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Where I talk about Madden 11 Franchise Season 1 Game 3 and I also review Drama by Raina Telgemeier..

Madden 11, Franchise Season 1, Game 3
Bulldawgs{0-2} at Rams{0-2}

Bulldawgs-20 Vs. Rams-87
     Divison Standings:
Cowboy 2-1
Eagles 2-1
Giants 1-2
Bulldawgs 0-3
     *We started the first quarter actually playing pretty good on both sides of the ball and held it to a 7-0 Rams lead after the First Quarter. We missed a filed goal in the First Quarter but I was happy with our play over all. But things started to fall more and more apart in the Second Quarter and by Halftime the score was 45-14 Rams. As soon as a team builds any kind of lead it puts us in a situation of playing outside our game plan and right now we can't do that even for small period of time because of our defense. It didn't really get better from there as our defense totally fell apart and our offense wasn't much better, it was 66-20 after the Third Quarter and ended up 87-20 to end the game. Most of the Fourth Quarter was played with the second string players trying to get them some playing time.
     *Though Tebow played better this game, his stats don't show it, but the other players dropped a lot of  his passes, I'm going to have to drop him back to running packages of plays and will be giving Josh McCown a chance to win the starting job at QB for the rest of the season. Right now receivers just aren't catching key passes Tim throws.
     *I released the injured D. Dodge. It's kind of a crummy thing to do to do that to a injured player but I really didn't have any plans to bring him back next season. I had tried to trade him in the pre-season but there were no takers. He had fell to the third squad even before he was injured.
Next Game: Bulldawgs at Eagles

     *Next week I'm going to start my FIFA 2002 season (I play with Liverpool. And yes that's a really old version of the game. Don't tell me, tell fucking Gamestop and wanting to charge me almost full price for a sports game that's three years old. Also doesn't help that I still play on a PS2 so no rentals for us.) I'm going to rotate between Madden 11(Bulldawgs), FIFA 2002(Liverpool), NCAA Football 10(Virginia Tech), and MLB 10 The Show(Braves). Maybe that will make game Mondays more interesting, especially if I keep getting my ass kicked on Madden.

Drama by Raina Telgemeier {ARC}
4 out of 5 stars

     I got this ARC through Netgalley; which made me pretty happy. The last book I got through them was Courtney Summers new book This Is Not A Test. You can read my review of that book here. I highly recommend if you love zombies or just an in general great read check it out.
     So I'm a fan of Netgalley because it leads me to be able to read some really cool story from books about zombies to one about about relationships that out drama the drama on stage.
      I'm a big fan of Raina Telgemeier going back to her Baby Sitters Club books. I got to meet her when we were in New Orleans for ALA at last year. She was really nice. While there took the opportunity and I bought a copy of her book Smile, I review it here, and got her to sign it.
     How I feel about that book has grown from it being very depressing to me to something that's just a joy to flip through over and over again.
     She also signed my autograph book. If you ever get a chance to attend a event she is part of I recommend doing so.
     Going in I really didn't know much about Drama. I hadn't even read much about what it was going to be about but she is one of those creators who I will check out any project they are involved with.
     Raina Telgemeier is one of the few sequential storytellers where when I'm reading their books there are no panels, there are no gaps, I'm totally immersed in every second of the story as if I was watching a film. Comparing medias doesn't really work but I did mean that as a really big compliment but don't think it came across in what I wrote.
     Drama surprised me in many ways but the biggest one was how quickly you fall beside these characters and get to know them. From introduction, to getting to know characters, to story jumps and moves, you are having so much fun before you know it the story is over and you are left smiling.
     I didn't mean to pun there.

Check out some cool stuff:
    I spent a lot of the weekend watching Euro 2012 while writing but there is also the realm of video sports games. Hank Games Without Hank. John Green discussing homosexuality in sports and goes up against Manchester Untied: Homosexuality and Prejudice in Football: The Miracle of Swindon Town #126.
   If you like the ladies with differing levels of clothing check out Jimmy Palmiotti's Monday blog updates. Always beautiful pictures people send him and he finds online.
     I love the work Felicia Day is producing online. Felicia Plays with Toilet Paper and Etc. Gamer Girl, Country Boy - Felicia Day & Jason Charles Miller 
     More cool videos: How to be More Productive...With Hank! and More on Mating & Monogamy and Thank You Hater! - by Clever Pie and Isabel Fay and yes I do watch a lot of web videos but then again its better than mindlessly watching the same episodes of whatever shit sitcom is on TV during writing breaks even though I really don't like those shit sitcoms that much. I like the videos I post in updates, they aren't time fillers, they are life enhancers. *INSERT TOOTHLESS GRIN HERE*
     I want this shirt.

Rants and screams:
   With military suicides getting near the point of out pacing deaths on the battlefields tell me our government is taking care of our brave men and women. From someone who has had his life threatened for marching for peace by so called "Troop Supporters" and was once threatened by his boss that I would lose my job if I didn't wear a 9/11 pin I will tell you I'm not for marketing support for troops, I want real up front do something Mr. America with you flag in your back window. This isn't a one side or the other issue, this is a shameful issue for the whole country. We continue to wave our little flags and scream until our throats hurt with politics and gutless blind patriotism but when it comes down to it we fail the military and their families over and over again. Military Suicides on Record Pace, Outnumbering Battlefield Deaths
     The problems in America aren't because there are too many liberals or conservatives but we are in a mess because politicians have learned how to play a lot of liberals and conservatives for fools in many games of "I'm on your side and only your side matters." I sometimes wonder if we are truly stupid to what our politicians are doing to us as a nation or just so scared we have convinced ourselves that our favorite lies are truths?
     Yes because the ratio of student per teacher is a really good ratio. I wonder sometimes what kind of education some of these dipshits had? What we have is a push towards the schools not being able to operate at all and the government would love a stupider nation or schools being privatized and then business/gov control in total to what is taught and we have no say because they would be private businesses and the only choice in town. Romney Campaign Chair: ‘Taxpayers Really Do Want To Hear There Will Be Fewer Teachers’
     A lot of people like to say to me "Oh, so I guess you think Americans are stupid to politics?" Ok, Yeah, ok. See that's a fact. So then I'm told I'm blind to Democrats faults and just like to run my mouth about the GOP. Nope, I'm not. Though lets be honest, the bat shit crazy bad guys are always more interesting. Here's another fact, I'm not even a registered Democrat. I think I was once but decided against it and I live in a state where not having a declared political party also means you have fewer voting right than everyone else. So if you want to say I'm a Democrat lover, I actually think Democrats couldn't find political courage if someone painted it with chocolate and stuffed it down their mouths. If you must know I'm more Libertarian than anything else. But you know real Libertarian and not dump truck dumb shit Ron Paul little l Libertarian. I bet in private he wears a t-shirt proudly that says- I'm a Republican fluffer.


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