Monday, June 25, 2012

Where I talk about redistricting, voting, and licking.

     Sometimes I think laws in this country are enacted by three headed goats who only have the agenda of "I can do stupid" and also, "Look I can lick my own balls and it be his balls too."
     One such salty ball tasting lick is the fact that redistricting is allowed in election years. Now redistricting is a needed thing. It helps set government action into motion in a way that best serves the community as a whole but it has also been used since day one of redistricting to suppress voting, mislead citizens, and control the political structure.
     Redistricting has always been a little powerful tool to be used for racist and classist politics, and that's why !Holy Shit! why are they allowed to redistrict in a election year?
     I had a friend who just registered to vote for the first time in Florida earlier this year. He got his card. It told him where he needed to vote. A few months later he gets another card with different information.
     The confusion that can come from situations like that is on purpose. They know to the word what they are doing. They are hoping a lot of people end up not being able to vote on election day or are so frustrated that they don't vote.
     I got a card like that also. Within a election year my voting location changed. You might not think that sort of thing is much but that's why most of America is walking around like the sheep we are. We are just thinking like complete dipshits.
     In the past I voted a number of times absentee ballot because I was either in another state or country at the time of elections. I learned a lesson from that when it turned out a number of cases of absentee votes in Virginia didn't turn up until after the election. They were mainly from military citizens but who knows, mine could have been in there also. I learned this was something I needed as a citizen to watch out for. Something everyone should be doing but it seems just like myself it takes a personal attack on your voting rights for Americans to give a damn.
     I live in a state that is the current model and the front lines of voter purges. Florida you are always so not unchanging in your ability to head desk so many people by your fuckwank actions.
     I'll here end this with a little lesson on redistricting and voting suppression in general. Now I'm not a teacher or anything, I'm not even that bright, but I can do a Google search. I can read. I can use my eyes, ears, and brain to see what is going on and so unless you like the way voters are being suppressed and voting rights are being stripped then you should be educated to issues like how other states are taking Florida's lead, what gerrymandering is besides a strange word used on Fox News and MSNBC, here's a video about several voter issues, know your voter rights in your state, a report on voting rights in Indian Country, all of that "fraud" thats happening, and state felony voting laws. Those are just a few hairs on that ass of your of issues that you need to address. You son have a very hairy ass so there is a lot more we all need to take notice of and educate ourselves about.
     How about this. How about us as a nation care about voting rights. How about us as a nation have a backbone, because if we don't, how about us as a nation stop pretending we are a nation. In time those who are being suppressed will get angry enough to change things in different ways.

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