Monday, July 30, 2007


I friend was recently writing in her Live Journal about dreams. I would link you here Touch but my head is killing me and I am barley able to just type this. Sorry.
At one time, and so, also, back in my Live Journal days I once was a regular writer about my dreams but things changed. I think my dreams have always been dark but I think with new found writing drive and with so many untamed ideas, wants, and desires floating inside my head I started to dream dreams which for the most part as I told to Touch, “Would probably have the white coats lead by Home Land Security after my ass.” So I’ve dreamed about killing a public figure or two? I have always dreamed about killing myself and that was probably mostly about masturbation. Think about it! Think about it! There. Didn’t hurt a bit to use your brain did it?
But besides insulting the three people who read this blog and the few who are unfortunate ones to stumble across my delusions of grander I decided to write tonight about a dream I had this morning. This dream took place after Wave went to work and I went back to sleep, the alarm went off, and I went to sleep again after resetting the alarm and before being woken early by people… well, yet us just say assholes to keep this short and get on with my dream.
…Oh, let me try to write it in story form. My editor is probably floating around on the web somewhere maybe she will drift by and do, what my editors seem to do a lot, which is run off from their computer pulling bits of hair out.

The darkness was tip toed within by dancers of light from over head lights flickering on and off. The light would shine on the puddles and he would take a step, stopping in-between when the darkness would come back but again the lights would flicker back on, sometimes with sparks from the water pouring down from the holes in the ceiling. Slowly he made his way through the warehouse to the double white doors he knew very well. He tried the door handle but it was locked. A code he never could find the nack to remember would have gotten him through the door. A good swift kick with his fake Hot Topic biker boots did the job just the same though.
The doors came off their hinges and the light from the room showered the whole warehouse. He looked back and around him to see for the first time that he had treaded through ankle depths of water to get here and the depry that was bumping into his legs as he made his way here was not floating shelving or empty boxes but empty bodies which nether had a life or a soul within them anymore. Eyes hollowed out from bursting from the kisses of the vampires. Skin dried from the touches of the flies and spiders of Hell.
But he turned back knowing what was behind him and walked into what was in front of him. Within the small room he had spent a few hours of his life sitting behind a desk, in front of a computer, doing nothing to change the world, nothing to progress humanity to be ready for what he know was only a matter of time, he saw them all sitting in the same chairs, the same whited out looks on their faces, the same daily grind in their postures.
One of them noticed he had entered and spoke to him,
‘You have no say in this matter any longer. Daily you could have moved forward change. Daily you could have stood for the good fight and you just sat behind that desk as part of the machine that is our devourer. The thing that is more fearsome than vampires, flies from Hell, or Witches from Wichita County. Your fear of need gave us only a need to fear. You claimed leadership but you only wanted comfort. You are nothing hero.’

Then my fucking work phone rang and I had to get up.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Not behind but trying my best to keep my head above water in so many ways, Mostly good ways too for a change. Sorry for the lack of updates of late. Not even counting the pay the rent job I have had so many little things I'm working on in getting projects birthed and moving forward and other such baby steps towards bigger steps.

Sunday I got the 1st Draft of Stereo back from the editor. I think she deserves a raise for trying to edit my insanity. Now I need to read it over again and make my own notes, meet with her to discuss her notes, and then off to finish the 2nd Draft and hopefully final draft. The book will not be out until mid 2008 but I really do not want to go into 4th and 5th drafts because that will get the publishing schedule of the line behind. I would like to get it finished and in the can to use a film term way ahead of time so we can plan other tie in materials and also the next book in the line.

The next teaser image for Stereo will appear here in Sept and hopefully soon after that the launch of the official website. I’m currently looking for an independent local website design group to work with on that.

We commissioned a piece of artwork to be used for a t-shirt with the proceeds going to charity a few weeks ago. Last night I talked to a group about the proceeds going to them. That should be done by the first week of August so hopefully I will have more news on that next week. Just awaiting approval on art design from the group proceeds will be going to and we can hand over to artist for him to begin his fun.

I think that is about all?

Remember not knowing who you are is no excuse for not being who you are,

Saturday, July 21, 2007


Will do a proper blog on Monday with lots of cut and pasting of news stuff for me to rant about and updates on projects and my life in general, just a little busy at the moment. Will have a new review up tomorrow. Until then everyone has a great next couple of days.

Remember not knowing who you are is no excuse for not being who you are,

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

STEREO, teaser image #1

Artwork by John Delmonte

And finally, the finally because of me not the artist, we have the completed first teaser image. If you click on it you can see it in detail. Sorry if it takes a while to load. I'm still learning how to work images within here. Oh, and if you would like to go here and buy products with the image on it.


Monday, July 16, 2007


The Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer
Review by- Brian C. Williams

First off yes it is better than the first one but here is the thing also, it’s more than just better than the first movie. This movie is pure escapism. It is adventure, it is comedy, it’s special effects and that makes it a great Fantastic Four movie in my eyes. I know this one did not do as good as the first one it seems box office wise and that probably means there will not be a third one but I think that is a shame over all for movies and comics book movies. But I would line up to see an FF3. I would also line off to see a Silver Surfer movie but I hope if they do one they do not even have him on Earth for a second. All out there with Skulls and the Universe. The greatest aspect of the comics to me has been how much they take you on an adventure to escape from everyday life. The pure joy of the stories. Oh, and the whole cloud thing, people get over it.


Originally Written, 6/24/07
©Brian C. Williams


Give me a sec, need to close a bunch of windows.

P.O.W.E.R. In Comics
Will have to do some further research but I like the idea of this.

The Way Home
Am I the only one who thinks this looks like something out of G.I. Joe and Cobra is getting ready to blow up the shuttle?

Your Time
This is cool but I think I maybe beyond hope.

These books are some of the best “books” period being published.

Gallifrey One
I so want to go. I have always wanted to go. But I also don’t care for LA that much to be totally honest and have no money to spare for something like this.

Buy one for yourself, Buy one for a friend, Hell buy one for me :)

Cervical Piercing

If only I had $400 dollars to spare. Hell, right now, at this second of time I don’t have four cents to spare.

Another way for me to waste hours on the net.

From Jelly Babies to Time Displacement Energy
Something Doctor Who to end this window season.

Not much of what people would call real news but there is no use in me getting all pissed off this early in the week. We have plenty of time for that to happen.

Ok, Now that is over with here are some responses to some comments:

I think Disney goes for a message in their programs but I don’t find anything wrong with that as long as the message is not too preachy or coming from a clear religious bias. I have always heard more bad things about their contracts with talent more than anything else. Though I have been out of the loop for a while so maybe they have gotten better at that also.

Isn’t it great how people see images differently? When John finishes up the inks on it, it will be interesting also to hear what people think then. He will be scanning it for me tonight. I’m really glade that he is working on materials for this project with me. I like his views on seeing scenes.

Oh, and I had a good time hanging out the other night.

And just to let people know I did not forget to do a review this Sunday. I just did not have internet access and it was not planned and thus could not post or find someone to post for me. I will post a review tonight and probably will start posting reviews on other days also when I have nothing else to post here.

Remember, Not knowing who you are is no excuse for not being who you are,

Friday, July 13, 2007


Artwork by- John Delmonte

Here is the first glimpse of my book project. Sorry if the image is not very clear. This was scanned from pencils. Yes, John I did tell you pencils. I will have the full teaser up soon I promise. This is my first time posting a image here also so fingers crossed.


I was told to come in early today to do the pee in the cup thing but my manager did not leave any paper work for me to take with me to the place to have it done. Oh, I just love the feel of my ulcer bleeding into my gut as the day goes on.



Sorry for the lack of updates of late. Been busy with the pay the rent job stuff and a lot of writing and other creative projects. But for today here is some Billy Facts!

8 Facts About My Life: Tagged from here.
I guess you are meant to reveal things people online would not know…???....?

1-I can’t spell. Wait, no, everyone knows that.

2-I played sports in high school and college. Anyone who knows my lazy ass one bit would be surprised by that fact. I love baseball though but being busy with work the past three or four years has keep me from watching it more less playing it. I still would like to volunteer as an umpire for little league if I ever find the time.

3- I have no front teeth. Waiting to save enough money to have the rest of my teeth pulled and have George Washington’s put in…though, without the wood.

4- I like Disney shows. I watch the Disney channel a lot. I like them basically because for one big reason and that is that they are entertainment Entertainment.. Just thrown out there for people, and in this case mostly young people to enjoy without some pretentious stick up the creators ass about it being more than that. Sometimes people just need some throw away laughs and escape. There is nothing wrong with that and if you look at some shows like Kim Possible it is more tightly written than most so called “Better” entertainment on television.

5-I love cooked veggies. For as bad as my health is and has been for most of my life and the crap I eat I actually eat healthy stuff also. OK, I drench it in butter as Mar says but its still veggies.

6- I lost my virginity at 26… to a Witch. But a nice one :) Hey, Touch!!!

7- My hair is blonde right now. I will have to get a new picture up to show my new colors off.

8- I have spent most of my life searching for something that now I seem to have found without noticing and I am happy. Deep down inside I am happy. Ignore the grumpiness. Ignore the complaining. Oh, and what did I find that I had been searching for that has made me happy with my life you may ask? I don’t know? But its there. There in my personal life, in my writing, and even in my little bitty brain that seems to function better now.

Remember, Not knowing who you are is no excuse for not being who you are,

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Walking along a very angry place right now with angry angles spiked with angry edges for angry rocks for angry throwing.

Sunday, July 8, 2007



Well, there went the end of The End. The end of a series so many people have enjoyed. The end of a series written by someone with the best pen name ever. The end of a story which has not ended as all great stories do not do. I do not wish to spoil a word so I will only say I loved this story and this series. Not much of a review but here is a recommendation in that if you have not read any part of, A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS go out to your local libary, bookstore, or book lending friendly friend and start reading THE BAD BEGINING. Just stay away from the movie. So much of a wasted oppertunity.

brian c. williams

Thursday, July 5, 2007


I really need to close some windows so lets get some links out of the way,

Bush Rebukes Husband
I love public couples and especially political couples in how they put on this act for the most part that they agree on all the big issues. It’s such bullshit and if true they must be so bored. One of the things I love about me and Mar’s relationship is the differences of opinion we have about so many things. Even when we agree its usually from different angles. Spices things up. Can make for great make up sex also if the argument blows up big time. What does this have to do with Ms. Bush’s not agreeing down the line with her husband? Well, not much because people have known for years that she does not agree with him on a number of issues. Though not agreeing and havinh the backbone to actually stand up for what you believe are two different stories.

films by women
I have not seen even one of these films but interested. Mar have you seen or heard of any of these?

The Lucifer Effect
Dude! Robbin, See, I read smart stuff today.

"minor obstacle"
And moving on to the politically stupid. Man, politics are so school yard for the most part.

Interesting read. Mar. I linked in case you had not seen this yet.

"President Bush has refused to rule out the possibility of a full pardon for Vice President Dick Cheney's former chief of staff Lewis "Scooter" Libby. Bush commuted Libby's thirty-month prison term Monday shorlty after a federal appeals panel ruled that Libby could not put off serving his sentence while he appealed his conviction. That meant jail time for Libby was imminent and the US Bureau of Prisons had already assigned him a prisoner identification number. Libby was convicted in March, the highest-ranking White House official ordered to prison since the Iran-Contra scandal. He was found guilty of perjury, obstruction of justice and making false statements in the investigation into who blew the cover of CIA officer Valerie Plame. On Tuesday, Bush defended his decision to reporters outside the Walter Reed Army Medical Center. President Bush: "I took this decision very seriously on Mr. Libby. I considered his background, his service to the country, as well as the jury verdict. I felt like the jury verdict ought to stand. And I felt like some of the punishments that the judge determined were adequate should stand. But I felt like the 30-month sentencing was severe. I made a judgment, a considered judgment, that I believe is the right decision to make in this case, and I stand by it.""
Bush Won't Rule Out Libby Pardon
The Bush administration is like the mob. They protect their own. Well, unless their own would go to jail without it effecting them. Bush knows if Libby does go to jail it would black eye him and his ego just can’t take that. One of the things I have noticed about our president that seems in him being this way than any other president in history is how personal he takes everything. ‘Please sir, take the crown of thorns off, it does not go with your outfit.’

Bush's Commutation
More on the above subject just without my snarkey remarks.

Traveling the World
I have been following their travels through their blog. I would love to do something like this one day.

"I'm killing a vampire!"
I’m sane. Here is proof of the opposite that statement.

“This is not a lending library.”

Soul Search
More of me reading things I do not fully understand which is always fun and challenging.

Beer is always what is needed at the end of something.

Spent the 4th of July sleeping in and snuggled up to the lady I love. Then we went out for some running around. Went to the beach to spot some fireworks going off and then back home for her to dye her hair and for me to bleach mine. That's how we celebrated the 4th of July. Right now I'm just geeking out because the third season of Doctor Who starts here in the states tomorrow night. Mar said she would record it for me to keep me from crying geek tears because I have to work Friday night. I can't wait. For the most part I have stayed away from spoiling the episodes by internet surfing for them.

Remember, Not knowing who you are is no excuse for not being who you are,

Monday, July 2, 2007


I hate spiders,
John hate spiders,
Yoojin hates coachroachs,
Robin saved spider.
My night at work.


War Crimes: Civil War
Written by Tieri and Johnson
Review by Brian C. Williams

Another Civil War tie-in book from Marvel. This collection collects Underworld #1-5 as well as War Crimes #1 and it all left me shaking my head. Ok, what did the Underworld series really have to do iwth The Civil War? And am the only one who keep thinking Hitman when reading this and hoping it would turn into that series that I hope one day DC will bring back but only with its original creative team?

The potential for War Crimes themed stories during Civil War was huge but this collection dropped the ball where Frontline ran with it. Frontline wasn't perfect but it at least went ran with its concept better than War Crimes. Good try Marvel but you had the talent in house to make this work. Too bad is seemed like you just throw something together and stuck a topical title onto it.

The Kingpin story in the collection worked up until they tried to go big dramatic at the end and it just did not connect. It would have connected more and the whole Civil War story itself in my eyes would have connected more if it would have just seemed even romotely like war instead of just another super human battle with this one just so happening to be about heroes versus heroes.

(C)brian c. williams