Friday, June 22, 2012

Where I rere-release a old poetry collection, cool links, and for some reason no rants?


     I haven't released anything in a while so I thought I'd rerelease one of my old LuLu poetry collections on my new projects home at Smashwords. Hope you enjoy NEW EPISODE. Oh, did I mention it's free. Yes, free unless you want to pay for it. You know tip the jar so to speak. Below is one of the poems within the collection.

Bombing for Christ,
Bombing for hate,
Bombing to push back the wait,
Bombing for joy,
Bombing for pain,
Bombing to drawn out the rain,
Bombing for war,
Now there is growth,
Bombing is just the truth,
Bombing to cut,
Bombing to kill,
Murder in a military dressed up drill,
Bombing is fun,
Bomb out the sun,
See the darkness,
Who won?
(c)brian c. williams

     And if your want to check out all my poetry releases and any poetry news about future collections and the like check out the Bloodwaste Books blog. I'm going to post poems there from times to time. It will be the home of all my poetry related projects.

Check out some cool links:
     Can John Green's team continue their EPL undefeated streak? Where Should You Go to College?: The Miracle of Swindon Town #135
     I really need to get back into reading the webcomics I love and checking out more. I haven't so I'll try and share some of what I like today:  Dork Tower is one of my favorite webcomics even if as I've said before sometimes I just don't get the game references. This one deals with the whole mess of how women characters are portrayed in fiction and a good simple way to test how you should approach ideas. Moon Freight 3 is a favorite. Gronk A Monster's Story takes a look at internet comments.
     I'm really looking forward to the new Judge Dredd movie. Love the character and it has people in it I like a lot.
     I don't know if I like this because it would probably mean an end to Iron Man: Armored Adventures. I like that show. A thousand times better CGI animated show than Green Lantern. Disney Mulling Iron Man Cartoon


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