Friday, March 26, 2010


Starting next week I'm going to get back on my weekly Blogger writing sch. Monday: Book Reviews. Tuesday: A New Poem Weekly. Wednesday: Is Updated When I finish A Book Or Add To My To Read This Year List. Friday: Update With Project Releases/News Day. Or look to your right!

The following game from some questions sent to me on my Facebook.
-I will add update blog entries on trips and such as they happen. I know a few people liked my last photo entry on a few of our trips so I'll try to keep those up.

-And yes, I do plan to restart The Clean Cue City weekly chapter series. Though right now I'm having to focus more on heavy book work.

-I was asked about Poetry Collections? More than likly I will not be putting one out until the end of the year when I will release two at once. One will be a collection of the weekly poems and another will be a collection of all new poems. Again, just tyring to keep focus on book two right now and its such a mess its taking a lot of work.

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