Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Where I talk about MVP 06 NCAA BASEBALL games 1 & 2 and also candy stealing politicians.

     I really love this college baseball game. Based off the old MVP game its one of my favorite sports games. I said games too many times didn't I blogging police? Hey, if you're going to talk about vaginas you have to say vagina and when you're going to talk about games you say games.
    This game easier and not as finally tuned as games like MLB THE SHOW; which I'm going to play also and post about here but still a very enjoyable game. And all the home runs sort of fits considering this is a college baseball game.
    You can create your own stadium or use major league stadiums in a college setting also. The stadium I created is based off Boston's Fenway Park with a few little changes by me. I've read that the sales of the college baseball games were way behind the college football game but I always liked them because in college baseball, like basketball you truly earn your championship unlike college football.
Texas- 7
Utah- 3
*I came away with 9 hits to Utah's 12 but my pitching really struggled early but settled down later when I started remembering how beat to pitch to the CPU.
Stats: Winning Pitcher- M. Burnitz (relief pitcher.)
Texas Home Runs- R. Hendon, M. Kndrr, and J. Danford.
Texas- 5
Utah- 2
*We still gave up a lot of hits, they had 10 but we upped our hit total to 13.
Stats: Winning Pitcher- G. Stefanski.
Texas Home Runs- J. Scelfo, N. Granberry, and M. Genereux. I like that in two games we had three home runs per game by six different players.

   This is so cool and the type of things as a writer that make you want to stop whatever your doing and write a science fiction book. Two planets barely a million miles apart - Boing Boin
   I love this Futurama live action trailer. I've always been more a hardcore Futurama fan than a Simpsons fan. I love the Simpsons but Futurama is the show I watch over and over when it is on.
   Paul Cornell on the joys of plotting. Wait, what, joys he says? :)
   Another good show from the FFFIC team: "So many brownies, so many brownies." Comic Book Reviews - FFFIC Episode #50
   Check out these Hank Green videos: Hank Green: One on One DFTBA Edition and Hank is Maybe Crazy and he is smart How To Make a Mutant Flu
   And in related people who are related here's a couple of John Green videos: Insufficient Funds: A Story of Canada and Simple Animals: Sponges, Jellies, & Octopi - CrashCourse Biology #22 oops, that was Hank Green again, sorry. Though tomorrow my lead will be me going on and on about some things John said in a video.
   And And I'm going to keep telling you people to buy THIS IS NOT A TEST by Courtney Summers daily if I have something new to present to you to promote said full of awesome book and here's a new book trailer for it. Go buy it.
   And And And that's enough "And"s. "Ands" are one of my weaknesses as a writer. I'm addicted to "And"s "though"s and really really long sentences.
     Felicia Day's book club. Check it out. Not my thing the type of books they discuss but seems pretty cool: Vaginal Fantasy Hangout #6: Kushiel's Dart
     More of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries: Bing Lee and His 500 Teenage Prostitutes - Ep: 4 I really like the actresses in this series but don't know if I will keep watching it much longer.

     I love how that the story has become about whether these cameras should be hidden and not really about a politician out fucking someone in the woods. Al Fresco in Austria: Politician's Woodland Tryst Sparks Privacy Debate
     Martha Stewart went to jail for a very questionable view of insider trading but our government officials are allowed to do it like eating candy out of the candy containers at a candy store. What? You are not allowed to do that at candy stores WELL THEY SHOULDN'T BE ALLOWED TO DO THIS EITHER! 34 Lawmakers Changed Their Investments After Receiving Private Briefings About 2008 Economic Crisis
     See my last blog update for me talking about voting issues in America. Pennsylvania Republican: Voter ID Laws Are ‘Gonna Allow Governor Romney To Win’


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