Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Library Stuff

We bought a cheap wal-mart bookcase exclusively for the books and such we have out from the library. Poor Wave is bring home two recycle bags full from work just about every day with stuff for herself and me. Those grocery store bags are sturdy and well made for carrying around pounds of library materials. We both cherish public libraries and it bothers us both to read about libraries having to shut down and do layoffs because of the current state of the economy. Even more so considering how such things could affect our lives and that of others we know. Those people who need the libraries can’t live without them, those who don’t use them are lacking, those who don’t need them are callous and craven for not caring about other peoples want and need for them, and people such as ourselves are grateful for them.

Right now on our reserved for “library stuff” bookcase we have three things to go back, one DVD and two books. I have four books and two DVDs to consume. I need to hit the local library system website to place more things on hold. My shelf is a little bare compared to how much I usually have checked out, for the most part I usually have tons of BBC and other TV show DVD sets. Wave on the other hand is right as normal with 11 fiction books, 5 non-fiction books, 1 DVD, 5 CDs, and 4 audio books. Matter of fact this maybe a little light for her but her school semester is just ending so things should pick up again for her:)

Oh, for the record, sitting on my shelf are Naruto: Volumes Six and Seven, Prince Of Stories: The Many Worlds Of Neil Gaiman, I Know It’s Over, Get Smart, and Itty Bitty Titty Committee.


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Marlena said...

Liar. I took those movies back already ;-P I got the X files movie today though. And a shitload of other stuff.