Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Wave and myself went to FRIDAYS to eat and had a good lunch, she was reading one of her textbooks and I was reading LITTLE BROTHER, people always give us weird looks because we read while waiting for our food when we go out to eat. We also read before the previews at the movies. We are just happily weird that way.
Anyways, after eating we made a trip to one of the local libraries; which sits in a not so nice neighborhood. We spotted a cop beside a car with a old lady at the drivers wheel. We thought at first he was giving her a ticket. The cop left and we noticed her tire was flat. He didn't even help her get her car into a parking lot, she had to drive it there to get out of the street. We got so pissed. The cop saw she had a flat but he just left her there. One, this neighborhood like I said, not that nice and two, what is he too good to change her tire for her. Oh, he must be off to join the Melbourne police tradition of making sure there are tons of cops for every car pulled over for a speeding fine. You get pulled over around here and they swam from all directions on you. Too bad they are busy doing this because someone is probably off being stabbed, beaten, or raped. You just have to join your buddies to probably do a circle jerk after the ticketed car leaves.
The old lady told us he called a tow truck. She had a spare. Wave talked to her and we went into the library to get the security guard to come outside so he could make sure she was ok. Neither one of us would have been much good in changing her tire but a fucking cop? What, they only good for speeding tickets and harassing the homeless? He could have at least stayed until the tow truck got there? Must be out chasing down them there terrorists.

I need to pore myself into some writing before I explode.


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Damon said...

Not to give your cop there an easy out, but it is quite possible that there are Occupational Health and Saftey regulations that would limit such help - just in case something went wrong - in a litigious society ..... you know. I'm not saying it's right, just that it is the way of the world now.

I do like that you read while waiting for meals, though here that would be more a norm than not. I certainly do, anyways.