Thursday, January 8, 2009


It’s my first blog of the new year and I promise no talk about gifts, trees, a fat man hanging around little people that seems a little pedophilish to me, just saying? Nor will there be any mentions of things I hate about the holiday season or it being so close to my birthday and how much that just sucks and always has and always will no matter how happy my life may or may not be. Not a word about elections :) or New Year resolutions. My first blog after the Holidays was going to be about my back that’s been killing me for a few months but it has been better the last few weeks so no whining for you to enjoy, so there.

I actually hurt my back, though I have always had back pains, on one of my daily small walks. When I got home that day my back started killing me and I was in so much pain I was hardly able to move. Even the miracles of modern pill popping did not help and thus a sad waste of good chemical science. I soaked in a Lush enhanced bath of Epsom Salt and that at least made me feel a little better….I just asked Wave to make sure I spelt “Epsom” correctly, “It’s E. Ep. …..” was her answer before I started laughing. I think I’m rubbing off on her………O, get your minds out from the gutter, Jesus is still watching, his vacation doesn’t start until the March, then the robes come off and the Hawaiian shirt goes on, poor Hanukah Zombie has to have an off season job. Jesus gets all the press and thus all the cash and I think I’m rambling…

We spent the holidays mostly watching anime movies and reading manga. I’m really hooked on the NARUTO series for some reason and I’m up to 20 on the collections. I have not updated my LibraryThing with all the things I’ve read of late and will try to do so tonight, though any reviews will be really short….

Hey, my New Year has started off right, I just went to the complex’s soda machine to buy a Coke and the machine gave me two for free. Nice machine, I should visit it more often.

6:22pm, 1/9/09

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