Thursday, June 11, 2009


I got up this morning to an email from someone wishing to buy Gods Left In The Trash from my Lulu store but only got error messages in return. Thanks Oracle, I was blind to the issue without your email. I thought maybe it was just a temporary type problem but went into my site to discover due to their system somehow making two copies of my files it canceled out the project but you only knew this if you tried to purchase a item. I have to wonder how many readers(sales)I lost due to this? I had to delete everything, upload new files, and then go to all of sites and promo means to change the links. The item numbers changed so I had to change all my links for not only Gods Left In The Trash but also Stereo. This was a really big pain in the ass and I once again I prove in all situations I can look stupid but I have to say Lulu has always been great to deal with and I will continue to do so. No I need a fucking soda bad.......Like bad....

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Today I am releasing a PDF poetry collection: Gods Left In The Trash.

This is a collection of poems and song lyrics which have sat for a while after originally having been written for a couple of charity projects which I submitted materials to but which never formed into completed projects. I like all of the poems/song lyrics contained in this collection because they very much capture my state of emotional frenzy at the time I wrote them. You can download the collection here for $1.50. Gods Left In The Trash merch. can be found here.
I hope to start adding more collections such as this one every couple months because I have a backlog of thousands, really, thousands of poems/song lyrics that I wish to release into the world. I just need to edit them, place them in good groupings, and create nice cover images.
Though I am not musical in any sort of way, can’t play any instrument, I see these collections as my albums. I have not decided yet but each one may have some sort of theme to them. The next album maybe made up of materials written during my first LiveJournal life.
Oh, and since I have you here, don’t forget you can still purchase my first PDF book Stereo for the low price of $2.00, for under five dollars you can have a book and a poetry collection by ME! :)

And yea, the Tin Universe merchandise page is here.
Thanks for anyone who have purchased my stuff in the past and who may do so in the future,