Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I’m going to start walking a little every day and I started this new “lease on life” two days ago when I got up I ate breakfast, took out the garbage, and headed out for a stroll. On the trip back from my hike I stopped by the complex office and picked up a package that came in for Wave. After talking with her on the phone I opened it and found a really cool book Pretty In Punk: 25 Punk, Rock, And Goth Knitting Projects. Maybe I can talk her into making me something. She is very talented. I could really see my unsorted features fashioned with a pair of Death Or Glory Wrist Warmers With Skull-And-Crossbones Design. Oh, and before anyone says, “Aren’t these for those of the female set?” I will say, “Foo on you for being so gender bias.”

I posted a couple of new LibraryThing reviews; which can be found at my librarything site, which can be found by the link to the side.

As my birthday passed yesterday one thing passed also through my head. Besides all the emo, near middle age(well past middle age for someone who has been ill most of his life), and I’m a loser hack writer thoughts that are a given on a birthday during this joyless holiday season, thoughts whispered through my brain about how cold I’ve grown to issues, political issues, social issues, down the street issues, in my life issues. Maybe it’s just “older, pisser” or maybe I’m not as happy living in the world that surrounds me for more reasons beyond the personal, in my person. Now how to hold this in a way that is positive? If that's possiable?


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Library Stuff

We bought a cheap wal-mart bookcase exclusively for the books and such we have out from the library. Poor Wave is bring home two recycle bags full from work just about every day with stuff for herself and me. Those grocery store bags are sturdy and well made for carrying around pounds of library materials. We both cherish public libraries and it bothers us both to read about libraries having to shut down and do layoffs because of the current state of the economy. Even more so considering how such things could affect our lives and that of others we know. Those people who need the libraries can’t live without them, those who don’t use them are lacking, those who don’t need them are callous and craven for not caring about other peoples want and need for them, and people such as ourselves are grateful for them.

Right now on our reserved for “library stuff” bookcase we have three things to go back, one DVD and two books. I have four books and two DVDs to consume. I need to hit the local library system website to place more things on hold. My shelf is a little bare compared to how much I usually have checked out, for the most part I usually have tons of BBC and other TV show DVD sets. Wave on the other hand is right as normal with 11 fiction books, 5 non-fiction books, 1 DVD, 5 CDs, and 4 audio books. Matter of fact this maybe a little light for her but her school semester is just ending so things should pick up again for her:)

Oh, for the record, sitting on my shelf are Naruto: Volumes Six and Seven, Prince Of Stories: The Many Worlds Of Neil Gaiman, I Know It’s Over, Get Smart, and Itty Bitty Titty Committee.


Friday, December 12, 2008

Internet Clean Up

After getting up late, sleeping pills make me tired the next day, I tossed out the garbage, and started my day into the internet. Today is my clean up my internet existance day. I will be updating sites, deleting sites I never use, checking email accounts, and such and the such.

First up! Library Thing. I deleted the books I had on there and decided to just add books as I read them and write reviews. You can check out my profile here and read my review of Cracked Up To Be by Courtney Summers.

Deleted my Facebook and Myspace accounts. Myspace took forever and reminded me as I was waving bye bye why I have grown to hate it so much. Now I have to just remember to delete links from my blogs. Can't get into my half.com account in any fashion. Wonder if they killed it? Made my Tumblr home page as Godawful looking as I could just because I'm in that sort of mood, also I mainly have it for the feed to my blogger.

I think that's all for today. I still have to update my Sitemeter, snagajob, lulu, cafepress, N.A.V.L.P. blog, Bloodwaste Books blog, System productions blog, but that can wait until tomorrow. I have apartment cleaning and writing to do also.


Saturday, December 6, 2008


If you can actually have a sale when you have only one thing to "sale" but anyways, I just cut the price of Stereo in half for the Holiday season so to speak, though knowing me I will probably forget and leave it that way for eternity.



So I got a call from Wave and her phone has died in a water bottle accident; so, if you are someone reading this who maybe trying to get ahold of her, you can't! it drowndeded. She will be trying to make provisions to replace soon.

Onto writng updates, I'm basically finished with the YA/Junior fiction book I was writing and now I'm in search of an editor. I'm looking at a possiable May release date and will be deciding if it should be a PDF release like my first book or a bound print run. All of this will be discussed with the editor and others as the months march on. Oh, and to an extra point if I do release as a print bound book I will also release as a PDF to cover both grounds and have the PDF at a cheaper price. All depends on how much cash I have at the date of publication. Right now I'm thinking PDF but if the Gods shine down maybe I will have the cash to self-publish as a printed as in paper book.

And with the above being said it is time to move on to the next project which I think will be the next book in The Tin Universe series that started with Stereo. Yes, that was pimping. Go buy now and support my funds for hiring a quility(=money money)artist for the cover of the next book in the series. The first books cover had a basic minialist feel I love but the next I will probably be going more in the direction of a old style movie poster for it.

I'll end linking to a entry on Neil Gaiman's journal where he writes about freedom of speech and I think it is worth everyone reading.
Why defend freedom of icky speech?


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Need soda NOW!!!


Because I stay up later most nights for reasons that have been lost in the phases of time, since childhood being a night person, and since this is so I stay up late now when Wave has to get up really early to go to work to make sure the cats do not bug her and keep her awake.She is not the type of person who can sleep well with a lot of noise or light or any such thing. Why a lot of time when I'm restless I go into the living room to help her sleep better. Our little pigs in cat clothing though would eat every other hour if we let them and they try their best to convince us to let them do so. Last night I stayed up in such a fashion and they keep sneaking into the bedroom to wake her up. See these aren't any dumb dogs here, these cats will be sitting beside me on the couch looking dead to the world but the moment I close my eyes for a second off they run. Plus to their sneakiness, these shit heads talk and talk trying to get one of us to feed them extra meals but when the other person gets up or comes home, even though they have been feed at their regular feeding time they act like they are starving. It's sort of like how kids go from one parent to the next. Fuckers! But we love them, they are our family.


Tuesday, December 2, 2008


As Recession is Declared, Dow Falls 680 Points
In economic news, the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged 680 points on Monday after the National Bureau of Economic Research declared that the country has been in a recession for nearly a year.
More like depression and we just haven't noticed the falling we are descending into. I have a friend who just informed me that because she was just laid off from her job she is losing her home and has to move back in with an ex who was abusive because she wants to keep a roof over the heads of her children. And yes, she knows that is not the best thing for them, and yes she is trying to find other alternatives, yes she can get government assistance but that takes time and even when it comes it will not pay for a new place with 1st, last, and deposit, as well as her a babysitter so she can look for another job. "Recessions" are not just about one way, one story, one attack in one fashion on peoples lives. Thanks to you Mr. Bush, now go on talk shows and talk about how you were not ready for this or that, about how you made mistakes, about how everything didn't fall at your feet to try and get people to remember you better, to try and get a Presidential Library that has a few good stories in it. I sir, if existence wills me to live long enough will visit that library that all president get and I will drop off all of the stories I know of people you helped fuck, my own tears through this years, and I hope to God that's how others will choose to pay homage to the reign of this prince of a corrupt but at least knowledgeable father.