Tuesday, March 30, 2010


You come to me shouting how much you hate ideas,
Here's a bomb plant it with your family,
Your heart is clear and crystal lonely,
Here you are double handing your admission,
Never thinking past the signs you hold in your hand,
While sitting in a dark room someone is listening,
Waiting for chance to time out the lives of the names off your lips,
You come to me shouting how much you hate ideas,
The bomb with your family is your own hate,
(c)brian c. williams


Ponce Inlet Lighthouse

Saturday we made a couple trips but this one photo blog entry is going to be about our trip to The Ponce Inlet Lighthouse and I will post entries on the other places we ended up as the week goes on. Since I might be posting more than a few photos I'm going to keep the comments short. Plus, even if I love going on these trips Mar is the info. person. If anyone would like to see more photos on anything here just let me know. Also if you can make the trip or live in Florida I recommend visiting the Inlet Lighthouse.

Someone had the courage to request a photo of my white legs as I went out into the day in shorts and a Green Lantern t-shirt. Ok, Ms. Harold, where is my $5?

The first batch of photos is from my flip-phone and you can tell when my battery died and I started using Mars camera phone. This photo is the sign in the parking lot to the lighthouse grounds. You enter first through the gift shop where you purchase tickets to the whole grounds.

I like this photo with the sun shinning down on the nice day. It was a really nice day with a little cool breeze coming off the water.

For some reason I really love how this flagpole and the lighthouse line up in this pic. And yes, this is the first photo from Mar's cameraphone. The color of the lighthouse really stands out.

There are a large area of trails to do some walking in the light house grounds. This is a photo of a meeting area for tours within those trails. We didn't do a tour and walked around on our own. It's really nice.

I will end this photo blog with photos inside the ligthouse itself. I did not make it all the way up because my knees were killing me but it was really cool seeing inside. Mar did make it to the top, she has younger knees.

Was this up or down?

Down or up????

I'm thinking T.A.R.D.I.S.  ?

We packed sandwiches. It saves money. Anything along those lines live true in our hearts.

I took over 50 photos but only included a few here. I'll try to get more entries up as the week goes on about the other places we visited.

After the lighthouse.
On the road to The Seminole Rest Trail.


Monday, March 29, 2010


Based on the web series created by Felicia Day
Story by Felicia Day
Art by Jim Rugg
Colors by Dan Jackson
Letters by Nate Piekos of Blambot
Cover by Georges Jeanty with Dexter Vines and Tariq Hassan
Alternate cover by Cary Nord with Dave Stewart
Publisher Dark Horse Comics

I was introduced to The Guild web series by my friend Damon and I watched all of Season One in one night. The same man who told me to check out Big Bang Theory; which is my second favorite current series going. The Guild is third on my list and on top by the way is Doctor Who. 

I have seen a few web series that used the talking to the camera, webcam tool to tell their stories but this series was the first time it really fit what the stories were about. Felicia Day have created a group of characters a lot of us can say, "Hey, I know that guy." or "I know that lady." Anyone who tells you have to be into games to enjoy this series is way off. The Guild is very much in that community but it is so much more than that part of its whole. Hell, I love this show and the only games I play are sports games on our used PS2. Ok, I also have Buffy The Vampire Slayer games for our used XBox. And further into my geek nature if they come out with Doctor Who games on the Wii, as has been announced, I'm there doing the Wii.

And just you do not need to be into games to enjoy The Guild series, you don't have to be caught up on the series to enjoy this comic. Though its pretty cool if you are. This series is a sort of origin story for Codex before she started playing the game that would become such a large part of her life. This is the beginning of the story of a young lady trying to fight the struggles of dealing with the world, dealing with other peoples bullshit natures, and dealing with her own inner structres.

Since the only single comic issues I buy these days outside of Doctor Who comics are first issues of a few series I will have to wait to read the rest of this story but when the trade does come out I will be there in my local comic shop ready to pick up the begining of The Guild.

Review written by Brian C. Williams


Friday, March 26, 2010


Starting next week I'm going to get back on my weekly Blogger writing sch. Monday: Book Reviews. Tuesday: A New Poem Weekly. Wednesday: Is Updated When I finish A Book Or Add To My To Read This Year List. Friday: Update With Project Releases/News Day. Or look to your right!

The following game from some questions sent to me on my Facebook.
-I will add update blog entries on trips and such as they happen. I know a few people liked my last photo entry on a few of our trips so I'll try to keep those up.

-And yes, I do plan to restart The Clean Cue City weekly chapter series. Though right now I'm having to focus more on heavy book work.

-I was asked about Poetry Collections? More than likly I will not be putting one out until the end of the year when I will release two at once. One will be a collection of the weekly poems and another will be a collection of all new poems. Again, just tyring to keep focus on book two right now and its such a mess its taking a lot of work.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Mar loves national parks  so we are visiting parks or historical places all the time and people are always asking me to write blogs about the trips. I'm a hack at fiction more less non-fiction. I'll try to start doing this more often though starting with the last two trips we undertook. I think it will stretch some writing muscles I don't use. Wait, I said Undertook? Is that just a hillbilly thing or did I get that right? I would only place these type entries in my LiveJournal because they are more personal entries but I love how photos look on my Blogger account. Two other things. Sorry for any weird formatting, I'm still learning how to make a good photo blog entry and also sorry for how crappy some of the photos are but they are from a very simple little T-Mobile flipphone and also if you are interested in more of my photos on the go {but for the most part a lot of cat photos} check out my  Twitpic site.

On March 13th we attended a Braves spring training game at Disney's Champions Stadium. The only thing I planned to buy was a game program and I got one as we arrived as the Blue Jays were taking bp. But the thing is I was surprised when someone came back from getting drinks with a really cool cap for me. It was a great day, nice weather and we didn't actually think the game was going to happen with it raining just about the whole week before but we ended up both getting sun burns, me big time.

Today we went to Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge and Canaveral Naitonal Seashore.

Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. This first group of photos are from the visitor center which is really nice with a lot of displays. The outside is really nice also with a walkaround boardwalk and man nature trails.

Canaveral Naitonal Seashore. We went here for a Park Ranger lead walk along the beach at Eddy Creek. The rain keep us from having the full event but it was still really cool. A very beautiful place to visit. I want to go back there one day and do some fishing if I get the chance.

I put this together really fast because if I wait I wont do it at all. I hope you enjoy the photos and if you have in Florida check out some of the places we visited.


Monday, March 1, 2010


Hold for me the things I wish to see,
Slice, Slice, Slice,
There appears a dream,
Hold for yourself what you can not believe,
Slice, Slice, Slice,
There is no holding back a dream,
Cutting up to create the form from shape,
The process no longer needs all of that hate,
Slice, Slice, Slice,
Here comes the dream,

brian c. williams