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Where I review Manga Man, How To Archer, and talk about Unions, Tracker beams, and pedo deathstars.

MANGA MAN by Barry Lyga and Colleen Doran
5 out of 5 stars

     This book fell into the very small group of books that I have ever given five stars to. That means I believe it accomplished everything it set out to do in story, characters, and artwork.
     Going into reading this I was torn because to be honest the last few Barry Lyga books I didn't care much for but on the other side of the road Colleen Doran is one of my favorite artists and I want to read everything she is involved with. Honestly I thought I'd end up enjoying the art but skipping through the story.
     I ended up doing nothing like that. I just loved this book. The concept is one that would live or die with the talent of the artist and you will see if you choose to read this how awesomely talented Colleen Doran is. An even lessor talented artist would leave this story lacking and just ok.
    When I was reading this book I had this overwhelming feeling inside of me of this book being a child of Scott McCloud's Understanding Comic books. And to be honest I've been waiting for that feeling for a very long time.
     If you are a Barry Lyga fan you really should read this book. If you are a Colleen Doran fan you really should read this book. If you have never read anything by either of them before you should read this book. If you love a story that works hard to complete what it set out to do, you really NEED to read this book.
     This is the type of book asked for by fans and creators alike, something that takes a step forward but doesn't go all pretentious and all I'm smarter than you are as it takes that walk.
     Manga Man does something that very books do. It's takes a idea from the simple but cool idea to workable idea, to story, to finished book. You also have to see if you are a content creator how much hard work had to go into crafting this story in the high grade it turned out to be.

4 out of 5 stars
     "Danger Zoooone." Archer is simple one of the best shows on television. I also want to point out I only found out about Archer because of my love for the Geektress podcast.
     The problem with a lot of tie in books that are suppose to be in the voice of one of the characters is they just don't in any remind you of said character. This book is pure Archer. All adrenaline, bullshit, and surprising intelligence.
     One of my favorite things about this book is how it never feels like a book that is written by someone who wants to be writing this book but someone who is contractually obligated to. It's part of the books story and really is used well.
     I don't know if someone or a group of someones from the show wrote this book but it sure does seem like that.
     If you normally don't buy tie in books, and I understand that, but you love Archer you need to read this.
     If you read this book, one warning, you will need to call Kenny Loggins..... Go ahead, say it.....I'll wait...
     And the next Archer book should be a Biography of the life of Pam. I'd so eat that shit up. Read the book, not talking about P.... Ok, I do find Pam hot. Damn.... *walks away after knowing that shame will follow him forever into the world*

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      I talked about this album the other day on my Facebook and Twitter but I haven't stopped listening to it since so I'll mention it here too. The Canterbury Tales Remix .... just thinking, did I already mention it here? WHO CARES IT'S AWESOME! And as always tip to the artist if you have the cash. Even you don't spread the word if you liked.
     A couple interviews with one of my favorite writers Courtney Summers. If you haven't read any of Courtney's books WHAT THE FUCK'S WRONG WITH YOU!!!!! Courtney Summers Author Interview! and Interview #2

Rants and screams:
     Ray Bradbury was one of the writers who taught me to read. With my learning disability issues teachers for the most part failed me but it was with librarians handing me books so well crafted with words such as those written by Ray Bradbury I was able to to fight those setbacks and consume worlds daily in stories for the rest of my life. With Bradbury the words didn't attack me, they lived with me, swam with me and I learned.
     Why does Chrome keep showing me old bookmarks I've deleted sometimes? Stop it Chrome I use those to organize thoughts and research. My brain is an overflowing mess of thoughts, information, and ideas. Picture two cups trying to pour water into each other at the same time. I need ways of organizing this me.
     Ok, it's time for unions to strike by with their voices, some home made road spike jacks, road blocks, and chains to the business standing to the side and saying, "Well, would you rather not be able to feed your family?" Otherwise politicians are going to slowly strip away every benefit, every safety measure, every step forward so many workers died to gain.
     When I think of George Bush I will always think of him standing on the deck of a ship, wearing a politicized costume that dishonored those who had died wearing it, declaring Mission Accomplished, and then when it wasn't he scarified many more brave lives with so many more in our government to try to paint over mistakes they still wont even  admit to. Now many within our government are attacking unions, testing the waters for more wars, and pasteurizing the minds of America to the economy by holding up hot issues like miniature horses. When really do enjoy being political puppets in a country that claims to be so individualistic.
     The way the GOP uses Gay Civil Rights and Abortion issues with its base is like a conjuring slight of hand trick. "Pay only attention to my hands" while they lift your wallet and your life. Wake up America, they are playing you for fools.


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