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     Anyone who knows me knows I'm no fan of the black market pirating of media or abuses of other peoples copyrights. I've had money taken directly out of my pocket by people pirating my work and seen people violating my copyright to materials I dished out money to create and I'm a nobody so lets put some things out of the pitch right away. One being the notion that true copyright violations don't harm anyone but big mega companies and two that I'm trying to play the middle here.  I wanted to get that out of the way off the bat.
     I even have the opinion that its the right of a creator or copyright holder to use DRM if they wish to. I don't agree with its use and think it really serves no real purpose to action but its their rights. It's the choice of the creator/copyright holder to how they wish and don't wish for people to see their work. It's a matter of simple choice but then again matters of choice in today's world is always painted in as many fashions as possible to make it look like anything but what it is- Choice.
     What comes up a lot when I express these views is the subject of fan creations and parodies. It's as if people are pointing a shaking finger at me saying, "But But YOUR HATE FANS." or "You just don't understand the future."
     Let me address the second thing there first. Neither do you unless your a fucking Time Lord. Using the "Information is free idea to justify stealing is just stupid. Nope. Sorry. Your being stupid. But that is taking this down a off topic road. I just wanted to mention it because I get that a lot.
     Now to the first scream at me. I think fan fiction is a great starting point for writers and artists and fan zines and websites have saved more shows that network cash flows. Promoted shows better than any marketing plan. Anyone with any intelligence can see these are not attacks on anyones copyright. I would tell any writer or creator that goes after these non-profiting making ventures to just shut up. Get over it. These people are crowd sourcing for you, enjoy the ride or drown in quite.
     And to the subject of parodies. Parodies are covered as not being a violation of a copyright, unless that's another dumb shit law some dump truck brained politician changed that I missed and didn't get the chance to rant on.
     The same as fair use is defined in law. And to the subject of fair use. Scans Daily and the like are not fair use. Shut your shit shorts. Just because you like something, that doesn't make it legal. If you want to stand there and talk about how "I only read the stuff I would never buy." or "It's not available in print in the U.S." or wherever you live. No. No. No.
     I know this has turned into more of piece on pirating than I wanted but bare with me. I've always said the thing that angers me more than anything else about pirating is people will get so angry and so upset when you call it stealing. They are ready to fight, from a anonymous location for the most part, when you call them thieves but to me I just wish people would admit it. It's says a lot about a persons personal delusions to justify things in their mind that they will not even see that it's the true. You a thief. For someone to convince themselves of that lie is how they go forward with doing it time after time without another thought on the subject. Thieves are thieves but at least have the backbone to face it face to face. Don't hide behind cowardly delusions.
     But, and here's what I really wanted to talk about today. It really pisses me off when people like Fox go after fan parody t-shirts, and ect.
     Over the past few weeks I've had two friends tell me about letters they've gotten from Fox and other companies to stop or TO COURT WE GO. One of my favorite websites also had to take a parody t-shirt design down.
     You want to know why companies like Fox come off looking like jackasses in these situations? Because sir they are acting like jackasses.
     These companies just don't understand that fans end up doing these type of projects because you aren't doing creative enough merchandising for your shows, books, ect. You are only looking at your project in one way when it comes to marketing. Slap on a logo or publicity photo and that's it. Lazy, lazy, lazy.
     Fans today like to look at their favorite stuff from many angles. They like to make fun of the things they love, they like to twist and play with these things, and they come out the other side still loving them the same. Mar and I mockingly quote our favorite shows all the time. We rant about the stupid things that happen and go nuts over HOLY SHIT moments.
     And to the subject of HOLY SHIT moments. Why aren't companies taking advantage of that? After moments like Rick finally showing some balls after the finally of the second season of Walking Dead they should  have had t-shirts and posters that where sad, mocking, darkly comedic, and twisted twisted twisted reading on their website to GO GO GO. 
     One of the reasons I hate Fox and the like going after fan parody merchandise sometimes is  their clear overall lack of creativity when it comes to marketing their stuff. It smacks of stupidity and maybe a lack of talent in those departments.
     And heres another idea. I know its radical and out there and C R A Z Y but how about hiring these people to design things for you instead of being asshats? Why not approach them and say, "We really love this design. How about we pay you a commission for it and then mass produce it?"
     Most "official" websites suck. Most "official" merchandise sucks. That's what springs these talented people into action making things their friends and themselves like. Hire these people and they will make you money. You know money, that thing that you rub on your balls while watching world hunger commercials. These talents are out there, not where you are, change the sheets people and not only do what cools but do what profitable.
     I know people will ask, "What if someone was doing this with one of your characters." See above to my answer to that. Or another answer that might come from me is, "Cool. I love it. Can I have one for free?" :) But either way I don't see parodies as copyright violations in any fashion and going after them is a true sign of how scared these big companies are about their future.
     When companies should be mining the internet to find new approaches to merchandising and marketing all they are doing is driving away the very talents who could be making them butt loads of more money.
     Make it rain people, make it rain.

.....i really should be ashamed for saying make it rain.

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