Monday, June 30, 2008

God needs an enema

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sick watching WILD WILD WEST. Will Smith didnt destroy my love.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Women are targets. I will say this and some may disagree but I think the degree of anger is so ruthless and pointless and senseless against women in todays world that just about every crime committed towards a women in my eyes could be considered a hate crime. Then again, veolance aganist women is not a hate crime by judical standards. A person can stalk her because she is a woman, attack her because she is a woman, hate her because she is a woman, and kill her because she is a woman but that is not a hate crime. Hell, lets wake up and stop calling ourself a modern soceity and world when there are still places where women can be killed and raped by their husbands and it will be seen as just a simple marriage issue. No, sorry, it's not Maratial Rape, IT'S FUCKIGN RAPE!!

Women are tossed acid like bile on the roads, as an example today Wave was almost hit by someone entering our complex and had, "You fucking bitch, I'll kill you," shouted at her. She's pissed, I'm boiling.

Women are used as political play issues by the propaganda machines of conseratives and liberals alike. Womens rights issues are not human rights issues, they are tug tools to a bunch of people with their own agendas held up higher than everyone elses lives.

Women are products and not buyers in the eyes of companies. And this is just such a dumbass thing for a businese to do but thing again. You have companies still out there with policies of not hiring anyone of color. I know, I've worked for some recently.

Female soilders for God's fucking sake are abandaned by their goverment and all of you flag flying bumper sticker asswipes if they don't, "Toe the line."

I am so angry at the world right now. I just wish... I just wish I was more intelligant so I could express it outside of a rant like this.



Well, the charity project I've been working on for months is ready to start rolling. It's called THE NERVE ATOM VISUAL LITERTURE PROJECT, yes, I know, Long title there much?
The basic goal is to raise money to put more graphic novels in libraries and educate people about graphic novels and the library link. The beta version of the website can be found here and you can order the first merchandise from commissioned artwork here. The artwork is by a great artist by the name of Lea Hernandez.
I really have big plans for this project and it means a whole lot to me. Order some cool stuff with great artwork on it and also put more books in libraries. What else could you want? Ok, there are no monkeys but maybe next time.
If you have any suggestions or comments about the project or see errors in either site please let me know at this address:

Have a great day,

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Computers can be a real pain in the ass sometimes.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


I found out today that someone I use to work with died in a car crash, a supervisor. I'm not numb from this, I'm not feeling sorrow for her family, and I'm not really mad when thinking about her. See I worked with this person for about four years or so. For some reason she had a hate on for me from day one working with the company but my work ethic showed time and again she was wrong about me. I moved my way up in the company to get a pretty high up job, making good money but then she really put her claws in. After I was choosen to be let go by the company I found out in emails someone sent me that she was reporting daily to my boss about mistakes I had made and others that I did not make. She would push my requests to the backburner to do other tasks even though I was ahead of her in the company but new to my position. See the thing about most industries is the big bosses don't have to believe you are causing negative things to happen, if they keep hearing your name posted with negative comments they will be begin to assosite you as being a nagative on the structure of the company. That is one of the ways in which rumors and back stabbing talk can hurt other peoples lives.

When I was let go from this company I got a job working with another company that dealt with them directly through an inhouse store. Again this person did everything she could do to make me look bad to the point that she was one of the reasons I was so frustrated and left. You can throw her in at reason number 5 just ahead of the facts of.....well, that's for another time.

Simply I write this more because I have not written a blog entry for a while. I needed to fill some space. I do not write this to remember her. I do not write this to get out any feelings for another human being. She stopped being that in my eyes as I learned that she not only went after me in this manner but she had a rep for not liking certain people and getting them out the company and smiling about how they could lose their houses or cars now.

My only response to her death is if you go out of your way to hurt others, to destroy other peoples lives, then any pain and surfing you get should have been seen coming from miles away by you and your loved ones. She is dead. Am I a heartless human being? I don't care. Death was too quick and sudden, call me what you like


Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Just a note that I started putting my library into LibraryThing. I just started it and have nothing figured out over there but I have one shelf in so far. My biggist problem with it at this stage is that I could not put any of my Philosphy school books in there and sometimes I could not find the edition I actually have of a given book. But I did add a little random cover widget things from it to this blogger.


Monday, June 16, 2008

The fire after effects has my asthma in overdrive.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


I walked around for years in a hell,
This Hell caused by not standing up for the things i had to say,
Those days have gone by,
Now I not only have so many things to say,
No matter what is in my face I will say them anyway,
So jail is a price I'm willing to pay,
Dying with my liver on Redbull is how I pray,
Pencil and laptop dressed up as my swords are painted for today,
I'm alienated enough from reality to be strong,
I'm dancing enough with inner happiness to go on,

(c)brian c. williams


Yesterday was an intersting and fun day. Wave and myself slept in after a night were I pulled a shard of the shattered tooth problem I have out from my gums while downing a few pain pills and two shots of something that came out of the freezer, but this is not the fun or interesting part I was speaking over. After sleeping in we headed out to pick up the Queen for a day at the beach and over all Triv fun.

I will let the day speak in pictures with smart ass comments from me and a few times from captions I ripped from the Queen's myspace. Most of these pictures were taken by the said, Queen.

This was taken before I lost my sunglasses in the ocean. Wave and myself had a great time playing in the water. Wave spotted a jellyfish also.

Wave within the...well, Waves?

"Bow chicka wow wow!" Blame the Queen, she took this picture of me.

We came back to find a fire raging on the other side of our apartment complex in a housing area. We were thinking about packing the cats and a few things in the car to get ready to go if need be.

"I got hit by an "amber" The Queen's arm was hit by ash which had me more worried than the fire itself reaching us after I had a look at where it actually was. It would have to destroy through a lot of other buildings to get to ours.

The cats were on alert status.

While the fires burned we played scrabble. Not up there with Neo but I won and that is something amazing in and of itself with my spelling skills. The fires must have distracted my more word weaponory opponents.

That was my yesterday. A good day with friends.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Trying to get Twitter to work from my craptastic pink phone.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


I haven't been online much of late. Been busy writing, working on projects, trying to get my head right to keep moving forward on everything including keeping up on the cleaning and such around the apartment. By this weekend I want to have this apartment looking really good or as good as I can get it with me still being a pat rack king. And speaking of this weekend me, Wave, and the Queen are going to hit the beach for a bit weather promiting, and in the day time too! I will be sporting a two piece so no one gets a look at my man boobs.

On to things that I accomplished today, none of which are small with my health problems, I did the cat boxes, feed the plants, feed the boys, took out the garbage, went and spoke to the office about our air conditoner leaking, got a new air filter, and worked on creative projects. Though for the last half hour I was lost in surfying through past entries on Jezebel, What? Don't judge me.

If you reading this on live journal remember you can read little bits of my sanity and insanity sent mostly from Wave's phone on my blogger and tumblr accounts. Too lazy right now to research if you can post to livejournal from a phone but that is a question? Anyone?? I guess I need to research Twitter also because when I post by phone blogger and tumblr still double post most of the time.


Sunday, June 8, 2008

Posting mainly to blogger right now fromphoneas I try to get a lot of work done, limiting my online time to accom

Friday, June 6, 2008

Watching Earl with Wave and the cats with a migraine hunting and killing through my brain.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008



Posting in a hurry, sorry for any spelling errors, need to get offline and back to some work that needs to get done.

It is Previews window shopping time once again. Stopped by my local store Famous Faces And Funnies and picked up the latest Previews catalog and a couple single issue comics such as Final Crisis #1 and Secret Invasion #3. Enjoyed both by the way. I think both companies are telling good stories but the money issues a lot of people are facing now is really going to hit this industry hard soon. It may get really bad for the printed comic really quick.

Before we get started I was asked in a email when I did the first one of these why I don't put the covers of the things I want within the blog entry as I write about each item that has my interest? Why? Dude, and this is "dude" being said from a 33 year old but you brought a dude out of me. That would just take way too long and the purpose of me doing this is to exercise the demons of not having the money to keep up with things I love like a lot of great comics being published currently. Go grab your own copy of the catalog.

There, you have a cover!

I picked Final Crisis #1 off the rack yesterday so I may also give FINIAL CRISIS: REVELATIONS #1 and FINAL CRISIS: LEGION OF THREE WORLDS #1 a chance if I have the cash. I know I will be buying the latter in trade because I love George Perez's artwork like few others and my first introduction to DC Comics was the original Crisis series.

Also connected to Final Crisis is DC UNIVERSE: LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT #1 and it will be interesting if pulled off correctly. Like the Marvel Frontline books I think it is either out of the ball park or go down swinging when you try these types of stories in a mainstream superhero universe. But I say at least they are swinging.

ALL-STAR SUPERMAN #12, When finished I would like to get this whole series in trades and add it to my collection; which has very few Superman trades in it, mostly Byrne stuff.

The cover to GREEN LANTERN CORPS #27 would make a great poster I think. Green Lantern is one of my favorite DC concepts with Guy Gardner being my favorite Lantern. I just loved when I was a teenager and found a character who was a hero but also a total asswhipe and dick. I want all of the current Green Lantern trades coming out. I love what they are doing with these books. I have been keeping up through the local library system. I ever enjoyed when they brought Hal back and I hate Hal Jordan.

I have not decided if I want to buy the Countdown trades but I really loved 52 so the connection is a temptation to me.

THE PHANTOM STRANGER: THE HEART OF A STRANGER, I want this trade, I love the Phantom Stranger and think someone needs to buckle under their muses and take a ongoing run at this character because I have always said it would be gold in the right hands.

JANES IN LOVE, I liked The Plain Janes so I hope one of the local libraries gets this book also so I can give it a read.

Terry Moore's ECHO VOLUME 1: SILVER RAIN, I have issue #1 signed by the way ready for framing, when I get a frame, and I want this trade and it is only $15.95. A word to comic companies. You keep those trades below $20 and you will sell a shit load more to people of low fundage like myself. I see a trade and it $20 or more and not a hardback and I'm gone off it. I almost bought a Witchblade trade because of its low price in comparsion to everything by Marvel and DC. And what the shisS with so many trades coming out from companies at so many different prices? I know some may have more pages and such but I do believe if the companies would set prices at lets say $15 for non-hardbacks and $25 for hardbacks then fans could go in as a customer or save and know how much a trade they are looking forward to will be. I got really pissed when I wanted to pick up the first trade of Annihilation, saved my pennies, to find the non-hardback out of my price range. I picked up something else instead matter sure it was something non Marvel because I'm childish that way. These are the future of comics and they really need to get things straight.

I can even rant during window shopping....

DOCTOR WHO: AGENT PROVACATEUR, DOCTOR WHO: THE FORGOTTEN #1, Anyone wish to buy some blood from my viens so I can buy these? and DOCTOR WHO CLASSICS #9 and DOCTOR WHO MAGAZINE SPECIAL #20 and last but not least DOCTOR WHO: THE WRITER'S TALE....yes, i have a problem....did I say I want all the figures also?...ok, just asking....

SPIDERMAN LOVES MARY JANES #1, I have enjoyed this series and now one of my favorite writers is on it. Same for RUNAWAYS, yea for good writing. Both of these series have always been written very well and it looks like that will be coutinueing.


Now I'm off to drink my last Redbull. Wave calls it crack in a can. Ok, and Yea! Just got through watching Rent after reading about it on someone's blog, it was cool. Now I'm off to watch Campion from the library. My Doctor Who links of fanboy addiction moves on.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Reading a Doctor Who book while at Chilli's having drinks with Wave is a good time spend.


Wave got a postcard thingee at a event she attend last week. I'm going to talk about it here because even I did not know how stupid some of the wording was in some abstinence only programs.

The back of the card reads as follows and you can find all the stuff about this here.

To protect teens from unintended pregnancy and STDs, the federal government pours millions of taxpaper dollars into abstinence-only-until-marriage programs. Which of the following points do these programs teach?
A "One of the best ways to avoid AIDS is to avoid homosexual behavior."
B "Abstinence without faith = failure (It's God's idea!)
C "AIDS can be transmitted by skin-to-skin contact."
D "The liberation movement has produced some aggressive girls today, and one of the tough challenges for guys who say no will be the questioning of their manliness."

So our government clearly teaches homophobia, bad health, and wants to warm the hearts of boys who feel their manliness maybe threatened by a woman who thinks for herself. If you have a kid and you support this line of thinking. You are a moron. You are not only a moron but you are also...well, I just want to say YOU ARE A MORON!