Friday, December 29, 2006


Have to start off with this, found here:
{FDA: Cloned Food Safe for Consumption
Here in the United States, the Food and Drug Administration has concluded milk and meat from cloned animals is safe to eat and can be sold on the US market. The ruling will face a public comment period before it’s up for final approval. Consumer and animal-rights groups are already planning a public challenge.

You know first hearing this story I thought I would have a lot to say about it… but for some reason I just don’t? I have just caught myself sitting shaking my head wondering how far the human ego will go without really very much thought in the steps we are taking the footprint which maybe left behind years down the road.
And before anyone goes off on me about how this could help world hunger…The bullshit facts are, is, and always have been that would hunger would be stopped in a year if the powerful and the rich really wanted it to. Cloned animals, Bono on TV…whatever. People really do not give a shit and that is why people are starving in many third world nations and quite a few in the one I live in right now. it’s a matter of social, class, and race.
And I will end with this. Do you really think if thousands of fucking white kids where dying daily of starvation and shown on TV in lets say Paris this issue would still be hanging around years later?

Backing off from that rant. This is a Friday night and it is a pretty slow one at the pay the rent job so I will be mostly working on paperwork to have something to do, to at least get my 8hrs in. My next check will not be that great with the holidays and me working at a job which does not pay for holidays off but that was not where I was going with these thoughts. Here it was looking like I could get a 4 day weekend because of New Years and how slow we are but my boss has me as the only person in the shop working Tuesday, we get Monday off for New Years, and he called me when I first got into work and was asking about me working Sunday. Now, I’m normally not this way but I really really really need to get drunk on Sunday in the most senseless, stupid, unintelligent sort of reasoning behind that need.

But enough about the day job, what else is going in LIFE ACCORDING TO BRIAN LAND? Wave is calling setting up people for a little New Years get together Sunday, hence the whole getting drunk on Sunday speech, and I hope all of our good friends can attend. Those few really good friends we have are good people and it is always nice to have them around.
Another of our friends is trapped in Texas. This is one of those accusations when it would be really nice to have more money, then I would fly all of us down there and surprise her but I’m not of the big bills as some of the young kids like to say so I think I will e-mail her tonight to say a long winded hi and I am very capable of writing a long winded hi…reason I have a blog and can write every day and say nothing at all.
Did I actually say, “as some of the young kids like to say.” Man I sound so old sometimes.
Our friend in Texas was going to be one of the major players in the WIN Project collection I was working on with Brevard NOW but it does not look like that project will be going forward. And hey, for once a project did not tank because of my stupidity. Divorces, men acting like kids, depressions, people moving on to other things, all shot that down but one of these days I would really like to work with Sky on some kind of project. I really like the way she thinks and think we could come up with something really good to piss off a lot of people.

Found another short story collection to submit something for last night. Something for April. I will be trying to get out at least one writing submission each month of 07, I am almost finished with the one for January and have a April as I spoke of earlier but now to find places to bombard with my writing for the other months of the year. I think a trip to Barnes & Noble is needed, then again trips to bookstores are always on my daily wish list of things I want to do. They are my churches…..Bookstores and Best Buy!!!

Written from the day job,

Thursday, December 28, 2006


Have a ton of paperwork at the day job sitting in front of me but I am just not in the mood for it this week. Having the people under me on my shift do inventory tonight and while I sludge along trying to get this stack down.

Got my notes back from Wave being a beta tester of the short story I was working on. Now to tackle a proper 1st Draft. I something think I work hard with my day job, writing, and trying to do things to help others but I am sitting still when it comes to all the things that lady does. With all she has already done at such a young age and she is getting ready to take her GRE for graduate school while working a job and doing lots of volunteer work and trying to help her mixed up menagerie of a family… Makes me have to pause to take a breath just thinking about all she is and has done. Sitting still just is not her. The only time she will just sit still and not be getting up and doing 8hundred other things is when she is either watching HOUSE, SVU, ER, studying or drinking. I do the lay down when I drink, usually in the floor near the BUFFY DVDs.
Oh, yea, before I went off about the lady I love so much I was talking about the short story submission I am currently working on. I think it will turn out to be one of my best short stories, though I a little worried it will not fit perfectly into what they are looking for, for the project but that is up to them. I will just write the best piece I can and if they choose not to use it, maybe it will fit somewhere else in the future.

Written from the day job,

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


I went to bed last night feeling like shit. In time I really do need to get my teeth taken care of. The constant pain is starting to get to even me and I can take a lot of pain. Plus without my front teeth and add in the fact that I have decided to not save my bread or cut my hair until I get them fixed, I find myself looking at a person in the mirror that resembles a werewolf…or maybe Alan Moore.
Though I have truck problems again and other shit…whatever, moving on…

So I did not get the links to work the way I wanted on yesterdays entry. I usually type these blogs from my paying the rent job and this computer does not do anything right down the middle the way it is suppose to do so for some reason I think the file coding disappeared when I did the cut a paste from Word to the web program they have here…that or I just do not have any idea what I’m doing when it come to trying to do anything fancy with a blog entry; which is really weird because I use to be able to do so much back in the old HTML days when you had to type everything in. Now the programs are suppose to take care of most of that for you but they and myself seem to be on different ends of trying to make that work. Hey, sounds like most situations when I have to deal with people. Maybe computers are just like people. They generally do not get along with me.

Found out yesterday Sci-Fi Channel will be broadcasting season three of DOCTOR WHO in the summer of 2007, fans in the US now will not have to wait around wondering if they will get the chance to see the new season. Now they just need to get a hold of TORCHWOOD and THE SARAH JANE ADVENTURES and they could have a DOCTOR WHO night. If I was a schedule programmer for them I would have a night like this:
I smell ratings Sci-Fi, you should be that smart. Though I am a biased geek for all things WHO.

They shorted me on my check this week and I will have a little talk with my boss tonight; so, if you get another entry soon that ends with written at the county jail you know what happen. Though I think Wave would bail me out.?.…Wouldn’t you? Hey, sexy?! Don’t smile that way…..
Written at the day job, which I have at least for now,

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I'm Just A Sucide Botched At Heart

So since Wave and myself already did the gift exchange thing as we bought each others stuff we did not have that to do on Christmas Day, well, at least I didn’t. She had to spend the day with her family and probably ended up the way most families do on that day- exchange gifts, eat, maybe go somewhere else to repeat 1 and 2, and then fight. That sure how most Christmas Days were at my house.
I spent the day mostly writing and then watching DOCTOR WHO: CHRISTMAS INVASION. I really liked it. The Prime Minister character has developed greatly and hope to see more of her in the future in the next phase of her character. A character like that which has developed from season one to how she was as Prime Minister in season two should have more life in her and lets hope the shows creative minds see that also.

Got Birthday wishes from Touch and Sage, thanks.

I think I’m finally over what ever was making me so sick so hopefully now I can really nail some over time because I need the money, not just for the bills and living such but I haven’t bought anything DOCTOR WHO related in ages and the season two set is coming out in January…need some cash for that.

The short story deadline is coming up. I have my rough 1st Draft finished and in the hands for someone to give a good read over. Got behind with that with the holidays and being sick but still on schedule to finish and turn in before the deadline.

Some geek fun:

Paul Cornell has a nice little Christmas Story up here for those still looking for Christmas things:,,2101-2515792,00.html

For those like myself who can not find much to plug in lights about I give you the following from:
At 2,974, US Death Toll in Iraq Exceeds 9/11
The US death toll in Iraq has now exceeded the known number of deaths in the September 11th attacks. According to the Associated Press, the US toll has reached 2,974 ---- one more than the official count of those who died in the World Trade Center, Washington and Pennsylvania. The US military is now in its second-deadliest month of the year. Seventy-seven service members have died.

Typing from the day job,

Thursday, December 21, 2006

And It Was A Time For Sneaking Out Office Supplies

Bare in mind that I have spent the past couple of weeks coughing up parts of my insides that I no longer have use for or more than likely never did, I see myself being a person in a pretty good mood for the most part right now.
Now the most part gets really angry and into a really bad mood when I read quotes like this from a member of Congress from my home state of Virginia, “…If American citizens don’t wake up and adopt the Virgil Goode position on immigration there will likely be many more Muslims elected to office and demanding the use of the Koran.”
And people ask me all the time way I have not returned to the place I was born since moving away? I think ten years ago people would never believe what people are getting away with saying these days in this country. A washed up comedian uses a racial slur against hecklers and it’s the end of his career, its all over the national news for months and a congress member says something so racist as this and nothing….nothing at all…… America’s perception of justice, of freedom, of right and wrong, of racism is not obscured at all by politics and religion? Right? America’s perceptions are as dirty as used paper from the little boys room.
A comedian who should and probably will never really work much as a actor again for his seer stupidity alone is barbecued for his words of hate. But Goode will probably be elected President. Don’t think so do you? We elected one bigoted, chauvinistic son of a bitch. What makes you think this country will not take it one step further.
No media attacks, no out cry for him to leave his office instead assholes like Bill O’ Reily, I hope I spelled his name wrong, spends hours on his show discussing the attack on Christmas. Bill? Dick Head! Santa can handle himself, the fat fucker is pretty tough.

So that is one of my bad mood points of the past two weeks. Don’t get me ranting please, I don’t have the stomach for it today.
The other bad mood points have to do with totally not liking the Holidays…well, except for Halloween. I was sick during my youth for many of reasons every Christmas and put that also into the facts that my birthday is on the 22nd, competing with The Son Of God for attention is never easy, and you see why I do not like this time of year.

And hey, they just announced the titles to the last Harry Potter book {go find out yourself munches, I’m not your search engine} which is a series I enjoy but don’t think I like that title much though I guess I was thinking something more in your face for the last book title???? Something like…Harry Dies You Little Snot Nosed Brats or maybe Harry Potter Versus The Never Been Laid Christians.

Well, I was talking about being in a good mood for the most part was I not. What has me in that good mood is just simply feeling good about my life in general. I don’t mind my day job, I’m writing more and more, I’m trying to get organized, I have someone sleeping beside me at night who I love more than anything in this world, I have a roof over my head, a truck that works at times, and friends…..Wait, that almost sounded Christmases…..Scratch that, FUCK YOU WORLD, FUCK YOU AND ALL YOU RED NOSED DIEASE RIDDEN RAINDEER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy holidays all,

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


My boss dumped a huge paperwork job on me tonight at the day job. This when our two best people are starting their vacation and I really should be running a machine. It never stops suprising me how big busineses can have people doing paperwork, reports, and meeting instead of doing real work and then wonder why they are having money problems later?????????

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Never Enough Questions

Found out last night online that SCI-FI CHANNEL will be re-broadcasting DOCTOR WHO: CHRISTMAS INVASION on Christmas day, which is nice because I missed that episode when it first came out. After the marathon on Friday and seeing this on Christmas day the only episode of season two which I still need to see which I haven’t yet is NEW EARTH. I guess I will have to wait until March when the DVD set of Season Two comes out for that one.
While others seem to have a problem with David Tennant as The Doctor, which is understandable coming off the great work Christopher Eccleston did in season one, but I really enjoy his Doctor and hope he will stay in the role for seasons to come. Wave says he looks like a bug eyed rat but I think he just looks alien and a little nuts, which is…?…sort of a good fit for that role.
Searching through OUTPOST GALLIFREY just now I came across information that on Jan. 12th 07 there will be another DOCTOR WHO marathon on SCI-FI CHANNEL which will cover the episodes- NEW EARTH, TOOTH AND CLAW, SCHOOL REUNION, THE GIRL IN THE FIREPLACE, RISE OF THE CYBERMEN, THE AGE OF STEEL, ARMY OF GHOSTS, and DOOMSDAY…..well, between all these marathons I will get to see all of Season Two and probably drive Wave nuts watching so much DOCTOR WHO.
I hope I do not get called in on Friday because I just want to watch Doctor Who all day, eat pizza, and rest from being so sick. I think my phone my run out of minutes before Friday and I will not be able to get to a store to get a top up card for it…yes, that is a plan…….

Monday, December 18, 2006


My boss was shit all last week and passed it on to me over the weekend so I missed the going away party for my friend and I feel really bad about it...and just really bad in general. I'm still recovering from it tonight.
I watched Doctor Who: Fear Her Friday night after I got off work at 2am, Wave taped it for me. I liked it. A simple little episode told very well. Now next comes the marathon Friday and the two part season finale.
Thought I would just in for a bit and throw up a post while at work and taking a little break. Not much going on, finishing up the first draft of the short story after doing some research over the weekend, we got our AFI tickets in the mail for Feb., and Amy Goodman is coming back to Flordia to speak once again and we ordered tickets for that also. Good news among the much of the holidays.....humbug!

Friday, December 15, 2006


I did not drive in today and hitched a ride with Wave making her late for work. I feel like shit when that happens and need to get my truck straight or start saving for a new one.
I started the short story submission last night at the day job because it was not busy at all. 1387 words done on the 1st Draft with 2500 being the limit. I plan to finish up that draft tonight and then hand to Wave to read over so she can let me know how much it does not make sense and how many times I missed the point I was going after. I went right after the idea that I had when I first heard about this project and hopefully it hits what they are wanting. If not I will have to rethink. Though the story is good enough I think to keep a hold of maybe for future considerations.
Tonight is Doctor Who night so when I get off work I will record the repeat. Tonights episode is??? wait, let me check…FEAR HER is the episode tonight. I have heard good things about that episode so I am really looking forward to seeing it. Next week is the big Doctor Who marathon on SciFi Channel. They have me on call at the day job for that day; which so happens to be also my birthday, so hopefully it will not be busy because I plan on taping all the episodes I can.
Big weekend ahead as I will try to work on the short story further. Myself and Wave will be apartment searching for something for us both, and we are heading to a Going Away party for a friend of ours who is moving to Texas. Poor dear.

UNDRESSING THE SKIN written12/14/06

The truck problems are creeping up again with it over heating again last night as I pulled into the parking lot of my apartment complex. I got out of the truck to find smoke coming from the front. I can not afford this right now with me and Wave planning to move soon also. Another not again, frustrating but moving on…
…My MP3 player seems to be fighting back when it comes to me wishing to delete files from it with me not so much in the mood for glitches. I guess it wishes to keep listening to Our Lady Peace, Ani, and some of the Doctor Who audios I put on there. I delete it on the computer, the computer says nothing is not on the device but when I look at the player I see the same things. And when I play it they’re there. Frustrating but moving on…
I have to get going on a submission for a writing collection I was asked to submit something for. It is a great opportunity; which I can not talk about much, I still have to start my short story and then actually write something they would like to include with many professionals I read all the time. Opportunities wasted in the past, Opportunities now in front of me and the past maybe frustrating but it is time to move on…

Sunday, December 10, 2006


Been a few days since my last post but been busy with the pay the rent job of late.
Watched Doctor Who: Love&Monsters on Friday. I liked it quite a bit, exspecially seeing the actress who plays Moaning Myrtle in the Harry Potter films in a different role. Her voice is very unquie and Wave and myself noticed something that she really looks older than she is, and that is not saying anything bad about her looks, makes me wonder how old she is in reality, the actress that is but I'm too lazy right now to research that.
Love&Monsters is proabably one of those episodes that a lot of people will not care for but I quite enjoy. It twisted off the path of the normal format of the shows episode; which is always nice in my mind when a series does that at times. It also gave Jackey some nice work in helping build her character even more.

Thursday, November 30, 2006


My day job is sending me out of town to work at one of their other plants one weekend soon. They are putting me and Wave up in a hotel at the beach for the night and paying our expenses. Sounds cool because I have never been to Jacksonville and really is there no better sex than hotel sex,

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


written 11/29/09

I do not like my entertainment with much reality. I tend to like fantasy and drama with elements fantasy much more than straight dramatic works. And that is how I write also. Though the television series HOUSE is one I have enjoyed watching. But the current storyline of a cop out to get Dr. House for his mistreatment of him is out into fantasy land if you ask me. I just hate when a drama, a show or book, which calls itself fiction instead of labeling on another part to that such as Sci-Fi or Fantasy Fiction takes this turn of ignoring the cold facts of what would really happen in this sort of situation. No cop could go and do all the things this cop has done with everyone knowing he is doing it to get even and not get his head handed to him.
Now I enjoyed last nights episode which I came home to find my love had recorded for me but what I think what really irks me about this current storyline on the show is how so called big dramas get praised as the real fiction when other great works are basically ignored or given a special title category when it comes to awards show bright lights and lets kiss ass. If you ask me all fiction should just be called fantasy as people should get over labeling everything in life. Though that is not going to happen is it.
Then again I’m just writing and I’m based on a false story.
As I mentioned earlier during my little rant I came home from a very long day of work to find a note from my love who was already asleep and a DVDR of House and SVU or as I like to call it SUV. She left me some stew to which I really needed since I was starving from the long day. So I watched House and some of SVU before going to bed. I hope to get home earlier tonight so we can actually talk to each other outside of the phone and talking in our sleep.
She talks about school, I think I just cry from wet dreams.
Still no longer phone active right now, still having problems working out how to organize things on my MP3 player to get the most songs on it and in some sort of order, and still working on how to blog and make it worth it for others to read. Right now I have only told one person about this blog and that is the one who sleeps beside me at night.
Back to the day job, the bosses are in the building today,


written 11/28/09

Started the new hours they are throwing at me at my pay the rent job. They put me on a mid day shift which really basically means I will not have time to do anything during the week and I was told I would have to be on call for weekends also. I really need to get on a schedule now when it comes to getting things done because I really will not have time to do much of anything unless I schedule time for writing, house work, and other such things beyond the money income side of my life.
One day I may actually do laundry without being threatened into it by my love or those who have to be near me. But finding time gives me even more of an excuse than just being lazy.
I received a great new phone for my birthday from my love. I love it, its so cool, the first cell phone I have had which has color screens and a camera and it flips like in a bad scene but really good from the original Star Trek. The only problem is we are having a bugger of a time trying to get my service changed over so right now I have two phones and neither one works. Sort of cool though because no one can call me and bug me about bullshit, Not so cool when it comes down to not being able to text with my love about the B.S. life throws at us in general as our days progress.
Last night I started outlining a at work book to write while here during brakes since I am here so much. I like to do that since I tend to have a lot of desk jobs. I tend to be in a total different mood and frame of mind when working so I like to work on two different projects usually at once. One at home and one at work. Though if deadlines creep up I cross those over at times to get things done.
Since I got this new job I have not gotten much writing done at all. I wrote a 1st draft of a youth book when I was unemployed after the layoff and need to get back to that project also some day because that story was turning out pretty nice. I have always had the hardest time focusing on one or two projects and not starting new ones along the way and basically finishing nothing at all. I think tonight I need to make a writing plan for the new year. 2006 saw a couple of projects start that looked really promising but they seemed to have drowned for a more than a few reasons. I actually would not mind doing more of the PDF e-mail collections I did this year but will have to see if I can fit those in when I do the writing schedule. I know I can’t do them monthly like I was doing because more than anything else the quality suffered big time on them when I was doing that considering I was writing, doing graphics, editing, and all the rest on them while working 13 hour days.
Last night couldn’t sleep so I watched the copy of ULTIMATE AVENGERS 2 that I picked up the other day. I liked the first one, the second one… well the best thing about the second DVD was the interview with the creators of the original ULTIMATES comics. They really missed the ball with these and though entertaining they did not capture the raw energy of the comics. Though to be honest the trailer for the new Iron Man direct to DVD animated movie looks pretty cool, I found that on the net the other day. Watch it be better than the movie they are going to make. That movie is going to have some much CGI in it, it might as well just be all animated itself.
Well, back to the paperwork which never gets caught up,

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Blogs are the free hot dogs at the car dealership of the internet

Why did I start this blog? Did I need to move on to a new, different, and better designed blog? Was this a subconscious effort on my part to move onto that next golden faze of my life? Nay, just can not help myself sometimes when it comes to change. I have a blog over at MySpace (link to be provided somewhere on here if I figure out how to do it)
I have had so many different blogs, journals, or of the sort online since I first entered the net and spent 17 hours straight just looking up Doctor Who stuff. All of those have probably died out now or been deleted by me or others. I sometimes wonder what all I have on the net with my name on it? Does any of my fan fiction still exist out there saved on a computer somewhere? How about poems I posted on sites but never copied for myself? Are any of the many sites I started and stopped and started and forgot about still flashing away to be randomly found by people searching for porn? Who knows, I think I would be scared shitless if I ran across some of that stuff by accident, other people would just see how Goth in mood and bad in writing I was at those stages in my life. Though some of those stages are not that long ago to be honest.
I actually discovered this home of a certain sort of blogs by finding the site of a writer I read whenever he comes out with something new, that writer being Paul Cornell. Can’t wait to read his Wisdom mini series from Marvel Comics…though I probably will wait until the trade comes out but I found his blog and followed links and links to links and links to links of very strangely connected links and found myself signing up to create a new blog without really thinking about it. Maybe it’s the word FREE that they throw at you.
Or maybe I was just tired of MySpace. Liked it, think its cool even though corporate owned but little is not these days. I think I was a wee bit over it in a I keep forgetting it existed sort of manner. Though the first post here was posted there first. Hey, I had to put something here when I set the thing up. I did not know I would be this bored out of my mind at the pay the rent job and not having anything else to do but write another post about why this exists. Sort of a blog starting version of Goth poetry.
What I wish for this blog to be used for is to update people on my current life skips, huddles, and runs. Like how boring work is today. I should probably take the time to write a short story but I’ll probably see if I can bum 60cents off someone to buy a soda since the change machine does not care for the five I keep trying to feed it. Soda’s are my drug.

Under The Lines Of War

It’s a touch the plague thoughts that straddle a reluctant search of words seeking the joys of seeing all of life in the cancer sores that infest it. It is a hold onto the around all the pretty flowers and happy home maker lies that are not the beautiful things in creation but the beautiful misdirection’s that follow us through life.
Those are my thoughts as to why I write. It is not therapy because the best therapy comes from getting that extra inch out of your tongue to make someone you love ultra happy or knowing you may go to Hell when you die but at least you will not have to share a room with George Bush because they are going to stick that fucker on a completely different level of burn.
It sure is not about fame and fortune because Paris Hilton may have both but lets see her heart swell when she sees the smile on the face of a good friends child’s eyes as she runs in circles and plays. Who gives a fuck if your rich, I would still run you off the road in your oversized car the same as I would any redneck if I knew I could get away with it. The honesty that would come out of peoples actions if only they knew they could do things without getting jail time. Be a lot more dead politicians don’t you think.
Lets see the new hot pop peeze licker get anything out of sharing the differences between each of his friends including those lucky enough to not fall into the trap of Holier than now notions or MySpace living. Skip the photo shoots and give me plenty of Nighttime PM and I will be living Entertainment Tonight every night before bed and all the focus celebs can kiss my ass because fame and fortune are like a blow job without love…Just cross dressed and moldy around the lips.
I write because as a friend once told me, “I think your destined to piss off a large number of the people on this planet.” Well, the prophets have spoken, that one being a cute Canadian lady, and with those words of wisdom and the lyrics from some underground bands who faded out before they could even burn light I continue on writing words and spreading them as little pieces of the disease that this world made me into. And come in close and listen to a little secret, ‘I might be fucked up. But I like it.’
From someone with no front teeth you would think I would keep my mouth shut. That’s what you get for thinking and this is what you will continue to get for making me wish to live on,