Monday, June 4, 2012

Where I Talk About Madden 11 FS1 G2 Bulldawgs Vs. Texans and I go on and on about John Green.

Madden 11, Franchise Season 1, Game 2, Bulldawgs Vs. Texans

Bulldawgs-42 Vs. Texans-87

     *We drove down and scored with our first touch of the ball but they did the same and that set the track for most of the rest of the game. We were in the game for most it offensively but our defense seemed to only stop them when they also stopped us; which keep us from recovering from their early three touchdown lead. We were only behind two TDs going into the 4th Quarter when we started to turn over the ball and our defense totally fell apart.
     The good news is Tebow had a hundred times better game under this new offense passing but my defense really needs to approve so we can run the ball with actual running backs and risk a few 4 and outs but right now we're in a mess that says we need to score every time we have the ball.

- T. Tebow/22comp/46att/348yds/4tds/3ints/
- D. Dodge/5comp/9att/74yds/2ints/ {injured at the beginning of the 3rd quarter}
- T. Tebow/195yds/26att/2tds/
- G. Olsen/9rec/176yds/2tds/
- M. Bundy/7rec/87yds/1td/
- R. Cooper/4rec/50yds/1td/
- D. Carson/7tackles/
- A. Oguanleye/5tackles/3sacks/

     *Found out D. Dodge will be out 7 weeks so we picked up Kyle Boller as a free agent QB on a one year contract. Going into the game with the Texans I set our defense to be way more focused on stopping the run but we still gave up 200+ yards to one of their running backs; so I switched from a Bears defense to a Ravens D. Hopefully that will work. This whole season is a experiment so that's work I'm doing, trying to find our way. Maybe our improved play will improve even more next week against the Rams.

Next Game:
Bulldawgs (0-2) at Rams (0-2)

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     Another treat for those people out there who love it when I talk about sex or mention fisting or the such or link to things about fisting or the such or just say fisting because I know it pisses if people I know read my updates. No fisting in this video though, just talk about quickies. Having Sex: Quickies #3
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     Oh, and if you haven't gotten enough John Green in this update you can download a book he has online for free. It was part of a charity project they did. Zombicorns is just a awesome title for a book.

Rants and screams and such:
      When neighbors blast music I decide I'm too busy to do dishes right now and will have to do them at around 3am. Then the dishwasher which shakes the joined wall like a Tesla invention will signal my love back. And yes that is passive aggressive but regular aggressive involve disembowelment.

     A quote: "The Venn Diagram of guys who don't like smart girls and guys you don't want to date is a circle." John Green.
     You know I've mentioned John Green so much you'd think I had a crush....and I might. Love all the Vlogbrothers and Crash Course shows. Now I just need to read one of his books. Mar owns all of them and keeps telling me I need to read them so I can pull one off the shelf any time I want. I will probably do that as soon as I'm through my current stack of reads and to reads.
     Mar a couple days ago was happy that I used a Oxford Comma in a Tweet. I think in a way her excitement was an insult? I'm even more sure after I looked up what a Oxford Comma was.


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