Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I’m going to start walking a little every day and I started this new “lease on life” two days ago when I got up I ate breakfast, took out the garbage, and headed out for a stroll. On the trip back from my hike I stopped by the complex office and picked up a package that came in for Wave. After talking with her on the phone I opened it and found a really cool book Pretty In Punk: 25 Punk, Rock, And Goth Knitting Projects. Maybe I can talk her into making me something. She is very talented. I could really see my unsorted features fashioned with a pair of Death Or Glory Wrist Warmers With Skull-And-Crossbones Design. Oh, and before anyone says, “Aren’t these for those of the female set?” I will say, “Foo on you for being so gender bias.”

I posted a couple of new LibraryThing reviews; which can be found at my librarything site, which can be found by the link to the side.

As my birthday passed yesterday one thing passed also through my head. Besides all the emo, near middle age(well past middle age for someone who has been ill most of his life), and I’m a loser hack writer thoughts that are a given on a birthday during this joyless holiday season, thoughts whispered through my brain about how cold I’ve grown to issues, political issues, social issues, down the street issues, in my life issues. Maybe it’s just “older, pisser” or maybe I’m not as happy living in the world that surrounds me for more reasons beyond the personal, in my person. Now how to hold this in a way that is positive? If that's possiable?


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