Thursday, June 28, 2012

Where I talk about my book The Past Forward, moving comic book stores, Ryan Reynolds, and a t-shirt issue.

     What shall I talk about today? .....

I think I'll just promote a past project. The Past Forward is my second book. Check it out, its free.

In this book for the most part you will find people saying things like: “I’m old enough to make my own underwear choices.” And “Can I kick your ass and it be ok if the ERA passes? I’m a supporter if you say yes.” And probably way too many pop culture references. Anything else on the high or low brow measure is highly due to delusions of grandeur on the part of the writer. 

$FREE YA ebook that is a jumping on point for my Tin Universe short story series. If interested in reading more of this universe you can start with Tin Universe #7. #7 is also free by the way and issues after that are only $0.99usd per download.

     Our local comic shop Famous Faces And Funnies is teaming up with a local game store that was closing and moving locations to a even bigger space. I'm very happy for them as its a great store and hope this brings even bigger success to all involved.
     I'm all caught up on The Lizzie Bennet Diaries awaiting new episodes. I was  beginning to fall off from this series a bit but then it got me. Like I said before I love the acting in this series but now the story is moving.
     I didn't know the Guild Volume 2 TPB was out. I've been waiting for this collection that contains all of the one-shots. Might have to try and make a trip to the comic book shop this weekend. Time to dig the pennies out from Garfield's fur.
     I'm a fan of the SModimations and glade to see Kevin Smith is now branching out into a YouTube channel that includes more cartoons. SModCo Cartoon Show #1: "Schindler's Toybox" and doing Smorning Show And Tell #1: Hockey Stick and Jen Painting. I know some people have a problem with him but he and his team are building something. What are you building?
     People have been telling me about Legend Of Neil for a long time. I think I watched the first episode once because it shows up in my labels? Pretty fucked up opening. I like. Here's Episode 1 and Episode 2 in case you  might be interested in checking it out. Future episodes have Felicia Day I'm told so I'm going to be watching more.
     If you are local to me check out the next roller derby match up: Molly Rogers Vs. ACR Hunnies I haven't been in so long because every time they have a home match it when one of us has plans we can't change.
     Ryan Reynolds must be the biggest geek in Hollywood looking at his film choices but if he is cast in Highlander that would be worse than his casting in Green Lantern; which was pretty bad. I like Ryan Reynolds. He would  have made a good Flash and I really think he could pull off Deadpool but Green Lantern and Highlander is miscasting. I have so much respect for the people that cast films. They are one of the biggest unsung people behind films but these are mistakes.

     57 {in comment, for one person}

     When I was doing laundry between rain falls yesterday in the complex laundry room a pregant lady keep staring at me. Just standing there. Without blinking. Staring. I asked her what? thinking did I know her or something? Then she told me she didn't like my shirt. I looked down, not even knowing what I was wearing, and it was my SAVE ROE! shirt. I told her, "Don't worry, no one wants to go after your parasite." She stomped off cursing me. That's like the fourth encounter I've had with someone here because of a shirt I was wearing. People really need to get over the fact that not everyone believes you way you do.
     I love it when Texas comes back to show Florida how being a racist dickish state is done. When a state is against critical thinking you know they are swimming in stupid. Texas GOP Platform Calls For Repealing Voting Rights Act Of 1965 and The 5 Craziest Policies In Texas Republicans’ 2012 Platform
     It's a white washing of the rape culture that does and always has existed within popular culture. This type of thing really pisses me off. And you want to know one of the reasons why, because some writers and artists just don't understand that they are pushing harmful stereotypes of women until they are educated to it and you can't be educated without information. Also another example of why Google's "Don't do evil" motto is about a accurate as a U.S. politican saying "I'm a honest man." TV Tropes Deletes Every Rape Trope; Geek Feminism Wiki steps in
     I would rant about this story talking about the new mini college football playoffs but its too early to get into even a rant about some a dip pile of corruption and bullshit. Maybe later I'll ad to this.
     God. Do I have the energy today to discuss this? Dollars and Dentists: PBS Frontline investigates America's dental health crisis - Boing Boing


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Where I talk about comments John Green made about the future of publishing and also stuffs.

While I watched storm winds try to destroy our balcony garden yesterday I was also watching some Hank Games Without Hank with John Green starting with The Future of Publishing: The Miracle of Swindon Town #136
     I love watching these John Green videos as he plays FIFA not only for the game play but also because he always ends up talking about some very interesting things as he plays the game. I have a great deal of respects for John Green and love all of his web content and currently listening to a couple of his books while exercising. It's slow going, not because the books aren't good, but because I'm a lazy sod.
     I also don't want people to think I'm trying to take on points that John Green talks about because one, I'm not that smart and two, it's not true, I'm more or less using what he discussed as a springboard for me to talk about things I enjoy to discuss and want to address my own views on these issues. This was me free form thinking while watching the videos.
     I don't necessarily disagree with what John says in the first video about publishing but I just have a couple things. One is if an editor is as much of an influence on a lot of books as John says shouldn't they be listed as co-writers of a work or at least be listed on the covers. I know the cover thing is a marketing issue but if a editor had a beyond normal influence on my books I want to credit them properly. I have a big issue with work load getting proper work load credit. A example is recently I was working with an artist on a graphic novel project and it went from me being the writer and him artist in the agreed credits to me telling him after about six pages that he needed to be listed as co-writer because that's what I felt was the right thing.
     Another thing to something John mentioned about how the publisher model being the best is how I think modern publishing has failed in many degrees because of its lack of creative forward thinking and by also producing just as much crap as any self-publishing model has done. You can't rip self-publishing for quality issues alone because my friends read a lot and see crap and I read a lot and if I'm spotting mistakes in your work then that says a lot about how the state of quality publishing in general needs to be addressed whether we are talking big publisher or self-publisher. This is not an excuse for self-publishers to put out materials not ready for release but at least they aren't spending thousands of dollars on what sometimes is the same levels of quality checks.
     Notice I said sometimes.
     I think people have lost confidence in the major publishers to publish, show, and shine a light on the best that's out there.
     The Future of Publishing, Part 2: The Miracle of Swindon Town #137 I think writers can reach readers in so many more creatives ways in this day and age. Big publishers are still falling farther behind in trying to tap into the new media methods. They are spending more money and time but failing in any creative or long lasting way.
     I agree with him on some of the differences between the film and music industry and the publishing industry but I've worked in both in very low levels and I will tell you they both do a lot of nothing with a lot of money, that's something they very much have in common. They aren't the same but that's easy to see with a little study.
     I think publishing is going towards the Hollywood model, and I agree with John That's Not A Good Thing, in ways such as trying to hit trends even if with a little research they could discover that trend is already tired, dead, and over. They trying to appeal to the masses with brainless approaches and less risk taking is the result. That's why I think people are finding more comfort in finding books by writers websites, blogs, Twitter, and the like. That can cause issues if you settle into a little area or community on the internet and stop exploring for new and different things. Writers who already have a web following or self-published writers who are taking the risks sometimes that big publishers are scared of are the leaders of the industry.
     That's my opinion.
     But I think I'm right.
     About my opinion.
     Like I said before for a lot of readers the big publishers have just lost their way in their methods of showing you great stories. If they ever really had a grasp on that method as their main focal point. Readers are going on their own journey and happily doing so to find books they want to read. I also love when people talk about loving literature being about a broad surface of books but then anything outside of the big publisher market doesn't fit that?
     John mentioned how a lot of bookstores are closing. The decline of bookstores is also hurt sometimes by bad stores. Since I was able to read I've always bugged everyone I'm with wherever I go to check out any used bookstores I see and to be honest most suck. People hate to say that but its just true. I think the good ones have and will survive unless the economic situation in a given area is just really bad because they are creative and forward thinking. The digital/print sales issues when it comes to brick and dirt stores can be worked out with clear creative thinking. I with everything I have believe this. I think when it comes to the issue of the closure of those stores hurting people getting books that brings up the issue of the digital divide and I've ranted on that in the past but hate that this is almost never addressed in these types of discussions.
     For anyone who thinks I'm just ranting for self-publishing because I self-publish I will tell you I'm ranting because publishers have put the industry into the fuck wrecks its currently in  and that a still young and full of problems option(self-publishing) maybe a better option in the long run. Just as media content industries failed when it came to evolving to new technologies, creating this huge black market pirating industry, they also failed in providing readers with new, original, and ground breaking content. I whole heartily believe the self-publishing industry is in its infinticey but I also think it will have to grow or the whole of publishing will suffer because the big companies are not learning any lessons from their failures.
     Anyone want to argue that they are?
     Again as I'm said over and over. Any self-publisher that can afford it should hire an editor. Any self-publisher who can afford it should hire a cover artist. But not every writer can do that and I don't think they should be shoved into the publishing is about perfection delusion, because prose is the only art form that has to be that way, which is stupid, I see lots of shit by big publishers. As I've stated if you can take the ax hacking of readers on your not finished book I believe the sushi writing mood of crowd surfed editing can work. 
     Just have your shields up.
     And don't check you stats that much.
     .... and maybe a couple beers in hand when you hit upload.

   I love when Wil Wheaton updates his podcast Radio Free Burrito. Episode 33
   Bill & Ted & Who - Brain-Confetti
   If you're reading the Game Of Thorns books check out this review on Geektress.
   Love the last line of this Moon Freight 3
   Nova Ren Suma is one of my favorite writers right now and I can't wait to read her next book. 17 & GONE Cover and Plot Summary Revealed!
   A podcast I haven't tried before. Comic Book Club: Amanda Palmer & Kurt Braunohler

   How about all of us in Florida march on the local police stations and demand Rick Scott be arrested for his actions? Why that's never going to happen in a lot of people in Florida are so stupid they love what he's doing. Gov. Scott Has Secret List Of 180,000 ‘Ineligible’ Voters
   James Cameron making more movies that all the sheep will praise feeding his already large ego. He's right there with Oliver Stone and Christopher Nolan as directors that leave me thinking, "Good movies but I don't get the hype." All three also seems to think they are "Film makers!" with their own noses and tongues up their own asses. James Cameron Plans to Shoot Three Avatar Sequels at Same Time
   I've torn with this. I love that its raising awareness but I'm also not the biggest fan of the Komen group because of how much of a bunch of assholes they tend to be with people. Marvel is teaming with Susan G. Komen for the Cure to observer Breast Cancer Awareness 


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Where I talk about MVP 06 NCAA BASEBALL games 1 & 2 and also candy stealing politicians.

     I really love this college baseball game. Based off the old MVP game its one of my favorite sports games. I said games too many times didn't I blogging police? Hey, if you're going to talk about vaginas you have to say vagina and when you're going to talk about games you say games.
    This game easier and not as finally tuned as games like MLB THE SHOW; which I'm going to play also and post about here but still a very enjoyable game. And all the home runs sort of fits considering this is a college baseball game.
    You can create your own stadium or use major league stadiums in a college setting also. The stadium I created is based off Boston's Fenway Park with a few little changes by me. I've read that the sales of the college baseball games were way behind the college football game but I always liked them because in college baseball, like basketball you truly earn your championship unlike college football.
Texas- 7
Utah- 3
*I came away with 9 hits to Utah's 12 but my pitching really struggled early but settled down later when I started remembering how beat to pitch to the CPU.
Stats: Winning Pitcher- M. Burnitz (relief pitcher.)
Texas Home Runs- R. Hendon, M. Kndrr, and J. Danford.
Texas- 5
Utah- 2
*We still gave up a lot of hits, they had 10 but we upped our hit total to 13.
Stats: Winning Pitcher- G. Stefanski.
Texas Home Runs- J. Scelfo, N. Granberry, and M. Genereux. I like that in two games we had three home runs per game by six different players.

   This is so cool and the type of things as a writer that make you want to stop whatever your doing and write a science fiction book. Two planets barely a million miles apart - Boing Boin
   I love this Futurama live action trailer. I've always been more a hardcore Futurama fan than a Simpsons fan. I love the Simpsons but Futurama is the show I watch over and over when it is on.
   Paul Cornell on the joys of plotting. Wait, what, joys he says? :)
   Another good show from the FFFIC team: "So many brownies, so many brownies." Comic Book Reviews - FFFIC Episode #50
   Check out these Hank Green videos: Hank Green: One on One DFTBA Edition and Hank is Maybe Crazy and he is smart How To Make a Mutant Flu
   And in related people who are related here's a couple of John Green videos: Insufficient Funds: A Story of Canada and Simple Animals: Sponges, Jellies, & Octopi - CrashCourse Biology #22 oops, that was Hank Green again, sorry. Though tomorrow my lead will be me going on and on about some things John said in a video.
   And And I'm going to keep telling you people to buy THIS IS NOT A TEST by Courtney Summers daily if I have something new to present to you to promote said full of awesome book and here's a new book trailer for it. Go buy it.
   And And And that's enough "And"s. "Ands" are one of my weaknesses as a writer. I'm addicted to "And"s "though"s and really really long sentences.
     Felicia Day's book club. Check it out. Not my thing the type of books they discuss but seems pretty cool: Vaginal Fantasy Hangout #6: Kushiel's Dart
     More of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries: Bing Lee and His 500 Teenage Prostitutes - Ep: 4 I really like the actresses in this series but don't know if I will keep watching it much longer.

     I love how that the story has become about whether these cameras should be hidden and not really about a politician out fucking someone in the woods. Al Fresco in Austria: Politician's Woodland Tryst Sparks Privacy Debate
     Martha Stewart went to jail for a very questionable view of insider trading but our government officials are allowed to do it like eating candy out of the candy containers at a candy store. What? You are not allowed to do that at candy stores WELL THEY SHOULDN'T BE ALLOWED TO DO THIS EITHER! 34 Lawmakers Changed Their Investments After Receiving Private Briefings About 2008 Economic Crisis
     See my last blog update for me talking about voting issues in America. Pennsylvania Republican: Voter ID Laws Are ‘Gonna Allow Governor Romney To Win’


Monday, June 25, 2012

Where I talk about redistricting, voting, and licking.

     Sometimes I think laws in this country are enacted by three headed goats who only have the agenda of "I can do stupid" and also, "Look I can lick my own balls and it be his balls too."
     One such salty ball tasting lick is the fact that redistricting is allowed in election years. Now redistricting is a needed thing. It helps set government action into motion in a way that best serves the community as a whole but it has also been used since day one of redistricting to suppress voting, mislead citizens, and control the political structure.
     Redistricting has always been a little powerful tool to be used for racist and classist politics, and that's why !Holy Shit! why are they allowed to redistrict in a election year?
     I had a friend who just registered to vote for the first time in Florida earlier this year. He got his card. It told him where he needed to vote. A few months later he gets another card with different information.
     The confusion that can come from situations like that is on purpose. They know to the word what they are doing. They are hoping a lot of people end up not being able to vote on election day or are so frustrated that they don't vote.
     I got a card like that also. Within a election year my voting location changed. You might not think that sort of thing is much but that's why most of America is walking around like the sheep we are. We are just thinking like complete dipshits.
     In the past I voted a number of times absentee ballot because I was either in another state or country at the time of elections. I learned a lesson from that when it turned out a number of cases of absentee votes in Virginia didn't turn up until after the election. They were mainly from military citizens but who knows, mine could have been in there also. I learned this was something I needed as a citizen to watch out for. Something everyone should be doing but it seems just like myself it takes a personal attack on your voting rights for Americans to give a damn.
     I live in a state that is the current model and the front lines of voter purges. Florida you are always so not unchanging in your ability to head desk so many people by your fuckwank actions.
     I'll here end this with a little lesson on redistricting and voting suppression in general. Now I'm not a teacher or anything, I'm not even that bright, but I can do a Google search. I can read. I can use my eyes, ears, and brain to see what is going on and so unless you like the way voters are being suppressed and voting rights are being stripped then you should be educated to issues like how other states are taking Florida's lead, what gerrymandering is besides a strange word used on Fox News and MSNBC, here's a video about several voter issues, know your voter rights in your state, a report on voting rights in Indian Country, all of that "fraud" thats happening, and state felony voting laws. Those are just a few hairs on that ass of your of issues that you need to address. You son have a very hairy ass so there is a lot more we all need to take notice of and educate ourselves about.
     How about this. How about us as a nation care about voting rights. How about us as a nation have a backbone, because if we don't, how about us as a nation stop pretending we are a nation. In time those who are being suppressed will get angry enough to change things in different ways.

Cool links to check out:
     I re-re-released a old poetry collection on Friday NEW EPISODE if anyone is interested. It's on the You Pick The Price! pricing method so it's free or if you enjoy it or anything else at my Smashwords store or like what I write here on the blog you can pay what you want for it.
     Time for some learning with some Crash Course and SciShow: The Renaissance: Was it a Thing? - Crash Course World History #22 and Absolute Zero: Absolute Awesome.
     This webseries is slowly growing on me. The Lizzie Bennet Diaries My Parents: Opposingly Supportive - EP: 3
And I bought a few copies of THIS IS NOT A TEST by Courtney Summers to use for gifts Sunday at B&N. You should get yourself a copy. It's a great book. I gave it 5stars when I read the ARC I got through Netgalley and I'm not really much of a zombie fan.

Rants and screams:
     Don't fuck with Librarians period. I respect them a lot more than I do any other form of leadership in this fucked up unreasoning dumb fuck world. Don't Fire Gay Tenured Librarian! - The Petition Site
     Soon I think Google will hang a banner that says, "I loves some evil." I use Google a lot from blogger to Gmail to YouTube but have really been disappointed with them the past few years in their piracy of books and their blow jobbing the government against the people that made them what they are. ‘Alarming’ Increase in Google Censorship Requests


Friday, June 22, 2012

Where I rere-release a old poetry collection, cool links, and for some reason no rants?


     I haven't released anything in a while so I thought I'd rerelease one of my old LuLu poetry collections on my new projects home at Smashwords. Hope you enjoy NEW EPISODE. Oh, did I mention it's free. Yes, free unless you want to pay for it. You know tip the jar so to speak. Below is one of the poems within the collection.

Bombing for Christ,
Bombing for hate,
Bombing to push back the wait,
Bombing for joy,
Bombing for pain,
Bombing to drawn out the rain,
Bombing for war,
Now there is growth,
Bombing is just the truth,
Bombing to cut,
Bombing to kill,
Murder in a military dressed up drill,
Bombing is fun,
Bomb out the sun,
See the darkness,
Who won?
(c)brian c. williams

     And if your want to check out all my poetry releases and any poetry news about future collections and the like check out the Bloodwaste Books blog. I'm going to post poems there from times to time. It will be the home of all my poetry related projects.

Check out some cool links:
     Can John Green's team continue their EPL undefeated streak? Where Should You Go to College?: The Miracle of Swindon Town #135
     I really need to get back into reading the webcomics I love and checking out more. I haven't so I'll try and share some of what I like today:  Dork Tower is one of my favorite webcomics even if as I've said before sometimes I just don't get the game references. This one deals with the whole mess of how women characters are portrayed in fiction and a good simple way to test how you should approach ideas. Moon Freight 3 is a favorite. Gronk A Monster's Story takes a look at internet comments.
     I'm really looking forward to the new Judge Dredd movie. Love the character and it has people in it I like a lot.
     I don't know if I like this because it would probably mean an end to Iron Man: Armored Adventures. I like that show. A thousand times better CGI animated show than Green Lantern. Disney Mulling Iron Man Cartoon


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Where I talk about banned books or discarded books and how bloggers should think about citations..

     The internet is one of the most expansive tools in the history of us wobble blobs of flesh but lets also be honest. It's also full of overreaction and half knowledgeable replies.
     For example, about a week ago, the fandom of one my favorite authors exaggerated a claim of censorship.  Apparently, a fan purchased a copy of one of her books from an online used book vendor. When the book arrived it was stamped "Discard."  This book was once a library book.  The fan/blogger promptly unleashed a claim of censorship without verification onto the interwebs except for saying I remember hearing it was banned. And by verification I mean, no links to news stories, no pointers to a source.
     First, this bothers me because as a blogger I hear people all the time say "Well, I'm not a news outlet or professional blogger so don't hold me to those standards." That's no excuse. Backing up your words for any writer, in any form, to any means, every writer needs to back up their views with sources or people are going to question it. And please don't get angry when someone does question your thoughts and views and you have nothing to go on. When you speak of specific events, you need to back up that information with sources, links, books, something or people are going to questions whether you are just seeking attention. And when you don't answer back to questions, you look not amateur but foolish but also you as a writer are setting yourself up to be slammed for it.
     Second, this bothers me a great deal because using the word DISCARD with censorship in the way it was used, and maybe not on purpose, was misleading. Not everything is censorship!  Let's talk spacial reasoning here, folks. A library cannot physically contain every book ever published in the history of ever.  Sometimes libraries have to remove or weed out or DISCARD older books to make room for new ones.  It's not censorship if it is part of routine weeding following a set of unbiased guidelines.  It is censorship if the book is removed for ideological reasons.
     By stating you "heard it was censored a couple of months/years ago" does not justify a claim of censorship. Again, the need for links on the subject matter need to be used in these instances.  Back up your statement before starting a rant. I rant a lot and every time I've not done this I'm gotten ripped by not strangers but friends because they know I know better.    
     As you learn in 6th grade: citations, citations, citations.
     I looked at the picture the blogger provided and did a 30 second Google search for the library. Also with a Google search I couldn't find one instance of that book being challenged. If someone find a case of 13 Little Envelopes by Maureen Johnson being banned please let me know and I'll edit this. The author herself said she didn't know if it being challenged.
     I'm also a little disappointed in this author for promoting this unverified claim of censorship.  I love her books and I love her commentary on social issues.  But throwing out an unverified claim of censorship?  Not cool. Fans jump on that stuff without thought or most of the time fans do the jumping without even researching. Just as a big following by talent can lead to a kind of bullying, that kind of following can lead to certain kinds of sightless actions.
     And you might ask why I haven't provided a link to that bloggers entry. I thought about that for a while because this happen last week. I'm not going after this person in particular because she wasn't the first or the last blogger to do this. But when you are dealing with serious issues like the banning and censorship of books you need to do your homework before posting. It will make things a whole lot simpler for you and not make you look like you're just talking out of your ass.
     So the moral of the story? Back up your story with links. It cuts down on confusion, it cuts down on people questioning your motives. It just makes everything easier whether you are working for a big news outlet or just your own personal blog.

Cool links to check out:
     Michael Wilbon is my favorite sports journalist and these are reasons why: Michael Wilbon delivers 2012 Medill Convocation address and Mike Wilbon Q&A (extended version) If you are or interested in sports journalism or journalism in general you should check these videos out.
     Like episode two. Still getting a feeling for it but continue watching. My Sisters: Problematic to Practically Perfect - Ep: 2
     Vlogbrothers Solving Your Problems!
     Very interesting. I had never heard of this before and that's why I love SciShow. Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors (LFTR): Energy for the Future?
     I want this shirt, I love The Flog.

Rants and screams:
     This comes up with me a lot in conversations with people. A challenge to a book is not the same as censoring a book.  A challenge is a discussion of the content of a book, debate is a healthy part of a democracy.  Censorship is the ideologically driven removal or denial of access to content.
      @warrenellis: "I'm using the Block function and pretending it's a Retroactive Abortion Button."
      Is the only thing Mitt Romney is running on- Vote For Me I'm Not Him because he wont take a stand on shit. I bet the guy has a hard time deciding on mustard or ketchup. This is a guy who has said publicly, in front of people, on camera that there is a lot of things he will not talk about because it would harm his campaign. That's not leadership folks. The 7 Major Issues Mitt Romney Won’t Take A Position On


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Where I remind you of a great book that came out yesterday, review Before Watchmen Silk Spectre #1 and talk about God(aka Alan Moore)

     For some reason just over the past few months I've gotten more than a few emails about me mainly buying trade paperbacks when it comes to comic books. "You aren't supporting the talents." "You are hurting the industry." "This is one of the reasons comic book stores are closing."
     Ok, Comic Book Police, just chill your bag and boarded short pants. Just as I have the choice of not sucking on Alan Moore's tit, I can buy trades without your self-righteous {while probably downloading illegal copies}throws coming my way.
     What I do a lot is try a few issues of a series to see if I might want to buy the trades when and if they come out. There are tons of trades out there already I know I'll like based on characters, artists, and writers alone, but I try to check out new stuff also to support what is going on currently.
     I can't afford nor do I have the living space to buy monthlies and trades. I have in total now, after doing a clearing out a few years ago to a charity, four long boxes and all of those contain a complete run of the old original Valiant universe. The only other floppies I have are Doctor Who books and a few signed copies.
     On the subject of Doctor Who I'm probably going to be going trade only with those soon. I buy any Doctor Who books so I might just wait for the trades. Mainly that's a decision based on money and apartment space.
     I wish there was someway you could turn in issues to your local comic shop and maybe get a trade discount? Then I might buy the floppies more often but that probably isn't feasible for stores to do?
     Plus those single issues I buy to try books out go to friends, libraries, and strangers; which promotes said series and talents. There shouldn't be this geeky dividing line between those who buy their comics every month in single issues and those who buy trades. Oh, and by the way I know people who spend a ton of money weekly at their lcs and they would never even think of buying floppies. Do you want to drive these people away from the industry?
     Now if you want something to rant about, lets talk hardcovers.....

     A really cool book came out yesterday. I was planning to write this blog entry then but was busy trying to doctor up the laptop a bit. Seems to be running a lot better *fingers crossed* The book I speak of is This Is Not A Test by Courtney Summers, you can find my review here as I read a ARC of it a few months ago but I'm still going to pick up a copy for my Summers collection. Go buy it here and here or here or here or here and here or your local books store independent or chain. All those links I found on the writers site but thought I'd mention here again. Go buy it. Someone actually says the Zed word in this book unlike another book I enjoy but its creator, not so much. Robert Kirkman is such a pretentious boob. Courtney Summers on the other hand is made of dolls heads, piano solos, nice juicy sick writing, and many more stuffs of awesome.
Check out the book trailer:
     Another book I gave five stars to is just out in paperback. You can find my review for Imaginary Girls by Nova Ren Suma here. I highly recommend this book.
3 out of 5 stars
*I promise I'll try and keep this from becoming a rant on the two faced bullshit of some peoples attacks and boycott of this project while still buying other books from DC and Marvel. With that one sentence rant about not ranting out of the way. I picked up this book before Minutemen #1 because of Amanda Conner's artwork. I really love her work. The art is really good here also so no disappointment there. With this first issue I found myself thinking ok, that's it? Maybe that feeling was from the build up but I felt let down. The story is ok but again maybe unfair build up within me. I'm going to check out the second issue and the first issue of the other Before Watchmen series but trades are in mainly in the future for me for Before Watchmen.
4 out of 5 stars
3 out of 5 stars

Cool links to check out:
     I really wish more people would step up for this project. If I had the cash I would throw some in, makes me feel bad. It would be really disappointing with so many people crying that they only see the same old thing over and over that a great project being told in an original way like The Garlicks doesn't get made. Go throw in some cash, spread the word, or both.
     Some interesting publishing related links you might wish to check out: 

Panelists Say Libraries are Perfect Ebook Partner for Publishers | IDPF Digital Book Conference and Why the ebook you want isn't for sale in your country - Boing Boing.For the writer's out there: Pixar's 22 Rules of Storytelling - Tubefilter We could all learn a thing or a thousand from Pixar.

Rants and screams:
     I really love that the history of our whole fucking nation is filled with speech after speech about how we hate countries that hold down freedom of speech, mislead its citizens, and fix elections through strong handed methods of politics but that is just what we are doing right now in America. The idea of the American Dream might be a  generationally shared delusion but that doesn't mean we should be shitting on the idea every chance we get.
     Elections like funerals end up being about anything but the persons most effected by their outcomes- i.e. the poor and the dead, and more about the people standing strong no matter what- your rich, your politicians, and your Uncle Ernie who is being stuffed with hay and dog shit. Uncle Ernie is just dead, I bet you're regretting not letting him barrow your copy of Tecmo Bowl when he was sick at age 5 now. Yep, I knew it, that's the only reason you're crying, you know that scarred his heart and the reason for the heart attack years later on the shitter.
     The subject of this link doesn't bother me because this is parody but the comment near the end, "As soon as DC does a Harry Potter comic while JK Rowling stands on the sidelines complaining, we’ll talk." DC can't do that because there are contracts probably in place that say they can't. As far as my knowledge goes Mr. Moore signed a sucky contract the same as a lot of creators have had to do over the years to make money. If he had any legal ground to stand on he would probably be suing but instead his is letting his acolytes turn him into a martyr. He got screwed, bad contract, should have read it more carefully, or not signed it at all. DC might be big douche bags and so is Marvel when it comes to their histories dealing with creators but Come On Man? Lets stop this bullshit that Before Watchmen is like the worst thing to ever happen to a creator. Go tell that to Bruce Lee's family about Kung Fu or Steve Diko about all of his hard work or the thousands of creators who have done work for companies and never got a dime one and still owed money years later. Alan Moore created Harold Potter long before he turned him into the Antichrist
     Mar called me  the other day and I didn't know she had me on speaker phone so I was my normal self and I guess there was people near by. Ooops. I told her she shouldn't have given me a live mic. I sometimes channel CM Punk and Arn Anderson when pissed off and go into pipe bomb mode. In case anyone was wondering the thing I was cursing the Gods about was the DVR remote going dead right before Euro games started.
     Wal-Mart reminds me of the coal mine owners. Has anyone written a Sixteen Tons type of song about them yet? Wal-Mart-Linked PR Officer Poses as Journalist to Workers


Monday, June 18, 2012

Where I talk about FIFA 02 Season 1 Games 1-5, some star only reviews, and there's other stuffs:

FIFA Soccer 2002 Season 1, Games 1-5
{I know it's a really old version of the game Mr. I have a PS3}
     ECC: Liverpool Vs. Maribor
*I'm playing with my favorite team Liverpool and this is the first time I've played any sports game, never the mind a Soccer, outside of Madden in a really really long time. I played several games because I'm all hyped right now with Euro 2012 taking place and me being able to watch all of them so far. I'll be playing on Professional Level to start out so lets see how I did with my first game, a ECC Tournament game. I gave up a penalty right off the back. I think my players think they are playing American football. At the half it was 0-1. They had so many shots on goal, like 13 to 3. Garrad will also miss my next game because he decided to drop kick the goal keeper for Maribor. And he seems like such a nice guy on TV?
GOAL! Patrik Berger.
By transfer I bought in Landon Donovan from the SJ Earthquakes and Steve Mcmanaman from Real Madrid. Spending some Liverpool cash up in here. And in the end the final score was Liverpool-1 Vs. Maribor-3
     EPL: Liverpool Vs. West Ham
*My first Premier League game and I'm without two starting players on suspension. I was thinking I had to get a better goal keeper. I did in the transfer window as I picked up Olivee Kohn from Manchester United. Turns out that wasn't my issue, my problem was I was, sort of, you know.... using the wrong buttons to pass and shoot. And in the end the final scare was Liverpool-0 Vs. West Ham-8
     ECC: Maribor Vs. Liverpool
*The second game of the ECC and I needed a win or I was gone from the tournment without barely being in it. I'm out of the tournment having barely been in it.
GOAL! Fowler.
And in the end the final score was Maribor-1 Vs. Liverpool-1
     EPL: Bolton Vs. Liverpool
*My second Premier League game was me running rough shot over Bolton and thinking, falsely, that I had this game down. I was wrong. See next game for proof.
GOAL! Owen GOAL! Owen GOAL! Berger GOAL! Owen GOAL!Gerrad GOAL!Gerrad
And in the end the final score was Bolton-0 Vs. Liverpool-6
     EPL: Liverpool Vs. Aston Villa
*I have a problem. I can't do crosses worth shit. Is it this version of the game or me. I don't know but crosses never work for me. They look like out of control floating balloons when I try crosses.
GOAL! Mcmanaman GOAL! Owen GOAL!Owen
And in the end the final score was Liverpool-3 Vs. Aston Villa-5

3 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars
4 out of 5 stars
     *book reading update. I found out why I was having problems sitting down and reading The Tomb even though I was loving the time I was spending with it. The copy I got from the library was all musty driving my asthma nuts. I didn't really notice until reading some of it one night in the bedroom. I'm going to try and see if I can find a better copy at a used book store, not many around here, or maybe buy it new and donate after reading it.

Cool links to check out:
     And in other video game sports news John Green's team is growing into its FIFA season: Worst Case Scenario: The Miracle of Swindon Town #130 and Beautiful and Less Beautiful: The Miracle of Swindon Town #131
     And still I wish I had went to one of this schools. My schools were fucked up in different ways. 10 Bizarre Schools From Around The Country
     I will put each new episode of FFFIC up in my cool links sections because the show is "So cool." Comic Book Reviews - FFFIC Episode #49 Plus it part of my lcs doing dongs.
     This is for Mar but since she doesn't read my blog I guess I will also post it on my Facebook which she at least skims. Green Day: ¡Uno! [Official Trailer With Album Cover]
     "Rule if your not an expert in something don't pretend to be an expert. This will serve you in both your academic career and your kissing career." John Green. Columbus, de Gama, and Zheng He! 15th Century Mariners. Crash Course: Wo...
     Some Hank Green SciShow fun: Gregor Mendel: Great Minds
     This is my cousin's YouTube channel, check it out because he's my cousin and the guy has always been very talented when it comes to music all his life. Even back when we couldn't go to the pool one summer because he had a bad eye infection but then we played balloon fights in his families back yard and it may have done as much damage as if we had drowned him. Have so many memories of us together, a lot connected to a mutual love of old school NWA pro-wrestling.

Rants and screams:
     It's like that profound quote, "I might not agree with your wack-a-doddle thoughts but I will die defending your right to have them." Maybe I didn't get the quote word for word but you get the point. And if you don't click on the link and read what Neil Gaiman has to say, he's smart. Also has pretty lips. Just saying, man has nice lips. Why Defend Freedom Of Icky Speech
     Well Mr. Rumsfeld we have a Christian problem within our borders. What? Did that sound stupid and was it ignorant for me to say something like that? You are so right, it is, totally stupid, without a trace of intelligence, and spineless. Rumsfeld: Russia Has ‘Muslim Problems’


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Where I talk about the degrees of my tech life, ALL CAPS words, and much more.

     People have asked me why I only post links on here, or Facebook and not on Twitter. I don't have firm rules for this or anything when it comes to my internet use, its just how things have worked out for my personal ways of using these platforms. 
     It's true that I really don't even think about posting most links I find or create on Twitter but there are several reasons for this. I also don't RT much but that has to not being on the actually Twitter site that often and when I try to REPLY RT from my phone half the time it doesn't work.
     The main reason for me not posting links on Twitter comes down to my belief that Facebook is more set up for that sort of thing but it also has a lot to do with my personal use of Twitter. I also don't post many pics on Twitter.
     Now notice nowhere in there did I say you shouldn't use Twitter for posting links. This is just how I see my personal use of Facebook and Twitter. Do your thing with social media, enjoy it, and fuck anyone who tries to tell you how you are suppose to use things on the internet. Fuc'em.
     Just Fuck'em.
     I don't have a smart phone, I actually have a really old Nokia T-Mobile XpressMusic phone; so when I get Twitter stuff sent to my phone, I have about 10 feeds sent to my phone, I can't click on links to view stuff so that type of thinking goes into how I use it. I mean I should at least read a story before ranting on it and reposting it, right?
     If someone Tweets something with a link that I want to check out I send that Tweet to my email where I check it out when I get on a computer. And in the few cases where its something I have to check out right away and Mar is nearby I ask her if I can her phone. The same applies to email. I can't check email on my phone and that's why if you really want to get a hold of me and have my phone number text me or call and leave a message. If you don't have my number its best to leave a message for me on Facebook and Twitter and I'll try to get back to you as fast as I can.
     This is my personal digital divide.
     Which is a lot better than a lot of people I know. I might not have a smart phone but I have a cell phone. I might not have my own laptop but Mar lets me use hers. At least I have access to computers and such. Others aren't so lucky.
     Many I use did post enough links to my Twitter and Facebook there didn't I?
     {Edit} Fuck, forgot two!

Cool links:
     Unshelved gives a almost perfect definition of the internet.
     Everyone who follows my blog knows how much I enjoy the web videos of John and Hank Green. Here's John talk about Why They Aren't On TV.
     Big fan of Aisha Tyler.
     Hank Green talks about the working relationship with Gravitation. Gravitation: The Four Fundamental Forces of Physics #3 Does my brain make pot? Your Brain Makes Its Own Pot

     So the Mets are fine with one player getting a no hitter based off a bad call but are trying to get another player a no hitter by trying to get another "bad call" reversed? Really? One, that call was in the first inning so that's just stupid based off that point alone and two only a New York team would try this and not smell the bullshit on their own fingers. And to be fully clear, I don't like the Mets, I'm a Braves fan, but even with that bias I have towards them, this is bush league.
     And keeping with sports. I don't like David Stern much but Jim Rome has made a career off pro wrestling rants and cheap trick "journalism" The only thing missing was for Rome to pay Stern to "flip a table" hang up on him.
     When comic book companies release hardbacks and try to sale you on buying them instead of waiting for the paperback they usually hard bush the back up materials. This is bullshit. Backup materials. A couple sketches and maybe a script page is all much "Backup materials" as cool looking menus are bonus materials on a dvd. I'm not just looking at you DC Comics. But I am looking at you DC Comics. You just ant alone in my rant eyesight.
     This is why every person should be ready to not only vote but also ready a plan for what to do if denied the right to vote and also what the do the day after the election.
     When you use the word RAPE in any fashion it's an all caps word as I like to call it. As a writer, public figure, or someone who represents a company or group in any way you must know that certain words  are ALL CAPS words. It doesn't mean you can never use the word or that you should be censored for using the word but the same as with using the N word or RETARD what you have to know is one, what your meaning was as you are using the word and two, you have to see all the variations of how others will see your usage. Those variations might not be fair or true or might just be fair or true but in the end you have to show the intelligence of knowing going in, otherwise you are showing not only a lack of intelligence but also a lack of understanding of how those ALL CAPS words have been used to hurt others. And my big point to make here is when you act like "we didn't mean RAPE like in RAPE but like RAPE" in a apology is bat shit stupid. Video games like any other storytelling method can tell any sort of story but back peddling spineless cowardliness because you don't understand why a using the term rape might just a little piss people off.