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Where I remind you of a great book that came out yesterday, review Before Watchmen Silk Spectre #1 and talk about God(aka Alan Moore)

     For some reason just over the past few months I've gotten more than a few emails about me mainly buying trade paperbacks when it comes to comic books. "You aren't supporting the talents." "You are hurting the industry." "This is one of the reasons comic book stores are closing."
     Ok, Comic Book Police, just chill your bag and boarded short pants. Just as I have the choice of not sucking on Alan Moore's tit, I can buy trades without your self-righteous {while probably downloading illegal copies}throws coming my way.
     What I do a lot is try a few issues of a series to see if I might want to buy the trades when and if they come out. There are tons of trades out there already I know I'll like based on characters, artists, and writers alone, but I try to check out new stuff also to support what is going on currently.
     I can't afford nor do I have the living space to buy monthlies and trades. I have in total now, after doing a clearing out a few years ago to a charity, four long boxes and all of those contain a complete run of the old original Valiant universe. The only other floppies I have are Doctor Who books and a few signed copies.
     On the subject of Doctor Who I'm probably going to be going trade only with those soon. I buy any Doctor Who books so I might just wait for the trades. Mainly that's a decision based on money and apartment space.
     I wish there was someway you could turn in issues to your local comic shop and maybe get a trade discount? Then I might buy the floppies more often but that probably isn't feasible for stores to do?
     Plus those single issues I buy to try books out go to friends, libraries, and strangers; which promotes said series and talents. There shouldn't be this geeky dividing line between those who buy their comics every month in single issues and those who buy trades. Oh, and by the way I know people who spend a ton of money weekly at their lcs and they would never even think of buying floppies. Do you want to drive these people away from the industry?
     Now if you want something to rant about, lets talk hardcovers.....

     A really cool book came out yesterday. I was planning to write this blog entry then but was busy trying to doctor up the laptop a bit. Seems to be running a lot better *fingers crossed* The book I speak of is This Is Not A Test by Courtney Summers, you can find my review here as I read a ARC of it a few months ago but I'm still going to pick up a copy for my Summers collection. Go buy it here and here or here or here or here and here or your local books store independent or chain. All those links I found on the writers site but thought I'd mention here again. Go buy it. Someone actually says the Zed word in this book unlike another book I enjoy but its creator, not so much. Robert Kirkman is such a pretentious boob. Courtney Summers on the other hand is made of dolls heads, piano solos, nice juicy sick writing, and many more stuffs of awesome.
Check out the book trailer:
     Another book I gave five stars to is just out in paperback. You can find my review for Imaginary Girls by Nova Ren Suma here. I highly recommend this book.
3 out of 5 stars
*I promise I'll try and keep this from becoming a rant on the two faced bullshit of some peoples attacks and boycott of this project while still buying other books from DC and Marvel. With that one sentence rant about not ranting out of the way. I picked up this book before Minutemen #1 because of Amanda Conner's artwork. I really love her work. The art is really good here also so no disappointment there. With this first issue I found myself thinking ok, that's it? Maybe that feeling was from the build up but I felt let down. The story is ok but again maybe unfair build up within me. I'm going to check out the second issue and the first issue of the other Before Watchmen series but trades are in mainly in the future for me for Before Watchmen.
4 out of 5 stars
3 out of 5 stars

Cool links to check out:
     I really wish more people would step up for this project. If I had the cash I would throw some in, makes me feel bad. It would be really disappointing with so many people crying that they only see the same old thing over and over that a great project being told in an original way like The Garlicks doesn't get made. Go throw in some cash, spread the word, or both.
     Some interesting publishing related links you might wish to check out: 

Panelists Say Libraries are Perfect Ebook Partner for Publishers | IDPF Digital Book Conference and Why the ebook you want isn't for sale in your country - Boing Boing.For the writer's out there: Pixar's 22 Rules of Storytelling - Tubefilter We could all learn a thing or a thousand from Pixar.

Rants and screams:
     I really love that the history of our whole fucking nation is filled with speech after speech about how we hate countries that hold down freedom of speech, mislead its citizens, and fix elections through strong handed methods of politics but that is just what we are doing right now in America. The idea of the American Dream might be a  generationally shared delusion but that doesn't mean we should be shitting on the idea every chance we get.
     Elections like funerals end up being about anything but the persons most effected by their outcomes- i.e. the poor and the dead, and more about the people standing strong no matter what- your rich, your politicians, and your Uncle Ernie who is being stuffed with hay and dog shit. Uncle Ernie is just dead, I bet you're regretting not letting him barrow your copy of Tecmo Bowl when he was sick at age 5 now. Yep, I knew it, that's the only reason you're crying, you know that scarred his heart and the reason for the heart attack years later on the shitter.
     The subject of this link doesn't bother me because this is parody but the comment near the end, "As soon as DC does a Harry Potter comic while JK Rowling stands on the sidelines complaining, we’ll talk." DC can't do that because there are contracts probably in place that say they can't. As far as my knowledge goes Mr. Moore signed a sucky contract the same as a lot of creators have had to do over the years to make money. If he had any legal ground to stand on he would probably be suing but instead his is letting his acolytes turn him into a martyr. He got screwed, bad contract, should have read it more carefully, or not signed it at all. DC might be big douche bags and so is Marvel when it comes to their histories dealing with creators but Come On Man? Lets stop this bullshit that Before Watchmen is like the worst thing to ever happen to a creator. Go tell that to Bruce Lee's family about Kung Fu or Steve Diko about all of his hard work or the thousands of creators who have done work for companies and never got a dime one and still owed money years later. Alan Moore created Harold Potter long before he turned him into the Antichrist
     Mar called me  the other day and I didn't know she had me on speaker phone so I was my normal self and I guess there was people near by. Ooops. I told her she shouldn't have given me a live mic. I sometimes channel CM Punk and Arn Anderson when pissed off and go into pipe bomb mode. In case anyone was wondering the thing I was cursing the Gods about was the DVR remote going dead right before Euro games started.
     Wal-Mart reminds me of the coal mine owners. Has anyone written a Sixteen Tons type of song about them yet? Wal-Mart-Linked PR Officer Poses as Journalist to Workers


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