Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Women are targets. I will say this and some may disagree but I think the degree of anger is so ruthless and pointless and senseless against women in todays world that just about every crime committed towards a women in my eyes could be considered a hate crime. Then again, veolance aganist women is not a hate crime by judical standards. A person can stalk her because she is a woman, attack her because she is a woman, hate her because she is a woman, and kill her because she is a woman but that is not a hate crime. Hell, lets wake up and stop calling ourself a modern soceity and world when there are still places where women can be killed and raped by their husbands and it will be seen as just a simple marriage issue. No, sorry, it's not Maratial Rape, IT'S FUCKIGN RAPE!!

Women are tossed acid like bile on the roads, as an example today Wave was almost hit by someone entering our complex and had, "You fucking bitch, I'll kill you," shouted at her. She's pissed, I'm boiling.

Women are used as political play issues by the propaganda machines of conseratives and liberals alike. Womens rights issues are not human rights issues, they are tug tools to a bunch of people with their own agendas held up higher than everyone elses lives.

Women are products and not buyers in the eyes of companies. And this is just such a dumbass thing for a businese to do but thing again. You have companies still out there with policies of not hiring anyone of color. I know, I've worked for some recently.

Female soilders for God's fucking sake are abandaned by their goverment and all of you flag flying bumper sticker asswipes if they don't, "Toe the line."

I am so angry at the world right now. I just wish... I just wish I was more intelligant so I could express it outside of a rant like this.


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