Thursday, June 14, 2012

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     People have asked me why I only post links on here, or Facebook and not on Twitter. I don't have firm rules for this or anything when it comes to my internet use, its just how things have worked out for my personal ways of using these platforms. 
     It's true that I really don't even think about posting most links I find or create on Twitter but there are several reasons for this. I also don't RT much but that has to not being on the actually Twitter site that often and when I try to REPLY RT from my phone half the time it doesn't work.
     The main reason for me not posting links on Twitter comes down to my belief that Facebook is more set up for that sort of thing but it also has a lot to do with my personal use of Twitter. I also don't post many pics on Twitter.
     Now notice nowhere in there did I say you shouldn't use Twitter for posting links. This is just how I see my personal use of Facebook and Twitter. Do your thing with social media, enjoy it, and fuck anyone who tries to tell you how you are suppose to use things on the internet. Fuc'em.
     Just Fuck'em.
     I don't have a smart phone, I actually have a really old Nokia T-Mobile XpressMusic phone; so when I get Twitter stuff sent to my phone, I have about 10 feeds sent to my phone, I can't click on links to view stuff so that type of thinking goes into how I use it. I mean I should at least read a story before ranting on it and reposting it, right?
     If someone Tweets something with a link that I want to check out I send that Tweet to my email where I check it out when I get on a computer. And in the few cases where its something I have to check out right away and Mar is nearby I ask her if I can her phone. The same applies to email. I can't check email on my phone and that's why if you really want to get a hold of me and have my phone number text me or call and leave a message. If you don't have my number its best to leave a message for me on Facebook and Twitter and I'll try to get back to you as fast as I can.
     This is my personal digital divide.
     Which is a lot better than a lot of people I know. I might not have a smart phone but I have a cell phone. I might not have my own laptop but Mar lets me use hers. At least I have access to computers and such. Others aren't so lucky.
     Many I use did post enough links to my Twitter and Facebook there didn't I?
     {Edit} Fuck, forgot two!

Cool links:
     Unshelved gives a almost perfect definition of the internet.
     Everyone who follows my blog knows how much I enjoy the web videos of John and Hank Green. Here's John talk about Why They Aren't On TV.
     Big fan of Aisha Tyler.
     Hank Green talks about the working relationship with Gravitation. Gravitation: The Four Fundamental Forces of Physics #3 Does my brain make pot? Your Brain Makes Its Own Pot

     So the Mets are fine with one player getting a no hitter based off a bad call but are trying to get another player a no hitter by trying to get another "bad call" reversed? Really? One, that call was in the first inning so that's just stupid based off that point alone and two only a New York team would try this and not smell the bullshit on their own fingers. And to be fully clear, I don't like the Mets, I'm a Braves fan, but even with that bias I have towards them, this is bush league.
     And keeping with sports. I don't like David Stern much but Jim Rome has made a career off pro wrestling rants and cheap trick "journalism" The only thing missing was for Rome to pay Stern to "flip a table" hang up on him.
     When comic book companies release hardbacks and try to sale you on buying them instead of waiting for the paperback they usually hard bush the back up materials. This is bullshit. Backup materials. A couple sketches and maybe a script page is all much "Backup materials" as cool looking menus are bonus materials on a dvd. I'm not just looking at you DC Comics. But I am looking at you DC Comics. You just ant alone in my rant eyesight.
     This is why every person should be ready to not only vote but also ready a plan for what to do if denied the right to vote and also what the do the day after the election.
     When you use the word RAPE in any fashion it's an all caps word as I like to call it. As a writer, public figure, or someone who represents a company or group in any way you must know that certain words  are ALL CAPS words. It doesn't mean you can never use the word or that you should be censored for using the word but the same as with using the N word or RETARD what you have to know is one, what your meaning was as you are using the word and two, you have to see all the variations of how others will see your usage. Those variations might not be fair or true or might just be fair or true but in the end you have to show the intelligence of knowing going in, otherwise you are showing not only a lack of intelligence but also a lack of understanding of how those ALL CAPS words have been used to hurt others. And my big point to make here is when you act like "we didn't mean RAPE like in RAPE but like RAPE" in a apology is bat shit stupid. Video games like any other storytelling method can tell any sort of story but back peddling spineless cowardliness because you don't understand why a using the term rape might just a little piss people off.


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