Thursday, July 24, 2008


Me, Brian C. Williams, wanting more is not a sin. No family member or so called God can tell me otherwise. And me taking a step that says more is not, more money, is not off the wall, it's right there on the wall beside the neon Budweiser sign.

Calling myself a writer is not a crime. I'm not flying around on a book tour or pushing out sales into even the double digits but this is who I am. What else is a toothless, aging, sickly, man quialified to do?

And this just sucks sometimes, at times I wish this drive would leave my blood but I know without it within me I would not love the world to the point of fighting on, love the love of my life with the passion of my last bit of air- without this being within me, this voice that screams, "Tell these stories to the world and fuck the critics!" Though a good editor is always a nice thing to find.
I would not be me if I did not have this, did not write, anything you like about me, this is me, I would be someone else without it in my life, and I'm not a people person and so, I do not think I could stand living inside someone else's skin.

This was a video play list brought to you by my attention span. It's me, it's emo, it's goth, it's bad spelling, it's country, it's loud, it wears a tshirt that says,"THIS IS WHAT A FEMINIST LOOKS LIKE" and no cross hangs in my eyes. This is personal, it's not going anywhere anytime soon and I will find the best way to piss off the largest amount of people.
Just give me time.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I will try and make this a quick entry but it will not be, but, so, that is how my brain spins as it starts the thinking process. I cleaned out out the links in my bookmarked to read later and now I need to clean out my brain because the world is a dirty dirty toaster of unhumanity. Yes, I typed "unhumanity", get over it, it's my word.

I'm knee deep in several writing projects and deciding which one I should drown myself in to get it out into the world. Will it be the detective story? Will it be the YA book I'm waiting to hear back from a writing partner about? Will it be the next book in the Tin Universe PDF Series? Or will it be something I just make up on the fly and go from page one to The End, from one thought to the last without thinking? Who knows, but I do need to make that choice fast because floating around from one book to another makes me sort of feel like a....I don't know, unwashed politician out for cash?

I counted up and last year I wrote 39863words that ended up as completed works. Not a very good number and though some of these stories were written last year, they did not appear until this year for others to read. The year started off good with Stereo my first completed book, which can be downloaded for the low low price of $4.00. I know some people do not consider that published but if a webcomic can be considered published, then why can't a webbook? So I didn't kill a tree family for it live, sue me.
Then off to a submission to a short story collection that was rejected. At the same time I left my old job and thus emo moments followed. I really need to get back into the submission grove again. My problem is everything I start work on I think could be a book and I have to get over that insanity.
After the short story came Deeper Roses To Fall which was a old small story I pulled out, re-looked-at and you can down load it for free. It's sort of a romance story.
Next we have Mexican Coffee which is another brief story, this one set in the universe where basically all of my self-published stories will exist. This was a experiment gone crazy into some writers madness of writers canon wank. Believe me that is the only way to describe it.
And we will leave last year behind with my failed ongoing chapter series According To Testing which was a free pdf series with a chapter added to it each week. I may return to this some day but not now.

I mention all of this not to pimp my writing though if you want to pay money for anything related to me go here. N.A.V.L.P. is still in its beta stages online but it all goes to a good cause with the attacks happening on our library systems during these bad financial times we need more projects to help out. Just remember library services are for the most part free and without them a lot of people will never find the joy of reading, internet usage, movies, or community. No matter what in my life, I will be happy if this project turns out to be something special to the world around me daily.

Now off to turn the air on, do dishes, and do some writing.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Making writing happen for me. Insanity still standing but smiling.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


The second Friday of the month around here they have a event called Friday Fest which is mostly they corner off the down town area so people can drink and sale stuff. Well, for a while Brevard NOW and others have been part of a group called Condom Commandos and we go out with our pink Condom Commandos shirts and hang out condoms free to anyone who wants them. And Hell, we have dipped in ourselves because those fuckers ain't cheap. Now Condom Commandos is being worked by the Space Coast Pagans and last Friday Fest people came up to them and told them they had to leave because they were getting complaints. We have people checking in to see if this was even legal. Another B.S. line in how people are destroying the word by their ability to be delusional. Put this right along side people going against birth control. Which Mr. Mccain is right there at the lead.

I'm getting on a roll of keeping up and moving forward with getting and keeping the apartment clean. See those are the types of sentances that I have written that have made editors run from the room and yell into the night air. That actually happen once.

The kitchen looks nice as I have all the dishes caught up, surfaces cleaned, mopped the floor, appliances clean, hung up a spice racks, and cleaned out the refrig. Yesterday I also hung up a clothing line in the shower so we could dry clothes there and save money. Now I'm diving into the living room starting today. I already started rearranging artwork so it flows between pieces of mine and pieces of Wave's. I like that better so there is not a wall of "my" stuff and a wall of "her" stuff. It's our home and it shows that more now I think.

Getting things done, writing, and trying keep sane.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

still alive, busy writering and getting on a good schedule of keeping up with the house work.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

writing, writing, writing

Saturday, July 12, 2008


We did not get to the hotel last night until around 9, leaving after Wave got off work, but the hotel did not mind the late check in. After we checked in we headed out to get some microwave dinners at the local Publix to eat at the hotel and came back, played a game of SCRABBLE, watched a little cable(we don't have cable), and then went off to sleep. This morning we were up at 8 to get ready to check out and head to USF where right now Wave is giving a presentation and I'm in the library returning a book I picked up the last time we were here for book research.

On the really personal side of things my tooth is getting really bad and I need to find work quick before it drives me crazy because the pain is at that point right now were its getting to be too much. The only way I sleep is with large doses of pain killers and those are not healthy to keep taking for many reasons, one because I have ulcers and I have been told anything for pain is unfriendly to an ulcer and two because that just isn't good.

So if anyone sees me in person and I'm walking around looking pissed, with one side of my face swollen, and grabbing my gut from time to time, please don't approach, this animal is wounded and may bite.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I need artists to do character sketches, covers, and interior artwork for some projects I have in the works. The problem is at the moment I do not have the money to hire anyone and before anyone asks no, I don't want anything done for free. I don't work that way, I appreciate when people offer but I know the work that goes into a peice of art and I would feel awful not paying for it. This though is one of the few times when I say I wish I was a writer of "name" value and thus I could trade a comic script to an artist, a film script, a short story, or a book in exchange for artwork finished. Artists can do deals for things that writers can not do unless they are a writer of "name" value and I hate doing the "quotes" thing but that's how it was translated in my head. I have a friend who is a tattoo artist who does this all the time. Another friend who paints and she is always trading art for things. Anyone want an original poem or short story written for a loved one's birthday or holiday gift? I'm ranting because I haven't had a soda yet today but I mean what I ranted about. It was a process, thinking rant, now I'm off to do dishes.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Busy, mostly posting to Twitter and Tumblr right now.
Worn out from day trip to Tampa.

Saturday, July 5, 2008


I always find it painful, yes painful, when I meet someone and they say things such as, "I never read." or they see how many books I have and stare in wonder as if my collection was them looking at the size of the universe and say,"Have you read all of these?" The other day I was in the office of our apartment complex and I told the lady they need to fix their after hours drop box because the way it is working now puts it in the risk of someone stealing mail or rent checks dropped off if the person putting it in did not pay full attention to how it went through. I told her about how I know people who steal books and such from library drop boxes in this same fashion and she said in response to me something that bothered me greatly. It was out of the blue in a way and not totally on topic but it became full topic within my mind. It was not a statement of stupidity because I can deal with stupidity, I do every time I start writing, this was a statement of apathy to something very powerful that we have and something that has benefited my life as much a food has. She said,"I don't voluntarily read any book unless I have to."

Me, as I Am usually known to do, I am reading several things at once at the moment. The book that has my attention the most right now is Little Brother. This book is a modern answer to 1984 as some others have pointed to. It is one of the best books I have read this year and if you don't take my word for it writers such as Neil Gaiman, Scott Westerfeld, Steven Gold, Brian K. Vaughan, and many others are singing its praise. A very important book to maybe wake some people, especially young people up to the world growing around them, and also a very entertaining read.

The other books I'm currently reading and rereading are Doctor Who: The Nightmare Of Black Island, The Sandman: Dream Country, and Showcase Presents: Batman And The Outsiders-Vol.1.

As always even though I put in links to where you can buy these books online, remember to support local stores. Local used book stores and chain stores. Though those chain stores are not independent such as most used book stores they are employing your neighbors, friends, and loved ones.


Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Wave and myself went to FRIDAYS to eat and had a good lunch, she was reading one of her textbooks and I was reading LITTLE BROTHER, people always give us weird looks because we read while waiting for our food when we go out to eat. We also read before the previews at the movies. We are just happily weird that way.
Anyways, after eating we made a trip to one of the local libraries; which sits in a not so nice neighborhood. We spotted a cop beside a car with a old lady at the drivers wheel. We thought at first he was giving her a ticket. The cop left and we noticed her tire was flat. He didn't even help her get her car into a parking lot, she had to drive it there to get out of the street. We got so pissed. The cop saw she had a flat but he just left her there. One, this neighborhood like I said, not that nice and two, what is he too good to change her tire for her. Oh, he must be off to join the Melbourne police tradition of making sure there are tons of cops for every car pulled over for a speeding fine. You get pulled over around here and they swam from all directions on you. Too bad they are busy doing this because someone is probably off being stabbed, beaten, or raped. You just have to join your buddies to probably do a circle jerk after the ticketed car leaves.
The old lady told us he called a tow truck. She had a spare. Wave talked to her and we went into the library to get the security guard to come outside so he could make sure she was ok. Neither one of us would have been much good in changing her tire but a fucking cop? What, they only good for speeding tickets and harassing the homeless? He could have at least stayed until the tow truck got there? Must be out chasing down them there terrorists.

I need to pore myself into some writing before I explode.



I haven't posted in a while because of a case of my uclers once again acting up and raising some noise. I thought it was food poisoning but it's just an old friend paying a visit. I'm also having hot flashes and memory lose, don't comment on that though, I don't need any of you going there. I have a lot of online and offline work to catch up on as well as way way way overdue apartment cleaning that needs to get done. I want Wave to come home from work one day to say, "Shit, who helped you clean?"

Someone asked by email and since I'm overjoyed someone actually reads this I will present here my Top Graphic Novel Want List. Anyone want to comment and leave theirs?
*I'm behind in these trades.
*See what I mean?
*my love The Doctor.
*Really looking forward to this trade.
*I read this at B&N and I have all of the other volumes but have not purchased this one yet.
*Bad hype from fans is still bad hype. I will decide for myself.
*I have a complete run of all of the original Valiant titles and I want these new hardbacks for my collection.
*Hulk smash, Hulk kick Iron Man's ass. Plus, the art looked cool from what I've seen.
So there you go Sean and thank you for sharing your list with me.

I also received a few emails asking why I don't write more about social issues here like I once did and the answer comes down to I use to get so worked up talking and thinking and linking and writing about so much stuff that I never got any writing or other productive work done online. I'm am a writer and I do actually have to write to get better at it. It's not that I no longer care nor that I think my writing is more important than some of the struggles we are facing in the world we live in, more actually that I'm not the best person to be commenting on some of these issues that anger me with my hack talents and besides a rant here and there I try to use these entries as more of a positive release.