Saturday, July 12, 2008


We did not get to the hotel last night until around 9, leaving after Wave got off work, but the hotel did not mind the late check in. After we checked in we headed out to get some microwave dinners at the local Publix to eat at the hotel and came back, played a game of SCRABBLE, watched a little cable(we don't have cable), and then went off to sleep. This morning we were up at 8 to get ready to check out and head to USF where right now Wave is giving a presentation and I'm in the library returning a book I picked up the last time we were here for book research.

On the really personal side of things my tooth is getting really bad and I need to find work quick before it drives me crazy because the pain is at that point right now were its getting to be too much. The only way I sleep is with large doses of pain killers and those are not healthy to keep taking for many reasons, one because I have ulcers and I have been told anything for pain is unfriendly to an ulcer and two because that just isn't good.

So if anyone sees me in person and I'm walking around looking pissed, with one side of my face swollen, and grabbing my gut from time to time, please don't approach, this animal is wounded and may bite.

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