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NEW! Quoit #1

You Pick The Price!
Part one of a sci-fi fantasy story about the peaceful years after a great war and the rumbles of what the future may hold for all who live on Quoit. Read this first story and learn all about what this world holds. 


Where I'm From I Hope

     I have wanted to write something about where I’m from and the coal industry for a while. So during a break today from finishing up a short story for release I took the time to do so. I'm not attacking any person by writing this but I would really like to hear from people on what they think about this.
    If you don’t know I’m from a small, what was a coal mining town, in Southwest Virginia called Appalachia. I grew up with talk of coal right there next to talk of faith, fishing, and football.
     If a kid said the word scab they might get slapped by their parent because it was one of the worst things you could let slip from your lips and that leads me to one thing I really don’t understand and that this defense of coal that people seem to be riding right now. I respect the coal miners, I respect relatives that died in mines, I respect the work that my own father did in those mines to support his family, and the work so many others did for generations but these defense of coal campaigns… Don’t people understand these are fostered by the very same coal companies who haven’t cared about the safety or well being of generations of workers and their families? These very same companies who find people who need cash and pay them to attend Coal Support rallies in company supplied t-shirts?
     Every job is honorable to a point to support yourself and your family and is full of admiration but even as a kid I could not understand this obsession with coal. Then it struck me once. It’s because of the suffering. The mining companies had so many generations of workers fucking suffering and dying to feed their families. Coal work where I’m from it like war in a way. People look at the sacrifices made in the work with blinders to the point where war is celebrated and not the scarifies made; so now the industry is celebrated as if it is itself the individual worker.
     I know a lot of people are scared. Hell I’m freaking out daily because I can’t find work, because I can’t get health issues straightened out. I understand. It’s really frightening to not have a job or fear losing one, to be able to take care of your family, but why has this country gone from supporting unions to now supporting companies? Are we so scared that we are blind to what mountain topping and fracking is doing to our lands? Are we so scared that we will embrace the comfortable arms of someone owning our lives?
     People are against Obama for trying to stop some aspects of the coal industry and I see the miner pissing on Obama images all over the place but I ask you instead- Do you want in the opposite support people who want to get rid of a lot of the government regulations and agencies that have keep mining companies from taking advantage of and in fact killing miners as they did in the past with glee?
     But I’m not here to talk about Obama or Romney or who I think is best. I’ve just had this boiling in me for a long time to ask people where I’m from and all over for that matter- Why have we abandoned the individual worker, the united worker, for the company master?
     And all of that leads me to something that people need to embrace or the lands where I’m from will slowly degrade after false hope after false hope, compromise after compromise, to dust that blows away. Places like where I’m from need to move on from coal. Need to move on from the past and reach out to other industries, invest in other industries, embrace the modern world in every way they can, and bring in work and jobs by making it a place of hard working intelligent excepting people. A place that has always been a beacon of the dirt on your hands worker fighting for the day to day lives of their families needs to now become a beacon in other ways.
Or just embrace fear because it’s more comfortable.

Give in to the fright of change.
Hold onto old delusions, philosophies, and prejudices.

Follow like sheep.
But I believe I came from stronger stock than that.


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Terrible Zodin Issue 14 Review

     Just jumped online to say I have a review in the new issue of the Doctor Who Fanzine The Terrible Zodin. Check it out. You can download it for free. 

 BRAND NEW!! Issue 14 of The Terrible Zodin  fanzine is now available for FREE download from 


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

NEW! Deeper Roses To Fall

Just uploaded a old story from back in my email PDF days. You can either read online here or download from my Smashwords store.


This Nation We Are Telling Us To Live In

     Anyone who sends me a message in any shape or form that tells me being a liberal before I shoot off my mouth they think I should know that people own guns should themselves know that this person of liberal views knows how to aim one, not just masturbate to thoughts of holding one. I'm not against gun ownership, never have been, I am stupefied by our gun obsessed nation and how easily we are led around by the gun companies in the mask of freedoms being taken away. Always have been, even when I was growing up around them. Oh, and back to the first bit, it's like the old saying goes- "Don't ever mistake kindness for weakness."

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Away Writing


Monday, August 20, 2012

Things For Sale To Pay Some Bills

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Just for the Hell of it I did a quick edit pass through a old poetry collection and uploaded it to my Smashwords store. It's another You Set The Price release so you can get it for free or drop some dollars my way. 


Monday, August 6, 2012

Where I cut and pasted something over from Facebook

     Continuing my Are You Being Served marathon today with volume 6 and the movie. While that plays I'll be working on covers for the next couple months worth of releases. One release this month, 2 in Sept, 3 in Oct, and 4 in both Nov and Dec. December will have two end of the years collections to mark things written and released during the year. A lot of stuff in my life finds me hating myself but I'm loving writing right now.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Where I answer to the threat of I'm going to tell your family you're an atheist.

     Sometimes you just don't say something because it just never came up directly. It's not avoiding or dancing around, it's just has never pooped up in thoughts or conversation. At least I don't think it has? I've written so much stuff alone it could fill a library so to be honest I'd be highly surprised if at some point I didn't address it.
     Funny though how people will use such situations such as a subject not coming up within their view to try and say you are hiding something. A couple days ago after I posted something online that a person I use to be friends with didn't agree with they said this to me and quoting, "You are so full of bullshit. You talk about people being honest but you hid from the fact that your atheist. How would you like it if I told your parents?" One, I'm not a atheist to get that right out there but also two, I'm not hiding anything. I guess it just never came up where I stated clearly online what my quote unquote BELIEF STANCE WAS.
     Most people who know me personally know I'm Agnostic but even that to is like labeling a empty jar as empty. The jar is open to being filled with gold but right now its empty. How is that not enough? You never know that jar might be filled with Snow Caps later, ant gold but to some, that's enough.
     I don't really like Snow Caps but I was trying to think of a candy and that was the only one that popped into my head because Mar like them.
     I was born and raised with religion around me. The good sides of it and the bad... and the really weird. It was never forced on me and the basic beliefs my family taught me was to try be a good person and treat other people the way you want to be treated.
     I've also been baptized, been in many different places of worship, and own and read often several religious text.
     I think my ear still has water in it from that creek though?
     I don't even think I listed Agnostic or anything on the image above which I use when I talk about this sort of personal thing in a blog entry. But I did mention "Dunked under water for God."
     Here's a way smarter man than I hitting word for word how I feel about the subject: Atheist Vs. Agnostic.
     I want to wrap this by getting back to the subject of someone trying to use something I haven't disclosed or forgot, that I haven't or just didn't care to notice that I haven't, as a almost threat to me.
    That sentence was lame and this whole thing is a lame and cowardly act from a former friend.
    So if you want to forward this to my family. Go ahead. My mom, though we don't agree on a lot of things, is on my Facebook. She'll see this on her own so you don't have to trouble yourself.
    To end, this rather silly thing really didn't anger me. I'm a pretty open person about my life, my mistakes, and my views on just about everything and when I don't talk about something its usually because it would directly hurt someone I love. Oh, and if someone I love does feel hurt when finding out I'm not a believer in their mythology, then that says more about them than it does about me. So atheist, no. Agnostic, I guess if you want to throw a label at me but it's really not worth the effort. They don't stick. Not because I'm super cool or anything but more because I'm that weird that nothing sticks to me.
     Plus I can say as many fuck you's and anyone else can.

sorry, couldn't help myself.


Where I spotlight a old release and talk about Chick fil A and other crazy shit.

     I'm going to try and make every Tuesday a spotlight day for a past releases. Yes I know its Thursday but so much shit has been going on from car problems to other things my regular blogging hasn't been so much regular of late.
     Hope to get back to a normal schedule next week of: Monday-Video Game Blog Entry, Tuesday-Past Releases, Wednesday-Reviews, and Thursday-Million Dollar 99 Cents{a Tumblr project with a group of friends} And then Friday, Saturday, and Sunday as always are me trying to stay off the net and write prose only days.
     This week I'm putting the first Turtle Edge story A Selection Of Spirit: Teacher's Pet in the spotlight. I wrote this script as part of a television pitch back when I was in college and then sat on it for a long time. The suits I pitched it too wanted a low budget supernatural show but thought this was too "redneck" and not enough "Buffy like." I still have the email exchanges. Looking back at it you can very much see the Buffy influences on it so I don't really think they ever watched the slayer in action. This was also the time of my life as a writer where I got chances but I refused to move an inch on creative changes when asked. No regrets except for when I look at my wallet but I wasn't ready then at all for success or to produce a good regular creative product.
     I decided to release the first script and materials to see if anyone has interest in reading more from this universe. I love these characters and hope other people enjoy their stories.

This pilot television script is the beginning of a story of friendship, redemption, and the sorrowful truth that sometimes no matter how hard we try we can not make up for the choices we have made in the past.

My Smashwords store can be found here.

     Started the morning listening to Girl On Guy with Aisha Tyler and Rupaul.

     I love that people have started saying "religious liberty is under attack" by people being angry with Chick-fil-A. One, you mean your religious liberty, lets be honest. Hell with the attacks on Muslims or any other religion in this country. Two, are you kidding me? Chick-fil-A's religious nature as a business  was only a matter of jokes from time to time but the more people found out about their prejudice homophobia, that's when peoples anger grew. I'm not even a person to call for boycotts of the company or the like. Take that energy and put it into grass roots activism I say. But please media, please Christians, trying to paint Chick-fil-A as any sort of victim shows you just don't understand the root of that word. Which seems to be a stupidity a lot of religions share. Chick-fil-A never hid who they were. If they are now acting like they are being wronged that sounds a little like their faith is weakening. Sounds pretty weak to me. Just stand by your words.
   This is one step closer to our past. People like to say a step closer to the Hunger Games because that's cool to say but death, real death for entertainment is very much a part of humanities history and never really have gone away. It may have been tamed and went underground in ways but its always been here around and within us all. Plus this is kind of an insult to the real military to even mention reality with this type of program but its a propaganda show and we all know it. NBC's Stars Earn Stripes might be the bastard child of The Hunger Games, Idiocracy, and Tropic Thunder - Boing Boing
     The postal service is such an really important part of how our country operates the fact that so many people don't care about it shows two things about our country. One, that people are really stupid about how our country works and two, that so many people do understand how our country works and how the postal service going away would damage small business and the ever day citizen but they still don't care because that wouldn't effect them or their brethren. Postal Service Defaults, Congress Does Nothing
     Yesterday we went to pick up Mar's car. Paid them and it broke down before we got out of our parking space. That was the cock tease of car repairs. After looking the car over and taking some things apart they told her the timing belt broke between test drive after repairs and us getting here. It sound fishy but we talked about it and both of us actually believe them. They said it would be $500 more to get this fixed. You know what yesterday and today, you can just fuck yourself! Might just be cheaper to have it towed home and sale it for parts. 
     Where is the best place to sale dvds, books, magazines, and the like? I'm going to be saling all my stuff. Need to raise money fast. People keep telling me eBay but before I start doing anything I want to gather information for a few days. We have a trip coming up we paid for last year. To cancel now would loose most of the money plus Mar needs the trip so bad. This car mess had destroyed everything we had saved even before yesterday; so no money for new car, no money for doctor, and no money for trip. And me not working makes everything worse than it should be. I can't find work, writing is only producing pennies- so I need to produce somehow and books and dvds are just things.
     Add to yesterdays bullshit our apartment complex called and asked if we plan to sign a new lease. Me-"We did. Two months ago" That's twice they've called and asked that since we signed the new lease. Tired of this place. I think its run by chimps and populated mainly by hipster assholes who think they don't have to act like others are living around them. Now to post this and go over and yell at them for a while because stupidity gives out a bit of mistrust in my eyes.