Monday, April 30, 2007


....nothing pisses off a lazy fuck such as myself more than finding someone much more lazy than I could ever possiably be....

Sunday, April 29, 2007


I haven’t found God yet but I keep hearing he is looking for me.

Maybe I should open a bookstore or run a outsourcing business which does collating for companies?…? Or how about I just live under the bridge?….I think capitalism is driving me crazy, And I’m a greedy fuck…

I win this life,
I win this day,
I earned it,
I will stay on my path and will only with adventure go astray,
I win this drive,
I win this belief I have,
I earned it,
I will over and over for love cut myself in half,
I win a vision that maybe will pollute the world one day,
I win this sense of this shit not making sense to me,
I earned the right to have days were I just play,
I win this day for myself and not for blood,
Blood only marks your territory,
I will never again wear your masks,

My mood changed from a child to a man when I found I did not have the time to live,
You say Jesus loves,
Save me if you love me,
Save me from all of those who attack the three,
Save me if this life here within this body means something to you,
This life is my win and do I seem to be fucked up to you?
Fuck yea and because these days are mine,
I will be the way I choose to be,
You just be you,
It will get better with time,

©brian c. williams


Saturday, April 28, 2007


There exists a sense of feeing that is a good effect on my life as a writer when my life seems to be a tad bit hectic and chaotic and that is when I have no time when I write something to talk myself out of how stupid the ideas are or how bad of a writer I am. The truth of which really has no bearing on this or any other discussion if for anything else to keep my sanity in tack and keep me from becoming too grouchy. Nothing worse than a grouchy toothless man of 33.
And with that being said above I started working on a short story this week which to be honest started as just a inside joke story between myself and friends because it was inspired by a friend. Now the story does not look half bad as I finished the 1st Draft last night and I may search around and see about places to submit it to where it would fit in.
The older I get the more I have developed a Fuck You attitude about things. One of those things I think are my inner critics. Not the good inner critics who talk to you about working on reader understanding, not the good inner critics who talk to you at length about how ridiculous it is that super heroes of the female kind usually end up wearing bikinis into battle, or the inner critics that say, “Brian, spell check is meant to be used and is not just a vague suggestion.” The inner critics I am talking about I say to you Fuck Off. I’m enjoying writing and you have no say in this horse or donkey or rabbit race. You are the drunk in the crowd who is holding a ticket for last weeks race you found on the ground outside the restroom and you are yelling for your horse to win even though that horse died the day after your father took you to the races for the first time and which funny ha ha was also the day your father first started showing you slowing how to please yourself. Hands on training.
What? Psh, I have no room for holding back thoughts. I’m getting older by the day people. I’m slowly dying each day because I’m getting old……Anyways, In the past I have always had a hard time writing short stories because I always thought too big, too epic with the initial idea and it just did not fit the structure of a short story. I have many notebooks of short stories which turned into 5 or 9 Chapters of a book before I stretched it beyond its means and it died being stretched beyond its means. That hurts a lot when you do that.
I am still learning how to structure as short story. How to loop and play with scenes and timing and such to create a good read or at least a good place on my computer but I am really starting to enjoy writing them more and more as I do more and more of them. Sort of like sex. I did not have sex for the first time until I was 26 so I never missed it. But now! A day is li….Well, that really doesn’t fit does it? I will have to try and get that story in somewhere else one day.

Listening to Jon Stewart’s America on Wave’s iPod at work. Sunday will have me working a double to try and get as much done as possible…..

Written from the pay the rent (there went my pay check) job,

Thursday, April 26, 2007


A lot of people like it, at least I have been told by more than few, when I write blogs which have a format containing news links and my comments. I like writing those too but to do so daily just takes too much time. Which I don't have that much of. Though I mostly wondered around the net and just cut and pasted news bits that interested me in some way it took time to do this. Now with my writing schedule getting busier with my pen trying to get more writing done, my day job getting busier with this month being a review month for me, and everything in life seemingly starting to get busier-Those crazy fuckers in Washington are just so entertaining. Entertaining like watching my brothers do stupid thing after stupid thing and knowing shit rolls back on family. Long way of saying a short thing. From now on daily I will still be updating the blog, well I will try to, but mostly with bits about my life, my job, and my writing and will probably do a once a week entry on news and events. Unless someone does something really stupid like this shit. If anyone had read my notebooks and journals when I was in elementary and high school I think I would have been arrested. More than a few teachers, classmates, and family members died in those writings I will tell you. Crazy shit there. This blog has always been a way to network, keep the writer juices flowing, and to let friends in a little deeper into who I am and maybe warn them in time about who I am so they will have the chance to run away. The blog is not going anywhere as long as I have some sort of net access.

As I mentioned last night I started a short story last night. It is mostly inspired by my friend The Queen who is all Al Gore and yelling, “IT’S FUCKING EARTH DAY MOTHER FUCKERS!!!” at passing Hummers on the way back from concerts. We love her. Though Al is a tubby and mostly an asshole from my view, The Queen on the other hand who I meet through Wave is one of the most intelligent young women on the planet also in my view. Though a little loud but hey, so is the voice of God. And watch when she swings because she does so without abandon. I always thought one of these days I would write a character inspired by her who would be some kind of super villainess or something but that is the Muses for you.

Written at the pay the rent job,

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Still at work at 1:47am...Need some positive energy...I LOVE WAVE, ALIA SUN, CALM, TANKGIRL, JULY, ORACLE, SHORTFRIE, THE QUEEN, MO, BRAVE SUMMERS, TOUCH, SPEEDE, ROBIN BIRD, DESIRE, and all of those who I have called friends and who have brought good things into my life.....Now I have some energy....Thank you,

....Ok, Tonight I'm started a short story which I will finish the 1st Draft for by Friday night. I needed to get my teeth into something else while forgetting about the book for a bit. 578 words in a finding it very intersting so far. Looks to be a drama horror story. That or maybe a black comedy? Who knows but it was inspired by my friend The Queen. Who probably has never read this blog but reall, who can blame her!

Written from the day job...I'm staying until at least 3am....I think...maybe.....who knows........

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Now with me being in the coming back from my days off state of mind I know I wish to have two new things that I can live without but I can't live without. You know those type of things? One being a laptop and the other is a Ipod. It sucks that my birthday is at the end of the year. I could maybe, possiably, in some way make it seem justified to buy one of those things then but not cash....Whin, whin, whine....WHINE!.Psh, Who doesn't?

I am at a point with the book that I get in a lot of times after finishing 1st Drafts were I'm looking at the words and completly hating them. Before I would just throw the shit away and get depressed but that is not me now. Maybe I'm more delustional than I use to be but I actually think I'm inproving as a writer. Besides the bad grammer and spelling!!!! I will be putting it aside for a week and then return to it fresh over the weekend. Maybe I will write the first draft of a short story during the week. Then hate it afterwards and go back to the book with missing love.

Written from the pay the rent job,

Monday, April 23, 2007


The weekend, a four day weekend I must add because I do not see many of those was filled to the rim. I am still recovering and probably will still be recovering until the next weekend I get off. It was filled to the rim with travel, hotel sex, noise, a sick lady, and laughter. The travel started as Wave and myself headed to Orlando at 6am on Thursday morning. She had a conference meeting scheduled as part of her job to attend at Seminole Community College for Thursday and Friday. We decided to make it a two day over night stay to keep from driving back and forth between Orlando and Melbourne with her already being pretty sick. Since our hotel check in time was not until 3pm I went to the college with her and spent my time in the library reading-Life, The Universe And Everything (I always keep a Douglas Adam book with me at all times for re-reading) and Doctor Who: The Burning by Justin Richards. Also I planned to work on this blog entry documenting the trip and moleskin notes for the 2nd Draft of the book while waiting for her. From here I will write from my notes as the four day weekend moved…

…One illusion that you learn very early as I did because of my love for libraries is that these great places are not nor ever have been, at least in my life time, places of quite surrounding atmosphere. Never quite sanctuaries. They maybe quite compared to a football match or a reading of an Amy Goodman book at a Bush family event but quite? Not really and so when I find a quite library I do not wish to leave. The library of Seminole Community College had me clock watching for my, when Wave will be finished moment…..

…Another Billie Law is that no matter where I sit in a library, no matter the size, location, or reality of the library because this is also true of libraries in my dreams and in those other places, no matter where I sit for quite reflection with a book, pencil, and at times Waves laptop some dumb fuck group of guys will be gathered near by to talk about tits and pussy and after giving these prep fuckheads my best toothless stare I get a good look at them also and see that these middle class preppies they probably only touch the tits of the fatfuck of the group and would only get a taste of something sweat if they paid for it. I see a future for them jacking off in a alleyway after stealing the latest issue of Church Weekly with old Pat on the cover. I hate loud people in libraries…Have I mentioned that before?….

…Finished the Douglas Adams book and got to Chapter 7 on The Burning. I loved the way Justin Richards keep introducing characters who could have/might have been The Doctor. That little trick got me interested in the book a whole lot quicker. It usually takes me a while to get into a book…

…We left the college on Thursday to go check in at the hotel. After resting a bit Wave left to meet with one of her favorite professors and one of my favorites of her former teachers for some sort of Alumni function; while I stayed at the hotel resting watching Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire. Nothing like HBO in a hotel. For some reason I have to watch even if I have the DVD at home. Comes from when I was little and the only place that had HBO were I was from was hotels…

…Wave brought Panera back to the hotel from her meeting and we did a Lush bath, hotel sex, candy bar snack thing before heading to sleep…

…Friday started with us getting up. Wave fixed coffee and left and I visited the gift shop at this nice Marriott across from TD Waterhouse or whatever it is called now. I returned from the gift shop with a Coke, Yuppie Guppies, and a copy of USA Today for Wave to ready when she got back. Then I started writing chapter one of the next book in the series of the current book I am working on book one of. I know, not even finished with the first book and he is starting number two. The idea hit me on how to start it so I had to put it down or be bitch slapped by a bunch of angry Muses…

…When Wave returned to the hotel we got something to eat at the hotel restaurant, putting up with some sports fans in the bar/restaurant, and then we returned to the room to relax. She relaxed in a bath of Lush products; while I watched Emeril Live. Then we chilled before going to sleep. We had a 11am check out time in the morning….

….Slept in until check out. We stopped at an B&N near the hotel so I could see if they had any Doctor Who books. No go. Stopped quickly for something to eat and then off to The Florida Mall for a fast Lush visit and then back home awaiting to see if Desire and Robin Bird still wished to hang out….

…Wave is really sick so we had to cancel hanging out with Desire and Robin Bird. We both feel bad about that because we were looking forward to seeing them but my love really did need the rest with us heading back out on Sunday to Ft. Lauderdale to see My Chemical Romance with Wave’s sister Trill and The Queen….

…The trip to the concert started with us picking up The Queen and Trill. Me, Wave, and Queen argued over Wave’s Ipod. They wanted to listen to it on the radio and I wanted to listen to Doctor Who audios. Since Queen also had her Ipod also I traded and with her model being a newer one I watched episodes of the craptastic show Supernatural while they listened to music. I think I lost out big time on that one. The whole time we were being all high school with each other Trill was sitting with her headphones on reading quietly….

…There is a town in Florida named Plantation. Am I the only person who sees that as sort of off?…

…The concert was good. I like My Chemical Romance. They put on a good show. This being my second time to see them live. The opening act The Muse I did not like as much but I also think their sound system was fucked up a little since I could not understand a thing they were saying. Plus it seemed like they were trying to pull off some sort of U2, Techno, Prince, Emo thing that just was not working….

…There is a road in Florida called Hiatus….From what?….

…The trip back home involved going up the wrong way on an interstate highway, a search for a Taco Bell to shut up the Queen, Trill showing us how in glory she is about all knowledge of the music of today. Seems she is connected to channels like Fuse. Didn’t it use to be Much Music?…..

…and that was my four day weekend. I think I am even more tired now that I had to type all of that up.

Written in a hotel, in a library, in a car, in the apartment, and probably some place I forgot I was,

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007


This week is not getting any better. I think always the worst weeks you will have are right before a holiday or vacation or is this just another Brian’s Law. Right there with the day I take a different route home I will get pulled over. I have 4 days off coming up and this play house where I work is driving me nuts with irresponsible people, childish behavior, and just so many things that need to get done it is like trying to change the diaper of the not shrunk kid from the second Honey I Shrunk The Kids movie. Or was that the third one? Throw peoples inability to act like adults with the fact that my best person on my shift has to keep missing because of family health reason has Mr. Billie not too happy. Mr. Billie is the side of my personality who doesn’t mind not having any front teeth, drives with notions of driving off bridges, and things capital punishment should only be used for those who put Astroturf in baseball stadiums.

And I’m also not to happy to say the , and I rant and ramble a lot so saying the least is never a option, with the world because the lady I love is at home right now with barley a voice to speak with, which believe me is like cutting off the arm from a normal person, Now she just grunts very loudly with jesters when Bill O’Reily comes on TV. And it seems like she has been getting sicker as the night has been going on and she is just a stubborn as me about some things like Doct….I will not say it babe. I’ll bug you about it more when you start to feel a little better.

Trying to catch up because my internet times has been spaced out of late with e-mails about possible projects and what just happen at Virginia Tech.

Damon, Thanks again for the link. It is nice to hear from someone who you once spoke to daily who had such a positive effect on your life as you did on my life. I hope you are doing well.

P, Thanks for all the LUSH goodies. Makes the apartment smile really nice. And yes I did mean to type smile. Plus some of the stuff we do not use we can pass on to others and spread the goodness of LUSH around.

Mar, We have went over the library…library….Hell, this fucking program will not let me spell it my way. Fucker!

So I hope to get out of work at a decent time to go home and hug up to Wave. I feel useless being here while she is home sick. My head is killing me and I can’t concentrate on anything.

Written from the day job while trying to piss off some conservatives to entertain myself,

Monday, April 16, 2007

bloody campus rampage
I hate this fucking world sometimes. I went to school here for a while. And even though I have not even crossed the border into the former state I called home since I left for my own personal reasons. This has hit home. I know teachers there. I know people who work on the campus.


Sunday, April 15, 2007


A quick post on the fly sort of entry. This weekend sucked at work. Yesterday was ok but the lady who was suppose to come in today did not show. I am getting really sick of some of these people who act this way just because they are bar buddies with the boss. It is a bad situation which is costing us productivity wise and I'm the one in the crosshares is things do not get done.

Tax time is driving me nuts. I have not filed mine yet so I will be up early tomorrow to go do some. I might try for a extension but reading the paper work it looks like it says you still have to pay on time no matter if you do get a extension? So what is the extension for, My Dick!? I know I need it but for fucks sake. I hate the fact the the goverment makes things so wrangling on people when it comes to finding simple answers.

Put together a bunch of information of graphic novels to give to someone at one of the local libuaries in hopes they will start to carry more materials and maybe even carry them in a correct way that treats them just as any other book should be. Right now most libuaries around are pure choatic in how they shelve and order graphic novels and trades of comics. All of this thinking about this subject also has me remembering how when I was young I wanted to work at a libuary. I wish I still was at times in that sort of place daily. Being around books just makes me feel better about everything.

After work off to do the food shopping thing, maybe do some laundry if it stops raining and if I get out of my current bad mood, try to get some writing done, try to get my tax stuff straight for tomorrow, try to spend some good time with my love, try to get some rest, try to keep from killing myself, try to clean up my old files more, try to clean out my truck................


Friday, April 13, 2007


Gearing for a busy night here and it seems like I maybe the only one on the shift. I may scream before the night is over. Scream right before throwing my smock down and going home. Not that, that will happen because I need the money. If only I was born rich but alas I was not even born breathing.

Updated from above. It was a long and tiring night but kicked ass on getting things done. One of the new ladies gave me mouth a little about having to redo something but I had my star worker here tonight so we kicked ass. I wish I still had her every night but her college work is more important and that is why I refuse to schedule her more than two nights a week and she does not really need the job so it is extra money for her anyways.

Now here comes a full work weekend. I wish I drank more.

From Work Whining To Responses To Comments Left:


Geek Speak:

Well, I don’t think anyone is a better choice to write this great character. Now hopefully this series can get to the respect it deserves.

Back To Reality:

Reality? Where? I think it went THAT WAY!!!!!

And In The News:

Bone stem cells turned into primitive sperm cells
My first thought was. Primitive sperm cells? Where do they come from, Rednecks?

'social cockroaches'
So are most of the people in the industry I work in now.

Australian PM Calls for Ban on HIV-Positive Immigrants, Refugees
In Australia, Prime Minister John Howard is stirring controversy today after calling for a ban on HIV-positive immigrants or refugees from entering the country. Howard said HIV should be compared with tuberculosis even though tuberculosis is airborne and contagious while HIV is only transmissible.
Democracy NOW!
How far are we in this world from camps being set up for many reasons?
Which side of the fence will you be on?
Will you be looking into eyes knowing you helped this to happen by not taking action?
In this country the government has lands set aside for camps. In case and for many reasons. We placed Asian Americans into camps during WWII. Who are you?
Who is pointing to you?
What will you fight for?
Not just questions, this is the future.

menstrual forms
What?! That was said in my best John Stewart impersonation with bug eyes.

I give you a good night with this.

Written at the pay the rent job,

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Thursday, April 12, 2007


They are brining more and more work into the shop and that is good but at the same time I am feeling exhaustion coming on at three hundred miles per hour already. Our shop is crammed full of machines and work. Too bad we are not crammed full of dedicated people who actually care about getting all of the work done instead of just trying to make the boss think they like him and care about the job. I am a lot of things. Toothless, wizzy when I sleep, not always the most aromatic, and sometimes and I know this is hard to believe but I can be a smart ass. But the one thing I am is a hard worker who takes the jobs he does, no mater what they maybe, serious.

From Work Whining To Responses To Comments Left:

That big boom is why I will not live in a place that uses gas unless I have to. I’m way too paranoid and neurotic for that.

Yep, but I tend to want to get all up and ready when you are down a few PM’s and a couple hours in sleep mode.

Geek Speak:

Gridlock to break TV record
Gridlock will be the 727th episode of Doctor Who, which breaks the record previously held by Star Trek for the total number of episodes. "Gridlock is the 727th episode of Doctor Who. This will break the record held by the various series in the Star Trek franchise. They amassed a combined total of 726 episodes between them."
Outpost Gallifrey
Beam that up your Scotty!

Back To Reality:

I have to put myself on a better diet because my health has always sucked since those first hours of life when I was trying to breathe but it just was not happen, through a youth of hospital stay, and then early adulthood just feeling like shit.

And In The News:

“Stretched” Military Extends Tour of Duty for U.S. Troops
The U.S. military has announced an across-the-board extension of tours of duty for all active soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Soldiers will be deployed for up to fifteen months -- three months longer than before. The move will affect more than one hundred thousand soldiers and bring about the military’s longest combat tours since the Second World War. The extension also marks the first time active duty-soldiers will have spent more time at war than at home. At the Pentagon, Defense Secretary Robert Gates acknowledged the military is “stretched” in defending the extension.
Democrats say the extended tours could jeopardize military readiness and threaten the army’s make-up as an all-volunteer force. Senate Armed Services Committee chair Carl Levin said: “Once again, the failures of this administration are being underwritten by our troops.”
Democracy NOW!
Another sign of the coming draft in this country. And thus the civil war will begin. We live in ever growing more interesting times. I just wonder if most see all the little signs.

MSNBC Drops Imus Over Rutgers Remarks
The television network MSNBC has responded to the growing public and advertising pressure over the radio host Don Imus’ recent remarks about the Rutgers women’s basketball team. MSNBC will no longer simulcast Imus’s syndicated radio program “Imus in the Morning.” MSNBC had initially announced Imus would be suspended for two weeks. The move came amidst increasing pressure from civil rights groups and declining support from advertisers. Companies including Staples, Procter & Gamble, Sprint and General Motors had all pulled their ads from Imus’ MSNBC broadcast. CBS Radio has also suspended Imus for two weeks. Protests are scheduled for today to pressure CBS to drop Imus permanently.
Democracy NOW!
I love how the media has totally turned this around and now they are talking about rap artists singing worse stuff and that this is freedom of speech. And it is freedom of speech but this guy also painted himself more news than entertainment and tried to pull in a lot of political figures. But lost now in all of this is how women are targeted again in the media and that fact is danced over for hot button talk.

Author Kurt Vonnegut Dead at 84
And finally, the author Kurt Vonnegut has died. He was eighty-four years old. Vonnegut authored at least nineteen novels including “Slaughterhouse-Five” and “Cat’s Cradle.” In recent years, Vonnegut was a fierce critic of the Bush administration and a columnist for the magazine In These Times.
Democracy NOW!
Slaughterhouse Five was one of the first books that caught my attention was I was little. A teacher gave it to me even in 3rd Grade I think it was, though other teachers said it was over my level. I have lived with a learning disability most of my life. That book though, It got my attention and helped push my love of reading.

Admin Loses E-mails Sought in Attorney Probe
The Bush administration is claiming to have lost dozens of e-mails sought in the Congressional investigation into the firing of eight U.S. attorneys. The White House says the emails can’t be tracked because they were sent from private accounts intended for political activities rather than through government-issued email accounts. Democrats have accused White House senior adviser Karl Rove and other aides of using the private accounts to avoid leaving a paper trail in the attorney firings.
Democracy NOW!
So basically they lost government documents? If I lost important e-mail documentation at my job I would get fired. Why I archive and back up everything. Though we all know they are not lost or at least not gone by accident but if they did stupidly lose these documents then this is another example of how government officials are not held accountable to doing their jobs the way the rest of us are.

I give you a good night with this. This was always one of the craziest and thus best crossovers in comics history.

Written at the pay the rent job,

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

THE TITLE IS- Mr. Gar…Ms. Gar…I’m Confused

Watching Southpark while writing. Will have see if I really get any writing done. The record for me thing was done by Wave. Love you sexy. She loves me too. I’m special. One lucky toothless shit head who appreciated every existence moment with her also.

Diving into Chapter Three right now. Lets hope I drown a little…

…“Scissor me!”… Sorry got distracted by Southpark. That show is so wrong and just well so wrong that I love it. Wave was messaging me earlier about this episode and she was right. Pretty funny.

Watching Southpark. Well, actually at the moment I’m watching a commercial for Spiderman 3 but as I watch Southpark it reminds me of the one form of writing I’m extremely sucky at. Not the normal sucky now that exists in all of my other hack attempts at putting words into form to cause some form of stirring around inside all of your heads but the extreme sucky writing I extremely suck at is writing comedy….Oh, the show is back on. Talk to you in at the commercial break…

…We really need to go grocery shopping. Good thing this is a pay week. Though I still have to get my taxes done. Shit, two sentences during a commercial break. That sucks even for me. Back to the show…

Have you noticed just how much they are using computer animation in this seasons Southpark? I mean , I know they have used it a lot in the past but this season you can clearly see when they are totally using computer created artwork.

… “These guys are pretty good. I think I’m actually learning something.”


“Morgon made me walk the professor.”

Ok, so I’m not doing much writing. Just moved from Southpark to Futurama. What can I say, Phillip J. Fry is my hero and I can’t sleep but refuse to be useful in any way possible also.

Written from home, late at home, when I should be sleeping, laying beside a beautiful women, bugging her for sex, What The Hell Am I Thinking. Bye, Here I come lovely Rita Meter Maid!

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I was late coming into work today. Had to get some gas on the way in and something to eat. My reports are due tonight. I am not in the mood for doing reports but that is part of my job. At least my shift has extra help tonight so I can work on this stuff and not have to run from one thing to another. I also separated the talkers tonight one in the back room and one in the front shop area. They do more work that way.

From Work Whining To Responses To Comments Left:

You can find out more information about the over building around here through the SCPA website. I know their President personally and they try to do good work in a lot of areas. I subscribe to their e-mail alerts and newsletter. Though for the most parts I don’t read them but that is because I have contacts to information through Brevard NOW and other places. This is not one of my big issues but I try to keep up with all the information. If you wish for me to get you more information just let me know but I think the links on the site will point you in good places.

Geek Speak:

…..dying from no new doctor who fix coming fast enough….WHEN SCI-FI? WHEN?

Back To Reality:

Did a little writing but mostly today I got up. Looked around the place for Wave before remembering she left for work early today and then just chilled on the couch for a little while re-reading a Douglas Adams book. I thought about cooking some spaghetti but was too lazy to do the dishes and so I did not eat except for the junk fast food before coming into work.

And In The News:

Report: Admin Unable to Fill War “Czar” Post
The Washington Post is reporting the Bush administration has been unable to attract interested candidates for a high-level position to oversee the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. At least three retired four-star generals have turned down White House requests to be considered for the job as war czar. One of the three, retired Marine General John Sheehan said: “The very fundamental issue is, they don’t know where the hell they’re going. So rather than go over there, develop an ulcer and eventually leave, I said, ‘No, thanks.”’
Democracy NOW!
“So rather than go over there, develop an ulcer and eventually leave, I said, No, thanks.”
Got to love that quote. Working for the Bush Administration is beginning to be like working for a failing company. You know shit may hit you at any moment.

Gore Unveils Live Earth Line-up
And finally, former Vice President Al Gore has announced the lineup for his day of concerts to raise awareness on Global Warming. The July Seventh Live Earth concerts will be held in Johannesburg, London, Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai, Sydney, and Tokyo. The U.S. concert will be held at Giants Stadium in New Jersey.
Democracy NOW!
When is the world going to have concerts to raise money for the toothless? We need your love too : (

Imus Show
MSNBC and CBS Radio are coming under increasing pressure to fire Don Imus over his recent remarks about the Rutgers women’s basketball team. Imus has been suspended for two weeks beginning on Monday but he remains on the air this week. Several large corporations including Staples and Procter & Gamble have pulled their ads from his show on MSNBC. On Tuesday members of the Rutgers women’s basketball team spoke out for the first time. They condemned Imus’ remarks but announced plans to hold a private meeting with him. Meanwhile, the two-week suspension is also coming under criticism for its timing. The suspension will end on April 30th, in time for the spring sweeps period when networks use ratings to set advertising fees. Karl Frisch, a spokesperson for Media Matters for America, said: “It is unfortunate that MSNBC and CBS Radio have failed to accept any responsibility for airing Don Imus’ bigoted remarks over the years… It would be inappropriate for MSNBC to benefit financially from the publicity likely to surround Imus’ return.”
Democracy NOW!
Does anyone else notice how much they are ignoring the fact that his comments more than anything else were sexist and a slap in the face of these great athletes who made it to the championship game of their sport and only lost because they ran into one of the best programs in college sports history? This was not him making a bad racist joke. This was him attacking women’s sports in general. But then again why go after him when sports shows and other shows attack women’s sports everyday and no body says anything about it because it is ok to make comments and attack women as long as you don’t do it in a racist way.

Just Give Us the Numbers
Being as how I have been in the position many times in my life to be around big wigs I will tell you that many of the males who have power in companies enjoy the fact that they can pay women less and get away with it. Until the rest of society changes and sees how wrong this is though I do not see things changing that quickly. And the fact is I think what is worse is how people are passed over for advancements and consideration for certain higher paying positions because they are female.

I give you a good night with this. Scared the shit out of me and my first reaction as I was sitting in the living watching TV after work and Wave was sleeping was to go in and see if she was ok.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007


A weekend off proves to you how much you really would like to win the lottery.

From Work Whining To Responses To Comments Left:

Don’t you hate it when you write a long comment and then it deletes it for some reason. It happens to me a lot also. I blame God.

Geek Speak:


Back To Reality:

Sometimes when I’m on MySpace, which is not that often but I use it for networking and staying in touch with some friends who use it more than I do. But on the times I do decide to use it I keep seeing these dating service adds that have GIRLFRIEND SEASON above the heading of the image. Am I the only person who does not like these ads? What are they trying to say women are deer? I grew up in a hunting community and that does not draw up the most pleasant of images for me. If this was done in a very dark humor sort of way I would really have no problem but it is not presented that way. See here is my thing, if you are going to show women and men as just sex objects don’t pussy foot around about it. Lets see some nipples, lets see something hanging about, and don’t bullshit us in trying to convince us one-that your advertising is cool because it is not, its just lazy and two-that you care one fucks about anything more than making money off of peoples bodies.

See what happens when you spend a wild great weekend with a bunch of beautiful, intelligent ladies.

After work last night I wrote about a thousand words to start the 2nd Draft. I finished the 1st Draft on Friday and let it set over the weekend. Now I’m juiced to get back into the meat and play with my food a little.

And In The News:

15,000 U.S. Troops Face Extended Iraq Stay
At least fifteen thousand U.S. troops are facing longer tours of duty in Iraq under a new proposal at the Pentagon. The delay would last up to four months. Meanwhile the National Guard announced thousands of Guard members are being notified to prepare for a second deployment to Iraq. The total National Guard deployment will top thirteen thousand.
Democracy NOW!
Why in Gods name can’t the President and our government admit they made huge mistake? Apologize to the Iraq people, Apologize to the soldiers who have fought and died. Apologize to the American people as whole. What the fuck makes so many people with so much power who have the fates of so many lives in their hands such big fucking cowards?

Memo to Bill O'Reilly
The article was a interesting read. Bill O’Reilly I think looks stupid to even those who agree with him. At least Rush didn’t yell all the time. Fucker gives me a headache.

meeting with the president
Bush says Dems are putting soldiers lives in danger and keeping supplies from going to them on time by wishing to cut funding. Throughout this whole war how many stories have we heard about soldiers not having this or that or this which put them into danger or made their stay overseas worse? Mr. President who was in charge then? Also he wants to say they are playing politics. All of Washington is about just playing politics. It is not about getting anything done. It is either my way or I will try to put a strangle hold on the process. Mr. President you want to say you only care about doing what is right. You say you are about protecting soldiers. Then why do you not see how alarming it should be at the number of desertions from the ranks and the number of military suicides during this war? If you cared about the soldiers over there why are you not standing and having conferences about the females soldiers who have been sexual assaulted? Why the fuck are you playing politics and not trying to get things done? You represent not only those who have elected you. Those 33% would still support you if you said The Easter Bunny was behind 911. You represent all of us and your failure to be strong, your failure to be a Real Man as your elk like to speak of. Your failure to be a true leader has caused death, division, and fear. Sleep well Mr. President. Sleep well.

Weblogs 'need content warnings'
Why because if you see something you don’t like your eyes will burn out or a child could not get over see breasts or reading the word Fuck over and over? Some people have called it this and it is true, the internet is the wild west of the future and the only way to really change that is to destroy it. Can anyone else hear the sound of railroads being built.

Dust Disk Around a Black Hole in Galaxy NO, NO, NO! THEY ARE NOT REAL!!!!

Abstinence Feels Good
Let me tell you what feels good……..Let me get back to you on that one. When ever I start to write something dirty in a story or whatever I think of my mom some how standing behind me while I’m typing. But anyways. Abstinence feels good? Ok. This is along the lines of the anti-drug ads of the 80’s. Please people drugs make you feel good for a while, now move on to the real issues. Yes, I just dated myself. Use to do that several times a day before I meet Mar. Any how. Masturbation feels good. Masturbating someone else feels good. Watching people…ok. I’ll stop there in case any eyes are reading who may die from reading this sort of content.

omen to Meet With Imus Over Remarks
The guy is a dick but he has always been sort of dick. I think this is going overboard though because to be honest you hear this shit all over the place every morning all over the country on talk radio. You go after him, go after all of them and please lets just see the fact that this is the move on story since the Anna Nicole bullshit seems to have died. Who’s your daddy? I’m your fucking daddy and I throw my arms up into the air in celebration at all the money I could be getting from that little shit factory.

Making a mint out of the Moon
I want the bit of land where I can open a place called Benders with hos and slap jacks. I love Futurama.

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Monday, April 9, 2007


Blogging on the fly striaght from Blogger tonight. Not much of an blog going to happen though but to say I had a full weekend. Spent time with good friends, did the party thing with some of the best people, and did not have to work either day so I spent a lot of time with the lady I love.

Quick discription of the events: The Three went out for icecream and a bookstore walk around, did some laundry, hung out with three very intelligant ladies and took pictures all night, keep one of them from diving out of the car on the way home, and had sex sex sex...though one night I really wasn't given much a choice on the matter :)



Thursday, April 5, 2007


I went home a little early last night. Talked to everyone before I left to make sure everything was ok and traveling along a ok path. I came in this morning to everyone complaining. I am a little feed up with this attitude some people have of just working a job and not carrying about how they do their work. Hell, If I’m the fucking responsible one, if I’m the fucking hard working one, If my work ethic makes you look lazy then you are assholes and quit trying to make my life worse by your choice of not working hard because you got a hate on for the boss or the work we have to do to earn our pay checks. Everyone hates their jobs and bosses children.

From Work Whining To Responses To Comments Left:

Geek Speak:


Back To Reality:

Good news is a friend is moving back near by. Glade to hear you are coming back Des.

I have four days coming up when I will not be work at the day job but will spend a lot of it doing what I love…No not you Mar, I said what, you are a who…the best who….the most most of any most who…But we will see… I will be spending a lot of time with the Muses playing writing touch games. Will finish off the 1st Draft of the book over those days off. Give it a week or two to rest and then start slapping it around as I attack the 2nd Draft. Though starting that 2nd Draft it will probably be slapping me around until I get my fingers around it.

And In The News:

Wal-Mart Accused of Infiltrating Anti-Wal-Mart Group; Spying on Critics
A former worker at Wal-Mart is claiming the company is running a sophisticated surveillance operation that targets employees, journalists, stockholders and critics of the company. The claims were made by Bruce Gabbard who was fired last month for intercepting and recording phone calls to and from a New York Times reporter. Gabbard told the Wall Street Journal he was part of a broader surveillance operation run out of Wal-Mart's Arkansas headquarters. Gabbard also revealed that Wal-Mart infiltrated the group Up Against the Wal last year by sending a long-haired employee wearing a wireless microphone to one of the group's meetings. A Wal-Mart surveillance van was stationed outside the meeting in order to listen in to what was happening. Wal-Mart also reportedly closely monitored the internet and phone usage of employees at work. Managers received a list of email addresses and phone numbers with which their employees have communicated, and a list of Web sites visited. Wal-Mart also developed a system to read the personal emails of workers sent or received from private accounts such as Hotmail or Gmail.
Democracy NOW!
The next U.S. Civil War will be against Wal-Mart. Think I’m being a smart ass. Anyone who thinks a cooperation like Wal-Mart with the attitude that Wal-Mart has is any less dangerous than a government out of control is blind. Now that being said. I still shop there from time to time. Mostly for gas so I’M FEEDING THE GREAT SATAN!!!!

Female genital mutilation banned in Eritrea
Banned here too. Cases still happen. Hopefully this is good news but when you see how under reported female genital mutilation is in the world media, you see how sexist our world truly is.

12 Anti-Sweatshop Students Arrested at University of Michigan
Twelve students have been arrested at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor while conducting a sit-in at the office of the school's president. The students said the school has failed to follow its own polices to crack down on companies that use sweatshop labor to manufacture school apparel.
Democracy NOW!
Man, this shit never went on when I was in college? That or I was too drunk or self-absorbed to notice. I think the biggest protest sort of thing I ever did in college was write stuff for the school paper that pissed people off. Probably mostly because everything I wrote in college sucked.

10 Anti-War Protesters in Vermont Arrested At Sen. Leahy's Office
And in Vermont, police arrested 10 anti-war protesters on Tuesday for refusing to leave Senator Patrick Leahy's Burlington office. The protesters were calling on Leahy to cut off funding for the war in Iraq. Over 300 peace activists have now been arrested across the country for taking part in sit-ins at the offices of lawmakers as part of the Occupation Project which began in February.
Democracy NOW!
Now this is America!

I give you a good night with this.

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Wednesday, April 4, 2007


I put in for some days off later this month. Be the first time I have ever had four days off in a row since I started working for this company and probably did not do it in the job I had before this one either. Usually just about the only days I get off, when I get days off are weekends; which hardly happens here often enough for me…and for the lady I love I think I can say for her and be safe. The boss told me last night they are hiring someone so I will not have to work weekends that often and that he will be making others work weekends also from time to time. I will see if it happens before I start to do a jig.

On my way into work a man in a black shirt, checkered shorts, and wearing a gas mask walked in front of my truck while I was stopped at a red light. Wonder if that is the Florida version of having a black cat cross your path?

From Work Whining To Responses To Comments Left:

Don’t worry about rushing those DVD’s back to me really fast. They are my travel copies I take on trips and I’m not planning any trips anytime soon.

Geek Speak:

Does it make me a high geek to want to move to London mostly for Doctor Who reasons?

Back To Reality:

Did not do any writing last night after work. Just came home, fixed myself something to eat, and then passed out asleep in the living room watching Adult Swim. Then I went in and snuggled up next to Wave and let the days bullshit die because none of that shit matters when I have her beside me there at night.

And In The News:

First I have to say I only like a couple of Avril’s songs in mostly a that is catchy but please let me only hear it once every year sort of way. But it amazes me how much some people go after her and really have a hate on for her. If it is not talking about her current hair color or who she is dating or married, it’s if she was, is, or ever could be Punk. Whatever the fuck that is suppose to be? Punk? Country? Pop? Metal? All labels for pushing control on the artists by those without artistic talent. Oh, and I do have her first CD. Anyone wish to lynch me now? If so I also own Van Heishing on DVD, Shania Twain on CD, and many other books, CD‘s, and DVD’s that a lot of people let other people tell them they should not enjoy. I say fuck them and fuck you too for letting people lead you around and away from things you may get enjoyment from. This country and for the most part the modern world are mostly made up of sheep. If you are a sheep then change. If you say I am never a sheep to others control then look in the mirror at a liar.

Secret FBI Unit Detained War Protesters In 2002
The Washington Post is reporting a secret FBI intelligence unit helped detain a group of war protesters in a downtown Washington parking garage in April 2002 and interrogated some of them on videotape about their political and religious beliefs. For years, law enforcement authorities suggested the incident never happened. But recently unearthed D.C. police logs confirm the FBI's role. According to the police records, the protesters were targeted largely because they were wearing the color black and perceived by police to be anarchists. After the protesters were detained, FBI agents dressed in street clothes separated members to question them one by one about protests they attended, whom they had spent time with recently, what political views they espoused and the significance of their tattoos and slogans. According to the Washington Post, the revelations provide the first public evidence that Washington-based FBI personnel used their intelligence-gathering powers in the District to collect purely political intelligence. The police records came to light because of a lawsuit filed on behalf of the protesters by the Partnership for Civil Justice.
Democracy NOW!
Someone I know has a sticker that says, “I DON’T HATE MY GOVERNMENT, I FEAR IT.” Enough said.

Giuliani stands by support of publicly-funded abortions
They will string him up for this.

Three Yale Students Arrested for Flag Burning
And here I thought not much good came out of Yale. I have to say I always find it amazing so many people get so upset by flag burning. Hell, I have always thought it weird that a lot of these same people will walk around with crosses around their necks and hanging them all over their homes and call them symbols of faith instead of the thing that killed their so called son of God. I see a burning flag in protest as a symbol of exactly what those of the past have died and suffered for to make this country not that bad of a place to live when you get by all the bullshit. But maybe that is just me.

"The Feminine Mistake"

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Tuesday, April 3, 2007


To start to just let everyone know. For a while I will not be always posting from computers I normally work on so I will not be able to post entries as I normally do. Also with that being said sorry for a larger amount of errors within entries because when I do get a chance this week it will be only to do it very quickly and without much chance for review before posting.

That aside.

I have free basic cable through Brighthouse. Which is just, well, the basics. Oh, and sorry. I forgot the Doctor Who DVD's. I will bring them tomorrow night. Sorry about that.

Wrote about 2k on the book last night. Only a couple of chapters to go on the 1st Draft. Then I'm going to let it rest before about a week before diving back into it. I was stuck for about a month on how to end the book and it was driving me nuts to the point of almost giving up on the story but then things clicked and now I'm marching ahead very fast. Hope I don't slam into a wall though on the way.


Monday, April 2, 2007


Really slow at work tonight and I let my crew go home at 10pm so I will stay until 12am to finish out the shift and save us money on labor. Now someone tell me why I did not make one of them stay and me go home myself? Oh, yea, dumbass I am. Dumbass without front teeth.

Did a lot of writing over the weekend and the book is shaping up very nicly. Should finish out the first draft by the end of the month. Then the real real real writing begins.

Writing this entry from blogger so the spelling and grammer maybe three times worse than normal. Man that has got to be hard on you people...

Torchwood will be on BBC America. Good news for most but for me I have crappy cable which does not carry the channel. I let Wave know about it since her sister Trill is a Who fan also and it made her happy from what I hear so added some happy thoughts out into the world so I did good as a human being today.

I need to win the lottery,
Wait, need to play the lottery,
Wait, the lottery is a waste of money,
Shit I need to get quarters to do laundry tomorrow,
Talk with you later,