Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Where I talk about our balcony garden and Euro 2012

     A quick blog update today because I had a really bad migraine for half the day but now recovering. Still need to get a lot of house work today because I'm expecting a call any day from the complex about scheduling a carpet cleaning that came with the renewal of our lease.
     Also the skies look really bad outside and I'm going to have to get off the laptop soon. I had a computer fried once even with a good surge protector so I'm not going to let that happen again if I can prevent it.
     I've been meaning to talk about our summer balcony garden in more detail anyways so here you go lovers of fresh veg. First want to state that we aren't doing this thinking we are going to somehow save a tons of money. We love fresh vegetables. plus it's fun to watch things grew. If you have kids I highly recommend doing even a small garden. Kids love keeping track of the progress of the plants and their growth.
     Every year we try to have a balcony garden. We usually end up with a few small cherry tomatoes but that's it. Last year our whole garden was wiped out by a storm when we went on trip and a storm wasn't on the weather report.
     This year we did more research on summer apartment gardens and are trying to grow a good variety of stuff. Peppers, a lot of different herbs, tomatoes, strawberries, and carrots. I'm even thinking about doing the garbage bag potato thing.
     We lost one pepper plant so we picked up a small portable green house to better protect the plants from the daily rains you get here in Florida. Otherwise everything else seems to be doing pretty good. Well, the strawberries aren't doing that good but I think they weren't that great from the beginning. We bought the plant with it and not from seeds. All of our stuff from seeds are doing really great.
     Oh, I almost forgot. Mar's favorite cucumbers are doing really well from seed. So hopefully in a few months we will have a tons of fresh stuff for things like fresh sauces and soups.
     And the second garden pic is so I can make fun of Mar. Like I've said, she doesn't read my blog, Hi Love :) Only a Harry Potter geek like her would think to grow plants in a cauldron. I forgot what she planted in it but if it starts screaming when we have to replant it the cats aren't going to be a fan of hers from that point on.
     The whole garden has become Mar's project. I'm water boy and scarecrow for it.

     Another thing I want to mention is how much I'm enjoying watching Euro 2012. I think this is the first time the whole tournament has been widely available to view in the U.S. Since people have asked on Twitter I'll also stat here I'm cheering for England but my prediction is Germany. I thought they would also win the last World Cup also so don't go heading to any bookies on my prediction.
     Favorite quote of the tournament so far: Macca "Why do goal keepers think they can play football?" Love games Macca does. That broadcasting team is the best that does American broadcasts of soccer games.

Cool links to check out:
     John Green's son Henry joins the broadcast booth for this match up. Well, until Henry decides he'd rather play with bubbles but he comes back in time to change goalkeepers in a controversial decision: Henry Green: The Miracle of Swindon Town #129
     This is another one of those projects that I've spoke about where fans are being so creative that the companies should contact them and pay them and promote the project with their machine.

Screams and Rants:
     I love spam that asks me to help non English speakers learn English. Me? I'm a poster child for the U.S. failed education system. Why don't you ask me to do heart surgery while your at it.
     They will probably have a special on the insurance down the road from us where they have a gun show twice a month. What gets me I bet 80% of those people attending every show couldn't survive in the woods where I grew for even a day. They would so be shotguns in the mouth if a revolution or zombie outbreak happen. Probably pull Cheney with a hunting partner if they ever went hunting. Reminds me a little of the "Off Road" people in Florida. Ok, there isn't any off roading in Florida. Off roading isn't a empty field somewhere after a rain storm. That's some weak ass shit there. NRA Offers ‘Stand Your Ground’ Insurance To Cover Legal Costs Of Shooting People In Self-Defense


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