Saturday, July 5, 2008


I always find it painful, yes painful, when I meet someone and they say things such as, "I never read." or they see how many books I have and stare in wonder as if my collection was them looking at the size of the universe and say,"Have you read all of these?" The other day I was in the office of our apartment complex and I told the lady they need to fix their after hours drop box because the way it is working now puts it in the risk of someone stealing mail or rent checks dropped off if the person putting it in did not pay full attention to how it went through. I told her about how I know people who steal books and such from library drop boxes in this same fashion and she said in response to me something that bothered me greatly. It was out of the blue in a way and not totally on topic but it became full topic within my mind. It was not a statement of stupidity because I can deal with stupidity, I do every time I start writing, this was a statement of apathy to something very powerful that we have and something that has benefited my life as much a food has. She said,"I don't voluntarily read any book unless I have to."

Me, as I Am usually known to do, I am reading several things at once at the moment. The book that has my attention the most right now is Little Brother. This book is a modern answer to 1984 as some others have pointed to. It is one of the best books I have read this year and if you don't take my word for it writers such as Neil Gaiman, Scott Westerfeld, Steven Gold, Brian K. Vaughan, and many others are singing its praise. A very important book to maybe wake some people, especially young people up to the world growing around them, and also a very entertaining read.

The other books I'm currently reading and rereading are Doctor Who: The Nightmare Of Black Island, The Sandman: Dream Country, and Showcase Presents: Batman And The Outsiders-Vol.1.

As always even though I put in links to where you can buy these books online, remember to support local stores. Local used book stores and chain stores. Though those chain stores are not independent such as most used book stores they are employing your neighbors, friends, and loved ones.


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