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Where I talk about FIFA 02 Season 1 Games 1-5, some star only reviews, and there's other stuffs:

FIFA Soccer 2002 Season 1, Games 1-5
{I know it's a really old version of the game Mr. I have a PS3}
     ECC: Liverpool Vs. Maribor
*I'm playing with my favorite team Liverpool and this is the first time I've played any sports game, never the mind a Soccer, outside of Madden in a really really long time. I played several games because I'm all hyped right now with Euro 2012 taking place and me being able to watch all of them so far. I'll be playing on Professional Level to start out so lets see how I did with my first game, a ECC Tournament game. I gave up a penalty right off the back. I think my players think they are playing American football. At the half it was 0-1. They had so many shots on goal, like 13 to 3. Garrad will also miss my next game because he decided to drop kick the goal keeper for Maribor. And he seems like such a nice guy on TV?
GOAL! Patrik Berger.
By transfer I bought in Landon Donovan from the SJ Earthquakes and Steve Mcmanaman from Real Madrid. Spending some Liverpool cash up in here. And in the end the final score was Liverpool-1 Vs. Maribor-3
     EPL: Liverpool Vs. West Ham
*My first Premier League game and I'm without two starting players on suspension. I was thinking I had to get a better goal keeper. I did in the transfer window as I picked up Olivee Kohn from Manchester United. Turns out that wasn't my issue, my problem was I was, sort of, you know.... using the wrong buttons to pass and shoot. And in the end the final scare was Liverpool-0 Vs. West Ham-8
     ECC: Maribor Vs. Liverpool
*The second game of the ECC and I needed a win or I was gone from the tournment without barely being in it. I'm out of the tournment having barely been in it.
GOAL! Fowler.
And in the end the final score was Maribor-1 Vs. Liverpool-1
     EPL: Bolton Vs. Liverpool
*My second Premier League game was me running rough shot over Bolton and thinking, falsely, that I had this game down. I was wrong. See next game for proof.
GOAL! Owen GOAL! Owen GOAL! Berger GOAL! Owen GOAL!Gerrad GOAL!Gerrad
And in the end the final score was Bolton-0 Vs. Liverpool-6
     EPL: Liverpool Vs. Aston Villa
*I have a problem. I can't do crosses worth shit. Is it this version of the game or me. I don't know but crosses never work for me. They look like out of control floating balloons when I try crosses.
GOAL! Mcmanaman GOAL! Owen GOAL!Owen
And in the end the final score was Liverpool-3 Vs. Aston Villa-5

3 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars
4 out of 5 stars
     *book reading update. I found out why I was having problems sitting down and reading The Tomb even though I was loving the time I was spending with it. The copy I got from the library was all musty driving my asthma nuts. I didn't really notice until reading some of it one night in the bedroom. I'm going to try and see if I can find a better copy at a used book store, not many around here, or maybe buy it new and donate after reading it.

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