Tuesday, December 2, 2008


As Recession is Declared, Dow Falls 680 Points
In economic news, the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged 680 points on Monday after the National Bureau of Economic Research declared that the country has been in a recession for nearly a year.
More like depression and we just haven't noticed the falling we are descending into. I have a friend who just informed me that because she was just laid off from her job she is losing her home and has to move back in with an ex who was abusive because she wants to keep a roof over the heads of her children. And yes, she knows that is not the best thing for them, and yes she is trying to find other alternatives, yes she can get government assistance but that takes time and even when it comes it will not pay for a new place with 1st, last, and deposit, as well as her a babysitter so she can look for another job. "Recessions" are not just about one way, one story, one attack in one fashion on peoples lives. Thanks to you Mr. Bush, now go on talk shows and talk about how you were not ready for this or that, about how you made mistakes, about how everything didn't fall at your feet to try and get people to remember you better, to try and get a Presidential Library that has a few good stories in it. I sir, if existence wills me to live long enough will visit that library that all president get and I will drop off all of the stories I know of people you helped fuck, my own tears through this years, and I hope to God that's how others will choose to pay homage to the reign of this prince of a corrupt but at least knowledgeable father.


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