Wednesday, July 16, 2008


The second Friday of the month around here they have a event called Friday Fest which is mostly they corner off the down town area so people can drink and sale stuff. Well, for a while Brevard NOW and others have been part of a group called Condom Commandos and we go out with our pink Condom Commandos shirts and hang out condoms free to anyone who wants them. And Hell, we have dipped in ourselves because those fuckers ain't cheap. Now Condom Commandos is being worked by the Space Coast Pagans and last Friday Fest people came up to them and told them they had to leave because they were getting complaints. We have people checking in to see if this was even legal. Another B.S. line in how people are destroying the word by their ability to be delusional. Put this right along side people going against birth control. Which Mr. Mccain is right there at the lead.

I'm getting on a roll of keeping up and moving forward with getting and keeping the apartment clean. See those are the types of sentances that I have written that have made editors run from the room and yell into the night air. That actually happen once.

The kitchen looks nice as I have all the dishes caught up, surfaces cleaned, mopped the floor, appliances clean, hung up a spice racks, and cleaned out the refrig. Yesterday I also hung up a clothing line in the shower so we could dry clothes there and save money. Now I'm diving into the living room starting today. I already started rearranging artwork so it flows between pieces of mine and pieces of Wave's. I like that better so there is not a wall of "my" stuff and a wall of "her" stuff. It's our home and it shows that more now I think.

Getting things done, writing, and trying keep sane.

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