Sunday, June 15, 2008


Yesterday was an intersting and fun day. Wave and myself slept in after a night were I pulled a shard of the shattered tooth problem I have out from my gums while downing a few pain pills and two shots of something that came out of the freezer, but this is not the fun or interesting part I was speaking over. After sleeping in we headed out to pick up the Queen for a day at the beach and over all Triv fun.

I will let the day speak in pictures with smart ass comments from me and a few times from captions I ripped from the Queen's myspace. Most of these pictures were taken by the said, Queen.

This was taken before I lost my sunglasses in the ocean. Wave and myself had a great time playing in the water. Wave spotted a jellyfish also.

Wave within the...well, Waves?

"Bow chicka wow wow!" Blame the Queen, she took this picture of me.

We came back to find a fire raging on the other side of our apartment complex in a housing area. We were thinking about packing the cats and a few things in the car to get ready to go if need be.

"I got hit by an "amber" The Queen's arm was hit by ash which had me more worried than the fire itself reaching us after I had a look at where it actually was. It would have to destroy through a lot of other buildings to get to ours.

The cats were on alert status.

While the fires burned we played scrabble. Not up there with Neo but I won and that is something amazing in and of itself with my spelling skills. The fires must have distracted my more word weaponory opponents.

That was my yesterday. A good day with friends.

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