Thursday, June 12, 2008


I haven't been online much of late. Been busy writing, working on projects, trying to get my head right to keep moving forward on everything including keeping up on the cleaning and such around the apartment. By this weekend I want to have this apartment looking really good or as good as I can get it with me still being a pat rack king. And speaking of this weekend me, Wave, and the Queen are going to hit the beach for a bit weather promiting, and in the day time too! I will be sporting a two piece so no one gets a look at my man boobs.

On to things that I accomplished today, none of which are small with my health problems, I did the cat boxes, feed the plants, feed the boys, took out the garbage, went and spoke to the office about our air conditoner leaking, got a new air filter, and worked on creative projects. Though for the last half hour I was lost in surfying through past entries on Jezebel, What? Don't judge me.

If you reading this on live journal remember you can read little bits of my sanity and insanity sent mostly from Wave's phone on my blogger and tumblr accounts. Too lazy right now to research if you can post to livejournal from a phone but that is a question? Anyone?? I guess I need to research Twitter also because when I post by phone blogger and tumblr still double post most of the time.


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