Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Posting in a hurry, sorry for any spelling errors, need to get offline and back to some work that needs to get done.

It is Previews window shopping time once again. Stopped by my local store Famous Faces And Funnies and picked up the latest Previews catalog and a couple single issue comics such as Final Crisis #1 and Secret Invasion #3. Enjoyed both by the way. I think both companies are telling good stories but the money issues a lot of people are facing now is really going to hit this industry hard soon. It may get really bad for the printed comic really quick.

Before we get started I was asked in a email when I did the first one of these why I don't put the covers of the things I want within the blog entry as I write about each item that has my interest? Why? Dude, and this is "dude" being said from a 33 year old but you brought a dude out of me. That would just take way too long and the purpose of me doing this is to exercise the demons of not having the money to keep up with things I love like a lot of great comics being published currently. Go grab your own copy of the catalog.

There, you have a cover!

I picked Final Crisis #1 off the rack yesterday so I may also give FINIAL CRISIS: REVELATIONS #1 and FINAL CRISIS: LEGION OF THREE WORLDS #1 a chance if I have the cash. I know I will be buying the latter in trade because I love George Perez's artwork like few others and my first introduction to DC Comics was the original Crisis series.

Also connected to Final Crisis is DC UNIVERSE: LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT #1 and it will be interesting if pulled off correctly. Like the Marvel Frontline books I think it is either out of the ball park or go down swinging when you try these types of stories in a mainstream superhero universe. But I say at least they are swinging.

ALL-STAR SUPERMAN #12, When finished I would like to get this whole series in trades and add it to my collection; which has very few Superman trades in it, mostly Byrne stuff.

The cover to GREEN LANTERN CORPS #27 would make a great poster I think. Green Lantern is one of my favorite DC concepts with Guy Gardner being my favorite Lantern. I just loved when I was a teenager and found a character who was a hero but also a total asswhipe and dick. I want all of the current Green Lantern trades coming out. I love what they are doing with these books. I have been keeping up through the local library system. I ever enjoyed when they brought Hal back and I hate Hal Jordan.

I have not decided if I want to buy the Countdown trades but I really loved 52 so the connection is a temptation to me.

THE PHANTOM STRANGER: THE HEART OF A STRANGER, I want this trade, I love the Phantom Stranger and think someone needs to buckle under their muses and take a ongoing run at this character because I have always said it would be gold in the right hands.

JANES IN LOVE, I liked The Plain Janes so I hope one of the local libraries gets this book also so I can give it a read.

Terry Moore's ECHO VOLUME 1: SILVER RAIN, I have issue #1 signed by the way ready for framing, when I get a frame, and I want this trade and it is only $15.95. A word to comic companies. You keep those trades below $20 and you will sell a shit load more to people of low fundage like myself. I see a trade and it $20 or more and not a hardback and I'm gone off it. I almost bought a Witchblade trade because of its low price in comparsion to everything by Marvel and DC. And what the shisS with so many trades coming out from companies at so many different prices? I know some may have more pages and such but I do believe if the companies would set prices at lets say $15 for non-hardbacks and $25 for hardbacks then fans could go in as a customer or save and know how much a trade they are looking forward to will be. I got really pissed when I wanted to pick up the first trade of Annihilation, saved my pennies, to find the non-hardback out of my price range. I picked up something else instead matter sure it was something non Marvel because I'm childish that way. These are the future of comics and they really need to get things straight.

I can even rant during window shopping....

DOCTOR WHO: AGENT PROVACATEUR, DOCTOR WHO: THE FORGOTTEN #1, Anyone wish to buy some blood from my viens so I can buy these? and DOCTOR WHO CLASSICS #9 and DOCTOR WHO MAGAZINE SPECIAL #20 and last but not least DOCTOR WHO: THE WRITER'S TALE....yes, i have a problem....did I say I want all the figures also?...ok, just asking....

SPIDERMAN LOVES MARY JANES #1, I have enjoyed this series and now one of my favorite writers is on it. Same for RUNAWAYS, yea for good writing. Both of these series have always been written very well and it looks like that will be coutinueing.


Now I'm off to drink my last Redbull. Wave calls it crack in a can. Ok, and Yea! Just got through watching Rent after reading about it on someone's blog, it was cool. Now I'm off to watch Campion from the library. My Doctor Who links of fanboy addiction moves on.

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