life and was in the military broke his neck. You were their to allow them to cut his disability, you where their as they tried to cut the money his gets for medicine. Thanks for being there. Don't for second preach to me about being their for your people. Don't even try it.

Oh, and by the way. I am sick and tired I've going to the movies and having to sit through military ads. It has nothing to do with the soldiers. I'm so grateful for the death tolls that have been made so I can sit and spout off at the mouth but at the same time I hate our government for putting these soldiers in these situations for nothing more than for our President and his God, be he Jesus or Dick Cheney can put their dicks in the sand and say We Are America. And more than anything else how can our government put ads on that big of a fucking screen saying they were there for the people whose lives were ripped apart by Hurricane Katrina? Wonder if those ads run in any movie houses in New Orleans?

And now.. hands are shaking and I'm just feed up with the world right now and can't type anymore....


Monday, June 25, 2007

Gordon Lee Trial Date Set – CBLDF Needs Your Help!

CBLDF Appeal
The following is a press release from the CBLDF.

Gordon Lee Trial Date Set – CBLDF Needs Your Help!

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund urgently needs your help. This August, the long-running case of Georgia v. Gordon Lee will finally go to trial, with court costs expected to hit $20,000.

For nearly three years the Fund has defended Georgia retailer Gordon Lee, seeing him through multiple arraignments and procedures, and racking up $80,000 in legal bills. The charges stem from a Halloween 2004 incident in which Lee handed out, among other free comics, an anthology featuring an excerpt from the critically acclaimed graphic novel The Salon. The segment depicted a historically accurate meeting between 20th Century art icons Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso, the latter depicted in the nude. It was a harmless sequence, no more explicit than the nudity displayed in the award winning Watchmen. Yet because the title found its way into the hands of a minor, Floyd County prosecutors hit Lee with two felony counts and five misdemeanors. The Fund eventually knocked out most of the charges, but must now defeat the two remaining misdemeanor counts of Distribution of Harmful to Minors Material, each carrying a penalty of up to one year in prison and up to $1,000 in fines.

The case is slated to go to trial the week of August 13. We urgently need your support in order to wage the best defense possible against these remaining charges, and that means raising the $20,000 that the trial is expected to cost. Here's how you can help:

Make A Monetary Donation: Every dollar counts, so please visit the and make a tax-deductible contribution today. As a thank-you for making a donation of $30 or more, the Fund will give you a brand new t-shirt displaying the text of the First Amendment in the shape of an American flag. Show your commitment to free speech, and your support for this very important case.

Join The CBLDF: Now is the time to join or renew your membership in the Fund. Your member dollars provide the baseline of support that we need to perform our casework, and defend your right to buy whatever comics you wish. If you join now with a basic membership of $25 you will receive a CBLDF Member Card, featuring new Groo art by the one-and-only Sergio Aragones, as well as a subscription to our news publication Busted!, and special admission to CBLDF events across the country. If you join at a level of $100 or more, you will also receive one of the new First Amendment t-shirts.

Donate Original Art & Collectibles: With summer conventions upon us, the Fund needs original art, high-grade comics, and other collectible items to make the most of our summer auctions. Please e-mail for more information about how to donate to our auctions, or with a description of your intended donation. If your donation is accepted for our summer auctions, you will receive a letter of acknowledgment and a 2007 membership. To ensure that your donation is received safely, please do not send physical items until accepted by the CBLDF.

With Gordon Lee's freedom in the balance, the CBLDF needs everyone who values Free Expression in comic books to do his or her part to support this very important case. Please visit and make your contribution today.



Other Donations:



Everything dies. People, animals, plants, single celled cells if that is how you would say that. Ideas die, thoughts die, actions die, and so do dreams. Hope can die but also so can hate and despair. Neither side of any coin can hide from death. Death is a constant but death will mean nothing when the day comes that there are no living creatures who perceive death any longer in existence. Thus death will die when that moment comes. Death is not a person, entity, perception, or a concept. But it is the most powerful thing in existence. The other most powerful thing out there in the void is being able to immerse yourself into thoughts of pure delusion to help get past loses of people, ideas, and dreams and also get you to that other side where you can look back at death and call it what it really is- A Bastard God.


Sunday, June 24, 2007

Review: Captain America- Civil War

Two things before I start the Sunday review for this week. One this entry should have went online this morning but I spent a good day hitting every libuary open in the area and coming back with a arm full of books and spending a day with your best friend and the lady you love is just way better than being online any day. The other thing I wanted to mentioned was I am currently writing this from a non-spell checking program so I hope you are able to understand it beyond my stupidity.

Captain America: Civil War
written by, Ed Brubaker
Review by, Brian C. Williams

This collection which is part of the Marvel Universe crossover Civil War collects together Captain America #22-24 and The Winter Soldier: Winter Kills One-Shot. Say what you will about what other writers and Marvel Comics as a whole as to their treatment of the character of Captain America but Ed Brubaker nails the character and this series. As a big Captain America fan I beg Ed Brubaker please stay on this series for years. As a reader I trust no one else at Marvel to handle Captain America's legacy. Brubaker nails the character of Captain America, the symbol of Captain America, the supporting cast, and the mix of various enemies. This is one of the gems of the Civil War crossover and how a ongoing series works within a larger comics shared universe.

Adding the artwork of Perkins and Weeks and it blows most Marvel books totally out of the water. I have all of the Civil War books organized together in my libuary. This collection holds up easily on its own and which should be the case with any crossover tie-in.

Did I say how much I love Captain America right now. Anyone else would be fucking up the stuff Ed Brubaker is trying and doing on Captain America, Mr. Brubaker is hitting home run after home run. Lets just hope half of the quality in the series right now will make it into the movie.

(C)brian c. williams

Friday, June 22, 2007


"Newly-released documents show Vice President Dick Cheney has refused to follow laws on how the executive handles classified information and tried to shut down the oversight office that asked him to comply. On Thursday, Congress member Henry Waxman disclosed Cheney tried to shut down the National Archives’ Information Security Oversight Office in 2004. Cheney has argued the vice president’s office shouldn’t be considered within the executive branch because it also performs a legislative role. Waxman says Cheney is trying to operate with “unprecedented secrecy.” "
Cheney Tried to Shut Down Oversight of Compliance on Classified Information Rules
Cheney is like the bald dude in the old Bond movies who use to sit around and stroke his pussy as he planned new ways to try and kill Bond. Though with Cheney it is to find news ways to kill our liberties. Plus, any proper pussy would stay miles away from Cheney given a choice in the matter I think.

British To Us
I think I might use this to work on some British dialogue for the 2nd Draft of the book I will be turning in tonight. With some of my reports due tonight at the pay the rent job I might have to finish it up in the am hours when I get home. Mar had to bring me in because my ulcer is bothering me and belive me I know its my ulcer because I have had enough of them in my life time. Had my first one when I was five but as Mar has pointed out to me so many things seem to have happen when I was five. Maybe that is when I killed the real Brian Williams and Billie took his place? No, I think I was going by the nickname Patience then. Don't ask, long story.

Short Story Submission
Hey, look, something else I did not get published. Also hey, look, I'm moving on.

Robbin found this. I love Robbin. Smart women are so sexya!

Better get back to work so I can leave here at a decent time so I don't get my ass kicked by the most beautiful raging green machine in the world.

Remember, Not knowing who you are is no excuse for not being who you are,

Thursday, June 21, 2007


This is why I'm never riding a roller coster.


No one is here tonight at the pay the rent job but myself. One person is gone because her brother died who has been really sick for months. Two other people left because they just got so upset about all the negativity in the place they actually had gotten physically sick over it, and another is out because her father is sick. Fucking A, I love my job.

"In Washington, Senator Hillary Clinton was met with a hostile audience for the second year in a row in a speech at the “Take Back America” conference. Sen. Hillary Clinton: "The American military has done its job. Look what they accomplished. They got rid of Saddam Hussein. They gave the Iraqis a chance for free and fair elections. They gave the Iraqi government the chance to begin to demonstrate that it understood its responsibilities to make the hard political decisions necessary to give the people of Iraq a better future. So the American military has succeeded. It is the Iraqi government which has failed to make the tough decisions which are important for their own people.” At that point boos were heard from the crowd as Clinton supporters tried to outcheer her critics. A spokesperson for the group CodePink said Clinton’s focus on the Iraqi government amounted to blaming the victim. Clinton was booed last year when she refused to support a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq."
Clinton Booed for Iraq Remarks
Man she could so run away with this election if she had any backbone. But of course if politicians had any backbone we would call them leaders and not Rat Bag Bastards Who Taste Of The Marrow That They Have Eaten From The Core Of Our Very Being. I have a theory about Hilly. I think the only reason some liberals support her is because a lot of conservatives go after her. I think if conservatives lad of her for a while then liberals would say, "You know what? She is an ass just like the rest of them." She has become sort of a symbol more than a political figure who could lead us down better roads. And if you are going to vote for a symbol I say we do a mass write in for this because it is much more of a symbol for America than someone who lets be honest only now has one big drawing card and that is in the fact that a lot of people would like to see a women president.

Finishing up the 2nd Draft of the novel to go to the editor tomorrow. Got behind a bit with too many things to list and the deadline for it to go to the editor had to be pushed tile Friday and which sucks because that means everything for months into next year had to be pushed back also. The only things saving my piece of mind right now, and I only have a little piece left is this burst of creativity I'm going through right now. I'm writtin several short stories and scripts left and right and its keeping my head above water until I get my pay the rent job situation squared away. I so do not want to leave this job unless I really have to but I can not also work in a place that of late has been making me so stressed that I grind my teeth. Which is saying a lot considering I have one tooth broken down to the root which I can not get fixed because I have no health insurance. Gotta love America. We take care of our people. Unless if you poor.....or no longer a fighting body in the military....or if your gay.......or if your not a good Christian.....

Enough about the "job". Enough about bullshit politicians. I'll just leave those thoughts with a quote from a short story I just wrote. "I'm not your dog walker or your bitch so don't treat me like either one. Pay me to walk your dog I'm walk it with pride, pay well and I'll be your bitch but treat me as nothing and I'll be nothing to you."

Want to give a shout out to Mar, my love, who just got a promotion. There is good news in the world. Now I get to say I have sex with a dirty librarian.

Shout out to Robbin. Love you friend.

And does anyone say "Shout out" anymore? Well, nice to meet you I'm mister nobody and I don't care what anyone else says.

That was me trying to sound all rebel.....did it work?

Remember, Not knowing who you are is not excuse for not being who you are,

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I feel a bit odd right now. No it is not the normal his fucking body is falling apart because he does not take care of it sort of odd. And no this is not the he is just a odd sort of fellower sort of odd. I feel odd because I do not like were I work and do not like the current situation I am in and I'm driven to change things. It is the calm before the creative storm. Certain things click and then next thing you know I explode with idea and new energies. This is a whole different land for me to be walking on in other ways because I have not felt this way for about eight years. I do not really wish to leave the job I'm at, as a pay the rent job it is not that bad, but with the management skills of the guy they put in charge it looks like the ship maybe sinking and all the things I helped build here with others is being torn down. I was going to post a more meaty blog tonight but really do not have it in me. I'm extremely tired at the moment and worried. About my job? yes, but more so about the jobs of others who work with me. If your cowardliness and jokeablity of leadership puts less food on peoples tables, less joy in peoples eyes, less cold hard earned money in peoples pockets, and walk blindly or even worse with full eyes open to this then I sure as fuck pray that karma is truly a bitch and you get bitch slapped very very soon

Remember, Not knowing who you are is not excuse for not being who you are,

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Start with some responses to comments left here and elsewhere,
Yea, bare hands. That' s some anger there son. I don't want to even get into the political aspect of our country right now. And add even more of the same thought to those asswhipes from the link I found. I'm too stressed and angry as it is already.

See you Saturday. Do some catching up. Should be cool but remember you said you would buy the first drink.

On the pay the rent job front FUUCCCKKKK! Enough said there.

And now the news.Brought to you by the letter S, the letter C, the letter R, the letter E, the letter W, once again the letter E, and the letter D.

"House investigators have learned that the Bush administration has routinely violated federal laws by using private email accounts for official business. At least 88 White House officials have Republican National Committee email accounts and House investigators say hundreds of thousands of these emails may have been destroyed. President Bush's top adviser Karl Rove sent or received 140,000 emails on his RNC account. According to House investigators, the RNC has preserved only 130 e-mails sent to Rove during Bush's first term and no e-mails sent by Rove prior to November 2003, including the period in the lead up to the Iraq war. Congressman Henry Waxman accused the Bush administration of completely disregarding the Presidential Records Act."
Emails Destroyed
The fun and games of the U.S. government.

"automobiles can be "an occasion of sin" - particularly when they are used for dangerous overtaking or for prostitution."
'driving commandments'
Man, what the fuck do those Popes smoke anyways? Dudes, share!

If you are comic creator or just storyteller in general you might like this for a read.

"A new government study has revealed that federal officials have disobeyed several new laws that President Bush challenged by issuing signing statements. According to the Boston Globe, the report provides the first evidence that the government may have acted on claims by Bush that he can set aside laws under his executive powers. President Bush has used signing statements to challenge more than 1,100 sections of bills -- more than all previous presidents combined. Virginia Sloan, of the Constitution Project, condemned the president's use of signing statements. Sloan said: "This report should put to rest any doubts as to the real impact of signing statements. The Constitution does not bestow upon the president the power to simply ignore portions of laws he doesn't like." The Congressional study did not cover any of President Bush's most controversial claims such as his assertion that he can set aside a torture ban and new oversight provisions in the USA Patriot Act because he is the commander in chief."
Signing Statements
Holy fuck! I just realized that all those years of my crazy relatives talking about conspiracy theories and such. They had it right. If anyone sees the actions of the current administration as anything other than a focused attempt to bring down our government structure, our laws, and our freedoms from within then they are nutter than my crazy relatives. When you start doing things that make my relatives seem rational you are fucking things up.

"Civil liberties advocates are hailing a new federal appeals court ruling that determined that the government can not secretly search emails without a warrant. The appeals court said protecting emails is "as important to Fourth Amendment principles today as protecting telephone conversations has been in past." The government has contended that e-mails stored with service providers could be seized without warrants."
Damn! Why aren't more people screaming about this shit. Our government are fucking us around and we are taking it like a fresh piece of inmate flesh.

Spaghetti-eating trucker
Hell, I have a hard time eating fries while driving more less Spaghetti.

Yesterday was the anniversary of when Mar kissed me for the first time. Yes, she attacked me people.....

Remember, Not knowing who you are is not excuse for not being who you are,

Monday, June 18, 2007


There are many things that anger me. But the anger I sometimes feel within myself that scares me the most is the anger that makes me speechless because of the type of things that create that strong of an emotion within someone who lives by expression is ready to burst.



There is a inconsistent truth in this incoherent world and people wonder why I'm raving crazy at times. Hell, keep that little white trash bikini on, pull down that beer stained wife beater, and lets talk for a bit America. No matter who you are be you liberal leaning far to the left and ready to tip over, conservative leaning far to the right ready to tip over also, or just some whacked out nutter (that's a shout out to my Texas peeps) if you honestly belive that the people in control of our government right now are stirring this country to the best direction for your children Mr. Christian Right or your children Ms. Hippy Left or even your children Family Crazy then I'm not the one who should feel at times like checking himself into a padded cell for a break. You need the break because you are not living in reality. That's my Monday rant for the week. Let it chill in the frig for a while then pre-heat at 12hundred until brown.

Responses to comments left here and elsewhere,
Now we need something as a pair. Your the story book sketch and I'm the dead parrot sketch..Wonder what that says about us?

Does he have that sort of nature. Interesting???? Interesting???? Oh, and I think his older fan here is stalking him. She saw him out somewhere. Small world? Or is John future locked in basement Cathy Bates style??

Was corresponding a little with P or as I nicknamed her Touch over the weekend on Live Journal. I was on that system for a really long time before taking a long break from the Internet in total for a few years and actually have a new Live Journal account here now but I haven't did much of anything with it as of yet. I would like to do some kind of feed thing from here to post there but I do not know how to do that and too lazy at the moment to look up how to do it.

On this other computer I'm having to rediscover all of my links that I have found over time. I could transfer them over but this is more enjoyable I think.

New Orleans Seeks Foreign Aid To Help Rebuild City
And finally, New Orleans is turning to foreign aid to help rebuild the city nearly two years after Hurricane Katrina. The city is talking to more than five countries because the federal government in Washington has been so slow in sending assistance. As of last week, the city said it had received just over half of the $320 million FEMA has obligated for rebuilding the city.
Foreign Aid
Where is Lee Greenwood to start singing when you need him.

The guy is a media whore but at least he gets people asking questions.

See Hillary
Mar may find this interesting. I personal think no one would find her a good candidate if she was not a women. And again my opinion but I think she is sort of a side show of "Could it happen?" "Would you vote for her?" type thing. If I could actually belive what she says? If she would actually stand firm on issues? If I did not belive she would jump skip on promises at the drop of a hat? Then I might think about voting for her. Any one who votes for her just because she is a women are playing with fire. But then again it is the fire of politics as politicians like, Don't look at me for issues look at my smile, my family, my faith, my lack of faith, my strong jaw, my stand like a big dick, my walking around as a women because hey, I'm a women. Danger Will Robinson. Does the person matter or the sex? I don't care if your a fucking red assed spider monkey ready to attack the office interns as they stand at the copiers just please be someone who is not raping this country. Because that is what is happening now. And I used the word rape because of how harsh that word is and what it represents.

His Name
Anything would be better than my name. Not that I want to or even think of getting married anytime soon. Who would marry me? Come on. Plus, I don't want to marry Mar, she crazy and I can't fucking put up with anyone else for more than a few hours but her.

testicle attack
Ok, Mar. Forget everything if I just pissed you off with above. Don't hurt the little ones :(

with Reality?
Hey, did anyone else know our Presidents a dick?

Boy band mogul
"Boy band mogul" There is something different about that statement but I just can't put me finger in...on?...Oh, yea, just a little gay.

Brevard Has Most Manatee Deaths In Florida
Brevard also seems to have a high quantity of assholes also. Reaching for the stars they are around these parts.

Tainted Toothpaste Found In Florida
Hey, I've been smart and did not even know it.

Oh, and to end my pissed of mood for today. The next person I hear call someone a "skirt" or "that women" or "one of those people" or something like that in referring to someone at work I may use my computer mouse for a purpose it was not designed for but would meet my goal of dishing out just a wee bit of pain unto others.

Remember, Not knowing how you are is no excuse for not being who you are,

Sunday, June 17, 2007

REVIEW: Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman: Derailed

To start I hope this will be just the first of many reviews I want to write about books, movies, and music I have consumed as a consumer of consumer goods. Also most reviews will be up Sunday morning but things came up like me sleeping so this had to be posted later than planned.

My first review subject will be of a trade of Spiderman issues by Peter David. Besides being a regular visitor to his website(would post a link but use Google people) The only things I have read by Mr. David are a few issue of his The Hulk and X-Factor and I enjoyed them but I was not a regular follower of any of his runs. Recently I also picked up a used copy of- Star Trek: A Rock And A Hard Place as my first Star Trek book purchase. That review may come around in about a month. Currently reading three other prose books.

The only Spiderman books I have bought since I started only buying trades a few years ago was J. Michael Straczynski's run on Amazing Spiderman. I consider his take on the character probably the best of my generation. Hard act to follow there.

Derailed, is a mix of stories and I enjoyed it. Even with a story with crazy alternate reality characters David captured drama storytelling and emotional depth which was no where in site in my view in Spiderman 3. Hey, I love it alone for "Bad Wolf" being on a alley wall in a Uncle Ben panel. Is David or one of the artists a Doctor Who fan? Or am I just a geek out seeing things into other things?

To finish this lack of a structured review, review, get use to it because that is how I write about a book or movie or something. My reviews tend to be more or less a, "It was good, it was bad or it was worth spending money on." Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman: Derailed was worth the money I paid for it. It is better than that sounds too, honest. I'm just not that great of a writer to put it in writing in a review. Shit the thumbs up thing is taken, what do you want? That's the best cheat when it comes to writing a review in the businese.

Next Review- Captain America: Civil War. That will be posted here next Sunday with a review following every Sunday utnil I get sick of doing them.


Friday, June 15, 2007


Woke up at 8am this morning clear eyed and clear headed for some reason. I quietly made my way into the living room, well, as quietly as I can move and I read more on THE END, half way through it now and I also wrote up a couple of more reviews for future Sunday Review posts for some comic trades I purchased a few weeks ago. So remember to stop back by here each Sunday starting this Sunday for a review written by me about something read, seen, or just touched in a uncomfortable way. If I will not be in a place to post a review I am talking to some people about filling in also. I wish for this blog to be also a showcase for little other writing things. The reviews will more than likely go up early Sunday morning in time for you to sit down with some coffee or tea and wonder if you will go to Hell for missing Sunday School for the hundredth time in a row. After bugging Mar to get up because when ever one of us gets up before the other one we have to make sure the other one does not sleep soundly, It's love. We went for breakfast at Dunkin Doughnuts. I had a bagel with cream cheese with a soda. That's 760calories down. Still trying to keep it below 1500. I think I will see if I have enough money for a salad later. That should keep me well below. Though if you check most salads are around 300 calories unless you get nothing on it. People that's more than most burgers. But still, has to be better for you than a burger. After breakfast I got gas and then I was off to work. The main main boss took me out shopping for filing cabinets and storage racks. Fun. And then I came back to find the new shop manager going over with one of customers QA people all the things we screw up on. I don't mind him, though I have a lot of reasons not to like him personally but I think the main reason I have problems with him and others do also is that he never defends us and almost always is combative to the things we say. He is one of those people that can be agreeing with you and also putting you down by slipping little things in as the conversation goes on. Politics are so rampant in factory work. I should just run for office and be the devil without sheeps clothing than the devil dressed in a smock. I also don't like the fact that the thing he comes at me the most about is either me standing up for us or me telling the truth. I know how to do both in a professional business manner but one I will not let us be ripped across glass so he doesn't get any heat and two I can lie but I don't really like to because two fold I'm not good at it and I just don't like doing it.

Man that was more than I want to write about the pay the rent job in here. Way more so lets move on to things probably less pleasant but for some reason more pleasant to me personally.

Dog shit mother fucker. Just thought of that and it sounded right enough to type so I did. Thank me later.

I hit my calorie limit for the day. So the rest of the day its just water for Billie..... :( I asked Yoo to pick me up a bottle of water as she was heading out for her lunch break and she dam near passed out on the spot. Ok, I know, I drink a lot of soda, fuck you. You people will have to deal with me as I start quitting. You think House was a grochey as mother fucker you haven't seen anything yet.

I had the misfortune of watching a Fall Out Boy video on TV when I got up this morning and now I can not get the craptastic song out of my head. One thing I noticed though. The lead singer looks like the type of kid who gets picked on by D&D geeks.

and just because I'm in the mood.

Response to comments left:
You drank of my cheap beers? Now I know you are a former trailer trash girl. And good beer is beyond high school young lady. The piss water American beer I have at home is shitty but I can't afford a twelve pack of my favorite dark brew.

Is John some kind of secret naked reader? Man, how quickly you can start to picture someone in a complete different way. Good. But different. Plus you wouldn't wish to follow a link to me and something even remotely along the lines of naked reading. I look like a ugly pregnant hairy women sans clothing.

Oh, and I almost forgot. Coming home from work last night they had every fucking cop in Melbourne out doing a road check. They stopped me and had me pull over to the curb and had me get out so they could search my truck. I don't really give a shit about them searching my truck. After the cop seen how much shit I had in there he stopped half way but the fucker wouldn't let me turn off my truck for some reason and I almost ran out of gas on the way home. Fucking police. Ten shits in a bet that if I had run out of gas right there none of those "I was once the star quarterback, we jerk off together behind the station" mother fuckers would have given me a ride. I hate the cops around here. They pull someone over for speeding or running a sign or something and five of them will emerge to gather there to chat while off somewhere else some Mr. or Ms. Burglar is breaking in and stealing someone's shit. Plus, shit son Global Warming, Tina, these dicks made me run my truck for no reason. Go kick their ass for me Queen.

Remember, Not knowing who you are is no excuse for not being who you are,

Thursday, June 14, 2007


They released Mar's mom from the hospital today. Don't know if they actually know what was wrong with her but they do not think it was a heart attack. She's nice so I hope she feels better. Last night after I left work I went to stop and get milk and stuff for Mar since she has been running all over the place since her mom got sick. I stopped at a gas station, a Wal-Mart, and another Wal-Mart before I found that I still could not find the milk she likes so I just got some low fat milk, some cracker things she likes, a bottled coffee drink she likes, and a salad for her lunch tomorrow. I drove home and nearly got lost in the bad part of town which in Melbourne is most of the place before I got home to find Mar had not went to bed yet because she wasn't sleepy. I started taking the stuff I bought out of the bag to find I left one of my bags at Wal-Mart. I'm such a dumb ass. Luckily I got the main stuff she wanted but the salad and the stuff I got for my lunch today was left behind.

This quote is so me from one of my favorite writers when describing one of his characters:
He attacked everything in life with a mix of extraordinary genius and naive incompetence, and it was often difficult to tell which was which.
- - - Douglas Adams

Responses to comments left:
I don't write that creative sober. Give me some of that wine.

Will have the 2nd Draft of the book finished up and ready to go to the editor this Saturday and so between finishing up this draft and doing all the pay the rent work stuff I need to get done I'm going to be a busy bee between now and then.

Need to setup a full budget and work on it every check. Spending too much money and with all the things going on I need to keep track of every cent to make sure something does not fall through the cracks somewhere.

What else is going on? Oh, Mar checked out, The End: A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket for me so I'm reading that now. Danced through a quarter of the book today laying on the bed with Mar laying beside me reading a book also. Nakered reading. You should try it. I would do a link, to the book, not the naked reading, perverts! but my head is killing me right now and linking will not help and I'm only doing things right now that will help. Argo(urgosp? whatever) I'm banging my head against the desk. Not really. Actually I'm drinking a Pepsi, just watched Robin Bird go out the door, and trying to wad through a bunch of e-mails to decide what I'm going to do which will piss off this group of people and what I am not going to do which will piss of another group of people. "It pays the rent Brian, It pays the rent." Once I finish reading The End I will do up a review for it and which will be posted in a future Sunday review post. See. I'm actually making a effort to make the reviews a weekly feature here. I have written hand written right now, purchased a journal just for writing those so I will be a couple ahead when I start posting them here. That will work for me against my laziness.

Just remember, Not knowing who you are is no excuse for not being who you are,

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


The pay the rent job is driving a nail down my spine at a sideways angle. Or in other words, it is really getting on my nerves, pissing me off, getting up my shorts- And not in any good way either on all three counts.

Mar’s mom is still in the hospital. I’m going to do everything I can to try and help release some stress I may cause or can help with. Tonight, I buy milk on the way home so my love can have coffee in the morning. Thanks P for asking and sending good wishes. I will let her know people are thinking about her mom during this time. Even some who have not meet her.

I have a ton of reports and other sorts of work to get done tonight and I have to be in at 10am in the morning so I will not be able to do much of a post. I will be starting my, “trying to eat better” effort tomorrow when I try to cut down my daily calorie intake to around 1500calories per day. I can’t quite soda cold turkey because of the headaches it gives me when I do not drink them but I plan to watch my diet on everything else. Today I did not do so well. 2060 calories. Now I don’t have exact facts on the stuff they serve in the work cafeteria so I compared to McDonalds stuff and figured it couldn’t be anymore. At least their stuff isn’t really greasy. The sodas are what will really kill me because they are 250cal per bottle. Shit son that sucks. And of course all of this will do me jack shit if I don’t start exercising also.

Right now writing wise I’m working on a script for a web comic that will be used to set up and promote the book. Still searching for an artist for it but it is coming along nicely and surprising me in ways that I think it will make itself interesting to others. Found the editor I want for the book also so that project as a whole is moving along nicely.

Well, that’s it for tonight. Keep Mar’s mom in your thoughts,

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I need to lose wait so I'm thinking about putting myself on a goal of cutting down on my daily calorie intake. I think I need to be around 1500. Problem one with this, soda I think is around 700 a bottle. Problem two is I'm a stress eating and in that an eater of junk food. Problem three is I need to work out also and I am one lazy mother fucker. But one big thing is for sure. I need to start eating better or I'm going to die a failed hack writer working a factory job that sucks. I want to die a successful hack writer working on pleasuring the lady I love but that maybe too much information or at least more than the couple of you who read this wanted to know.

I say a couple reading because right now I can not find where Google put the site visits thing that I signed up for to see how many people visit the site. They moved things around a while ago and I can't for the life of me find out where they put the thing I was suing. It was handy also being a Google thing itself also.

In Washington, opposition is growing against President Bush's nominee to become the next Surgeon General. The nation's largest gay rights group, Human Rights Campaign, is urging Senators to reject the confirmation of Doctor James Holsinger. Holsinger has argued that homosexuality is unnatural and dangerous and that sexual orientation is a lifestyle choice. In 2000 he helped form the Hope Springs Community Church which has a special program that it claims to "cure" gay men and lesbians. If confirmed as surgeon general, Holsinger would become the country's chief health educator.
Surgeon General Nominee Criticized for Homophobic Remarks
Why do I keep getting a image of Bush standing in the Oval Office ripping and taring apart a map of The United States which bleeds from its injuries?

Pentagon Considered Building "Gay Bomb"
Meanwhile the Pentagon has confirmed it once considered building a chemical weapon that could turn enemy soldiers into homosexuals and make them more interested in sex than fighting. Newly declassified documents show the Ohio Air Force lab asked for $7.5 million in 1994 to develop a so-called "gay bomb."
Pentagon Considered
People you should be worried. Even my weird mind could not think up something like this. 7.5 Million. 7.5 Fucking Million. 7........"Sorry, mother we do not have money to find a way to help feed your children but we do consider things like when the Air Force asks about A FUCKING GAY BOMB." And here I thought the only gay bomb was The Bird Cage. Oh, and Who isn't more interested in sex than fighting?

..........................Just got word from Mar about her mother being really sick and having to be checked into the hospital. Everyone think good thoughts for Mar, her mom, and her family.


Who is watching the good people going bad?

Monday, June 11, 2007


bI have not spoken here much about writing of late. Really to be honest I have not been doing much writing the past two months. Just recently though I came into contact with an artist and we will be working on a project together within my company structure, hopefully several projects together and that has given me new energy towards my own work on the book also. I am currently finishing up the 2nd Draft of the book which should be finished before the end of the month. Then it will be turned over to an editor who hopefully will tare it apart in good ways so I can put it back together and get it out into the hands of readers.

Nothing new to announce company wise either, except that the first project we should be producing appears in my eyes to be something special. But that project is in the early early planning stages but talking to the artist involved has me nothing but excited about seeing it start to mature into the actual production stage of things.

I had the weekend off from the pay the rent job and spent it for the most part spending way too much money. Stops off at BooksAMillion, Hot Topic, and other places had me a little tapped for cash when you throw in business spending also. Got the first bath of character sketches from a artist I'm working with and also put aside money for an editor when I find the right one for the book. Wave picked up what she needed for a costume she will be wearing, and not just for Halloween but that is for her to reveal. I was sad though because besides going as a vampire there really is not much of a choice for what to dress up as for someone without any front teeth. I was even thinking of going as Doctor Who but I don't know. Just something else to make me depressed about being a toothless wonder. Cry me a river later, I know, Poor me.

Speaking of crying. Paris Hilton. Enough said. Here is the truth. I enjoyed seeing that and so did a lot of you. Admit it. We hate human suffering except when it hits those we do not like very much. It has to be a terrible experience for her being she has never went through something like this before that is that much out of her control and that sheriff did her no favors. He pulled her out of jail and put her at home where she probably felt safe as most of us do at home but then she was jerked back to jail. The person I hate in all of this is that sheriff. Paris deserved what she got but she did not deserve to be put in this struggle between figures of power them being the sheriff and the judge. Hopefully she will come out of this a better person but I do not really belive that. Sorry just my view. Here is my advice, Paris at least have someone drive you places. Hell, if I had her money my ass would never drive myself anywhere. The main difference would be me having a driver driving me around in a pick up truck instead of a limo. Not that I usually drive anywhere not but for work but that is because my truck is a piece of shit.

Oh, and as for comments left here and elsewhere.

You really should not talk about such sinful things. Go ask for forgiv....Sorry, could not even complete that. Johnny is hot but come on Orlando is just a classic Hollywood screen idol.

Glade I did something that made you feel funny in your pants. And I do belive that maybe the most non meaning to be but turned out to be perverted thing I have ever written.
I haven't purchased the GGP's CD. I thought I would give them a shout out so to speak anyways. I plan to but keep forgetting every time I get paid and before you know it, no money left. :(
John needs to update his site. His fans are demanding it! :) John needs to ready this blog because I need fans :(

Is there any news outside Paris? Lets see.

Turkey Shells Northern Iraq
Tension remains high on the border of Iraq and Turkey. The Iraqi Foreign Ministry has accused Turkey of intensively shelling Kurdish areas in northern Iraq. The shelling reportedly caused wide fires and large amounts of damage. Meanwhile four Turkish soldiers were killed in a roadside bomb 45 miles north of the border.
Who else sees this as one of the signs of the whole region turning into one large cluster fuck? Thanks George, grateful to you for making the world safer for all of us.

Computer has locked up again. And once again on Neil Gaiman's site. I think this computer has a thing for him. That or it just loves reading about his new dog.

The computer is now unstuck but it closed down all my browser windows while doing so. Be right back, have to open up a lot of things again I was working on.

While the computer is running slower than my brain early in the morning I will mention that starting this Sunday I will start posting reviews here of books, movies, and such I have watched, read, or such. I wish to start doing this for two fold reasons. One, it will stretch some writing muscles I usually tend not to work out that often and two, I think it might be a fun way to introduce some people to some things I enjoy. Ok, with that being said do not look for any New York Times sort of reviews. One these reviews will be honest, the Times hasn't been that in years and these will be my spoiler free thoughts of things I have recently purchased, borrowed, five fingered, or checked out at the library....ok, no five fingering action but it fit in the list I was making and I was on a role. I hope everyone enjoys them though and I hope you find something to enjoy through me writing them. The first review will be on Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman: Derailed by Peter David. See you on Sunday for the review. Hope you enjoy.

'Gay Bomb'
**Shakes head** **Bangs head against desk** Ok, I think I'm officially going nuts. Did I just read that. I found this on Warren Ellis site.

I think I will stop the online surfing before I run into something that really pisses me off. Plus, I want to work on the book tonight. Maybe hit at least three chapters before the night ends.

Thursday, June 7, 2007


Lets close some tabs before seeing if I have anything else to say beyond that:

They are local. Buy. They have connections to someone I like very much. Buy. Buy. BUY DAMN YOU!!

Go Kate
Oh, and people lay off Kiera Knightly. The lady does not deserve all the shit she gets for her body type which in my eyes is very beautiful.

My little corner of existence is strange….But where the rest of you seem to live is total bat shit weird.

I know the artist and this site in no means shows how great of an artist he is. I’m very happy to be working with him on some projects. I like the style he works in but even more when we talk I like the way he approaches art and a story.

The other computer here at work is being very slow today. I’m barley making it through the links I bookmarked since my last big entry and my pay the rent reports are stopped dead at the moment.

From one of my favorite writers, from one of my favorite books.

Truth, Fiction and Lou Dobbs
Would it be wrong to pray for piano to fall? Would it be wrong to wish to be the person to push it off the roof?

Man, I thought I would have eight billion news stories to talk about linked. Been too busy getting pissed off at work of late I guess. Here it is 11:17pm and I’m at work. I think I need to find a bigger boat for my frustrations at this point in my life. I just want to write and hold my love at night when I finally pass out to sleep. Everything else should just leave me alone.



Will be answering some comments and email's and the such first before we get going on what could turn out to be a long blog entry.

Didn't you knowing punching boys in the arm makes them want to have sex with you. Funny how people can vaguely write something and people fill in all the gaps on their own. Though once again I mention things did happen in that order.
As for the Walrus. Oh, I so like that nickname. I'm going to have to spread it around because it really fits him. I just feel things coming to a head soon with me and him. It maybe tonight because I am not getting behind in my work to help him get his done so he can go home early.

I will have to write the name of the frozen piazza's I eat down. I can't remember for the life of me what they are called but they are much better than most frozen piazza's because they have a crunch to them when most feel in your mouth like a thick wet paper towel.
I will let you know about the BN coffee thing. My schedule is chaos for the most part though mostly filled by work and work and some more work at the pay the rent job. I will let you know. I really wish to catch up but also don't wish to schedule something and then have to back out at the last second. I hate having to do that to people for any reason.

Thanks everyone for comments left here or elsewhere and for those who wanted email only replies they are on their way tonight also. Sorry for any delays but the pay the rent job has been more than its worth the past four or five weeks.

I have been really behind in my news reading of late but have saved links here and there so lets see what is going on in the world around me we follow some links I have saved on this computer for a while. Need to clean out my bookmarks anyways so come along for the ride:

Thursdays are Vasectomy Days
If you do not wish to have kids and the partner you are with does not wish to have kids and you a boy with boy parts and she is a girl with girl parts then this is how you show your love. The operation women go through is way more dangerous and men are being cowards by letting them go through it when there is another way. Oh, and if you go the route of, "Maybe one day I will want to have kids?" while you tug on your NO FEAR shirt then ADOPT dick head. We really don't need any more sets of you around anyways. This is the route I wish to take as soon as I can get enough money to have it done. Putting more children into the world to feed your own ego of immortality is not only immoral in my eyes, it is an act of pure greed that pays off for no one when there are plenty of children in the world who cry every night wishing to have a home and a family.

'Battlestar Galactica':Say it ain't frakkin so!
As soon as the show ends and everything goes onto DVD I will start buying them. I have liked the episodes I have seen so far but would like to watch it all in one big lump. The big lump being me sitting in front of the TV with Pepsi and pizza. (non-frozen kind for viewing marathons)

Fund Free Mammograms
Wave, this is what I was telling you about that I ran across on someone's blog.

This is for Robbin.

Well, the current computer I'm writing is being as slow as me when it comes to doing my laundry. I'm stuck on Neil Gaiman's blog at the moment which is not a bad place to be but I geauss we can continue this later. Anyways the Walrus just walked in.

Talk to you later. Probably on different computer,

Wednesday, June 6, 2007


I hate factory turtle shell politics,
I hate when it pours down raining and the wind is blowing hard and I'm not somewhere having sex,
I hate Coke....I like Pepsi. Though everyone does not know this. Everyone should because I'm really not in a good mood right now,
I hate not having enough time to put in five or six good hours writing,
I hate that I'm not writing a montly comic right now,
I hate age spotted old fucks who should really pay attention to how angry they are making me,
I love microwave pizza's my honey picked out for me,


Monday, June 4, 2007

"Havng no idea who you are,
is no excuse for not being who you are"
- - C.


Hello Internet. How are you today? Do you hear the sounds of change coming? I thought maybe you would since I have two computers on my desk. Well, I guess I will just ride them out and see what happens.

Billy needs to exercise his little gray cells because this job is turning them into little gray puddles of goo. Like the goo you find on the bottom of your shoe sometimes and wonder how anything could look like gooey.

I loved the weekend, the weekend was great. Heaven I wonder why? Oh, yea, I did not have to fucking work for once and had some days off. Though the main reason was not,not working and I do not care how wrong it is to write "not, not." Having the chance to spend good time with Wave and we did not do anything remotely eventful such as even small eventful like attending a movie. We ate together, shopped together, sleep together, laughed together, punched each other in the arms until bruises came up, and had great sex. And yes in that order. I want more weekends like that. I think I will nailed a little note saying as such on God's back with an arrow head tipped nail just so he does not forget I was there.

I have some other creative projects besides the novel developing right now but wish not to speak of such things until they get going because the 'You should not speak of such things until they are finished elf's will get angry.' Lets just saying even starting more creative universes makes my soul feel better. The book itself is moving along slowly with all the hours I put in at the day job I have to prioritize what things I do in my limited spare time and top of the list is spending time with loved ones and it always shall be with me for the rest of my life. Those I loved be them friends or lovers or even strangers who may become one or the other or maybe even both are one of the most important things to me. I have let friends drift out of my life because of working too much on many things and I will not let that happen again.

FUCK!!! I forgot to take out the garbage. Billy is going to hit up side the head tonight and not in the good, "Say my name Bitch!" sort of way he likes either. I don't really like that though. It would make me cry. Sorry, Wave. I'm a dumbass and went back to bed after you called and almost over sleep.


"I've read the Bible, I've read Dylan,
And I'm reading people now
Because it's much more chilling" - - Our Lady Peace